Wine Blogging Wednesday 42: Just Seven Words

2004 Avignonesi Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

wine blogging wednesday

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wine blogging wednesday 42  

(Wine Blogging Wednesday 42: Just Seven Words, hosted by Andrew at Spittoon)

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    • Amy

      I like the pictures. clever tasting notes :)

    • Farley

      Thanks, Amy. This one was hard, huh?

    • Nicolas Ritoux

      Nice one. I like the picture arrangement, it gives the idea of the esthetic and aromatic universe around Vino Nobile.

      I quoted you on the Vinismo article for that wine. Feel free to add to the article!


    • Dale Cruse

      Sounds like you had fun with this one, as did I. In fact, I reviewed the same wine twice!

    • Andrew

      A fun entry; thanks for taking part.

    • farley

      Thanks, I think this was a great theme. Hard but fun!