Soy Foods May Help in Weight Loss, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Bone Loss

soymilk makerHere’s something for those on weight-loss diets: A review published in Obesity Reviews examined data from previous research and clinical trials, and the findings revealed that soy foods are an excellent protein source, and can help lose weight in a variety of ways.

The review, including results from eight human studies, finds that individuals lost equivalent amounts of weight and, in some cases, equal inches of fat around the waist, using soy protein, dairy milk meal replacements, beef or pork at equal calorie levels. This illustrates the value of soy protein in a varied diet for weight control. Findings also support the possibility that soy protein decreases short-term appetite and calorie intake. Extensive follow-up trials are needed to prove the satiety, or feeling of fullness, factor of soy protein. Here’s an excerpt from the article, where I’ve highlighted the health various health benefits of soy foods.

Researchers also examined whether soy isoflavones reduce diabetes by stopping fat tissue build up and enhancing fat breakdown. Limited animal trials and human studies suggest soy-based diets and isoflavones may lower blood glucose and insulin levels. If proven effective, a soy-based meal replacement could provide additional benefits to diabetics during weight reduction. Researchers confirmed soy-based diets, compared to other low calorie diets, reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides and raise HDL (good) cholesterol. Findings indicate soy may reduce bone loss in women, but additional clinical trials on soy and bone loss are needed.

More info on the health benefits of soy, from the Soyfoods Association of America website. Be sure to check their list of 25 Ways to Enjoy Soy Foods.

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    • Raymond

      There are a number of soy supplement user reviews posted at

    • Joe

      Soy can cause cancer. It wasn’t eating straight until about 50 years ago. Before that it fermented as tofu.

    • Eugene

      I agree that Soy is good as there has been studies showing that phytosterols from soy bean oil extracts helps to block the absorption of new cholesterol from the food.