Coffee, Tea or…Kidney Disease?

Camel Drinking Coke - Kidney Disease

Wouldja Like Another Soda, My Friend?

Okay, fess up. This is you mid-morning, isn’t it? Slugging your cola from the bottle until every last drop of spittle shimmies down your throat into your gut? Go on, you can admit it amongst friends. I sure as heck will. I. Love. Soda. Especially Diet Coke.

If you’re with me, I hate to say it, but evidently some scientists are still out to rain on our soda-licious parade. Buggers.

It’s bad enough we already know what happens to our bodies when we drink a Coke (if you don’t, shame on you. Go have a look. Go!) Now couple that with this maddening conclusion from Epidemiology. Yanno, the one that says chugging two or more dark-colored sodas per day doubles your risk for developing kidney disease. Bleh.

And don’t think you’re any safer if you drink diet, pally. That’s just as bad. Plus, the more you drink, the greater your risk. Double bleh.

See, the problem is, phosphoric acid – which is the driving force behind cola’s acidity and yummy taste – can promote the development of kidney stones, which may, in turn, lead to kidney disease. You’ll notice I said cola’s acidity and that this study is indicative of dark-colored sodas. That’s because clear sodas such as Sprite and 7-Up didn’t have the same effects as their phosphoric counterparts.

So, the general jist of this bummer of a revelation? Kick the cola and go for water, 100% juice or skim milk instead.

Oy. I smell a New Year’s Resolution coming, how ’bout you?

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    • Dem

      The title is…Coffee, Tea, or Kidney Disease?….but I didn’t read anything about coffee or kidney disease…..I was just diagnosed with the early stages of kidney failer and I want to know if I should stop drinking coffee….

      • claire

        I was looking for same answer and I have kidney failure for over 10 years now, and only recently in the last 3 months have started drinking coffee after discovering cuppacino!! from the answers it makes sense to me to be really careful with my diet and my first priority is to STOP drinking coffee. I am still looking into finding an alternative more healthy option….. or substitute for coffee…… decaf or danelion, not sure if these are suitable tor renal failure patients…. would appreciate if anyone knows…..
        I thank god that i have keep in good health so far…. with no need to take oral bp tabs, no bodily pains….. last note….. just wanted to say that to all you people suffering from kidney I realise that exercising reguarly is vital… all the best

    • dave

      Yes, coffee is a diuretic too. Also bad for kidneys. Distilled water is the best. Mineral water too. It is alkaline. Helps prevent acidosis which is common with many diseases.

      Lemon in water helps too.

      Lay off the meat, especially red meat. If you do eat meat, make sure it is good quality. Grass fed beef is the best beef. Lamb is good for kidneys too. It is very warming.

      Fast foods are bad too. Kidneys support the liver (in TCM) so if kidneys are weak, your liver can suffer too.

      The typical fast food meal is awful for kidney patients. Low-grade meat pumped with whatever they use to allow them to feed corn and fatten them up faster, potatos soaked in oil (liver clogging) and salt (water retention). A big soda which is overloaded with sugar and leaches calcium out of the bones.

      Fresh veggies or lightly cooked veggies and soups are the healthiest for kidneys. Seaweeds and wheatgrass also help with filtering too.

      I know because I am diagnosed with the same thing.

      Good luck to you.

    • dan

      I am undergoing hemodialysis because of acute kidney failure. I am lucky and it seems my kidneys are starting to work on their own. I was having trouble finding comprehensive and clear info on nutrition and diet during my illness. The National Kidney Foundation has a useful website that is credible but I also wanted alternative views that were beleivable and had trouble finding them…Questions I had and have are along the lines of : “What can I do for myself in my diet to help clear my kidneys of the creatinine levels and thus avoid endless dialysis?”
      The Doc’s saved me from death which was nice but I would like to think my condition is reversible just through my own actions…Things like wheatgrass for example. And avoiding things like coffee…none of this was really laid out for me even though I had a dietician at my disposal ( I was too lighte headed from dialyis to think clearly)….And the difficulty of finding food that was both phosphorus free and potassium free or at least less full of….Is meat good or bad? Do I need it when on dialysis? What veggies are good?
      It would be nice if there was diet plan online with recipes…maybe there is but I did not find it…What I had was IgA nethropathy meaning the kdineys had become inflammed and weren’t processing waste properly and the creatinine was very high when I got to the hospital (8.4 instead of .5 to 1) It is now at 3.something and I refused dialysis today so I could find out the next level – if it is really going down on it’s own like the last blood test indicated…so in conlusion, what to eat and drink? Ginseng and cranberries, right, asparagus and lamb maybe…

    • http://verizon phil sicard

      Iam a 62yr.old man and I had a kidney out that had a tumor.When I drink coffee especially more then two cups I have extreme pain in my good kidney in the lower part of my back,so I am quitting coffee.

    • Prince

      My uncle had a kidney transplant and the doctors failed to let him know he shouldn’t consume soda and he needed another one, but did not get one in time. I have all but stop drinking soda, on occasion (when my kids or I am sick) we drink ginger ale. I’ve been looking for a site with this kind of information. Thanks.

    • cathal

      @ dan…… I’ve just been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and will go on to dialysis in a few weeks.

      The dietician that came down to advise me on what to eat advised that cranberries were a definite NO.