Insignia® Pilot 4GB Video MP3 Player Giveaway

UPDATED WITH WINNER!! Congrats to SJ at comment #461 – you are the lucky winner!

Portable music and video players keep getting smaller and cooler! Best Buy is now carrying a new brand called Insignia which is all about affordable and well designed technology. We were given the opportunity to review the Insignia Kix 1GB MP3 Player and my 11 year old son loves it. Keep reading because I am giving away an even cooler toy to one of our readers!

insignia kix mp3At less than $50, the Kix is a great entry level MP3 player – perfect for getting kids used to loading their own songs, being responsible for a little gadget and its easy to use. I wanted to really give the Kix a test so I handed the box to my son and said “go for it!” Within just a few minutes he had the box open, had gone over the instructions and was loading music on to the player. The player holds 1GB of music which is plenty for most kids. The online, drag and drop interface made it incredibly easy for him to add songs that were already on his computer and to add more from the Best Buy Music Store. It also has an FM tuner so you can listen to the radio on the go.

Insignia Pilot Video MP3In conjunction with this review, Best Buy is sponsoring our giveaway for an Insignia Pilot 4GB Video MP3 Player!

The Pilot holds 4GB of music or video and is Bluetooth enabled allowing you to enjoy your music and videos without wires. Other features include:

  • Supports MP3, WMA, WMA Lossless, WMA DRM, WMA Pro, OGG, WAV, Audible, MPEG4 (30 fps), WMV (30 fps) and JPEG formats
  • 2.4″ high-resolution LCD color display with wide viewing angles
  • Built-in digital FM tuner with 20 presets; remember songs you hear by saving track and artist data from FM stations broadcasting RDS data
  • Features a Secure Digital card expansion slot for additional memory capacity (media not included)
  • Custom EQ with 4 presets
  • High-speed USB 2.0 interface for blazing transfer speeds
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 25 hours of playback time
  • Perfect Sync with Best Buy Digital Music Store and rate songs you love or hate with the included music management software

So, how do you enter? It’s easy!! Leave me a comment on this post letting me know that you would like to be entered to win. I’d also love to know if you (or your kids) already have an MP3 player – what you like or don’t like about them, your favorite place to get music, or anything else along those lines. You have to use a valid email address (that you check) as I will be notifying the winner via email. Your email address is not published or shared with anyone! If you have a blog, you can get a second entry by mentioning this giveaway to your readers.

Deadline for entries is midnight Wednesday, February 13, 2008.

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    • Wendy Piersall

      Ohhhh – pick me, pick me! My son has a new cheap MP3 player and my daughter used to have one. The problem with them being so small is that kids really easily to lose or break them.

      They need bomb-proof ones with a remote-control beeping finder on them! ;)

    • Elizabeth

      No, pick me instead, I need it more! (kidding, Wendy)

    • pickel

      I would love one of these for when I am cleaning the house…and AJ could really use one for crowded places.

    • WAH(web)Mommy

      No, no, no… pick ME! :) LOL

      I’m really looking for a new one for DD. I have an ipod, and DD had another brand (cheaper) mp3 player dedicated to her music. Hers broke though (it won’t charge therefore it’s dead now).

      So we’re sharing the ipod again, but it makes it difficult to do random “shuffle” of music…. because either she ends up listening to inappropriate rock music, or I end up lisening to Ralph’s World or the Backyardigans or something, lol.

    • Gayla McCord

      I’ll throw my hat in the ring just because I could use this as a bribing tool between three boys :D Currently we have three iPods and their favorite place to get music is iTunes.

      I love these gadgets because I’m not having to constantly yell through the house to turn down the stereo :)

    • Katy

      I would love to win…we don’t have an mp3 player…my husband just borrows one from his brother LOL. Please enter me! thank you so much!

    • Jessica

      I need this so badly so that I can download episodes of LOST and watch them over and over and over again.

      I get most of my music from ITunes (someone bought me a CD for Christmas and I think it was the first one I have gotten in about 6 years).

      I have an Ipod Shuffle and hubby has my old Ipod Mini.

      We are in desperate need of an upgrade!

    • Randi

      Don’t have one and would love one. Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!

    • gail

      I feel like I’m the only one left who DOESN’T have an mp3 or other music device! I find I can ‘afford’ the things my kids and family want, but never seem to be able to justify purchases for me! I would love it for exercise, walking and using the treadmill (yawn) would go so much faster with music!

    • ES

      Count me in. Thanks! I hate the 256MB one I have!

    • CPA Mom

      I’d love to win – I have an iPod that I share with my husband and I’d love to get one for my kids to share…

    • Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

      Cool Prize!

    • Jenn

      My son had an MP3 player that he used constantly. It was one of the few things that helped him go to sleep. (He is 12 and those preteen years are the pits!)

      Unfortunately, his dumb mom didn’t check his jeans and it went through the washer and dryer. MP3 players don’t like that! At all. I am definitely looking to replace it!

    • grace

      I don’t have an MP3 player, and I am wishing for one for a long, long time! Pick me!

    • Katrina

      Hello. What a generous giveaway. My children do not have MP3 player, sorry, no comments on that.

    • mom to p

      I have downloaded MP3′s but I can’t listen to it outside because I have no player. I would love to win!

    • Christina

      Please enter me!

    • Elizabeth

      I would love to be entered. We don’t have a one in this house of 5 soon to be 6!! I would love to try one!

    • MrsBranham

      Oh please enter me- we have no mp3 players in my house!

    • Nicole

      I’d love to enter if this is open to Canadians – I’ve never had an mp3 player.

    • rachel

      I don’t have an mp3 player at all. I could really use one for the gym! I mostly listen to independent artists, so I mostly get their music online for free(legally, of course).

    • Kim

      I would love to win this!!! My kids have them and absolutely LOVE them!!!

      ~ Kim

    • Casey

      I would like to be entered into your drawing. I do not have one of these (I have an Ipod). I like the fact that it is small and compact.

    • Chris M.

      I have a small basic MP3 player that I use for audio books but I would love to have one that allows a few more features. Mine just plays, you can’t select what you want it to play.

    • brandy w

      me please, i don’t have a mp3 player. my source of music is the radio. it’s all so exspensive, and i don’t have a lot of money

    • CrystalGB

      We don’t have a mp3 player. Please count me in.

    • Robin

      I’d love to win the video mp3 player! We take a lot of very long (12+ hour) flights and it would sure come in handy.

      I have an i-Audio mp3 player that sounds great, but if I forget to charge it and let the battery run down it siezes up and I have to reload all the software!

    • Laura

      Wow! What a giveaway! I’d love to be entered to win this!

    • you da mom

      those are fantastic! can’t wait for the drawing! i bought a sansa shaker and i didn’t like it, so i took it back. hence, i am left without an mp3 player for the time being. would love to win!

    • Mary Ellen

      Awesome giveaway! I have creative zen, but it doesn’t hold alot-I think it is 2gb.
      I use AllTunes to download, super cheap!
      Enter me, please!

    • Nichole

      Count me in! I would LOVE that!!!
      Thanks so much!!!

    • Org Junkie

      My daughter would love this, she doesn’t have one but is constantly asking for one!

    • TheAngelForever

      What a great giveaway! No, my son does not have an MP3 player yet. He will if Mommy wins this since I’ll give him my cheaper one. For now we have his music on mine for long car rides.

    • Rhonda

      What a great giveaway! My 12yo son has an iPod Nano. I think the only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s so small that sometimes I don’t realize he’s listening to it and not ME!! :) My second son would love this!!

    • Sharon

      Count me in please~!

    • Michelle C

      None of us have them, my hubby uses his phone to listen to the radio when he works alone. I would love to have one to use when I exersice.

    • Infinity Goods

      Thanks for the chance to win. I’m behind the times when it comes to MP3s — I don’t have one. I love music and have lots of CDs and even those old things we used to call records. I would really, really love to win an MP3!

    • Vee

      What do you mean kids??? I might have a hard time sharing! ha, my daughter would love this!

    • Michelle

      Oh, now this would be nice! We have never even had an mp3 player in our house, yes we are usualyl well behind the technology trends, but then again we have three kids….two of which have birthday’s coming up so this would be great!!
      Please enter me in you contest!
      Thank you!!!

    • Anastasia

      I would love to enter! :D

      Right now, I have a mini 2gb ipod. What I don’t like about it is it’s small screen size (i’m partially blind), and that it’s only 2gb! I need more music :D

      Thanks for the great giveaway!

    • Sarah

      I have an ipod nano and it’s great for exercising with. It doesn’t have video. When I bought it, I didn’t think that I would ever want that feature, but now I wish I had gone for it.

    • Emily Loria

      What an awesome giveaway!

      Enter me please!!

    • Sweetpeas

      OOOH I have one (not that fancy LOL) and my husband’s always stealing it. I’d love to surprise him with one of his very own!

    • Kelly

      I’d love to try it. My 11 yo daughter and I don’t have MP3 players or ipods or any of that. Actually, I did get a digital camera for Christmas that is also an MP3 player, but I haven’t tried it in that capacity yet. This would be a nice way for both of us to learn how to use the technology.

    • lace

      I have an mp3 player but would love to get one for my niece. She loves to listen to music. I get my music from Rhapsody

    • Rachel

      Oh pick me please!!

    • Sky

      I’d love to be entered for this giveaway! My son has the Fisher Price FP3 player, and he’s just too old for it. It’s great for younger kids who tend to be a little rough on their toys. He’s ready for something a bit more grown up. :)

    • Hjordi

      Please count me in… I have one but it is too big to take exercising!

    • Deb – Mom of 3 Girls

      I have an iPod Nano that I like, but would love to win this one for my husband! :)

    • Hannah

      I just got my first hand-me-down MP3 player so a new video one would be a treat..i have a toddler so he isn’t into it yet..although having a video player could be a lifesaver when we’re waiting for food at a restuarant…
      have a good day!

    • Stephanie V

      don’t have any mp3 players yet – would be our firsts!

    • Leone

      Money is tight but my husband stood in line the day after Thanksgiving to get me a cheapo mp3 player for $16. I would like to thank him by giving this to him if I win it. We are both trying to get in shape and I can work out SO much longer if I’m listening to music or a podcast!

      Thanks so much!

    • Leona Pullyard

      i would love to win this for my son

    • Aubrey

      So I’d love to win!!! Wow. I have an ipod nano already,which I use to listen to some music but also lots of podcasts. I love the NPR podcasts, especially This American Life, and I also like some medical podcasts (I’m a resident physician). Mostly I use itunes to download these.

    • Celeste

      I don’t have an mp3 player yet but would LOVE one! I am just getting back into running shape again (I’ve been a couch potato since the birth of my daughter!) and a player would come in so handy for long jogs!

    • Lorie

      I got a samll inexpensive one that is nothing like this one. I have only downloaded music from Walmart

    • Harlan

      I have an ipod nano and I love to buy itunes or rip my own cds. It’s great, thanks for the contest.

    • Erin

      These look so cool. We have Ipods but are looking to upgrade to video.

    • Sharon

      What a great give-a-way. Please enter me into this drawing. Thanks.

    • Sara L.

      I think I am one of the last dinosaurs on Earth without one of these! Thanks for such a generous giveaway…That video player would come in SO handy at entertaining my little man at the grocery store!

    • Kara

      I had an iPod and then it died suddenly. I have no idea why or how, but I guess the batteries give out in approx. two years. It was very disappointing and I would love this as a replacement!

    • ktjrdn

      my husband has an Mp3 player that he occassionally lets me use. I’d love to have one of my own.

    • Rachel R.

      I have one, but no one else in my family does. Mine is a Sansa Sandisk, and I just got it for Christmas, so I’m not very familiar with it yet. I was amazed at how small it is, though!

    • renee

      Please enter me. Thanks! We don’t have an MP3 player yet but we’d love one!


    • Mandi

      I’d love to win!

    • k

      I’d love to win. My husband and I share an ipod. It works out but I’d love to have my own mp3 player.

    • Jen

      I would love to win this!

    • Ashley

      I would love to win. I have an ipod Nano which I love so user friendly. However it does not have video capacity as its only a nano.

    • Margaret Smith

      Thanks for the terrific giveaway. Would love to have an mp3 player. Please enter me.

    • lomagirl

      Please enter me. We haven’t got an Mp3 player, though my daughter wants one.

    • Christina

      Great idea.

      Please be sure to stop by my blog to enter my giveaway.

    • Edna

      What an awesome prize. I’m sure some of my grandchildren could show me how to use it!

    • arieanna

      I’m still mostly old school, getting my music from actual stores. Sometimes I download indy stuff though. Haven’t yet really gotten into buying music online.

    • Cindi Hoppes

      What a fabulous giveaway! No, we don’t have any MP3 players in our home. My son says they do hold a lot of songs! Please enter me in your giveaway drawing! Thanks very much…..Cindi

    • Denise

      oooh yeah count me in! We just got the two oldest kids mp3 players for Christmas they use them while they do schoolwork.. we homeschool

    • Kiltak

      74 Comments? Sigh..

      Well, the 4gb version does look awesome :)

    • Megan H.

      Great giveaway!

    • Flibby

      Oh, that is a great prize! Please enter me! My dad has an mp3 player, and we love it! We usually just get the CD and rip it to the mp3 player, it works beautifully!

    • Katie

      What a GREAT giveaway!! I have an mp3 player and I love being able to take something so small on walks or runs ~ it makes excersizing so much more fun!! Thanks for the chance to win!!


    • Dawn @ Baby Addiction

      I’d love to win this for my husband! We both have ipod nanos, but it’s such a pain to be forced to use I-Tunes. The accessories are also very expensive.

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    • chelsea

      I have an ipod already but I wouldn’t let my niece or nephew touch it. this would be a good solution to their grabby grab hands. Enter me!

    • Shawna

      we don’t have one at our house, so please enter me!

    • Megan

      Thank you for this awesome giveaway, I’d love to be entered to win.
      My kids have basic MP3 players. I like that they can change the music if they want, and that I can delete things I don’t want them to have!

    • Becky @ Boys Rule My Life

      Great prize! We have 0 (yes. zero) MP3 players in our house… this would be fun!

      Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Someone Being Me

      I would love to be entered. My husband has an iPod but I could never justify the expense to get another one for me.

    • Deborah

      I would love love love love to win! No kids yet…so they don’t have one. But, we are hoping for children…will be celebrating first anniversary in March!

    • Christine

      All of my lder kids have one, hubby has one, but poor ol’ mom doesn’t have one yet! LOL I would love to win!!

    • Kelsey

      I have never had a MP3 player so what a great thing to win!

    • Teddi

      Our kids (9 and 7) have the Disney mix stick (or whatever it’s called) the pros are the size and shape the cons are the battery dies quickly and has to be recharged often, second thing is they can’t easily add music on their own. We have to load music for them. Having something they could easily figure out how to load MP3′s onto would be awesome! Count me in! Thanks for a great giveaway!

    • Hestial

      Please count me in!

      I do have an ipod, but I’m really wanting to replace it. The battery’s worn down completely after only a year, and to replace it myself I have to do some sort of MacGuyvering (and, of course, buy a $60 battery). Ugh.

    • Marla

      PICK ME!

    • Jennifer

      My husband and daughter both have MP3 players. They love them. I would love one to have when I am sitting in an airport or working on my laptop or walking the dog. Thank you for entering me.

    • The Chatty Housewife

      I’d really love to win this! I have one already, but it only holds 20 songs and is really cheap.

    • Laura @ Laura Williams’ Musings

      I don’t own a MP3

      Count me in please.

      Thanks for the giveaway!

      Stop by my place to win a bath set & candles or one of two copies of a book I’m giving away. Don’t miss the daily edition of contests galore that I post on my blog.

      Laura @ Laura Williams’ Musings

      email is in my profile or you can use the contact form on my blog

    • LadySnow

      I would love one…we don’t have the money to buy one…so it would be great to win one. :D

    • kris

      Ohhh, my daughter has been saving for a video MP3 since her older MP3 broke. She would love this! We usually shop at Best Buy for electronics.

    • Veronica

      What a fantastic prize! Thankyou for offering it!

    • Chantelle

      omg! this is awesome! i’ve been wanting to replace ds mix max since he’s getting a little too old for it. i hope i win

    • Shimona

      We don’t have any MP3 players yet, but I’m hoping to win one soon (hint, hint)! :-) We take lots of long car trips, so this would be so great for our family.

    • Missy

      Count me in! I have a small mp3 player. It’s great for listening to sermons, books, etc. while I’m doing housework!

    • nancy in fl

      Sad but true….none of us have one. As a photo teacher & parent you would think I would. If I won, I would use it in my photo classes, so it would benefit not only my family, but 100′s of kids! I could also use it as a carrot to dangle in front of the kids!

    • Lindsey

      What a great MP3 player!

    • Jenn

      Pick me – my kids don’t have anything like this yet!

    • Geri

      Great Giveaway!! Thanks for the fun!

      I have a 4 gig archos but I’m the only one in my family that hasone. We do need another!

    • Sarakastic

      I don’t have an mp3 player but I would love to try this one out.

    • Heather

      I got my hubby one for Christmas (ipod shuffle) but I’d love one for myself!

    • Amy

      I love pink! Generous giveaway! We don’t have an MP3 yet – maybe the only ones around that don’t (LOL!).

    • Michelle

      I am actually the only person in my family that doesn’t own an MP3 player of some sort. Now that we bought a treadmill, I would love to have some way to listen to music and this would be perfect. I would love to be entered in your giveaway.

    • Julie

      Great giveaway! Both my kids have the very cheap mp3 players and they are very frustrating. Half the time they don’t work. It would be nice to have a working one. :D

    • Julie J Donahue

      I have an old IPOD shuffle (no display). DH has an IPOD (forget which model, but it’s got a 3 inch color screen.) My son (10) would love his own MP3 player!

    • wulfepup

      I love gadgets. I own the Samsung Juke MP3 player/phone…
      I got my eldest two kids cheapy mp3 player at Big Lots. This would be an awesome upgrade for the oldest.

    • Jennifer

      I have an Insignia MP3 no video. Please include me.

    • chilihead

      Wow. This would be fantastic for my husband–who keeps stealing my iPod Nano. He definitely needs his own player! He would also love that it has video (mine does not). Crossing my fingers and thinking good thoughts. :D

    • Sherry

      Enter me, please. We don’t have an MP3 player.

    • Tricia McCammack

      My husband has an mp3 player, but I do not. I love how much they hold.

    • Jennifer

      My son has an MP3 player, but to be honest I haven’t really looked at it.. I would love one of my own tho.

    • Karla

      I’d love to win the Insignia. I have a Sandisc MP3 player, but it doesn’t have video, nor is it Bluetooth compatible.

    • Carrie

      My hubby has an iPod and that’s as far as the technology goes in this home!! I would love this for ME!!

    • Susan Chester

      I would love to win this. I have wanted one forever!

    • Rachel

      Oh sign me up please!!

    • Fruitbearer

      I’d love to win this. No one in our family owns an MP3 player.

    • LifeofFaith

      Enter me, please. Thank you! I don’t have an MP3 player and would like to have one :).

    • Libby Nichols

      I would love to be entered in this!!!

    • Courtney

      I have one of the first ipods – way out of date these days :-)

      Thanks for offering this awesome opportunity for the giveaway! You are very generous! Good luck to all!

    • Bill

      Hi there. I’d love to be entered, my old iPod kicked the bucket. My wife and I are trying to get back into exercising after a long time off during my wife’s pregnancy and first couple of months with the little one…. and it’s so hard to exercise without good tunes!

    • Jenna

      I’m probably one of the only late twenty-something that still doesn’t have an MP3 player and I would love one… honestly I would take either of them… because even a small “child friendly” one is better than nothing :)

    • PT from Prime Time Money

      Please enter me in the giveaway. I love the MP3 player on my Moto Razr phone. I use it for music and podcasts.

      I found this link by using Google Alert for “giveaway”. If any of your readers are big sweepers and want to know more about my alerts setup? Check me out at Prime Time Money.

      Thanks so much for a great contest.

    • Barbara H.

      I would love this! I am the only person in my family who doesn’t have an MP3 player! I like to buy tunes from

    • Jen

      I’d love to win one of these. I just got an MP3 player for Christmas and I’ve been getting music from iTunes.
      Thanks, Jen

    • jen

      Please enter me in the giveaway

    • Kathryn

      I would love to win this for my husband! He has an mp3, but has been wanting a video mp3 player.

    • Pure and Sensible

      We don’t have an MP3 player in the home at all! I’d love to win this! I, personally, wanted one to use while I exercise. Thanks for hosting this GREAT giveaway! Leinani

    • Reeva

      GREAT giveaway! I really want to win since I dont own one!! :)

    • Christy

      I don’t have a MP3 but I have wanted one for a long time.

    • Mary

      I’d sure love one of those!

    • Mama Zen

      I haven’t gotten my daughter an MP3 player yet, but I’m thinking about it.

    • Jennifer

      My girls just have the Fisher Price FP3 player which is great, but my almost 6 year old in her mind is getting too old for that. Not sure that I’d part with this for her since she’s still so young, mom needs some new toys too:)

    • Lesha

      Thanks for the giveaway :)

    • RubyShooZ

      Great! We’d love to have one, this is great. Thanks so much.


    • rachie s

      Thanks for this great giveaway!

    • Courtney

      Please enter me into your contest. We don’t have a MP3 player in our house.

    • Leon Rosborough Sr

      My kids have but I don’t .

    • Melanie

      I don’t even have a TV — I need a video thingy! My hubby has an iPod and he’s generally glued to it, watching YouTube and stuff.

    • Kierra

      the kids love to download songs from rhapsody.

    • tnchick

      I’d love a chance to win. I don’t have one… but my husband does. My son and I both want one… we’ll share! =)

    • Lori

      This is a very generous giveaway! I don’t own an MP3 player but would enjoy having one. Today is my 41st birthday! What a great gift this would be. Thanks!

    • kat

      My husband has an MP3 player. He loves it and I am so jealous when we travel. Sometimes we share headphones but our tastes in music differ so much!

    • Shannon

      What a great giveaway…this might actually make me more ‘with the times’, lol.

      Count me in!

    • Jennifer H.

      I’d love to win either one, but my first choice would be the Insignia Pilot MP3 player. I don’t own an MP3 player, but have always wanted one, so please pick me! :-) Thanks for the chance to win! Have a great day!

      Jennifer :-)

    • Amy Kelley

      Awesome giveaway. just started walking on the tred mill to lose 100 lbs. what a great item to have to listen to when walking.
      THanks for the chance to win.

    • Jacki

      This is fantastic! Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Lissete

      I would LOVE to win this for my husband! He has bought MP3 players for me & the girls and has gone without one for himself. I have a 1st Gen IPod Nano which I am happy with, I use I Itunes quite a bit and have my own music from cds & such. DH would just love the video and the card expansion slot.

    • anita hiltz

      I would love to win this giveaway! We don’t have one of these yet! Crossing my fingers and toes! LOL! Thanks so much for doing this!

    • robin

      what a awesome gift love to recieve it thanks

    • Katelyn

      I need some little handheld technology gadgets desperately, because my 6 year old niece has an mp-3 player and thinks I’m out of step because all I have is a laptop and a webcam!

    • Linda

      I would love to get this for exercising :) I love to walk/run and this would be perfect.
      Thanks for the great giveaway.

    • Char

      We don’t have a MP3 player, but i have one hopefully being brought home tommorrow!! Very exciting. We are already saving up for a second one!! What a great give away!

    • jayedee

      this would be my son’s first mp3 player, he’s 13 and wants one sooooo badly! what an absolutely wonderful giveaway! please throw my name into the hat too! good luck everyone!

    • Katie

      I have a small iPod but I would love to have one with an FM tuner — I miss the radio!

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    • Laurie

      I have a Sandisk Sansa that I really like – but I’d love a video player for our 8 hour trips to Grandpa’s!

    • Britni

      I’d love this!! Thanks!

    • JewelsHud

      I have an IPOD but my son doesn’t have anything yet – this sounds wonderful. I love how I can keep my favorite music with me!!

    • Dotty

      I could use one of these. My current player is on it’s last legs.

    • Melanie

      I love that it has 25 hours of playback time! So cool!

    • D’Rae

      please enter me. I don’t own one so I know nothing about them

    • Jennifer

      I don’t have one! Neither do my kids!

    • charmed

      What a great giveaway! Please enter me.

    • milk in the closet

      I have a toddler, so she doesn’t have a player yet. But I have to say, she LOVES High School Musical. Not really sure how that happened. I get my music from various sites. It will be interesting to see what happens with the music industry now that digital downloading has become so popular.

      Great giveaway! Count me in! Thanks!

    • Piseco

      We’d love this at our house! My son has a Sansa Shaker which we like because of the tiny built in speaker (he doesn’t like headphones) but there is no display so it’s very hard to control & best only for random music! Thanks for the contest.

    • Mandy

      This is so nice! The rechargable battery is a huge plus. I have a little player that I bought for $10 on sale and I take it to the gym. It goes through batteries like crazy and doesn’t work very well. I need a new one to get me motivated! I’ve lost 20 lbs since the last baby but have 30 more to go!:)
      I like to get music from iTunes or from my current CD collection. Thank you for such a nice giveaway!

    • Snowbird

      I would love to have a player. We don’t have one and could really use it. Thanks.

    • BRee

      We don’t have one- this would be our first!!

    • GiBee

      I don’t have either, but would love to win one, because it’s just not in the budget right now!

    • Hannah

      I use to have an mp3 player but it broke a few months ago. This would me a really really nice replacement!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

    • Marni

      Please enter me… we have and iPod,and we love to download music from iTunes…. My daughter will not let me put any of my 80′s tunes on her iPod, so hopefully i’ll win my own mp3.

    • monica

      I don’t have one.I would really love one when I clean and exercise

    • Ellen

      I don’t have any sort of MP3 player, and would love one. Count me in! Thanks!

    • Deborah

      Okay, now, this sounds really user-friendly. Since I am one of those rare electronically-challenged people, I have to have something designed for a toddler in order to figure out what to do. So please enter me in this contest and let your random picker pick my number. I need to get out of this rut I’m in – am I the only one that is electronically-challenged left in the world????

    • Chief Family Officer

      We have a couple of mp3 players, but the best is the iPod classic, simply because it plays video – which makes it a portable DVD player without the bulk. I would love to win this for the same feature since we have two kids now!

    • Cindy

      I have an ipod and love it, but EVERYONE wants to use it. :) I’d love to win this for the rest of the fam. :)

    • jenny kerr

      we have one small no name MP3 player that my husband took with him when he deployed a few months back. Other than that we don’t have one here, lol. His works okay, it’s nothing special and holds about 50 songs.

    • Carolyn

      I was just looking in eBay for an Ipod! Great contest and hope to hear from you soon! Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Lindsey Chaney

      I have an mp3 player currently. It’s a samsung, but it doesn’t have video and I would love to win this one!

    • Billie

      I would love to win this! We use itunes to download music and listen to on the computer.

    • Sarah W.

      Neither I nor my children have a MP3 player. My husband has an ipod, but its his 2nd one (the first was free but it broke!). He uses it in his office, but I would love to have my own MP3 player (I do not prefer ipods, actually).

      I get music from itunes mostly! Not too creative, but they have a huge selection!

    • Michele

      We don’t have a mp3 player…I’ve been wanting one for quite a while now but it’s just not in our budget. It would be fantastic to win this one!

    • Beth

      count me in! I don’t have an mp3 player. :(

    • joe bruzzese

      Please write my name on a ticket. Although neither of my kids have one it would be a nice addition given that they are always swiping mine.

    • Teri

      Cool! I have an I-pod, but I hate that it seems “out” already and I should be replacing it with a new, smaller one…I have a mini, which they don’t even make anymore, even though I still love mine!

    • http://giabelladesigns1.blogspot giabella designs

      what a great giveaway!

    • Bebemiqui

      Great giveaway! Count me in.

    • cabesh

      I’d give this MP3 player to my 5 year old. I can just see her dancing around the house.

    • Liz Y

      I don’t have one of these yet, and I know my tech savy hubby would love it!

    • Kyra

      We currently don’t have an Mp3 player and my husband wants one! PLease enter me!

    • Trina

      Oh pick us! I did buy one for my son a few years back…Its an RCA and I really like it because its so compact, consumer friendly AND has this nifty little neoprene case to hold it that straps to his forearm! It’s perfect for him.

      I’d love to win this one for me!

      Count me in!


    • Dan Smith

      Please enter me

    • Stephen Saunders

      Please enter me, I’ve never had an mp3 player.

    • Paige

      WE do have some MP3 players around here, but I have a hard time loading music on mine. I have to ask my husband all the time how to do it. I gave my dad one for Christmas, and had to have my 13 year old son load up his Cd’s onto his mp3 player.

      We’d love to win this, since that son has lost his player, and I would give him mine if I were to win a new one.

    • Talitha Lee

      Enter me please. I would love to have an MP3 player that was kid only (maybe they’d stop snitching my video ipod)

    • Elena

      So far we’re an iPod family, but I sure wish they’d add an FM tuner to the iPod! Thanks for the contest!

    • Marcia

      I haven’t bought one yet. I guess I’ve been to busy with everything to really bother to go shop for something like this for myself.

    • Marilyn

      What a generous and fun giveaway! I don’t own an MP3 player and I would love to be entered please. Thank you!

    • Bev

      Count me among the ones who want to win. Thanks for the great giveaway. No mp3 players here at my house.

    • Qtpies7~

      My daughter bought herself an ipod, and one of my boys has an mp3 player on his phone, but we can’t seem to work it.
      I would love to win one for one of my kids.

    • Natalie @ Politics for Moms

      My girls have cheap MP3 players and never can get them to work right.

    • Linda

      Please enter me! I don’t have one. My husband has a very cheap one. I don’t often buy my own music. Every Christmas, I usually get a new cd from my parents (it seems like that is the time of the year that I have one I would like to get!)

    • Jenny

      Great! It would be nice to win since I’ve never had one. My sisters really like theirs.

    • Shannon

      It would be great to win one of these! I have an mp3 player, but it’s taken a bit of abuse (I’m clumsy, or I bump into things with it when it’s strapped to my arm) and I don’t know how much life it has left. Poor little guy.

    • Marisa

      I would so love this prize! My 4 younger kids all have MP3 players. I almost had one also. Christmas 2006, my 2nd son surprised me when he came home unexpectedly from Hawaii on Christmas eve. I didn’t have any gifts ready for him so I wrapped up my new MP3 player and gave it to him. For some reason, I never replaced it although I’ve meant to. Winning this one would be wonderful!

    • Marci

      I would love to get an MP3 player, I do not have one!

    • Emily

      I’d love to own this, please enter me into this contest.

    • scattered mom

      Nobody in my house owns an MP3 of any type, so it would be really fun to have one. My 12 year old would love it for the long road trips that we take throughout the USA, and I would love it for the gym.

      :) Thanks for entering me!

    • Heather Slater

      What a great prize!

    • Janet

      I have a mp3 player and it really doesn’t like to work!! Its a 4gb Creative Zen…now not sold and on the fritz…I can’t have any less than 4 cuz I listen to so many podcasts!!! This would be so cool!!!

    • Bill D

      I dont have one but I would like to. Thanks!

    • Samantha Rawson

      Please enter me. I don’t yet have any ipod. I blogged about this giveaway here:

    • carol

      My son has one and it’s nice for when we are in the car so no more fighting over the radio. He has mostly put his cds on it. I would love to win this for myself.

      please add me. thank you

    • Camille W

      Oh, a giveaway that both my daughter and husband would be all over – I currently have an Ipod but they do not. My daughter LOVES music and we’d love to be able to load up her very own MP3 for car trips, etc. And I’m sure my husband would love to have one of his very own too!

      Thanks, for a great, generous giveaway!

    • Mama Steff

      I don’t have an MP3 player – hubby had one stolen by his fabulous high school students. I would love on of my own for listening to music while I go to the gym and become a smaller version of me.

    • Sassyfrazz

      I would love to win this! We don’t have an MP3 player (honestly, I am not even sure how they work).
      Thanks for a great giveaway! I hope to win!
      Come check out the three contests I have going on right now!

    • Petra Carden

      My husband has an ipod and I would love to have one, but cannot bring myself to spend the hundreds of dollars to get one. I’d love to win this mp3 player – it would definitely get some good use!!! :)

    • Sileena

      Got my husband an MP3 player years ago and I love the versatility i.e. easy to play through FM. My girls want their own so bad and dad says too expensive! Well, what if I win it?!

    • Katherine Frazier

      I am sorry to say I am mp3 deprived. I know nothing – but am willing to learn!

    • Suzanne Lewis

      I techincally already have an mp3 player because it is built into my iphone. I love the convenience, and I’d love to give this one as a gift to one of my parents. Thanks for doing this!

    • Tori

      Would definitely love this! I have an ipod shuffle which my son would love to claim as his own if I were fortunate enough to win this!

    • Taowyn

      My niece does not have a player but this sounds great.

    • Karen @ A Healthy Balance

      Please enter me. Believe it or not, we don’t have an MP3 player or iPod in our house. lol

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    • Peggie

      My husband has one and loves it, I would like to compete with him and have my ears on all the time so I can’t hear him either… ;)

    • Erin

      I’d love this. I don’t have have any of these new fangled music players.

    • Vida

      I’d love to win. I have an iPod, but my sister doesn’t and this would be perfect for her!

    • Seastar

      I feel like the only person in the world who doesn’t have an mp3 player. I would love one!

    • Tig

      Well sounds like you’re gonna have fun with this one..”choose wisely” :)

    • Jes

      oh enter me please! thanks.

    • Brooke

      My son really wants one – for now he makes lots of playlists on mine! Isn’t it amazing how quickly they figure new stuff out? I love it when he shows me new features… I never would’ve found!

    • Allison

      Please count me in! I don’t own an mp3 player.

    • Nicole

      I would love this! We have an ipod, but video on this would be great for the kids!

    • Erik Karey

      I have an 80gb iPod Video and my girfriend has a 4gb Zune. I love my iPod but my girlfriend’s zune is not so great. Design wise I like it, but it has a flaw in it that static electricity causes them to restart a lot and decrease battery life. So please enter me for the contest and I hope I can win her a replacement.


    • Randi

      My husband got an Ipod for Christmas and loves it. On rare occassions he lets me borrow it. I would love to have one of my own.

    • Brea

      I have an iPhone that I use as my mp3 player, but my husband has been wanting one for some time now. I know he’d love this one. Please enter me! :)

    • Jennifer

      No I don’t have one yet but would love to!! Please enter me in!

    • Lisa

      My kids don’t have one but they would love it! They are new to music and it would be fun to get one for each of them (twins!). Thank you for you having such a generous giveaway! I would LOVE to win one-they can share for now!

      Thanks again!

    • Laura Graham

      Please enter me! My son does not have one, but we have an IPod…love that!

    • Nancy

      I have a $14.00 mp3 player. LOL, you can imagine, it is rather limited.

      Great giveaway – thanks for the chance!! Please be sure to enter mine.

    • Debbie Piper

      I would love to be entered for this wonderful giveaway! Thank you so much for having such a terrific prize. My son gave me his old iPod (shuffle) at Christmas when he got a new one, but a video mp3 player would be awesome! I’d be the envy of my kiddo’s friends! Thanks.

    • Lisa E

      I would love to win this for my daughter. We take road trips on a semi regular basis and this would be perfect to help entertain her on our standard 6 hour drive to California. It would be great to give her this and then be able to listen to a music station of my choice in the car instead of Radio Disney all the time. My sanity might just have a shot at salvation! Seriously, she is cute and all but a grown woman can only take so much Hannah Montana!!! We (and by we I mean me) could really use one!

    • Sheila

      I’d love the video MP3 – DH has one (not video) but I never get to use it. This one looks easy enough for a luddite like me! Thanks for counting me in!

    • Bonnie

      I don’t have an mp3 player nor does anyone in my family so it would be wonderful to be a winner!

    • Jendi

      I have an iPod. I bought my husband an mp3 player for Christmas so that I wouldn’t have to share so often. Now my son is asking to use mine every day. [he's not even close to being a teen - I'm in trouble!] Please enter me. Thanks.

    • Pieces

      I’d love to win the MP3 player but I’m happy to get a recommendation too. Both my kids are in severe “want” of players now.

    • Samantha

      This is a great giveaway! count me in!

    • Charmed

      3 of my son’s have players, ranging from a $20 one to a Sansa one, I can’t figure most of them out. lol. That’s what I like about the Insigna one, it looks easy to use!

      Please enter me, arogers(at)gmail(dot)com

    • xashee

      Thank you so much for the opportunity to win something soo cool! i am older and NEVER even used one of those and would LOVE to step into the 21st century lol :D i am having so much fun with this giveaway! Thank you again, Have a GREAT day :D

    • Fizz

      Oooh, amazing giveaway! Right now I have an iPod nano (the old version) and my biggest problem with it, is that my husband keeps ‘borrowing’ it and forgetting to give it back! Ha, ha. I’d love to win this, and then we could stop the back-and-forth over the nano!

    • Christine

      What I like best is that this would be for ME! ;-) My oldest (10) does have one under pretty good restrictions so she doesn’t become one of those kids who has to have one ear plugged in at all times. My others want one desperately, but they can wait, at least until *I* get one!!! ;-) Thanks for entering me :-D

    • Sandy

      I think we have a couple of MP3 players around the house… so-so quality… but we have LOTS of people!

      Thanks for the great giveaway!

    • Carolyn

      I have an IPOD shuffle, but my niece has been hinting for the last few months she would love an MP3 player for her birthday. Please enter me…THANKS!!

    • Lisa

      I’d LOVE to win this!!

    • Jen @ JenuineJen

      I would love to win. We have an older ipod. I do not like that the music on itunes is not in an mp3 format and I would love to have an actual “mp3″ player. Please count me in. Thanks for hosting!

    • Andrea

      Please enter me to win! My husband has an mp3 player and uses it ALL THE TIME! My kids are still to young, but I hate to invest in one for myself until I see if I really would use it daily! My hubby usually gets music through friends or puts his own on his. =) Great giveaway!

    • Shane

      I’d love to be entered to win this! Can you believe that no one in this house owns an MP3 player? Hope to remedy that soon. :)

    • Dawn

      Oooo count me in! My husband has an mp3 player but he doesn’t share, lol!!!

    • Annette

      yes please, thank you. :)

    • Barbara

      I’ve wanted one of these for awhile. How exciting!

    • acaligurl

      how fun is that prize!? please enter me.

    • Lisa

      I wanna be in! Have yet to find a player that is unbreakable :(

    • valerie

      I’d like to enter!

      I have an old iPod that won’t connect to my computer anymore, haha. But my son doesn’t have one, he’s only four but expresses an interest so it might be nice to have something he could use on his own in the car and such. (He has a very defined taste in music lol)

    • Chas

      Great! My husband has an old mp3 player, but the rest of us are without!

    • Karen @ Simply A Musing Blog

      There is not one person in our household of 5 that has an MP3 player, but not becuase we don’t want one!

    • Mary_Freebies

      I have an MP3 player, and I love it. My nephews and nieces are so jealous and want to have their own, their small radio toys are not enough anymore.

      Please enter me. :)

    • Betsy

      I would love to win! That blue tooth item making it wireless sounds great! We got my boys MP3 players for Christmas. We got a great deal after Christmas and the limit was 2 or I would have got myself one too.

    • Shama-Lama Mama

      Oh this is so cool! It would keep my kid busy in the back seat on long trips! Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Jennifer

      We don’t have any mp3 players–I’d love to win one!

    • Ellen

      enter me for sure! my husband has an mp3 player but it has taken so long for him to figure it out (it says it’s full of music but only would play 30 songs). but I think they’re great!

    • Jessica McCash

      I would love this!! Pick me!! : ) I also have a giveaway!

    • Poppy

      We would adore this :D Great giveaway! Me and my sister have cheap MP3 players, but my brother does’nt and I bet he would love this too!

    • Anelys

      COUNT ME IN!! My hubby and I just started a weight loss challenge and we even started a blog for that. It’s soooooooo difficult to exercise in silent!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tammy Darling

      We don’t have an Mp3 player. Please enter me & thanks for the contest.

    • Heather

      My kids don’t ‘have an MP3 player as they are all 5 and under. However, the 5-year-old has taken to carrying around one of those musical Hallmark cards so maybe it is time he had one… :)

    • Rebecca S

      This would be great!! I currently have an old iPod mini which my daughters desperately want to get their hands on. My oldest daughter has a little SanDisk MP3 player and now the second one is begging for her own, too!

    • Terry

      I don’t have one–but would love to! Great giveaway! Thanks.

    • Susanne

      I asked for one for Christmas, but no luck so here goes…this will be our first player…I am excited!!

    • Naomi (Urban Mummy)

      My son would love that! He keeps taking mine!!

    • Tracee

      I would love this – don’t have an MP3 player but would love either of these. I love looking at Itunes and Amazon for music. Thanks!

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    • Cheryl Free

      I don’t have an MP3 player ~ yet ;), but they seem convenient for listening to your favorite tunes anywhere.

      I blogged about your giveaway:

      *Thanks* for the giveaway!

    • Charity

      I have an iPod Shuffle. The only thing I do not like is that it has no display. I get most of my downloads from iTunes.

      My husband would love this. He does not have an MP3 player.

    • Rita

      What a great giveaway. Count me in!

    • Sara

      Oh, please enter me in your contest. I have never had an MP3 player and have always wanted one. Thank you so much for entering me in.

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    • Noreen

      my kids don’t have a mps yet but I would love for them to have their own.

    • Mari Ickes

      Ohh!! Yes please! We both have ipods; I listen to mine while working out. I would love the video aspect of this one. How cool. I’m not too saavy at loading the ipod-I have my husband do it, but I’m working on getting into the groove myself. Thanks for the giveaway!!

    • Melinda

      That looks seriously awesome!
      I used to own a 1g Ipod Nano (it was stolen while I was traveling). I wasn’t really that impressed. It was nice to be able to listen to music and so forth, but I didn’t feel that it was as user-friendly as I had hoped. Lots of things that I had hoped to be able to do with the mp3 player were not possible with the Ipod. I am very glad that other companies – like Insignia and Sandisk – are creating mp3 players that fill those needs (and generally cost less!)
      I linked to you from my blog – check it!

    • fan

      Cool an mp3 player. No I don’t have an mp3 players. I like the fact that you can listen to music anywhere you go, I really hope I win.

    • Andrea

      Thank you, this is so cool!

    • Tania Bugnet

      Woohoo! I have a classic iPod from about three years ago. I like getting my music from iTunes or something similar. Thanks for the great giveaway!

      I’ve posted about this giveaway at my blog:

    • Jill S

      I would love this because my daughter has a barbie MP3 and my son is REALLY wanting an MP3 so he can be like her!!!

    • Ginny

      I bought the SPI Mp3 players for Christmas for my 6 & 10 year old. I honestly can say that they were not worth the $60 each at all. They are 2gb& do hold a lot, but they are video & I can’t seem to get a single video on them. They are difficult to use & do not hold a charge at all. It took a couple days of playing around just to get them to work at all. I have an Ipod, way easier :) The one’s you have reviewed sound wonderful!

    • Lisa O

      Would love to JOIN the revolution. I still listen to a boom box…YIKES!

    • Tisa

      Thanks for a great giveaway! I had an ipod but I gave it to my husband so he would have something to do while riding the ferry to work. I’d love to have an mp3 for myself! ~ :)

    • Brianna

      I would love to be entered in this. My kid sister has a cheap 1gig mp3 player, and has had it for a while. It’s a Creative Labs product, and the small digital menu is difficult to navigate. We bought it for her with the idea that she’d like to use the microphone feature, but it pales in significance if you have trouble remembering how to get to it, or how to play what you’ve recorded (if you could figure out how to record anything).

      She’s had it for over a year now, so if I were to win this, she’d definitely enjoy an upgrade. :)

    • michelle

      me and the kids dont have an mp3 player but i was looking into getting one!

    • julie

      Cool prize – I’d love to have something like this!!

    • Katie

      I would love to give it to my husband for his birthday.

    • Stacey

      Thanks for the great giveaway. Pleae enter my name. I would love this. My husband has an Ipod that he loves (and doesn’t share) and we have a first edition Ipod (the one with the faulty battery) on a speaker base in the nursery – it’s loaded with baby lullabys. I would love to win this!

    • Katie

      I don’t have a MP3 player but I really want one! I think they are so convenient and easy to use…I’m guessing that from watching my friends use them!

    • Colleen Raines

      Please enter me. I don’t have one and would love to win it. Awesome giveaway!

    • Jenna

      my sister has a bad one and she’d love this

    • Erica G

      I would love to have one of these for my kids. I don;t have one yet meyself.

    • Paula

      I would just be delighted to win this. My 12 year old has been saving up for one!

    • Princess Leia

      Ooooooo!! Pick me!!! I am probably the last person in America to be able to say this, but I have never owned an MP2 player! And I’m finally considering caving to the urge to buy one! Pick me so I don’t have to!

    • Ann Kroeker

      Please include me in this giveaway. I have four children, and one would really enjoy having a colorful new MP3 to play music on for our next vacation in the van. He doesn’t have enough saving potential to save for his own. His sisters already each have one of their own.


    • Heidi

      Sign me up!

    • Heather C

      I’d love to enter.
      I do not have an mp3 player. The only one in the family without! My 7-year-old has one, so she can practice singing whatever songs she might be performing that year. My husband has one, for times when he works and doesn’t want to hear the world. We usually use the CDs we’ve purchased to get music, but hubby subscribed to some yahoo service that allows him to download portable music. I’d love one for those times I run. It gets lonely listening to the traffic.

    • april

      I am sadly w/out mp3 player, so I’d really like this. Count me in!

    • Vickie

      I would love to have an MP3 player. I’m trying to exercise/walk and having one sure would make the time pass. My daughter has one but I don’t know how to use it, plus we have VERY different tastes in music.

    • Tobi

      Please enter me! I don’t have one but would love to tune out my kids with this! ;)

    • Sarah

      I would love a new Mp3 player.

    • milly

      Please enter me…awesome contest!

    • TheChickadeefeeder

      Thanks for the giveaway. I just got my son one for Christmas.

    • Zura

      I’d love to win this!! I don’t have an mp3 player so unfortunately I can’t leave any comments for you, though.


    • Christina

      I just got one for Christmas, so I haven’t used it much yet. Dh doesn’t have one yet so this would be great for him.

    • Patrick M.

      Thank you for the giveaway.
      I have an mp3 player but I dislike that it doesn’t have a fm tuner and I use my own cds for adding music to it.

    • Mim

      Wow, what a giveaway, please enter me. We all have mp3 players. We have stuck with the creative brand. We love them.

    • Joni

      Pick me! I don’t have an MP3 player yet. :(

    • Mo (Un-Mainstream Mom)

      We don’t have any MP3 players, but my six year old daughter has been asking for one. She’d really enjoy it. I’d love to be entered.

      BTW I’m giving away two prizes at my blog :)


    • sarah

      I SO need one of these. Please count me in. Thanks.

    • Mona

      Thanks, I would love to be entered in the drawing. I don’t currently have anything like this. :)

    • Marsha

      No, don’t have an MP3, but I would like one. Thanks.

    • Karen

      Oooh, how my son would love 4gig. He has a one gig and has maxed it out. Who would have thought, since he is only 12 that he would have that many song choices to listen to. I didn’t get my first *tape* till I was 13….Lord, I am old!

    • Theresa Shafer

      no I do not have one. I just could not convince myself I really – really needed one. I just wanted a toy to play with. And they are expensive. So never bought one. But your kindness might mean i can have one. So….thank you.

    • Eric

      I’d love a bigger MP3 player! I love music way too much. I use itunes mainly. I like their selection. Its easy too. Thanks!

    • Jenna Z

      We don’t have kids but we have an MP3 player, just the regular kind, no video. I sue it at the gym.

    • Jackie

      Hi, please enter me in the contest. Thank so much!

    • Tanya M.

      Cool giveaway!! I am sad to say that I am very “behind the times” and don’t own one!Thanks for entering me!

    • Judith Herdklotz

      We do not have an MP3 player. I would love one though!! I so hope to hear from you soon telling me that I am the proud owner of this awesome MP3 player.

    • Christi

      I’d love to have this! Hubby and I have ipods but they don’t have video. My fave place to get music is itunes! Thanks for sharing!

    • Melissa

      Oooo, pick me! pick me! I have wanted an MP3 player for ages, and still have not got one! I NEED this one! Please pick me! Thanks!

    • Terri

      I have an 80gig iPod and an iAudio one. I love the storage and video capabilities of iPod. I use the other one also because it has a digital recorder in it too. Two of my 9 kids have mp3 players of various sorts.

    • Suzanne

      How great! We have a Zune and the only problem we have is that it skips when we set it on the treadmill to walk/run…..

    • Proverbs31

      My hubby has an MP3 player, but I’ve never used it. I would love to win one, thanks!!

    • Angela

      This would be great. My husband would be super excited. I’ve got an ipod I use all the time and well he’s a geek thats cheap. Thanks!

    • Jennifer/The Word Cellar

      I already have an iPod touch, but I mentor a teenager who would love this!

    • bella

      my husband has been wanting an mp3 player.
      i just got one myself for christmas.

    • Karen (mommy of three)

      I do not have one, but I would love to! Very nice prize! Thanks:)

    • Jennifer

      Please enter me in your drawing. My kids both have Ipods they got for Christmas. I don’t know much about them, except they enjoy them.

    • Colleen

      My son is only three so he doesn’t have an MP3 player, but mom and dad each have one. I like the easy user interface that our have.

    • Elliemae

      I have a 1st generation ipod. It only holds 1GB and I alway try to overfill it. I would love to have 4GB. What a wonderful giveaway. Thanks for the chance!

    • Mandi

      Great giveaway! Count me in!

    • Amanda

      I do not have an MP3 player, so I would love to win this!

    • Lisa G.

      I have an iPod shuffle but I have always wanted a MP3 player with video. This would be so amazing to win! Thanks for the great contest!

    • Mary

      My son does not have an MP3 player – but I would love it for car rides. Thank you!

    • Janice J

      What a great prize, we don’t have a mp3 player,
      I have often wondered if I could even use one.
      But I would love to try, thanks for the giveaway

    • Audra Marie

      I don’t have an MP3 player, but love that it’s wireless!

      Thanks for the chance to win! :)

    • Caryn Bailey

      Hi…we don’t have an MP3 player so how fun would this be?

    • JoAnn

      The only MP3 player in the house is my daughter’s Barbie Girl. She begged for six months for it so we thought it would make a good Christmas gift.

    • Angela

      Too, too cool! I enjoyed looking around your website. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    • KJ

      We have iPods and like them. I have a video iPod. I mostly use iTunes for downloads.

      Thank-you for your generosity! Please include me!


    • Rebecca

      What a great giveaway! We’ve never had an MP3 player, so I know my family would love this! Thanks for the chance to win!

    • jennifer

      enter me- i don’t have an mp3 player and would LOVEone!

    • Gloria

      My husband has an mp3 player but I don’t have one yet so this would be perfect. Please add me :)

    • Heather

      All of my kids have one…this would be for me!TY:)

    • Patti

      I have Ipods, but not the new cool ones, not even the old, new ones or the old, old new ones, but the really olds ones, where 8 years ago I had to explain to everyone what this huge white box was I was carrying around!! An update would be nice!

    • summer

      please enter me! i like my mp3 player but it doesn’t store much and it doesn’t play video

    • Jill

      We have a few mp3 players – one for me, one that stays in the car with the kids’ music, and one that lives in my 7 year old daughter’s room.

      I get music from various places, PayPlay, Amazon, MySpace. Most of it is kid music that’s not totally annoying to Mom . . .

      Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

    • kim

      would love to get one of these. my hubby has an sansa e260 but he doesn’t like to share with me.

    • lana

      I really need this. I don’t have a MP3 player and probable never get it for myself, being a single mom. But I really would love it.

    • Tonya

      I would love one of these. My husband has an Ipod shuffle he uses to take to work and the gym. I need one for myself now.

    • cs white

      I’d love to be entered for this! My husband has an iPod and we’ve gotten most of the music from our combined collection of cds. We’re currently using iTunes, but I’d like to move away from it because you can’t play their files on other manufacturer’s players. :( I have to take my son to the dr. today (nothing serious, just shots) and this mp3/video player would have been a fantastic distraction… oh well! maybe next time!

    • sara

      I think I’m the last dinosaur on Earth without one of these! That video player would come in very handy at keeping the little man happy at the grocery store!

    • Nancy

      Please enter me in!!

    • Wendy

      Hi! I would love to win this! I have a MP3 player but it doesn’t play wma or files. I’m a podcast junkie, and am getting into audiobooks.

    • CE

      My daughter has the kid-tough FP3 player. The headphone foam is cheap and has already ripped off twice. Also, every time the player is turned off, it resets itself to the first song, and you have to cycle through them in order. However, it really is the only thing on the market that is suitable for the younger set.

    • Erin

      I feel a little sheepish saying I don’t have one. I just listen to the radio.

    • Staci

      Sounds great! My kids would flip! Thanks!

    • Pat

      I use to have a 20gb creative but that broke at work now i have nothing to listen to. I need this pretty bad, my ears are getting bored.

    • Julie Mead

      I would love this for my niece. I have an Ipod shuffle which is pretty basic but nice.

    • Bernadette

      I would LOVE to be entered in your giveaway! I currently have an ipod shuffle, and I like it’s size, but I wish I could get artist/song info. I also download from itunes, and I wish the files were playable on other devices….

    • zephyr

      Count me in! I have a Zune that I love, but my daughter has been using my old (non-child-friendly) ipod shuffle, and my wife has been stealing my zune, so the two players would be perfect for us!

    • Donna

      I’d love a chance to win. I have a Sandisk mp3 player…and it works well, but I haven’t put a lot of songs on it yet. I’d love this one for my husband!

    • ashley

      I would really love to win one of these! No one in my house has a MP3 player but it would be so great to have for cleaning or for my son to listen to

    • Michael Phillips

      Ooh, portable media devices. No, I don’t currently have an MP3 or video player. Locked into my desktop for media at the moment.

    • ktrae

      Cute player.

    • amber

      lI would love to be entered for this giveaway! I currently have a MP3 player – mine is a few years old because it was one of the first models out there. I don’t like the fact that the screen is so incredibley small. I have to squint just to read what song is playing. My husband and I love itunes.

    • Meleah

      My twins are too small to have their own MP3 players (only one year old). But I have an IPod Nano and my husband has an 8G IPod. My favorite place to get music is iTunes, and I love play music from my nano for my babies. We use a iHome docking station and they get super excited when they see the remote to the docking station, because they know the music is coming. Please count me in and thanks for offering this great giveaway.

    • Melanie Till

      I would LOVE to have an MP3 player to use at the gym. My son got an MP3 player for Christmas and he loves it! I would LOVE to be entered in this. Thanks so much!

    • stpehanie

      OOOH, please pick me! My son has one but I don’t. I definitely could use one to support my new running habit!

    • Michelle

      My girls have one, but I don’t. I’d love to be able to listen to podcasts while I’m out running!

    • Dooneybug

      Nice give away! I have an old ipod but I would love something newer and keep it with my stroller to walk with the kids.

    • Allie

      I would like to be entered into the contest. We currently only have a 1GB SanDisk and it just doesn’t hold enough songs. Thanks for sharing.

    • David

      I would love to win this. I can’t really afford a nice one or spare the change for a not so great one. My son would love one though.

    • Hillarie

      I would love to win. This is a great giveaway.
      Please enter me.

    • Stacey

      We have an iPod, older version, that my husband uses almost every day…but when I have used it in the past I think it works alright. We mostly listen to audiobooks. Thanks for the entry!

    • Danielle S


    • http://http// Mama Luxe

      Hubby has one but I don’t–would love to!

    • jenni

      Please enter me. I have an ipod, but this one looks better and easier to use!

    • Linda SS

      What an awesome giveaway. Thanks so much for the chance to win:)

    • Kam A

      I do not have one and would love to win! Thank you for a great giveaway!

    • Sarah

      I’d love a chance to win this mp3 player for me & the kids, especially for using in the car! DH has an iPod that he uses at work, but he doesn’t bring it home so I never get to use it. This would be perfect, since it’s kid friendly. Thanks for the chance to win!

    • mama4jc

      Thanks for hosting a fantastic giveaway! I don’t currently own an MP3 player, so this would be so great! :)

    • tulip

      I have a small, inexpensive MP3 player that is fine but it doesn’t have much flexibility and I have to listen to the music in order, I can’t move things around very well. This looks like it would be MUCH better and would be able to hold a lot more, I’m sure!!

      Please enter me in your giveaway….a girl can always use some nice techie stuff!!


    • Sarah

      Please enter me to win the MP3 Player. Nobody in my family has one except for my brother in law. I know my husband would love one because he loves music and has always wanted one of these gadgets. ;)

    • Cindy

      We’ve been wanting an MP3 player for the longest time. This looks perfect for us. Thanks for such a generous prize!

    • Hedi

      new mp3, yeeey! count me in!

    • Sarah A.

      We don’t have an MP3 player and this one looks awesome. We would definitely use this for long car trips to Grandma.

    • aBookworm

      Here’s my entry. We’ve wanted one for ever so long, but kept putting off buying it for several reasons. This one looks really wonderful!


    • Maren

      I would love to win. We don’t even have one yet – we are little behind the times!

    • stacey moore

      of course our son has one and we have wanted one of our own ever since he got his!! please enter us!! thanks so much!!

    • Jill H.

      I’d love to be entered to win. I do have an ipod, but my kids keep “swiping it”…I love the ability to make different playlists, and to keep so much music in a nice small package. Itunes is my favorite place to get music.

    • Rebecca

      I don’t have one but would love it!!

    • Erika Grinder

      I have a 2GB ipod…Love it! But would love video!!!Very fun!!! Please count me in!

    • Allison

      Enter me, please.

    • heather h

      We have a heavy old-school IPod, and it is so heavy and hard to carry. And also kind of slippery because it has a shiny back. What a cool giveaway! The video part is so rad!

    • Romie

      Please include me in your giveaway :)

    • Stephanie

      My 7 year old is autistic and never went anywhere without his cheap little mp3 player we got him for his birthday. Then suddenly 3 weeks after the warranty ran out it died. I would love to be able to replace it for him!

    • Jane

      Oh, I would LOVE to win the video mp3 player.
      I have never had one, but our teenage daughter has one. She had an RCA LYRA, but we had problems with it. They replaced it, & then 3 months & 1 week later it died & they wouldn’t fix it. Now they don’t sell that kind anymore.
      I hope I win!

    • Crystal F

      My dh and one of my little girls have ipod shuffles but I do not. We use itunes to download the music. I would use my little girl’s sometime but I don’t think I want to listen to Hannah Montana. lol Thank you!

    • Karina

      I have a Rio mp3 player, and it works well, and I like it, but I’ve had it for a while, and could use a better one. AND I dnt have a video mp3 player, would love that!

    • Catherine

      Wow, my daughter would love to have an mp3 player! She listens to so much music, and I mean GIGS UPON GIGS of music. She has multiple CDs, and tons of mp3s and other files on her computer.

      She’s always wanted an mp3 to lug around instead of her regular CD player, but we just haven’t been able to buy one that is cheap and fits her needs.

      We were going to buy an iPod, but were informed that its battery degrades easily, and that iTunes and all of the iPod worked best with a proprietary format, plus, they are still really expensive!

      Anyways, speaking as a mom with a behind-the-times kid, I would love to give her one!

    • Becky

      My kids are too young for MP3 players but I’d love to win this for my husband.

    • Dani

      I’ve wanted an MP3 player for a couple of years now, but something more pressing has always come up before the money can be spent. I have a huge collection of MP3s on my computer but nothing to do with them!

    • sherry

      Yes, we do have an mp3 player–an ipod; however, it is a permanent fixture in my daughters room where we play a white noise mp3 for her naps and at night. So, unfortunately, I don’t get to listen to my own music too much. Having another player sure would help :)

    • Theresa N.

      I’d love to win this!!

    • Meg

      Pick me please! We don’t have an MP3 Player yet b/c we’re cheap! But have been thinking about it!

    • forgetfulone

      The kids have their mp3 players – why not me?

    • Terra Heck

      I’d love to win this for my 8 yoa son. My daughter owns an MP3 player and an Apple iPod. She enjoys using both to listen to music. We’ve never had a problem with either of them.

    • beth

      forget the kids – I want it !

    • Angela

      I would love to win one for my daily walks with Connor! I added you to prizeatron too!

    • Michelle B.

      We don’t own a mp3 player in this house but would like too
      Please enter me in your contest

    • Kristine Peacock

      One of my kids has a Zune (?) MP3 player; the other is insanely jealous and wants one too! So…hope I win.

    • Brooke

      Please pick me! I don’t have an MP3 player, but my stepdaughter does and loves it.

    • Holly Henderson

      My husband has an iPhone and I’m so jealous he can listen to music AND watch videos on there! I want a cute little piece of technology too!

    • samulli

      Can I enter as well? I don’t have kids, but I sure could use a new mp3-player. My old one is getting on a bit and I would love to retire it and get one with a bit more space. :)

    • Jennifer

      Please enter me. My husband and I have a Zen Plus MP3. It tends to lock up and I have to reboot freqently. I even had to send mine back and they had to send me a new one.

      I have four children and we could use an extra player.

    • Amity

      We don’t have any mp3 players here but I would love one!!!

    • Jean

      I have an older MP3 player that is actually kind of big and clunky so I’d love to win something that is small and easy to use.

    • Becca

      I have an mp3 player, but there are two minor things I don’t like about it. The menu is a little confusing and it goes through batteries like crazy!

    • Virginia

      This is an amazing giveaway. I don’t have an MP3 player.

    • Leslie

      I’d love to win this! I don’t have a MP3 player-I also love that this one features an AM/FM tuner!

    • Shelly

      We would love this! My husband has one, but not me!

    • Brandy

      We do not have an MP3 player but would love to win one! Thanks!

    • Shay

      This is to wonderful for words. Yes I have an elcheapo, but I was actually impressed by how it sounded.

    • Catherine

      I would love to win this for my husband. He works outdoors and this would be great for him. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • jenarow

      I have an ipod and I love it but the kids desperately want to use it whenever I am using it. My 6 year old son desperately wants a new nano for his b-day but it is too expensive, this would be great for him and his sister to share, particularly on long drives from NY to TN to visit Nanny and Papa every couple of months.

    • Chelsea

      We don’t have an MP3 player yet, so I would love to win this one!

    • Amber S.

      I’d love to win this! We don’t have any mp3 players and my oldest son has been wanting one. Thanks for the great giveaway!

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    • Kali

      How cool! I’m a mom of one. My daughter has an MP3 player that holds 20,000 songs that she jealously guards, so I have no personal experience with it. I would love to have something compact to hold 50 or 60 of my ‘old school’ songs that I could exercise to or listen to while organzing our Miracles for Mom Ministry’s ‘Mall’ would be fantastic.

      Please mark me down for to entries – I added your contest to our Miracles for Mom blog :-)

      Thanks wearyparent and bestbuy for hosting this incredible contest!

    • daphne

      i would love to win this,…as my current ipod is dying :(
      this is a great contest!

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    • shanamamaj

      Both of our boys and my husband have iPod shuffles, and my husband gets frustrated with the lack of screen and selection. With a baby on the way, we’re having to cut back on luxuries for ourselves…my husband would be thrilled if I could tell him I won this for him!

    • Kristen

      The kids borrow my Shuffle, but it would be nice if they had their own. They also like to read the song title and artist which the Shuffle doesn’t let you do.

    • Trisha

      I’m so out of the technological loop. My teenage son could teach me how to use it! He has an Ipod that he saved up to buy.

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    • bridgett

      Nice!! count me in.

    • Cindy

      I would LOVE to win the MP3 player!!

      My eldest daughter has an iPod Nano (2nd gen).
      DH has a video iPod (30 gig).
      I *had* an iPod Nano (1st gen).
      My littlest daughter wants an iPod (or something similar).

      We all love them (wishing they had more storage space is the only thing we didn’t love). Mine, died about a week ago. *sniff*bawl!* That, I didn’t love.

    • Vicki Wurgler

      a family of 5 and none of us have an MP3 player , I would love to win this

    • SJ

      No one in my family – me, my husband or my two boys have MP3 players. I’d love to have one! I love searching for new artists, and artists to watch so I could put this to use and download mp3′s!

    • Dawn Alice Rogers

      I would love to win this – we have no player at all yet. Hoping to join the modern age soon!

    • Chantelle Sabino

      I would love to win! My 7 yr old does have a disney mix max. We hate it bc it has many defects that are known to disney and they just refuse to fix any issues. It is horrible customer service! So yeah we are in the market for a new player :)

    • Jess

      we so need a mp3 player, we don’t have one yet

    • Theresa E

      I’d love to win this. No, I don’t have an MP3 player of any kind. I still download music (rhapsody) to my computer and then burn cds. Did I mention that I’d love to win this? LOL!

    • Patricia

      I would love to be able to upgrade from my original iPod Mini.

    • susan varney

      don’t have one wish i did

    • Tonya Keener

      My daughter and I don’t have a MP3 player nor can we afford one. Please pick me

    • Jennifer Barnett

      My husband loves his MP3 player. He mostly downloads CDs that we own to the player.

    • Teresa C

      I want this MP3 because nobody loves music more than me!!!

    • David Gridley

      I actually already own and use an Insignia NS-DV4G 4gb MP3 player and love it, but would really love to win this one as it supports Bluetooth while mine doesn’t. I use mine while walking, waiting for appointments, and the like and currently have it loaded with MP3′s, photos, and movies.

      Pick me!!

    • Marilyn Wons

      I think mp3 players are the best invention. I only wish I had one. This is the best giveaway – thank you

    • jesy

      Have one, still trying to get comfortable with it

    • Dan Smith

      No we don’t have a mp3 player.

    • Susan

      Please pick me I don’t have an mp3 player.

    • Shannon Baas

      I don’t have one but would love one.

    • susan varney

      fanatastic contest would love to win

    • Shilo

      My daughter and husband both own a mp3 player but I have yet to get one! I would love to win a mp3 player and finally have my own!

    • Michael

      This looks like an awesome prize. Gimme gimme!!!

    • Shelba Lanham

      My son does’nt have a MVP player. He talks about wanting one all the time but the cost is way over my budget.

    • Ana Meza

      i don’t have one

    • Linda

      My 10 yr old grandson has an MP3 and he loves it.The only problem is we can never find it,someone is always borrowing it !

    • Cathy Wilcox

      I’d love to win this! We have been an iPod family, but we have to keep replacing them every couple of years because the battery life goes south. It has become an expensive endeavor. AND, we are stuck with iTunes and sometimes they do not have the music we are looking for.

    • Leslie Sil

      I don’t have one please pick me

    • Terrance Carroll

      Don’t have one – would like one

    • Lorraine

      WOW, looks great. Don’t have one, so I’d love to win. Love to download music.

    • Brooke Allen

      I like iTunes, but my husband hates it (I think he just hates Apple).

    • Karen M

      I don’t have anything :(

    • Andrew Pham

      Would love to be entered, be a perfect gift for my mom as she doesn’t own a mp3 player!

    • Bill R. Hall

      i have grandkids
      who need toys when they visit

    • Linda Moeller

      I love mine. It’s real small and it’ll go anywhere. It’s loaded with Peter, Paul & Mary and other older music!

    • Joseph

      I do have an mp3 player. I like it because it makes the time go by while i exercise. There’s nothing I don’t like; it’s a pretty neat invention. I get music from the CDs I already own.

    • ezmerelda

      My husband has a tired old player at least five years old. I’d love to find something new for him.

    • Tammi Worrell

      All of my children have mp3 players except 1. He would love for me to win this.

    • Janet F

      I don’t have an mp3 player but I would like to.

    • Kerri Reed

      I would LOVE this player!! My son has wanted an MP3 player for son long and I just can’t afford it right now. He would absolutely go crazy for this. He wants to download songs off of the computer and has a list ready to go. Thanks for considering us for this contest!!

    • txfilly

      My 9 yr old has a starter mp3 player and has proved herself to be very responsible with it. I’d love to be able to upgrade her.

    • Steven Brandsrud

      I do have an mp3 player, but I think it was the very first one invented. Sure could use an update.

    • denise george

      I do not have an MP3 player but I would like one to use when I go for walks. I would load it with music I already have on CDs.

    • donna pavcik

      i dont have one of these, i’m the last to get anything new

    • Joanne Schultz

      I have an old iPod and it is heavy & bulky compared to new mp3 players.

    • bob keck

      I was intimidated by MP3 players for years because I didn’t think I’d be able to figure them out. Now I can’t live without them – what a wonderful invention. I get exactly the music I want and I can change it at any time.

      All this power and control is going to my head, I tell you!

    • kathleen haas

      my son has washed his because they are small

    • Kathy Scott

      I am technology challenged and I hate getting the music onto the MP3 player.

    • Stacy Hessler

      Everyone in my family has an MP3 player and me

    • Nikki

      We have 1 mp3 player to share but ours can’t play videos!

    • Tom Showers

      I’d LOVE to have this! My current MP3 player is sooo small.

    • Lorrene

      My son has an mp3 player and I love it, but he uses it most of the time. I would love to have one of my own to use when I exercise.

    • http://google Mary Heare

      Very nice prize! I have a little MP player that I have yet to figure out so maybe something like this will be more user friendly. I would love to win it. Thanks ever so much.

    • cat

      We all share 1 mp3. I would love to have my very own.

    • David Bertolo

      My wife and I both have an Ipod as well as an Iphone. The Iphone is one of the best inventions in technology ever. We have downloaded many of our favorite CD’s to take with us on our travels through the world.

    • Amber S.

      We have a 1Gb Sony mp3 player. I hate it because you can only download from Sony Connect and they’re closing shop in March! After that I guess we won’t be able to download anymore.

    • Alison

      My kids don’t have an MP3 player but they aren’t old enough for one yet either. I have a Zune, which is a bit more than I need really. The video stuff I just don’t use. I only listen to the radio and then of course the music I’ve put on it. :)

      If I won this one though, I’d gift it to the intended parents of my surrogate son. They have an older daughter and I know this would be such a nice gift just FOR HER for when her brother arrives. I can see her using it a lot (to listen to Miley Cyrus!).

      Thank you for offering this. :)

    • Loc V.

      I don’t have an mp3 player. This would be a great win.

    • Barbara McCrea

      my kids all have mp3 or mp4 players, I don’t have one yet, but I want one really badly, Most of the music downloaded onto my computer for their mp3 players came from Cd’s, but my oldest son has downloaded from websites. I really like the fact you don’t disturb other people when you listen to your own style of music.

    • Christine E.

      My husband has an IPOD and I want to listen to music when I exercise without borrowing his. I want to choose my own songs. I love Itunes.

    • Nicholina Harding

      We all have mp3 players and I love how I can bring my whole CD collection with me wherever I go.

    • Allison

      I would LOVE to win, because I’m a loser and don’t have anything like it. No one in my house has one either. I covet everyone else’s though, does that count?

    • Stephen Saunders

      I’ve never had an mp3 player, don’t even know how to use one… can’t afford luxuries like that. Please enter me!

    • Patricia P

      I would love to be entered! Thanks! My Daughter is 11 and has a 256mb one . I like that she can listen to her music and I can have quiet but would like to be able to “Parental limit” how loud she can listen! She loves it but would like it better if downloading her music were more kid friendly and the mp3 player itself were more
      “Colorful”. We use I tunes and it seems good. It could be a little easier to put a cd in your own computer and have it just go on your mp3 (Artist, title, track, ect) if you want a song it seems to me you have to click here to add the song title, ect… I can never just put it on. takes to long. ok I have said way to much. sorry… Thanks for the great contest!!!

    • Joleen Larsen

      would love to win, my kids do not have mp3 player…would love to have one.

    • http://onlinesweepstakes Patricia

      Would love to finally own an MP3 player – I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    • carol

      My daughter got mp3 player for christmas and it’s too hard to downlaod songs…very confusing

    • Miranda Allen

      Please enter me thanks

    • Clarissa

      I have an ipod but my husband could use one

    • Denise Mower

      They are so little they get broken easily!

    • Andrew Gordon

      my kids don;t have one, but my six year old has asked for one

    • Tari Lawson

      I have an Ipod Nano. While I like it, I see some areas where it could be improved. My oldest son wants one for his birthday. If I win this, he will get his wish.

    • Dorothy D.

      I have one, its great for listening to while walking, and I have my entire cd, and tape collection on it.

    • Erin Walsh

      Enter me please. Yes my fourteen year old has one. Having it on at all times is a convenient excuse for not hearing me when I ask him to do something.

      Maybe if I have one too, I won’t have to hear him when he wants me to fix him a snack, drive him somewhere etc. LOL

    • Kimberly

      My husband and I each have an Ipod to use while we are at the gym. My son has been interested in getting his own. Oh and I use the Itunes with it.

    • mike anderson

      I need this prize cause my mp3 doesn’t have fm.

    • Jason

      I don’t have a MP3 player yet, but I sure could use one!!

    • tim brown

      I dont have one !

    • Joshua

      This is a cool looking player. I don’t have a player right now, but my friends and family have either ipods or mp3 players. I would love one so I can take my music on the road. I think the best feature is if you can fit it in your pocket easily, cause I like to go running and that’s something I need, nothing too bulky. Easy controls are good too !

    • Sue Farrell

      Nobody in our household has one yet, so this would be a real treat to win.

    • Annette

      I have an MP3 player. I hate the earbuds.

    • Karyn Miskelly

      I don’t have an MP3 and would really like to have one for when I’m walking

    • denice

      i have a me3 4gig player. the thing that i don’t like about it is that my songs go by alphabetical order. i can’t stand it. i want to put my list in a certain way. the good thing about it is have pics of familly stored on it instead of in a wallet.

    • Frank B.

      We had an MP3 Bean, but it appears to be broken now.

    • Mike Weisberg

      I have one and I love it. This one will be for my wife, if I win

    • TIMMY

      I have an Ipod with 4gb, its so small, I am always afraid I’ll lose it when I travel. Hooking it on a keyring would be great!

    • Chiachi Lee

      I have a cheap MP3 player. It doesn’t have a fancy color screen, and the battery dies so quickly. But it is pretty convenient to carry it around.

    • Stephen Alexander

      I have an old MP3 – creative. This would be a great gift for me!

    • anna t.

      The batteries wear down too fast – just bought my third for replacement.

    • leroy thomas

      give it to me!
      My daughter has an MP3 player and I like it because I don’t have to listen to her kind of music. If I can get this one, she won’t have to listen to my kind of music.

    • Daniel M

      don’t have an mp3 player yet and want one!

    • Kim

      I would love to have an MP3 player and 25 hours of music time would send me to heaven! Thank you for the contest!

    • Catherine copeland

      i love my ipod but I wish my students didn’t like theirs so much. They bring it to class and I’m forever telling them to put them up. I think it is one of the best inventions since the wheel and I sure would love to have one that actually holds more songs.

    • Jane K

      We do not have a MP3 and would like to win one.

    • http://N/A Vicki Justen

      You have no idea how bad I want this! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

    • Craig Wiggins

      Everyone in my household has some type of MP3 player. Mine sux! After a full charge, onlyavail by desktop computer, the battery only last abouttwo hours!!! AAAAAArrrrrgg!

    • Rhonda Struthers

      My kids have MP3 players. They are great when going long distances in the car. I would like one to use while exercising

    • Barbara

      No one in my house has any sort of digital music player, of any sort yet. This would be an awesome first one to own.

    • cynthia mccoy

      i’ve got an ipod and i love it! i don’t know how i ever lived without having my entire music collection with me all the time. My favorite place to get music is itunes.



      Please enter my name into this AWESOME contest, THANK YOU!!


      I would love to win this. I just hope it comes with instructions. I’m electronicallly challenged.

    • Julie J Donahue

      What a great prize!

    • rachel burke

      my son would love this

    • Kirsten

      My daughter has an ipod and I just see it as a later day version of me listening to my albums in my room. Except more quiet. My husband has a Rio. The ONLY place we get our music is itunes. Sign up for their newsletter and get a free song a week.

    • Jennifer Richardson

      I would be the coolest 46 year old mom.

    • Tania Biron

      I would love to be entered in the contest!

      My son has an old ipod, but he says that it has theft deterrent because it is so big no one would ever steal it! He gets most of his downloads through itunes, but would like to start using Limewire. I haven’t had time to research it yet.

    • Amy

      I do have an ipod, but it is an older model and I really want a new one that holds more music.


      We don’t have kids but hubby and I download songs off itunes. We would love one for when we travel…we’re pretty cool for being 48!

    • Michele Wesley

      My kids have Ipods, I hate them. They are so much harder to use than the cheaper MP3 players they had before. I just want one that is simple to use.

    • jeanette malan

      don’t have one. would love to get one for my daughter. she is 17 responsible and would be really happy. I would also be happy to not have to hear her music all the time

    • Sylvia Belle

      I would love a MP3 player because all I have is an I pod.

    • Marty

      We have an older Nano (not sure what generation?) and love the intuitive user interface. I load it with OTR podcasts for a great way to keep folks occupied during long car trips.

    • Joseph Stowell


    • Brandon

      I could definitely use this for long trips.

    • Brian

      My son has an ipod. He gets his music from itunes. I am in need of on since he always says good things about it.

    • Tom

      Hope I win!

    • Monte

      pick ME! i need one! thanks

    • http://N/A Nelson

      Both my boys have MP3 players and I’d love to have one also, but I haven’t been able to budget for one. I wouldn’t but one unless it also had video. Thanks.

    • troy

      pick me

      pick me

      pick me

    • lilyruth

      I love to win this with its sleek lines its so adorable and i would listen to all kinds of music on it if Id win. So count me in.

    • Nathan Deunk

      Both my kids have 1GB Sansa m200′s, but they hardly ever use them…. I use my crappy SD card one all the time, though.

    • bryan brown

      that would be a nice gift for my wife since shes working full time and and going to school fulltime

    • Leigh Nichols

      Everyone has one but me :(

    • Donna Coughlin

      I love to win this with its sleek lines its so adorable

    • Heidi

      I’d love to win this! My girls both have MP3 players, but I do not. Oh, the peer pressure!

    • Erica

      don’t feel bad Leigh – I don’t have one either ;(

      Maybe they will pick one of us ;)

    • Bill McDowell

      I want it

    • Tom V.

      I have an old iPod – black and white screen, no video, no album artwork.

    • Scott

      enter me

    • Scott Brown

      I’d like one. I have an Ipod shuffle, and i love it. I don’t love Itunes or the proprietary usb cable.

      I also have a Garmin Nuvi 350, and i use that more as an MP3 player than my Ipod. It has a slow usb connection, which is a little annoying.


    • Ken Robinson

      I like the idea of video mp3 players. It brings the age of music videos to the handhelds.

    • Susan Dase

      Would be great to win my daughter took her ipod to school ( not the best of ideas) and it was stolen.

    • Deanna

      I would love to win! My kids and I have never owned an MP3 player.

    • CHANDA

      pick me

    • Steve Scott

      My kids have music but not me.

    • Michael Thomas

      No one in our house has an mp3 player, but it sure would be nice to win one.

    • Robin

      Me, my husband, and my kid each have mp3 players but mine’s on it’s last legs and I came across your review in a search for its replacement!

      I got my 4yo a $20 Sansa 1gb player off Woot and surprisingly she’s able to use it despite not being able to read.

      I had been getting music off of itunes or ripped CDs, but am now using Amazon almost exclusively.

      Here’s hoping I get my replacement player out of this!

    • pamela kline

      I would love to win i dont own a mp3 player but it would sure be handy for walking….

    • KRISTI

      My husband has an IPOD. We currently get our music by purchasing it online or in stores. Would love to win this so I can have one for myself.

    • Leane

      I would love to win this ang give it a try! I have an iPod, but I hate the earphones and the wires. It is really annoying because they can get caught on your arm if you are being active, and it pulls the earphone out of your ears.

    • http://google julia brand

      i have never owned one of these but bought my son an mp3 player like 10 yrs ago. he says i should get with the game so pick me and i’ll learn.

    • Leslie Davis

      I could really use this. I don’t have a MP3 player so am mostly using the radio to lisen to music.

    • Apple

      I want to win this, I have never owned an mp3 player. I want one that plays videos and pictures as well. :)

    • Toshi

      enter me in the contest please

    • Geoff Barnabo

      We bought our grandsons the 1gb Insignia mp3 players for Christmas. Would love to update one of them!

    • Barbara Baker

      I can’t afford one of these cool gadgets on my own and have always wanted one for my son. A friend of his (that comes over often) told me that he felt bad for CJ (my son) because during P.E., when running laps; CJ is the ONLY one that has to run with out a music device attatched to his hip like all of the others. My fourteen year old son is not up to date like his friends that have cell phones, mp3′s and iPods (and what ever else kids have today). I feel bad and would like to get him some of these things because he is a great kid. Winning this would be awsome. I would wrap it and give it to him as a “just because you’re you” gift…as soon as the day I get it (and set it in the center of his bed).

      You would really be helping a child out with this one!!!! A great child!

      Count me in!!!! I want to win!!!!!

      Thanks for the great contest and good luck to all!

    • Richard T.

      I have an older version, and the battery replacement are a pain.

    • Tia Carter

      i hope i win

    • Jay French

      I have an MP3 player, and one of my kids does as well. I enjoy listening to podcast loaded through ITunes.

    • Heather

      Skyler has been asking me for one for quite some time now as he really loves music but I have been unable to get him one.

    • Leslie Brown

      My son has an Apple Ipod. I would love to win another MP3 player for my daughter so she could listen to her country music in the van, and I could have the radio back!

    • Joanna Smith

      No we do not own an MP3 or any type of portable music player. We love to listen to music, and listen to it throughout the house on either our computer or our shelf system cd player. And if we are driving we listen to CD’s in the CD player installed in the car. I would love for the kids to have their own MP3 players so they can pick and choose what music they want to listen to and develop their own unique musical genre choices.

    • Sharon H

      My daughter has her own MP3 player – she’s on her second on and I still would like one but so far I’ve been too cheap. The only tunes my daughter puts on her player are ones she has copied off of her own and friends CD’s and She can copy them from the players FM radio too.
      I would like one to listen to books on.

    • Jacob

      I would love to be entered. Unfortunately, I do not already have one.

    • helene greenberg

      i wpould love to win an ipod

    • helene greenberg

      i would love to win an ipod for my husband

    • James Davidson

      I have an older mp3, great to listen to while walking. This one looks a lot better.

    • april

      We have the Creative Zen Nano Plus & find it’s LCD screen entirely too tiny & it’s soooo difficult to navigate the menus.

    • Ernie

      I don’t own an MP3 player but sure would like to!

    • Ashley

      Don’t have one. Kid of the house used to have a iPod Shuffle (the new one), but lost it. We get our music from CD’s and iTunes.

    • Ashley

      Oh, right. I’d like to have one because the family is always fighting over the TV or stereo being louder.

    • Renee Turner

      No MP3 player yet, but kids have been asking for one.

    • Alecia Gibson

      I would like to be entered to win.

      I have an ipod nano which is great, however, I’m afraid of running out of memory. I’ve used about have of it already and I just got it a few weeks ago. I also don’t like the headphones. They are too big for my ears and hurt if I use them for too long. I love the size of the ipod though. It fits perfectly in my shirt/pants pocket.

    • Leigh

      I would absolutely love to have a video MP3 player.

      Each of my 3 children (ages 3, 6, 8) have their own media player, and they use them in airplanes, cars, and waiting rooms. They’re lifesavers for those places and situations in which quiet but not upset children are appropriate.

    • Jenny Ham

      I haven’t ever owned a MP3 player I have been looking into getting one and cannot decide which one to get I am the only person at my job that does not have one. I want to walk into work with the latest MP3 player and say hey everyone look what I won. That would just make my day. I would love it.

    • Janet M

      I don’t own one but would like to!

    • Justin

      My old 512mb player is slowly dying. I would love a new player.

    • Aisha

      I would love love love love love to win this music player. I am a music freak and this would enable me to carry around more music with me. Plus, the Insignia brand is awesome I own on already.

    • joe f

      I own a zune and its pretty good. I’ve never actually gotten into anything else and would like to see what’s out there.

    • Elizabeth Villarreal

      Whats an ipod? Just kidding. Friends have them but right now it’s not in the budget. Maybe next year.

    • David Patterson

      My older kids have iPods and use iTunes. This would
      be great for the younger ones.

    • LeAndrew W. Taylor

      Both my wife and son have been pleading with me to buy them a new MP3 player! If I win this contest, that’s ‘One’ down and ‘One’ to go!

    • Daisy

      I don’t currently have an MP3 player, but would love to try this one. Please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks.

    • Erica C

      I like mp3 players but I’m not an iPod fan, so I’ve been looking for an alternative. This looks great!

    • Jamie K

      Please enter me into the contest. I have had an MP3 player. I kept it in my purse and it got ruined. It wouldn’t turn on one time I tried to use it and I even put new batteries in it. It did not come with a case, so that is probably why it got ruined. It wasn’t a bad MP3 player, though. I could listen to music for hours and be content. It was not high tech, though. It was just a simple MP3 that was easy to use. It showed the name of the song and the length of it, but that was about it. I would like a new one, so please enter me to win. I can’t download music on my computer, because it is too slow, so I just coppied cd’s to put music onto my old MP3.

    • Joy Venters

      I don’t have one so I would really appreciate this – thank you

    • Jennifer Jozwiak

      I have an mp3 player I like but I’d like a better one!

    • JoAnne Thibodeau

      My daughter has an old Shuffle, and it doesn’t let you choose specific songs to remove, and you can’t see what’s playing, or play specific songs. She would REALLY love to get a new one, especially the Insignia Pilot 4GB Video MP3 Player. Thanks for the great contest!

    • Hazel

      My daughter is eight years old and has a mp3 player. I love the fact that she can go to itunes and download music, without having to buy the whole album, but the only thing I dislike is that there is not a way to pick out music according to her age group, and therefore I have to listen to every song to make certain it is appropriate for her age group. It would be great if there was a place to pick music according to age, and without having to screen each song!

    • Grace Sams

      great prize for a truly weary parent

    • Ann Babenco

      My daughter had a Rio MP3 player when they first came out. It was a cheapo one, but she loved it. Unfortunately, her little brother dropped it on the floor and broke it. Then I got lucky and won a Sony…and guess what? The thing never worked! I had no recourse because it was won in a contest.
      So darn, I sure would like to win her one that works!

    • mike

      Please enter me to win.I already have an MP3 player. The battery life is too short for my tastes. I like to go to iTunes to get my music.

    • bina edwards

      a few years back my hubby got me a RIO, my daughter bought herself a pink ipod nano, and my son has the old style nano, hubbys got the 8GB ipod
      we share music on IRC and opennap as well
      son used to do slimeware but we made him get rid of that

    • Anthony Hedden

      my kids dont have one

    • Clinton Robertson

      Hi. I would like to be entered in the contest. Myself and family have no MP3 players but we would love to win one. I like everything I’ve read about The Pilot and my favorite place to get music is at yard sales.

    • christopher h

      we don’t have one yet

    • Diane Sattler

      Start-up cost to build a library, then sync to iPod, but then pure pleasure listenin to favorite tunes tooling down the road.

    • John W

      Insignia Pilot 4GB Video MP3 Player is a Nice prize.
      I have a small 2 g Phillips but it is rather a pain to use and without video. Would love a mp3 player that has video.

    • stanley carter jr

      i have a walkman right now and it’s to big to fit in my pocket. the mp3 player would fit just. i would love to the mp3 player. thanks…

    • Joanne Danzer

      I have an Ipod shuffle, but would love a video ipod!

    • Paula

      I do not have an MP3 player but would love to have one!

    • Betty Shoemaker

      I would love to have one, I have never had a MP3 player and think it would be great to have. this is a great prize

    • Amy Hake

      I would love this! I need something to get me motivated on my daily walks!

    • Laura Griggs

      My wonderful hubby bought me and our youngest a MyMusix MP3 player for Christmas. I love it as it also plays FM radio. I have all kinds of christian music on mine. Love it for working out. Would love, love, love to be able to give him one!

    • Jeffrey Podsobinski

      give it to me now. i own none of this high tech stuff.

    • Francis Welch

      My brother-in-law is a kindergarten and first grade music teacher and would love this.

    • Barbara Richards

      I would really love this.I know nothing about them and I need to catch up with the rest of the world.

    • rachel scott

      please pick me!! I dont have one and i really want one! (even thought my son will snag it)

    • Edward Durbin

      A very wonderful prize that I would love to win…
      I have been wanting one so bad but since I’m disabled and on very limited income, so far it has only been a look and wish…

      As much as I’d love to win, I also wish the greatest of luck to all…

    • Patricia Yamada

      Thanks for the cool giveaway.

    • http://none stacy berg

      We dont even have ONE of any kind so this would be the best!!!

    • Helen Keeler

      Great prize. I would love to have it.

    • Michael

      Great contest! My daughter would love this!

    • Patricia Schraier

      We could use this in our family.

    • Israel Y

      this looks awesome, i have my own ipod nano but this would be great for my little nephew to learn how to use an mp3 player! thanks

    • Salleefur

      Alas, we don’t have one yet – and feel like were the people in America who don’t! We feel very “uncool” – and culturally impaired!

    • Angela T. In SC

      Would LOVE to win this for ME!!! I have 7 kids & they have their own mp3 players but I have nothing….How cool would it be to win this? We shop at Best Buy for our electronic gadgets, best prices & selection! Enter me please!! Thanks!!

    • Pauline Burns

      I would love to win this. My children don’t have one and I don’t have one. Don’t know where to get music.

    • John Kraichely

      nice prize!

    • Aaron Richardson

      Yay! I don’t have a mp3 player.

    • jenny hebert

      Please let me win this

    • Robin Farnsworth

      count me in please

    • Teresa Hoyt

      Please enter me in the contest!! My three oldest kids have mp3 players, while poor mom doesn’t (sob)! They think they are great. I do also, until they all start belting out different songs, very loudly in our car!!

    • Sundi

      I would love this! I have a cheap MP3 player that has very little memory, no FM tuning, and no rechargeable battery. This player sounds fantastic in comparison!

    • SHawn Fedora

      I like using plain old usb drag and drop way to load MP3s. Simple and easy for kids, plus you can restrict certain folder access.
      iTunes is not very kid friendly at all.

      Thanks for entering me,

    • Tracey C

      Enter me please… My two oldest have mp3 players and they love them. My son needs a new one though. its a little beat up. they both use itunes and its great since they both have such different taste in music

    • das

      oh! Enter me. We dont have an mp3 player yet!

    • Gloria Walshver

      I would love to win a MP player for myself.

    • Joshua Ungerleider

      Enter me please.

    • Kris Hickey

      I’d love to enter the iPod world with this product.

    • Jerit B

      I would love to finally get an mp3 player

    • Alicia Zemer

      Whats an MP3 player?

    • Kayce C.

      I would like to be entered to win. I don’t have an MP3 player.

    • Shakeia Rieux

      please enter me

    • Andrea R

      Great giveaway!

    • Gloria Dornin

      I never owned an MP3

    • Tim


      Send me this Awsome Prize

      Thanks! Tim

    • Jim Cincinello

      I would like to have an MP3 player. When my grandson comes over, he would enjoy it also. Thanks for the chance to win.

    • Anita Yancey

      My daughter would just love to have one of these. We do not have any MP3 players in our house.

    • Jim Hansen

      I have a daighter who would love this!

    • Steven Brandsrud

      This would be a great prize.

    • Paula Hafner

      My kids don’t have a mp-3 player. They fill mine up with their music instead.

    • sandytee

      I would be my grandson’s hero if I could win this for him.

    • Dor Meredith

      great contest

    • Cynthia Thompson

      I would love this!!!!

    • Roderick Plemmons

      I would like to win.

    • Shaun Wallner

      I would love to have an MP3 player, i never owned one before so it would all be new to me.

    • Max

      Please please enter me – we have no mp3 players in my house!

    • David Pollastrini

      I don’t have an MP3 player, please pick me!

    • Scott Jensen

      This would be so very cooool!

    • Fiona

      I would love one of these. I’m planning my wedding for July and I need an MP3 player with lots of storage space so we can play our own tunes. We’re young and poor so the wedding is as cheap as possible and we’re trying to make the best (reception) from the least (money). Pick us!

      I onced had an MP3 player but it died within months and would not recognize its cable or get new songs and it soon quit recognizing a brand new battery. I was sorely disappointed.

    • Ellen Ring

      Could really use this.

    • Donna Kumpula

      Yes my daughter would love an mp3 player – she has never owned one.
      Sam Goodies is her favorite music outlet.
      We have had some financial challenges – but are a close family and we know money isn’t everything.



    • Daisy Soto

      VERY COOL!

    • C Duran

      We love all kinds of music on our MP3, but need another one – especially with video

    • chimneychic

      please enter me in your giveaway, I am stuck with my kids hand-me-downs

    • http://pilot4gbvideomp3playergiveaway yvonne

      I dont have one and video to how fun

    • Rebecca Buffington

      I would love to be entered to win.
      My little girl has a Naked Brothers Band Mp3 player .
      I like it’s small compact size . I don’t like that it skips sometimes when she listens to it.
      We get music from iTunes.

    • Laura McLendon

      Make me my niece’s favorite aunt!

    • Samantha Pruitt

      i have a Creative Zen Vision: M which i really like, so i’d give this to my mum if i win. I really like that u can take ur music anywhere with a mp3 player and my fav place to get music is from my friends.

    • adrion saenz

      I think it’s time I caught up with the technology of today. Even if I don’t win, it’s time I got an MP3 player for myself.

    • Nat Stevens

      love to have this – low tech guy in a high tech world – might need help from the grandkids

    • Jim Scott

      My children do not have.

    • Sherre L Schwartz

      I would really love to win this! Have always wanted one!

    • Marion Burgess

      My husband has a mp3 player but my kids and I don’t. It would be awesome to win one!

    • Vicky Boackle

      no.i don’t have an mp3 player,i like the portability husband gets his music from itunes.

    • Ken Stross

      enter me, please

    • Mike Wamo

      hello, i don’t want to be rude about it but i feel that i am the most deserving of the mp3 player. this is because i am a single father raising 4 children and my little suzy really wanted an mp3 player for christmas, but i couldn’t afford it for her. It would mean the world for her and me if we could get this gracious gift for my darling little girl.

      Thank you for looking at this and I am appreciative for your gereosity.

    • Beverley Justice

      I’m a gran’ma that’s never even seen an iPod! Time to see what everyone else seems to be talking about of late. I hope I win!

    • Patricia Simpkin

      I don’t have an mp3 player, but I would LOVE to have one. Music is a very positive thing for me, and this would go with my lifestyle!

    • Elizabeth

      My son has an old version of the ipod shuffle and while i like the compatibility with itunes, it simply doesn’t hold enough and it doesn’t show the name of the songs playing or what’s in the library.

    • Yuriy Melnik

      Best prize ever!!!

    • http://SA Richard Bonjour

      me please

    • Mark Wiltgen

      We do not have an MP3 player yet. Winning one would be GREAT!!

    • Sandra Wilmoth

      I would love to be entered into the sweepstakes because I have never had an mp3 player. I am a mother of two young children and I am also working on my bachelors degree and working full time. I have a ton of mp3′s on my desktop, but no portable player!

    • Kathy Conley

      Please enter me. My oldest 2 both have ipods and love them and the rest of us would like to share the fun!

    • Betty N

      I don’t have a mp3 player of any kind but my eight grandchildren either have…or want…one. Those in the “want” category would love for grandma to win one for them. Those in the “have” category say that itunes is a great place to get music.

    • Katie Wilson

      Nope I dont have any mp3 player yet…but I hope so soon! Please enter me!! I would def love one! Thanks!

    • Betty Curran

      My biggest complaint is that if you have a more desirable player someone is going to steal it. We have had several stolen over the past few years.

    • http://onlinesweeps Danny Long

      I used to have an mp3 player but it got ruined in my lunch bag. I loved it because I could listen to music and drown out a co worker with a really bad voice.

    • Sylvia Porter

      my daughter has one and i’m so jealous of her. I’d love to be able to take my music with me wherever i go. I’d probably just steal most of her music, hahaha!

    • Babalu

      Beg, beg. Grovel, grovel. I’d love it.

    • Jodene Gildea

      I don’t have one but would love to win one, they seem very lite weight and portable which would be great for errands or the gym.

      Please enter me.

    • Holly

      Have 5 boys, they each want one!!

    • Edna Meredith

      i might be getting mp3 player for my birthday

    • Darlene McGarvey

      I would love one of these, this way I can listen to my music without bothering anyone, Pick me Please!!!!!

    • Ed Nemmers

      Sweet niblets; we do not have an MP3 player.

    • Vickie Couturier

      my 16 yr old foster daughter would love this so much

    • Sean

      I do not have an MP3 or an Ipod. I think they are pretty cool… I’d like to have one to use when I workout

    • Clarinda

      I’m not really sure what it is but I’d like to get one and find out. I enjoy stuff like Maroon 5 and Evanescence.

    • Sally Baldwin

      Please enter me! My son has kidnapped the one I had. I would love to have one just for me!!

    • coby

      I would like to be entered to win. My biggest complaint is the price for the name. Most of the lesser names do the same or more. We use iTunes because we have the nano “the only one cool kids use” as they say.

    • Sherri Bailey

      Man, I would love to win this!!! It would be great to be able to listen to my own music in a house full of teenagers!

    • Laura Cutshall

      I want to thank you for giving us this opportunity for such a wonderful prize. It is truly appreciated.
      I have a cheap-o MP3 player from Walmart, but there’s no video, and it came pre-loaded with music that I can’t remove, but hate listening to. Feh!

    • Heather

      Our older two (6 &8) have “hand me down” Ipods and MP3 players from my husband and I. They LOVE their ipods!

    • Zeek Martin

      You know….had I one of these…

      Could you imagine the time outs?

      6 minutes of political discourse? Perhaps some city council highlights?

      My kids will mellow right up after 3 minutes of financial news!

    • Jennifer Barr

      would love to win :)

    • Trisha

      we got a cheap mp3 player (like $15) last xmas and it doesnt work.

    • DARIJA

      I would love to win this so I’m not the last person in the world who does’nt have a MP3 player

    • Sarah

      PICK ME!! I have never had a mp3 player, and my sons are too little to enjoy one yet.
      I’ve wanted one for soo long, but with two small children it’s difficult to talk myself into buying one instead of buying diapers. I would be overjoyed if I were picked to receive one, thanks!

    • mary g.

      thanks for sponsoring. Love all types of music.

    • Kristie Noguera

      We only have an mp3 player in the car, so it would be great to have a good one in the house. I am always burning stuff from the web, check out for some great dead tunes.

      I have an ipod, but I don’t like to share it with the kids, so your giveaway looks like a great alternative to me.

    • veronica sandberg

      We don’t have one, but would love to win one

    • Danny Stark

      I would love to win this. I have been trying to win one for months. I never had one and would really love to win.

    • Nina

      No, we don’t have a player, so I’d love to win this one….thanks!

    • Andrew Dudik

      We do, but the kids do not. Not quite old enough yet.

    • Miss Heidi

      Please enter me. I do not have an MP3 player, that’s why I’m entering this. I’d love to have one. Thanks.

    • betty

      My kids have players, and one of the nice things about them is that they are smaller and easier to carry than a cd player.

    • Liz Sawyer

      While I don’t have an mp3 player, my son has wanted one for awhile and my daughter would enjoy one too.

    • K.C.

      I’d also love to win this. No, we don’t have an MP3 player though we’ve looked into buying one.

    • Sandra

      I have 5 kids, one son who is a freshman in college, and four daughters — 17, 15, 13 and 9. We have one I-pod nano, and needless to say many fights! Would really love to win this!!! Thanks for the great sweeps!

    • AnneMarie DeRemer

      please enter me in this contest.

    • nadine m

      I don’t have one and neither does anyone else in my house. I would love one for myself but I’m sure my son would take it from me. pick me

    • Susanne Troop

      My kids have them and love them…they are great for trips. I would love my own for walking on the treadmill!

    • sandra

      I don’t have an MP3 player and would love to win one of my own! My daughter has one, but since our music taste differ so greatly, I rarely ask to borrow it :-)

    • Susan White

      I don’t have an mp3 player but would love to have this one!

    • shelly

      Love to be entered. My MP3 stopped working.

    • kiyana

      no, my children don’t have one but they’ve been begging me forever to get one for them!

    • Burton Bathrick

      a winner

    • gina snow

      i had one a few years ago,did’nt like it,could’nt hold many songs,but todays mp3′s with better technology,are awesome

    • Carmen Odinot

      You should pick me because I am a weary parent. I am 84 and tired of my kids, lol. They have decided it is okay to treat my like a child so I need this to tune them out. Thanks and may you all live long enough to give your kids heck.

    • Wanda

      Thanks for the contest, I have never own a mp3 behind the times;) Please enter me.

    • Dave M. of NJ

      I actually own the Insignia Pilot 8gb version and added an 8 gb sd card.

      Nice player EXCEPT for the fact that for us Mac users, it’s not possible (at least to the best of my knowledge) to add playlists. I use Itunes to drag music into the player, but it’s a no go using Itunes for playlists.

      Other than the playlist issue, it’s a nice alternative to the IPod. My kid actually owns the 4gb Insignia Sport. Same amazing interface with the same playlist problems.

      Do you know of a manual way to add playlists using drag and drop and my Mac (OSX10.2.8)?

      A simple drag and drop solution for creating playlists (preferably using Itunes) would make this playersell through the roof.

      Thanks for your consideration.


    • Kristen Hendricks

      While I already have an MP3 player, I would love to win the one you are giving away since the one I own can not play videos. I feel so far behind the times. I like MP3 players a lot but can never get used to downloading music. I just have never been good at it.

    • bigpenny

      Oh please please pick me. I must be the only person on earth without an mp3 player

    • kathleen yohanna

      I do not have a MP3 player. I don’t even know how to down-load music but I have three kids that can teach me if I win. They probably will only have to glance at the directions. I would have to read the booklet from cover to cover.

    • Terry

      Wow! We would love to have one- our vehicle doesn’t have a CD player, so everyone whines about the music on the radio:))

      Thanks for giving this away!!



    • Elizabeth

      I would absolutely love this. Sometimes you just need music to escape!

    • elena callas

      Great prize!

    • brian

      I briefly had an mp3 player…and loved it. I don’t know how I lived without it, or how I’m even living now. But the dang LCD cracked when I was at the gym and it would cost more to repair it than what I actually paid for it…*sniff sniff*

    • Michelle Carter

      My kids do not have a mp3 player yet but my daughter has a Birthday comming up and that is what she asked for.

    • May Schultz

      I don’t own an MP3, but my grandchildren use them and love it.

    • Veronica Garrett

      I would like to win this MP3 player. The one I bought my daugter for Christmas was destroyed by one of her friends. She has been asking me to replace it. I like the convenience of the MP3′s. All the different music you can download. My daughter got most of her music from i Tunes.

    • Michelle Miller

      I would LOVE to win…my daughter would be so grateful…she loves to listen to her OWN music in the car…she has one now, but oddly, it only holds 5 songs?! Thanks for the chance.

    • Dina Cox

      I have been dying to get an MP3 player but haven’t been able to afford one. this would make my day to win this!!!

    • RFrakes

      I bought an iLO player at Walmart. It is broken after only 2 months of use. I bought my son a Zen Stone which is still working. Otherwise, like the screen and ability to see the song playing. Don’t like shuffle only players. I like the convenience of MP3 players and the fact that there are no moving parts so you can carry it or run with it or use it in the car.

    • AaronBSam

      Please enter me as well! I currently have an 80GB iPod and I like the capacity, but load time can be sluggish both in playing music and connecting to my computer. Also, I dislike having to rely on Mac-based software like iTunes.

    • Pamela Hansen

      i have an mp3 player but it is so hard to download vids and music please enter me

    • kathy pease

      my son would love this..all the kids at school have one but i have never gotten him one..please pick me :)

    • Bobbye F

      My two daughters have ipods, but my son does not have an mp3 player yet. He is looking at the zune since he has an xobx360 and can download music to both systems. My daughters love their ipods, but we hate the fact that they do not come with protective covers! The video ipod my oldest child has too many scrtaches in it to talk about!

    • Romy

      Count me in! My kids currently have video iPods. They don’t care for the small screen. It seems like the Insignia is the way to go.

    • Jayme Isaacs

      Enter Me Please,I Dont Have An MP3 Player But I Have An IPod Shuffle And IPod Nano,I Like Everything About The MP3 Player,I Purchase My Music Through The ITune Store

    • Pamela Ray

      Please enter me. I don’t own a MP3 player.

    • Tiffany Losco

      would love this. I dont own one.



    • Diane Anderson

      I’m entering this contest to win my son, who is 10 years old, going on 17, an MP3.
      He had one for a very short time, it got “lost”,
      still don’t know what happened to it………my son aspires to be a pro skater, he has said he would like to have one to listen to while skating, he has several videos at YouTube, if anyone would care to look, he is bakersk8er383!!! sk8er Mom

    • http://www.trailjournals/redredrose Redredrose

      I’m leaving in March for a 6 months hike of the Appalachian Trail. This Mp3 player sure would help make those hours of walking each day more fun. Since the trip is not in the destination but in the journey, I’d like to listen to books, music and send journal entries home with this wonderful addition to my gear.

    • Jacquie Hart

      pick pick me, I have just started a new exercise routine in order to loose a 100 lbs., this would be great to have, my daughter has a iPod but mom can’t use it!!!! LOL

    • Mya Brooks

      I soooo want this for exercise. I don’t have kids, yet, but I’d use it for ME!!!

    • Brandy

      I would like to enter =D None of my kids have their own MP3 player yet. My oldest just turned 7, and I don’t think that is old enough to trust her to keep the volume low enough that it doesn’t cause any damage to her hearing ;) Myself, I have a 30GB Zune, and LOVE it. My hubby has had his eye on my Zune, and since he is using a cheap little 528MB player for at work, I’d love to win this for him. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Donna Kozar

      I really need this when I clean.

    • Sandy

      My son has a Zune, which has some REAL issues. I would like my own MP3 player so I can load up some songs without commercials!

    • Kim Allen

      First of all, I have to say you have a GREAT name for a website! And, thanks for offering this giveaway.

      About mp3 players, my teen duagher was given an iPod mini 3 years ago, and it has served her well (although the battery is now practically dead). Which brings me to another critique: we travel overseas to do volunteer work in rural 3rd world countries (Peru, Ecuador) and it is impossible to recharge and iPod in the jungle, with no electricity. We learned this the hard way, so I purchased my daughter an inexpensive Creative Labs Muvo which is the size of a pack of gum. Although it has a small LED screen, the benefit is that it runs on a single AAA battery, which CAN be replaced practically anywhere in the world.

      Bascially, if you have a child and you travel extensively, I would HIGHLY advise purchasing an inexpensive mp3 player that runs on AAA or hearing aid batteries. Not only that, if the mp3 player is lost or stolen, you won’t feel quite so miserable over the $$ loss.

    • Rob A.

      This is one of the most beautiful players I have seen. I have several “first-generation” players, but I’m not able to hold much music on them as they are smaller. I think this could hold my entire music collection. I could replace my 1990′s stereo with this by plugging it into an amped up computer speaker system (I have one laying around) and my kids could dance around in the living room like crazy!

    • Cheryl English

      I spend alot of time at the doctors office, waiting for my appointments. This would be great to win, to pass the time away. Thank You.

    • Vicki Weisshaar

      I don’t have an MP3 player but would very much like to have one. Please enter me to win.
      Thank you.

    • Mitch Brevard

      Pick me. My cell phones ability (or lack of) is not cutting it. Thanks.

    • Carol Drury

      tell if you already have an MP3 player – Yes
      what you like or don’t like about them, – love them
      your favorite place to get music,
      or anything else along those lines – great for travel – movies!!!!

    • kerri

      yes please enter me! my daughter had an ipod and what i hated about it was she put it in her jean pocket and i washed her ipod i did not look yes i was angry! she liked i tunes for music it was easy for her to use

    • Taryn S

      I’d love this for the gym!

    • desparate mp3 lover

      im glad that someone care for technologically impaired parents like us!. all my kids have crappy mp3 player but i havent ever had one in my life( still old school with my cd player ;)
      seriously though i think itll be great to have a new mp3 player to give to my kid.ill do anything for you (write essay, blogs) as long as u pick me so pick meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

    • Wanita Gilliam

      I would love to have an MP3 player. Preety bad when the kids all have one and I don’t it would be awesome for some me time

    • Edna Meredith

      i would ilke to have this for eeercise

    • Becky

      I have a pretty, pink MP3 player. Unfortunately, right after I got it, the hard drive was corrupted. After doing research, this is a common problem with the RCA model I had. I would love to try a Pilot!

    • john pratt

      i don’t have one but would love to have one. i could even report back about how wonderful it is and where i got my music from. i hope all of you have blessed days.

    • http://n/a Auri Casson

      MY son nor I have an mp3 but sure would like to own one. We listen to the local radio station to see what new music is out

    • Gina Smith

      I received my first mp3 player this past Christmas and I LOVE IT!! My 16 year old son has had 2 or 3 different mp3 players in his young life. My husband has never had one and I’d love to give him one because I know he’ll love it as much as I love the one he gave me!

    • Rosanne Morrison

      My kids have them but I don’t I worry about their hearing as they get older as they listen to them so loud

    • Pamela White

      I think the MP3 player is great. My son has one that holds his whole collection. I am still old school and buy CDs but download it to my laptop.

    • Jill Skoglund

      I know just one thing about MP 3 “my daughter wants one”.

    • Michelle H.

      My kids have MP3 players and Ipods and I am amazed at the sound quality of both. What I like about them is their portability.

    • Vicky Conradson

      I am a desperate grandmother, raising three grandkids. I would like to win this MP3 player for myself. WHY? Since I am from a different planet, I would like to educate myself what this thing is that kids plug into their ears, and how does it work? Please enlighten me and bring me into the current century; my grandkids would LOVE IT.

    • timothy martin

      I’ve got a 512 but need more songs

    • Donna Ashley

      A wonderful prize. My one son does not have an MP3 player or an Ipod — he’s grateful to have a cell phone at college! But, I understand they are enjoyable to have — especially when others are snoring! Whoever wins, enjoy!

    • Vanessa Hunter

      My son’s father gave him an mp3 player for Christmas that did not make it to the New Year. It was not well made. I have always wanted an mp3 player because I think it is such a great idea to have all of your favorite songs at your disposal.

    • Keisha Negron

      My children have Mp3 players I love them it is jsut a new version of a cd player we get all of our music from itunes. and winning music too. I hope i win this i would use it for myself.

    • Imadul

      I would love to win this. I do have an MP3 player which I enjoy, but wow, Bluetooth and an SD slot… this is over the top! Please and thank you!

    • Good!!!

      Ohh! Thats real! I very like that music! Thanks very much..

    • maria

      Wow, there would be no way to win this with so many entries but it is worth a shot.

    • Sylvia

      well here is my attempt at getting something great for my opinion :)

    • Karen T.

      I would love to have an MP3 player for my sister! I am the only one in the house with an MP3 player and it is just a little one, so I don’t really have room to put any songs she likes on there. It is almost her birthday (april 24) and I would really like to get her something nice. I use rhapsody to get music for my MP3, and one thing I don’t like about it is that I ALWAYS forget to charge the batteries, so I have to constantly reinstall the batteries on it! Ugh! Thank you all so much!!!!

    • Amber Ragan

      I just wanted to say that i love that these contests are out there! Its an awesome way to understand and get advertisement for your companies and thats pretty cool. I’d love to upgrade to another player. I’ve had the same one for 2 years and its a 1GB. Anyways, thank you and if I win i will comment everyday on your advertisements and give thumbs ups on your pages. I’ll do it regardless if i win or not. lol