Lifesize Wedding Cakes, Anyone?


I know people want to do unique and unusual things at their weddings to make them enjoyable and memorable to the couple and their guests but this, this goes to my book of weird stuff! I am not sure if I am comfortable slicing our wedding cake if it’s lifesize replica of myself. It just seems….weird!

It was a childhood dream for Chidi Ogbuta.

Chidi says “growing up in Nigeria I always wanted a doll to made in my likeness, that didn’t happen so I got the cake.”

But who could make a cake that was 5 feet 4 inches tall?

Cake decorator Nikki Jackson says “she said she wanted a to recreate her in cake, I dodged her calls for a while, I didn’t think i was up for the challenge.”

But Chidi persisted.

Chidi said “I said I know you can, don’t tell me no.”

So she started on cake while a sculptor from Austin created the head.

This is where the magic happened, Nikki was in here for 20 hours a day for two weeks to finish the cake.

That was the easy part, the hard part was getting it out the door.

Nikki says “we had to take the door frame off to get her out.”

But it was a masterpiece from sculpted clay head to toe.

Chidi says “I was like oh my God! I felt my dream had come true!”

Guests had to do a double take when they saw the cake.

The groom says “they were hilarious, they’re eyes were popping out of their heads. They had cameras, cell phones and they were calling people.”

So, was cutting the cake a little weird?

Chidi says “we felt it was just a cake but my little girl was like Mommy are they going to cut you?”

Chidi and her husband never thought their wedding cake would get this much attention.

Via Metro UK

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    • Angela

      Wow!!! Whatever you paid the lady for making this cake wasn’t enough-amazing!!!!!!!!

    • Neeta

      Very different! All I can say is Wow! What great detail.

    • Bzanya

      i would like to know what flavor it was

    • http://AOL TIFFANY


    • HOLLY

      Can you say ..stuck on yourself ? :) very unique





    • Jen

      Are you guys serious? I don’t underestimate the amount of work hours that were put into making it but, sorry, this is the tackiest cake ever!

    • J

      And here I was thinking that weddings were primarily about TWO people. Silly me.

    • tan tan

      OH WOW….
      This cake is very tacky and with all the details put into the cake it could’nt have tasted well… I hope it wasn’t red velvet!

    • DiNidhs

      This is the most self centered thing ive ever seen. I think the cake decorator did a wonderful job in making it. but its suppose to be 2 peoples special day. im glad they got to hack into her.

    • mark

      This is so funny, I could pass out! And how does one exactly cut this cake???? I’ll take the head! A breast! I think I would feel like a serial killer!

    • Carolyn

      Could she look any less enthusastic about it? Personally I was under the impression that weddings were the marriage of TWO people not just ONE…therefore how egotistical could you get?

    • daniella akinsulie

      wooow. i guess its nigerians that have that kind of dream. same here since i was a little child i’ve always wanted to have a cake on ma wedding day dat looks jst lyk me. when i saw the cake in the newspaper i started to cry cuz i thought i was the only one that ever had that kind of dream. but the cake looks amazing i’m happy that ur wish came true but dnt be suprised when u see another story in the news abt a cake!!

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    • caz

      different but…

      Austentascious and bringing serious attention to ones self.
      A wedding cake tells a lot about a person!!!

      I’m praying for the husband..he dunno wot he got ..yet

      I do hope they have a long happy marraige

    • Shawnette

      Amazing! Never would have thought to do this. I too would be a little hesitant about eating a replica of myself. I wouldn’t want to cut it. There would have to be a separate cake for us to eat.

    • Melissa

      hideous. i’m sorry, but… no. this takes ugly and tacky to a whole new level.

    • Maureen Carter

      My Lord!!!! And I believed I had seeing everything! Egocentric! Of extremely bad taste!

    • Maureen Carter

      Horrible!!! I believed I had seeing everything but…WOW! Self-centered, egocentric, of extremely bad taste!

    • ciara scott

      wow this an idea it’s very original,i never see a wedding cake like this

    • carolina

      To the lovely groom…i would like to know why the hell you would want people to “eat” your wife on your wedding day!!! thats suppose to be your job later on in the night

    • K-La356

      This is the most beautiful cake that I’ve ever seen. Who would think to do this? This is a great idea and I don’t even want to know the price of this.


      The picture says it all: Tacky, egotistical BRIDEZILLA!

      Groom: “Look how happy we are on our special day!”

      Bride: “That don’t look like me… pshhh, whateva. Gon get me some cake to eat on…”

    • wow

      this is the tackiest thing I have ever seen!!! whoever made it did a good job but on your wedding day? really? how tasteless!! idiot…

    • Candy

      So many haters. I love it!!!

    • ommmmmmggggg

      omg what in the world was on their minds? they must have been on crack!! Why did he say I do? We will NEVER understand?

    • Bridgette O’Keefe

      At first glance I thought “Seriously?” But after reading the story I think it is perfect. For them. That was a dream of hers and he is probably the loving kind of husband who knows how to let her have her dream. Afterall he had full reign on the Groom’s cake. Who are all of you people to judge and cut down? You design your own wedding and be grateful that we all don’t think excactly the same like a bunch of carbon copies. Congrats to the bride and groom and the ones involved with the cake :D

    • laura

      In do not care about the bride or the groom but…Hell! Cake decorator you are just incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • twin

      The cake was well put together but what was the bride thinking. She had a look on her face as if she did like the cake. That was tacky and selfish to have a cake like that on your wedding day. Maybe it would have been better if the groom had a cake of him self………

    • tia

      dang how much was that but any ways its so beautiful

    • Kadie

      wow…you guys do seem to be hating a lot. That cake probably cost and arm and a leg (probably the cost of some peoples weddings). Though odd, I think its a very unique and cool cake. If her husband had a problem with it I think he would’ve said something. It was a dream and it was fulfilled. I wonder how many of you have dreams that if voiced would seem “tacky, distasteful, crazy, egocentric”?

      dont hate. appreciate :)

      Oh and I’m Nigerian by birth and they DO IT BIG! haha, the bigger, the more expensive, the better

    • julie

      OMG, this is most tackie wedding cake I ever seem, she is really full of herself. There are a lot of way to have DO IT BIG wedding, but having a cake of yourself for your WEDDING DAY??? IT’S THE DAY FOR TWO PEOPLE NOT ONLY YOU, PRINCESS… It’s just showing how cheesy of the wedding and how much husband is been wipped…. All I have to say to the husband is good luck!!

    • Kenya

      For the people who dont know, they were suppose to have a cake of the husband but the bakery ran out of time. So they put his wife first like it is suppose to be.Nice cake

    • melody muza

      wow the cake decorator should have the picture sent to Oprah and she wil definately get an invite to the popular Oprah winfrey show amazing good work

    • no name

      I think this is so GROSS! I dont see a point in this. It looks as she is conceided! and didnt even let her husband have a part in this… its supposed to be about them both not just her!

    • Susan

      Come on guys you don’t have to hate, if you do not like the idea you could at least appreciate the person who designed the cake or better still shut your trap! Lovely Cake, i think the baker should be on Guinness book of record!

    • Frankie

      First of all, kudos to the baker. Great work.

      Secondly, this cake is hideous. Not the artist’s work, but the whole idea of the cake. Is the bride marrying herself? Eww… Gross…

    • bride2B

      Sooooo…..did you store her HEAD in your DEEP FREEZER as the top layer of the cake for your 1 year anniversary? That would be just a little creepy don’t ya think!!!!!!

    • Mimi E.

      I don’t know about tacky. Self-centered, yes. Being a Nigerian myself I have to say am not surprised. When my brother saw the photo he asked if it was only the groom that was gonna eat her :-D Good question.
      I hope she paid big time for punishing the poor cake maker. I guess this proves that a bride really does get what SHE wants on HER wedding day.

    • nje

      well, that’s a good job the baker has done, but really the lady showed she never loved it afterall because her facial expression shows it all. but all the same another mans meat is another mans poison. i appreciat the good work but i wont put myself to cut-meaning killing my self…………

    • WHAT


      But really this could have been done for her birthday…..not the wedding! what about the groom? they dont even have the couple at the top of the cake..oh wait it’ll mess up her hair…my bad, i forot…..this is the most selfish thing i’ve seen….and the chick dont even look happy….she needs to be honest this was all about her and not a dream…..good luck to the groom because it looks like you just stepped into your nightmare.

    • weddingdesigner223

      Uh tacky much, when I first looked at this cake I couldn’t tell it was her! It took me at least 5minutes for me to figure it out! I wonder what it tasted like… hopefully chocolate. And let me say this, a wedding is supposed to be about to people who love each other, but look at the bride’s face, then look at the groom’s face. They do NOT look like a happy couple. When was this photo posted? I bet they are already divorced.

      • Illise

        I agree that it is tacky- but to each their own. I also agree that they don’t look very happy at all-but who knows-bad timing? With that said- it seriously took you 5minutes to figure out that this was the bride herself? Really? And what is with the chocolate comment? Pretty scumbag comment you wrote there ‘weddingdesigner223′

    • weddinginspectorEllie

      Well were can i start, the cake looks like it is all centered on the bride and as you can see the cake cutting is when the cracks begin to show in the couples relationship… mabey they rushed into the wedding like a pig to mud and didn’t think about anything but the materials of the situation.

      • Angel

        Shutup Mr.weddinginspectorEllieidiot!
        I can’t belive you would something as awful as that!
        I think it was an amazing idea, and as far as most of these people are concerned, you can shut the heck up.

    • Melissa

      This is beautiful and unique. Sorry the designer ran out of time 2 finish the husbands cake. The cake designer did a great job! I know that had 2 be 1 expensive cake.

    • rebecca

      i would say someones a little to much about themself

    • Lindy

      All you haters – just back off. This is awesome for the couple and it was their day and well done to the Baker, quite a master piece!!!

    • PETER

      please, for God’s sake who is the deco of this wonderful, cake of the century. please chidi can u get us the contact of this deco of the year Nikki Jacson. she has done a perfect job.well done.

    • belinda

      i think the cake is incredibily fantastic i am really jealous of the bride well to all the haters why dont u pray to God to give u a man like that that cake must have cost a fortune kudos to the cake decorator

    • Delight.

      Great design but wouldn’t want something like this on my wedding day.

    • wicksyla

      well done to the cake maker for what must have been a marathon of a caking session to get that thing done, bride dont look too happy tho, cake looks happier than her. Must admit def not my thing, i think it looks a bit scary tbh.

    • venus

      the bride seems …… not so happy?
      The cake? Wow!

    • MsPoetic2u

      OMG!!!! Job well done to the cake decorator and to the bride for the marvelous idea. I cant believe how many haters that are commenting on this topic. But, I guess that means that you must be doing something right. I wonder if David Tutera or another “well known” person of his style would’ve come up with this, would people still say “It’s tacky, ugly, etc” It makes you think, how would they judge the tv show : My Fair Wedding with David Tutera, or any show that have “different” ideas when it comes to bringing “different” ideas to your wedding or any events. Besides have people even viewed the web and looked at the “different” ideas people come up with for a Child Birthday Cake or a Groom Cake??? Now those are something to look at, lol! There’s nothing like it used to be, only imagine 10 years from now, what ideas people come up with. Therefore, I say Job Well Done, to everyone that was apart of this event.

    • Stephanie Hammond-Tillett

      That cake is awesome, absolutely stunning. I can’t imagine the cost. The baker has talent.

    • Liliton

      The bride’s facial expression is not appealing at all. The cake designer is just splendid! But it scares me and would not like to have this on my wedding day.

    • just opinionated

      this is a bit disturbing. what about him? is he not important enough? wow…now i’ve seen it all!

    • DebZam

      How narcissistic! I think the art work was commendable, but even with this being a little girls dream (kind of), it is in poor taste. I kind of feel sorry for Mr. Ogbuta because it seems anyone that could be this egotistical MUST be hard to live with, and this is just the beginning of their life together!

    • FLOO


    • Lenette

      NO thanks to a piece of THAT!!!! Yuck!

    • green eyes

      Why all the hate, you can never make people happy. I say you go girl thats your dream cake you only live once so enjoy life. In this world today when you listen to the nasty remarks of people you will get no where in life. Life is too short and go for it. The decorator did a marvalous job. “BE HAPPY “

    • Robinson, Zane Hurtado

      Uniquely decorated. Wow!I like!

    • Kimmy

      I agree with the majority, it looks like the baker did a great job but this is in poor taste…but to each his own.

    • Michelle

      i think it looks like crap. it looks nothing like the girl it was made for, very tacky!!

    • bridelookingforcakeideas

      When I saw this cake I knew that I had to look at the blog. First of all excellent job to the baker and sculptor but wow oh wow to the overall idea of this cake. I could not possibly believe that anyone could fathom creating such a cake. It is beyond tacky, scary and a tad inappropriate for a wedding. I know its all about the bride but I feel that a wedding is about the union of two people not of just the one. WOW I just can’t get over this cake and I guess that was the idea but wow I think it is one of the worst I have seen in my search for a wedding cake. Overall 2 thumbs down. Just wow.

      • NINA


    • Esther

      Hi! Wow what a wonderful piece of art! I am very impressed though I would like to kniow if I could get a better look at Chidi if at all I would be able to have a better look at the dress as I LOVE LOVE LOVE the front piece with the beautiful fabric,
      Hope you are both so happy in marriage,

    • suseins

      WOW!!! i just like the art in the cake though that design just abused the bride because it just spoils everything on her face. but she shold be happy because her husband just liked it in that way. please do not be sad and remember its your weeding day no one else is. Smile!!!!!!

    • sueins

      keep up the art man i just like.

    • Kristy

      Maybe it wasn’t the bride’s idea and it was her husbands.. I think the baker did a better job then I could have done but it doesn’t really look like the bride so then again maybe that’s why she is mad, who knows?

    • Deepak Garg

      For Marriage report click the link :

    • keyanna

      i like your cake

    • Hanna Barbara

      So tacky and classless.

    • annie oden

      that was very different but to much and she never included her husband in it so but who ever made did great

    • donna

      do you really think they care what any of you thought about that was about them and no amount of snooty mindless ignorant comments are gonna ruin what they have..yall need to get a life…how pathetic of you to be worried about someones cake…lol



    • kadijah clemons

      bitch that waz not tacky or classless u just mad cuz ur stupid asscouldnt do it

    • Just someone looking………….

      The sculpture is great! It goes into great detail. Very nice. The cake or should i say “cakes” are well put together. However, I just don’t like the idea of having this for a wedding. Kinda wierd. Just my opinion.

    • JLo

      How embarrassing and tacky. At least I know I’ve got better taste than these people. The poor groom. If she gets this cake, imagine what life must be like at home.

    • TamTam

      LOL wtf! we hating? I was just looking up wedding cakes and this ugly as shit came up! Niggers these days. No class. So tacky.

    • lisa

      the first thing i noticed was not the cake, but the brides misserable face!!!

      • Mina

        wtf is ur problem? look at ur face before u talk hon

      • Mina

        wtf is ur problem? look at ur face before u talk hon

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