• Fri, Dec 28 2007

Holidays and food allergies

Normally on Friday I like to post a recipe that is either kid friendly to eat or to make – or both! However, this Friday I’d like to point you towards my friend Rachel, who just wrote a great entry on her blog about the challenges of having kids with food allergies during the holiday season when there are tons of house parties offering up a banquet of food that may not be safe for your family to eat. As Rachel writes:

If you are allergic to tree nuts and peanuts, the very fact that there are nuts in the room might preclude you from staying – there’s a high chance of cross-contamination. Plus, you need to check ingredients – some people even add peanut butter to chili! If you have celiac disease, you might have cross-contamination problems from the crackers and bread, and there would be questions about almost every other food – wheat can be a binder in dip mix, an ingredient in roasted nuts, and used to keep dried fruit from sticking together, just to name a few. If you are avoiding dairy or any of the other top 8 allergens, you would likewise have to ask questions about almost everything, as well. Are the hosts prepared to deal with those questions?

I am so lucky because my kids don’t appear to have any allergies at this point in their lives, but reading about her challenges with food allergies has helped me to be understanding of those who do. When my oldest was disappointed that she can’t take PB&J sandwiches to school – her favorite lunch – I was able to explain in kid-friendly terms about how dangerous peanut butter can be to kids who are allergic to it and that even just getting a smudge of it on the table before someone else sits down to eat can be dangerous too.

After you’ve read her post, I highly recommend that you read her recipe area as well. If you have severe allergies you may be able to find something suitable in her recipes, and it will give you ideas on food that is tasty yet safe if you’re hosting a family that has allergies you’ve never had to deal with yourself.


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    thanks for the link!

    it’s been a nerve-wracking holiday season. I’m glad it’s over at this point!