• Thu, Dec 27 2007

Robert Bruno Steel House

I wish Mr. Bruno had a tad more (read any) details about his work on the Steel House at his website. However, being that this structure is genius, perhaps he thought it would simply speak for itself.


Look how amazing the interior is.



Another exterior look.


Here’s my favorite part…


So, do we need more words?  See a great slide show of this home plus process photos at Robert Bruno’s website.

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  • http://motherearthsgarden.com Linette

    Wow, at first glance it looks like a really large piano on a hillside. It is gorgeous after you look at all the other shots. Beautiful curves, and of course the view. Wow again.

  • http://jenfreedom.blogspot.com/ Jennifer Chait

    It reminds me of that old movie Labyrinth — no clue why. It seems like it would get cold in winter though. Also, you may be the only offbeat visitor as obsessed with views as I am.

  • http://jenfreedom.blogspot.com/ Jennifer Chait

    PS Linette, did you ever see the real piano house?

  • http://motherearthsgarden.com Linette

    Oh another wow! I missed that one, it was right before I started checking out Offbeat Homes. I’ve gone back and looked at some of the archives, but I missed that house.

    I’ll have to show that one to my husband when he gets home tonight. He’s a big music fan, he’ll love it. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • http://www.hankeringforyarn.com Noreen Crone-Findlay

    I love it as sculpture (VERY expensive sculpture), but I wonder how liveable a space it is? It seems to be all self conscious sculpting, and not so much concerned with how those sculpted spaces are going to be used. Photographing it with furniture in place may make it appear to be more habitable.

    And, it strikes me as being potentially really cold in winter and a major solar oven in summer.
    Love the shapes, the curves, the views. Don’t love that it’s done in steel.

  • Karl

    Not practical at all, my school window’s frames are in metal, it’s freezing there and every day I curse the damn architect… plus the building itself is ugly.

  • http://jenfreedom.blogspot.com/ Jennifer Chait

    Maybe not practical, but surely offbeat. I think it’s more art than house. Your school now, they have no excuse. I hate cold buildings where you’re supposed to be concentrating.

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  • M

    Can you imagine your waking moments in a sculpture? How your day would be changed for the wonderful site your eyes first see? Imagine the music composed from a sheetrock box, then from a work of immense beauty…. it’s ff’n effable… check out new pics of the steel house from the new eyes of Italian photography sensation Giulia Noni @ giulianoni.com I promise, you’ll thank me for it. :-) Lawson2k@sbcglobal.net