• Mon, Feb 11 2008

Healthbolt Travel: Scratch Free Sleep.

 Travelodge is at it again. They conducted a survey of 3,000 adults to find out what kept them awake at night. Surprisingly, it wasn’t noise or unfamiliar surroundings that caused the most problem. Instead, it was itchy nightclothes and body temperature changes throughout the night.

Always up for a challenge, Travelodge decided to create a line of sleepware designed for maximum comfort. They commissioned designers to come up with pyjamas that would not only regulate body temperature but also stop the itch. The result – itch-free pyjamas – made from Dermasilk, a fabric that’s known to take the itch out of excema and dermatitis.

These ‘itch-free pyjamas’ are being trialed at Travelodge hotels at Heathrow airport, Birmingham Fiveways, Bristol Central, Manchester Central and Edinburgh Central.

Of course, these p.j.’s won’t help stop the itch caused by the dreaded ‘bed bug’.

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