Carnival of Positive Thinking

Here are our Sunday articles on how to not only cope with your heartache but also find happiness in your life.

Mike King presents Passion: Find your passion in life. posted at Mike King’s (The Mountain Unicyclist) Blog, saying, “Passion and Leadership”

Jack S. Keifer presents Reality Shift!!! posted at Jack S. Keifer.

Torrie presents Dad’s handkerchief posted at A Time of Grief.

Jyoti Bhojannavar presents B Pozitive, Bright Pozitve posted at B Positive, saying, “Give the inner critic a day off, and in doing so spend a day with your highest, greatest, and best self.”

Syd presents Helping Others Can Improve Our Brain, Make Us More Positive posted at Living Powerfully, saying, “Helping others and giving to others can be helpful for our self esteem, confidence, positive attitude and long term mental skills. Research proves the benefit of altruism to our own brain.”

Ion Diaconu presents Active Mindset vs Passive Mindset posted at Crystal Clear Sky .com, saying, “This post is about a change in mindset from accepting bad things that happen to seeing the bright side or trying to change things for the better.”

JC presents Law Of Attraction & Me posted at A Journey Of Dreams, saying, “My story and how the Law Of Attraction has affected my life and how it continues to be a great influence on my life”

Nadege presents Creating a Positive Attitude posted at Clearly Envision.

presents How to Increase Your Self Confidence posted at Home Life Weekly.

David B. Bohl presents
The Gratitude Project: Little Known Ways to Experience Gratitude posted at
Slow Down Fast Today!, saying, “The science of gratitude is certainly a viable process for finding happiness, fulfillment, and peace of mind.

But I often have to keep things much simpler than making an emotion into a science. So I continue to ask myself one question in order to maintain that simplicity: “What are we grateful for and when should we be grateful?””

GreatManagement presents New Years Resolution Articles 31 Dec 2007 posted at The GreatManagement Blog, saying, “So what are you planning to better in 2008?”

Patricia Sanders presents Intending a Great New Year! posted at Jewels of Awe, saying, “New Year”

Steve Nguyen presents
Using Trauma and Challenges as Positive Catalysts to a Happier Life posted at

Brandon Harshe presents The Power of Water posted at The Skinny on January.

Ralph Jean-Paul presents Hunter,Scavenger or Prey:Which Life Are You Living posted at Potential 2 Success, saying, “Are you actively pursuing your goals or passively waiting around for them to come to you? Learn to how passionately achieve your goals with the skills of an efficient hunter”

Shirley presents Why Optimism is So Good For You. « Brighter Days for you and me! posted at Brighter Days for you and me!, saying, “Optimism is the belief that even if things look bleak, they will get better. Optimists aren’t the rosy-eyed fools some think. They are energetic, action-oriented people who use positive actions like exercise, meditation, and goal-setting to get ahead in life.”

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