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Thimerosal Is Not a Primary Cause of Autism and Neither Is Mercuritol (Except, Maybe, on ABC)

ABC is airing a new legal drama, Eli Stone, on January 31st. Lawyer Eli Stone (according to the January 23rd New York Times is a lawyer who begins “having visions that cause him to question his life’s work defending large corporations, including a pharmaceutical company that makes vaccines.”

Pharmeceutical company…….vaccines…….

Yes, in the first episode of Eli Stone the former Pharma now “fights for the underdog” lawyer sues his old client on behalf of a mother who believes that, yes, her son became autistic from a vaccine containing the mercury-based preservative thimerasol, which is instead referred to as “mercuritol.” Here’s the script for the first episode:

The initial episode of “Eli Stone” posits that the child received a flu vaccine containing the preservative; in recent years vaccine makers have produced new versions of the flu vaccine for children that do not contain the mercury-based preservative.

“Is there proof that mercuritol causes autism?,” Eli Stone says to the jury in summing up his lawsuit against the vaccine maker. “Yes,” he says. “Is that proof direct or incontrovertible proof? No. But ask yourself if you’ve ever believed in anything or anyone without absolute proof.”

The script also draws a parallel with research linking smoking and cancer, saying three decades passed between the first lawsuit charging a connection and the first jury award against a tobacco company. After the dramatic courtroom revelation that the chief executive of the vaccine maker did not allow his daughter’s pediatrician to give her the company’s vaccine, the jury in “Eli Stone” awards the mother $5.2 million. (In each episode Eli Stone takes on a different cause; in other episodes sent to television reviewers for preview, he wages court battles against a pesticide maker and a priest.)

Since mercuritol is a made-up substance, I think I can say, with incontrovertible proof, that mercuritol does not cause autism. (Neither does thimerasol, while we’re at it, though I’m sure some are going to be issuing dire warnings about the mercury levels in tuna sushi.) But since we know that proponents of the hypothesis that something in vaccines causes autism or that autism is mercury poisoning are prone to conspiratorial imaginings, who knows what new hypothesis about the causes of autism we’ll soon be reading after January 31st.

But maybe now people will see why we don’t need to make a movie of Evidence of Harm.

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  • notmercury

    Does mercuritol cause flash backs ‘cuz I could swear I read the same paragraphs twice ^.,.^

    I think it’s a good name for a chelator though. Merck-Cure-It-All

  • http://stopthinkautism.blogspot.com/ S.L.

    Better go set my DVR, so I don’t miss out on this one. NOT! I can’t wait for some new-to-mercury-and-other-crazy-ideas curebie-parent to actually use the term “mercuritol” as causing autism. I have no doubt it will happen!!

    And, I love the “Merck-Cure-It-All”–brilliant!!

  • http://www.tismylife.com ange

    I am getting so sick of entertainment with agendas, one of the reasons I stopped watching ER. I would start laughing when the cameras would seemingly pull back and a halo would surround Carter while he did a monologue on whatever controversial thing was going on that month (there was one on vaccines even!). Last night I was watching SUV and it like 500 political/ethical things thrown into one episode from eugenics to the Iraq war. I just shook my head and went down to work on my taxes. Why perpetuate misinformation?

  • http://www.marlabaltes.blogspot.com Marla

    Oh my. I am sure this will cause some people to talk “all intelligent like” to me about the cause of my daughter’s seizures, autism, etc. I can’t wait!

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  • Regan

    Someone emailed me a notice about this “hard-hitting drama” as a “must see” and my stomach did a whoops. If I hear someone at the local watering hole talking about mercuritol causing autism, I may scream…

    Where’s House when you need him?

  • http://crimsonthought.blogspot.com/ Cliff

    Ah… well, this will make my life yet a little more difficult. I’m not sure how bad it will be though (I just pray there isn’t a speech that goes like “Even though it didn’t bring back my son…”, as if talking about a dead person. I hate that train of thought).


  • MJ

    The thing that is funny about this is that the NYT is also running a story today warning about the health effects of eating sushi due to the mercury levels in the fish:


    My favorite quote :

    “Six pieces of sushi from most of the restaurants and stores would contain more than 49 micrograms of mercury. That is the amount the Environmental Protection Agency deems acceptable for weekly consumption over a period of several months by an adult of average weight, which the agency defines as 154 pounds. People weighing less are advised to consume even less mercury.”

    It is a good thing that it has been proven that the ethyl form of mercury doesn’t have any of the health risks that the methyl form does or I might have be concerned.

  • qchan63

    So this guy’s firm conviction that “mercuritol” causes autism is backed up not by scientific or medical evidence, but by “visions.”

    Sounds about right to me.

  • qchan63

    It further occurs to me that the mercury crowd has lined up quite a triumvirate of supporters: Jenny McCarthy, Donald Trump and, now, cheesy network TV. Any day now they’ll get Sanjaya to sign up, and then they’ll be unstoppable.

  • Regan

    Real courtroom events with more significance than 1 hour of fictional hoopla over the pseudonymous “mercuritol” (which speaks to a desire to be EDGY, but either a lack of guts to use the word they mean or their idea of being “responsible”.)

    US Court of Federal Claims
    Vaccine Program/Office of Special Masters
    Audio and Transcripts
    Cedillo v. Secretary of Health and Human Services
    Case No. 98-916V
    (Concluded June 26, 2007)
    Hazlehurst v. Secretary of Health and Human Services
    Case No. 03-654V
    (Concluded October 18, 2007)
    Snyder v. Secretary of Health and Human Services
    Case No. 01-162V
    (Concluded November 9, 2007.
    Audios are available on Tuesday, November 13, 2007.
    Transcripts will be available after receipt from Heritage Reporting.)
    Civil Opinions:

    Blackwell, et al. v. Sigma Aldrich, Inc., et al
    December 21, 2007
    Circuit Court for Baltimore City , Part 10
    Case No: 24-C-04-004829

    Memorandum Opinion (333 kb)
    Order #1
    Order #2

  • http://www.autismvox.com Kristina Chew, PhD

    Maybe Mercuritol induced visions—–maybe the secret to the series is that his former “Big Pharma” client injected him with something secret and the whole series is a bad “Pharma”-created dream.

    Sorry, a little late afternoon rambling.

  • MJ


    You forgot to mention this part of the US Court of Federal Claims case :


    where the government conceded ‘that vaccines caused the “significant aggravation” of an underlying condition’.

  • Regan

    The concession being that there was already an underlying mitochondrial condition (According to David Kirby). I’m not a lawyer, but it seems that the question is more whether that makes it an appropriate test case for these hearings. The document itself seems to say so, but thanks…it was not my intention to spin the court documents, which is why I tried to link to the originals, rather than commentary.

  • Alan R.

    In case anyone wishes to contact ABC about the story:

    ABC Media Relations for “Eli Stone”:
    Aime Wolfe
    Email: Aime.Wolfe@abc.com
    Phone: 818.460.7421

    ABC Studios Relations for “Eli Stone”:
    Nicole Marostica
    Email: Nicole.Y.Marostica@abc.com
    Phone: 818.460.6783
    Fax: 818.460.5636

  • Bink

    “Ask yourself if you’ve ever believed in anything without absolute proof.”

    So, this TV show is saying that I can go to a court of law and say “I believe from the bottom of my heart that you should give me a lot of money” or “my parental instinct says that you should give me a lot of money?” Well, that changes things! Sign me up!

  • http://www.revolutionhealth.com/blogs/resilientmom resilientmom

    So here’s my deal…I blogged on this earlier today, not aware of your post. I had no plan to view this series (given the Geoge Michael fantasy-flashback in the trailers) It’s not that I have anything against the former Wham singer, however, I have a problem with “vision” TV. It’s boring. Nevertheless, if it’s about autism, I’m there.
    The operative question I posed was this: “What caught my attention was the legal argument in this episode. Eli Stone’s comparison to suing the tobacco industry, when cigarettes were not yet linked directly to lung cancer is a riveting concept. How many lives were affected by this evidence? The counterpoint in this instance begs the identical question. How many lives would be affected without vaccinations?”

  • http://www.autismvox.com Kristina Chew, PhD

    Perhaps ABC ought to consider that it’s one thing to have Nightline reports like that tonight (23rd January) and then a week later to air this TV show…..it’s a Chinese acupuncturist who suggests that “there could be a divine answer for why he’s having delusions of grandeur – that his visions have a larger meaning — and perhaps are even prophetic.”

  • Victoria

    I read the original script for the pilot of Eli Stone, and the storyline was different. Instead of Eli Stone going after big pharma for ‘mercuritol’, he was going after a big insurance co. for not providing treatment for autism. This was about a year ago, when they were casting some of the smaller roles. The series is supposed to have a recurring role for a boy with autism.

  • http://www.autismvox.com Kristina Chew, PhD

    Very interesting, esp. about having a recurring role for an autistic character……. if I may ask, how were you able to see the original script?

  • stopautismquackery

    In the original script they went after the Insurance Company for not paying for Risperidone.

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  • Joyce

    When my son was about 18 months he stopped talking and started pointing at things he wanted. up till that time he had been “normal”. he changed. and things went downhill from there. we were in therapy with him for alot of years. he was diagnosed with depression, confrontational disorder, and Asperger’s Syndrome. Long before I ever heard the word Thimerasol, I was sure that what had happened to my son was caused by a
    vaccine! It is possible that one day we will have the knowledge that that “is” a truth. I only have my “Mother’s instinct” for now and I what I know is that something stoled my son and I believe it was related to a vaccine!

  • BlueNight

    Joyce, nobody “stoled” your son. What was stolen was your fictional interpretation of your son. Your real son needs you far more than your fictional son. And go watch “X-Men 2″.

  • http://www.autismvox.com Kristina Chew, PhD


    If I may ask—-how old is your son now? Hope he is doing well—-my own son was born autistic. Best wishes—-

  • http://www.rettdevil.org Kassiane

    Ah, the changeling myth is alive. Get over it, for the mental health of your kid. Look at that first dx: DEPRESSION. Maybe because his mother is convinced her real child was stolen.

  • http://notmercury.blogspot.com/2006/02/i-was-wrong.html notmercury

    Hi Joyce,
    I understand how you reached that conclusion, I thought the same things at one time. If you want to know what changed my mind, read here:

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  • http://www.naturemoms.com/blog Tiffany

    Kudos to ABC! Loved the show…parents need to see that vaccines are dangerous.

  • http://stopthinkautism.blogspot.com/ S.L.

    Yes, it’s dangerous when we STOP getting vaccines, due to lies, lies, lies. It’s dangerous & unforgivable when our children start dying and getting seriously ill from things like measles, mumps, whooping cough, and the remainder of the 13 vaccine-preventable diseases. With vaccines, we have seen over 90% decline in disease diagnoses & deaths…

    Have you ever seen a child with any of those diseases? I suggest you see that, read up more on who is spreading the myths & lies about vaccines and autism, and then think again about how brilliant it is for ABC to propagandize this falsehood.

    My child was autistic in my womb, she was autistic on the day she was born, she has been autistic every precious day of our wonderful life. I am so grateful that we have vaccines to protect her & her sister from these very serious diseases.

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  • Regan

    MADISON, N.J., Feb. 19 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Wyeth announced today that The Honorable Stuart R. Berger of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City in Baltimore, Maryland, has granted Wyeth’s motion for summary judgment in the case of Blackwell, et al. v. Sigma Aldrich, Inc., et al — an alleged vaccine injury case claiming that Jamarr Blackwell’s exposure to thimerosal-containing vaccines caused him to become autistic.

    Previously, the Court had granted Wyeth’s motion to preclude all five of plaintiffs’ expert witnesses from offering testimony at trial following extensive briefing and a 10-day evidentiary hearing held by the Court last August.

    In his December 21, 2007 Memorandum and Order pertaining to Wyeth’s evidentiary motion, Judge Berger found that “it is generally accepted in the relevant scientific community that thimerosal in vaccines does not cause or contribute to neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism,” also noting that “it is generally accepted in the relevant scientific community that autism is genetic in origin except in rare instances of prenatal exposures to certain substances at defined periods during pregnancy.”

    “This is a significant victory for good science generally,” says Daniel J. Thomasch, a partner at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, who served as lead counsel for Wyeth in this matter. “The Court appropriately found that plaintiffs’ attempt to link autism to childhood vaccines is contrary to generally accepted science.”
    Blackwell, et al. v. Sigma Aldrich, Inc., et al
    Civil opinion on plaintiff’s expert witnesses
    21Dec 2007

  • http://www.autismvox.com/thimerasol-is-not-a-primary-cause-of-autism-and-neither-is-mercuritol-except-maybe-on-abc/#comment-317111 Regina

    Lets all remember one thing…noone HAS proven that vaccinations trigger autism…BUT noone has scientifically proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that vaccinations do NOT trigger autism either. It is certainly worth researching. And people should shut up and let the research and funding begin. There are entirely too many vaccinations (some of them not really needed) given at too young of an age.

  • http://www.naturemoms.com/blog Tiffany

    “generally accepted” is not enough…especially when pharma is funding most of these studies our contributing to the payrolls of those that orchestrate them.

  • http://www.rettdevil.org Kassiane

    a) Where do you think new medicines come from? The tooth fairy? R&D money has to come from somewhere, and when people CLAIM an adverse reaction (and yes, this includes when a person of loose activities CLAIMED an antiepileptic drug gave xem herpes) the pharm companies are REQUIRED to look into it. If you read the FULL TEXTS of the papers you can see research methods and raw data, assuming you understand such things. Some people do, most people do not.

    b) You know what sucks worse than autism? Whooping cough. You know what sucks worse than whooping cough? Diptheria. You know what sucks worse than diptheria? Tetanus.

    c) You know what sucks worse than all those? Knowing not only was YOUR CHILD the source child for a real live pertussis epidemic because of antivax hysteria, but that you caused a baby brain damage, killed someone else, nearly killed an adult who your daughter looks up to, and getting a lawsuit leveled against you for putting so many people in harm’s way.

  • http://www.naturemoms.com/blog Tiffany

    Nice story…. ;)

    No vax here not ever….

  • http://www.autismvox.com/thimerasol-is-not-a-primary-cause-of-autism-and-neither-is-mercuritol-except-maybe-on-abc/#comment-317111 Regina

    A: These are not unfounded CLAIMS. These are children who came down with autism during the same time frame that they were given a vaccine.
    B: How in the world would you know if autism is worst than whooping cough? Have you ever had either one? Have you spent the better part of your life locked inside yourself, repeating the same thing OVER AND OVER. Such as banging or slapping your head.
    C: You know what sucks? Knowing that these vaccines were the trigger that caused (what was the exact figure?) 1 in 150 children to become autistic, retarded, or dead and getting a lawsuit leveled against you for being the poster parent that backs the pharmaceutical company and our society for FORCING parents to vaccinate.

  • http://www.rettdevil.org Kassiane

    YES as a matter of fact I HAVE had both. I am autistic and have been for 25 years 3 months and 4 days. I almost died from whooping cough. The parent who’s kid GAVE me whooping cough got sued and had to explain to her daughter that they caused a whole bunch of problems for a whole bunch of people.

    Y’all sure perseverate like pros. Genetic much?

  • Bink

    Gets out popcorn, eagerly awaits Kassiane’s response

  • Bink

    Whoops, cross post.

    I admire the restraint in your post, Kassiane.

  • http://www.naturemoms.com/blog Tiffany

    Thats sounds like a frivolous lawsuit…I hope you didn’t win….or it was a HUGE miscarriage of justice. Are we not allowed to get sick anymore? That is outrageous.

    What is next? Get sued for giving someone the flu? Seriously I have never heard anything so stupid. Vaccines are optional and should always remain so. No one better tell me that my child and I do not have a “right” to get sick.

  • http://www.naturemoms.com/blog Tiffany

    Oh and all 3 of my kids got Whooping Cough. it was no big deal at all. 2 weeks and it ran its course. Now they have a natural immunity and they are healthier for it.

  • http://www.rettdevil.org Kassiane

    I dislocated 6 ribs, one of which nearly punctured a lung, and went into status epilepticus from oxygen deprivation, and am not the one who sued. The family with the DEAD CHILD sued. And won. However, their lawyer did contact me and said if I chose to piggyback a suit for medical costs, which were pretty high, and pain and suffering (ever dislocate a rib? NO? Go try it. Dare you. Now pull out 6. Now cough till you turn purple. Now do that with the muscles of a gymnast. Comfy yet?) I could have and would have had an excellent case. I didn’t because it was disrespectful in my opinion to the memory of the child who DIED.

    It wasn’t frivolous at all. The definition of “frivolous” isn’t “Tiffany on the internet with a Google U pseudodegree disagrees with it”. It is “Without legal merit”.

    And, uh, you do know what can cause brain damage or autism, right? Pertussis and prenatal rubella, respectively. Mhm. And rubella is most dangerous before it shows, assuming it shows at all.

  • http://www.naturemoms.com/blog Tiffany

    Wasn’t the DEAD child vaccinated????

    Did you know the Pertussis vaccine can also cause brain damage? My son got brain damage from the vaccine and then 7 years later he got Pertussis. Woops!

    Sorry no dice with me. If the “law” says we aren’t allowed to get sick anymore then the law is wacked.

  • http://www.rettdevil.org Kassiane

    The dead child, who exists and you should give him more respect, was 3 months old. He was too young to be vaccinated.

    You have no proof that the vaccine caused brain damage. You stated IMMEDIATELY following the vaccine your son had problems-that is not standard destruction from toxicants/toxins (2 different things, look ‘em up). Toxi*s take a while to build up.

    Additionally, even with proper reccomended uptake the protection of the vaccine is 90% effective (which, for perspective, is better than that of antiepileptic drugs, which make 50% of people 50% better to pass) and lasts approximately 10 years. This is why herd immunity is so important. By the time you’re out of school, where most germy people ARE, your immunity is going downhill. That’s how I got it, I was 24 and on prednisone for that extra kick in the immune system. But without taking all the reccomended dosages the immunity is spotty at best.

    You’re allowed to get sick. You aren’t allowed to make OTHER people get sick intentionally. Taking your coughing hacking unvaccinated children to the mall and to gymnastics and to school is STUPID and SELFISH. If YOU want to get these diseases, your choice, but don’t inflict it on the rest of us.

  • http://www.autismvox.com Kristina Chew, PhD

    Thimerosal is not a primary cause of autism, and more and more evidence disputes a link between vaccines and autism, and how to best teach and support autistic children and autistic individuals throughout their lives remains my primary focus.

  • http://www.naturemoms.com/blog Tiffany

    Any links to this case? It sounds ridiculous. It is NOT against the law to get sick, it NOT against the law to not vaccinate, and it is NOT against the law to “accidentally” infect other people if you are sick…or we would ALL be in jail. Or are you saying that the person with Pertussis intentionally hacked all over this baby to intentionally make him sick. I didn’t think so.

    My lawyers would have demolished that case in short time.

    By this logic I should have sued the person who gave me chicken pox as an adult while I was pregnant. I decided to be a grown up and live with illness…it is a part of life.

    And BTW the rampant toxins in the Pertussis vax did not cause my son’s brain damage directly…they caused a reaction which caused him to size uncontrollably for 30 minutes and stop breathing…which thus caused the brain damage. Nice try though.

  • http://www.autismvox.com Kristina Chew, PhD

    The case being talked about here is how excessive focus on vaccines, mercury, and the like distracts from discussion about what needs to be talked about in regard to autistic persons; this thread exemplifies this distraction.

  • Regan

    “…and getting a lawsuit leveled against you for being the poster parent that backs the pharmaceutical company and our society for FORCING parents to vaccinate…”
    That carries some undertones of a threat.

    Is that the next step in the litigation? To bring suit against people for citing what some of the current research says and referencing publicly available news stories?

    Kristina’s right. Regardless of etiology, there is lots to be done in the here and now in regards to identifying best practices, appropriate supports, and all kinds of pragmatic issues. Some energy in that direction is needed.

  • http://www.rettdevil.org Kassiane

    Ah I love how status epilepticus is only ok when it happens to other people *rolls eyes*.

  • http://www.autismvox.com/thimerasol-is-not-a-primary-cause-of-autism-and-neither-is-mercuritol-except-maybe-on-abc/#comment-317111 Regina

    …”You know what sucks worse than all those? Knowing not only was YOUR CHILD the source child for a real live pertussis epidemic because of antivax hysteria, but that you caused a baby brain damage, killed someone else, nearly killed an adult who your daughter looks up to, and getting a lawsuit leveled against you for putting so many people in harm’s way…..”
    An undertone of threat perhaps? Is that what it comes down to? Noone else can disagree or request that research be conducted on vaccinations and their reactions because others do not believe in it? The entire point of research is to………RESEARCH every possible connection!! What is the problem?? And I’m sorry but research conducted and/or funded by the very pharmaceutical companies that make the vaccines are biased and not reliable research.

  • http://www.autismvox.com Kristina Chew, PhD

    Research about the concerns noted here has been and is being done. Interesting how the word “research” gets turned into an end in itself in these discussions; when the results that one wants do not result from “research,” there is a call for “more research” and allegations of conspiracy.

    “Not reliable research” is how one would have to describe the “research” of Andrew Wakefield who, it was found, was being paid by lawyers who were working for parents of children thought to have been damaged by the vaccine: Wakefield was “received £55,000 (€80,000) [$101,310] from the Legal Aid Board which was paid into his research fund, but which he did not disclose to his co-researchers.”

  • http://www.rettdevil.org Kassiane

    Regina, I don’t need to threaten anyone.

    It actually happened.

    It will happen again and again, with the specifics changing.

    Those who refuse to learn from history are destined to repeat it. And you better believe the next person with 6 dislocated ribs won’t be nearly so charitable as I am.

  • http://www.autismvox.com/thimerasol-is-not-a-primary-cause-of-autism-and-neither-is-mercuritol-except-maybe-on-abc/#comment-317111 Regina

    You keep repeating “it actually happened.” As if anybody has said otherwise. Part of what is wrong with society are the useless, frivilous lawsuits made by uncharitable people who think money can bring back their loved one or right a wrong. My original point of this entire conversation is: research being conducted on immunizations possibly triggering autism is just and necessary. And the research should be conducted and funded by some other entity besides governement and/or pharmaceutical companies. And that parents have a right to refuse and/or postpone their child recieving immunizations.

  • http://www.autismvox.com Kristina Chew, PhD


    This conversation is about the fact that thimerosal is not a primary cause of autism and continued focus on vaccinations dilutes energy away from the issues that most need to be discussed in regard to autism.

  • http://www.rettdevil.org Kassiane

    Regina, are you offering to fund the studies? I asked the tooth fairy and she doesn’t have the cash.

  • Anna

    Well for those of you spouting incorrect information on the connection between autism and the vaccinations…. as of 2/26/08 the first lawsuit was WON confirming the connection! ah ha! I say that as a mom who saw the change in her son between 12-18 months I was never sure if it was the shots or not but I am sure the problems my son had at 18 months were not there at 9 months. If you care to google it was handled through the States court of federal claims office. I personally don’t agree with suing. I think the government should step up and at the very least give the schools the knowledge they need to properly teach our children who have been affected. Oh and quit putting the preservative in the shots! Do you know most of the flu shots you have contain this? It is matablized in your body as mercury ethonal a nero toxin. A good amount of people are not affected but I think they are looking into the link of higher testoserone levels making it harder for your body to release it. That would make sense why autism is higher in boys than girls. Just a bit of acurate information for you.

  • http://www.autismvox.com Kristina Chew, PhD

    I have written about the government’s concession in the case you mention here; note the care with which David Kirby takes to explain the child’s diagnosis.

  • http://stopthinkautism.blogspot.com/ S.L.

    I strongly advise you to read the facts o this case, for yourself. You’ll find this child has mitochondrial disease, not Autism. This case does nothing for you, & others, who feel vaccines caused autism. It’s been promoted much differently & inaccurately by Kirby & others.

  • http://www.rettdevil.org Kassiane

    Mitochondrial disorders aren’t all or even most autism, Anna, are genetic, and get worse in response to random stressors which may or may not be apparent (illness, diet, emotional, growth…). Note that the case is NOT included in the Omnibus anymore.

  • Anna

    http://adventuresinautism.blogspot.com/2008/02/more-on-vaccineautism-case-that.html I have looked into the disorder and just from some support groups from parents of autism I notice most of our children have the problems with muscle tone digestion ect and there is a link between the mitrochondrial and autism. What do you feel about that? Perhaps I read it wrong but this case said that because of the underlying Mitronchondrial desease that it agrivated Autism spectrum disorder? Am I missing something here? Are you saying that in court it was just allowed for him to misrepresent the illness?? I am not saying that all autism is caused by the shots don’t get me wrong. However if it is some enviromental cause or heaven forbid a medicine we are giving our children we have an obligation to find the cause. Of course with my son I am most interested in having him at a good school that understands him (that one is a battle) and a doctor that understands his special needs. That is also a battle I have found one doctor in my area (colorado) that understands an autistic body and well he should retire before I can get through his waiting list. However with the rate going up there has to be something we are doing that is causing this.

  • Anna

    you might be interested in this article. I think it fairly represents both sides of the coin as well as raises many good questions.

  • http://stopthinkautism.blogspot.com/ S.L.

    I’ve read it, most of us here have. Mr. Kirby, as Dr. Chew points out, dodges a key part of this case: the child’s diagnosis!!!! Unless your child indeed has mitochondrial disease (inherited from you–that is the ONLY way one ‘gets’ mito), then there is no significance to you and zero admittance that vaccines cause autism.

    If you’re interested in the other side of the coin, please read what Kristina’s posted on this & what I’ve written on this case–I speak from first-hand experience with the diagnoses involved in this case.

  • http://www.naturemoms.com/blog Tiffany

    I think you are missing the point S.L. I don’t think vaccines by themselves create autism and I don’t think most other people do either so your argument is bunk. My position and the position of thousands of other moms and is that vaccines and can exacerbate exisiting problems and immune definciencies…opening the door for autism and other issues. If there is even the slighest chance that a vaccine can exacerbate and existing problem and cause autism or any other number of problems then we need to reformulate them, change the schedules, and do testing on children before we ASSSUME their body can handle the assault. Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so. I think it is sad that so many parents push the herd mentality on us while we are just exercising some good judgement and not blindly following Merck around like sheeple.

    The child’s diagnosis shows that he or she was not a viable candidate for vaccination and this could have and should have been established before a vaccination occurred….period! I am willing to bet MANY children are not good candidates for vaccination but we don’t like to talk about that do we.

  • http://www.autismvox.com Kristina Chew, PhD

    It’s interesting and unfortunate that a scientific issue is being seen as “decided” because of a courtroom verdict—-the scientific evidence continues to show that there is no link between autism and vaccines or something in vaccines. I have commented on David Kirby’s recent post here—-Kirby is presuming that one verdict for one child is suggestive of a cause for autism.

  • http://stopthinkautism.blogspot.com/ S.L.

    FYI…vaccines ARE recommended for children with mito!!!! Some are advised to avoid a shot, ONLY if a history of bad reactions exists (which holds true for the general population). My friends whose children have mito ALL vaccinate their children and are mortified by people who opt to not give shots to their kids because of quack science (vaccines=autism). Those un-vaccinated children put my child and my friend’s children at risk for contracting serious diseases. Diseases that most certainly would land a child with mito in the ICU & possibly kill them.

    Go here: http://www.umdf.org/site/c.dnJEKLNqFoG/b.3616911/apps/s/content.asp?ct=4211851 and read. I will also add, it is HIGHLY unlikely that a child with autism has mito, especially if that child has never been hospitalized, doesn’t have severe health issues, eats on their own, there is no muscle-wasting, vision impairment, heart defects, etc. Read more about mito at umdf.org & see how autism doesn’t equal mito, and how this case has nada to do with what Kirby is fighting for!

  • http://daedalus2u.blogspot.com/ daedalus2u

    Kristina, it is only non-scientists who think this court case has anything to do with what causes autism.

    Kirby is spouting nonsense as he always does because he doesn’t understand science. How people can listen to the nonsense that he spouts off on and take it seriously is something that I do not understand.

    This case had nothing to do with autism, or with vaccines causing autism.

  • Regan

    “Those un-vaccinated children put my child and my friend’s children at risk for contracting serious diseases. Diseases that most certainly would land a child with mito in the ICU & possibly kill them.”

    Thank you for pointing that out, and for your other comments on mitochondrial disease. I considered that it might be an ironic and most unfortunate consequence if Mr. Kirby’s essay in fact jeopardizes the group of children that he is using as rhetorical pawns.

  • http://www.rettdevil.org Kassiane

    It’s really quite appalling that Kirby is using mito in his “crusade”. He could kill people with mito. Besides which, there are tests (blood and muscle) which a) make a distinction and b) will really suck for children who have absolutely zero symptoms. I’m sure, though, that badgering someone into a painful muscle biopsy will become the next big thing, if not just shoving the amino acid cocktail into autistic kids…

    *sighs* it’s a LOT of pills.

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