20 Valentine’s Day Things You Can Make Yourself

chocolate mousse

So in two weeks it’s going to be Valentine’s Day. As much as I’d love chocolates, jewelry and wining and dining, my husband is simply too cheap. There. I said it. I love him, really I do, but he’s not at all romantic. If I want any sort of romance or celebration I have to take care of it all myself. 

Generally, I’ll make a nice dinner after our son is in bed. I”ll put out some candles. pick up a bottle of wine and we’ll have a nice evening to our selves. Sometimes I’ll also take a movie out of the library for us to watch together. Last year my husband did make an attempt and he surprised me with champagne and strawberries.

Still, Simply Thrifty is about saving money, especially those of you who have a spouse who doesn’t like opening the wallet or is lacking in the romance department. I give you:


20 Valentine”s Things You Can Make Yourself


  1. A Valentine invitation and gift box, and you only need to make one.
  2.  Valentine Woven Heart Card – This is adorable and easy to make.
  3. A Valentine Coupon Book – I tried this once. My husband always picked the worst possible times for redemption. Never again.
  4. How to Take Sexy Photos - This isn’t my thing either. We’d probably need a wide angle lens, but if you’re brave enough here’s a lesson.
  5. Valentine’s Day Gum Dispenser – Yeah I wouldn’t use it either.
  6. Decorated Valentine’s Cookies – Unfortunately. I’d like this gift a lot.
  7. Valentine Sandwich Cookies – Ditto the Above.
  8. Compile a CD of love songs.
  9. Valentine’s Day Pancakes – Maybe.
  10. A Candy Plant – This cute and unique. I could see this done with chocolate lollipops for Valentine’s Day.
  11. A Valentine Heart Jar – I could put it on my dresser next to all the homemade paperweights and pencil holders.
  12. Sweet Pea Pot – This is being touted as a gift for teachers.
  13. Make a Valentine’s Gift Basket – You’re only limited by your imagination.
  14. Chocolate Truffles – Unfortunately, I’d eat all these before they got into the gift box.
  15. Chocolate Fondue - Serve with strawberries, cheesecake, pound cake and more.
  16. Heat-shaped soft pretzels - I love this idea.
  17. A picture frame- You can never have too many of these.
  18. Floral arrangements – The way to a woman’s heart … because you can’t make diamonds.
  19. A Valentine heart candle – This is a very quick project and can make a nice centerpiece for your valentine’s table.
  20. Chocolate mousse – Oh heck yeah.

What are your favorite thrifty ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day?


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    • http://www.treehuggingfamily.com Peggy

      Yes, #20 gets my vote as well. Yum. This Valentine’s day is my 10th wedding anniversary!

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    • http://thriftymommy.com Thrifty Karen

      Great list!

    • http://www.wideworldoffood.com Ken (Healthy Food Blogger)

      Interesting post, will try those out in next year’s valentine’s day.