Stem Cell Therapy in Costa Rica

The Florida parents of 7-year-old Matthew Faiella, who has autism, are taking him to Costa Rica at the end of this month for adult stem cell treatments. According to, Daniel and Ruth Faiella say that they have seen “improved mental skills” in Matthew after trying many different therapies, “including a $20,000 hyperbolic chamber that allows Matthew to breathe in pure oxygen that his parents believe stimulates his brain cells.” Costs for the Costa Rica trip are, Daniel Faiella says, “‘depleting all of our funds’” and they are seeking donations.

There are currently no clinical trials underway in the US for using stem cell therapy for autism and stem cell treatment is not allowed in the US. Stem cell therapy is offered in Mexico and China, and have parents have reported “encouraging surprises” at first—–and then no more progress.ll

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    • daedalus2u

      Autism is not caused by neurodegeneration. There is no basis what so ever to rationally believe that stem cells might help autism.

      It is so sad when well meaning parents are taken advantage of and their funds stolen from them by quacks.

    • Bink

      Oh, the HBOT chamber only costs 20K? My pediatrician shared a letter with me this morning that has been mailed out by our local DAN practitioner. It gives the rates for HBOT as $650 for the initial consultation and then $450 an hour for the HBOT chamber. I guess the DAN person will have that chamber paid for in under a month.

      It makes me so angry and sad. (My pediatrician was not fooled, either, to be clear.)

    • madam ovary

      My cousin had a fund-raiser to send his daughter to Poland for some quack treatment for CP. What can you do? We had to contribute even though we knew it was phony. And no, it didn’t work.

    • Samantha Pierce

      If they are depleting all of their funds now what are they going to do when this kid is ready to go to college? I’ve got three, soon to be four, kids to put through college. I can’t see myself blowing $20,000 on something that doesn’t have some solid science backing it up. We get “encouraging surprises” every day all for the modest monetary cost of feeding and clothing our kids the way any responsible parent would.

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      More often than not, less has been more for us, too.

    • ebohlman

      “including a $20,000 hyperbolic chamber that allows Matthew to breathe in pure oxygen that his parents believe stimulates his brain cells.”

      Did they really mean “hyperbolic” in which case I don’t see any inherent trouble in the statement (though it’s not at all confidence-inspiring), or did they mean “hyperbaric” in which case I see some serious quackery going on?

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      ABC News reports on Americans going abroad (to China) for stem cell therapy.


      Yes, the MSNBC report says “hyperbolic”—-an unintentional slip about the “hyperbolic” claims for some of these “therapies”?

    • Pauline

      As Matthew’s aunt and a healthcare professional for over twenty years I am really disappointed in all the negativity and at times downright rude remarks on some of these message boards. First of all we all love Matthew. He means the world to his mom and dad and they will continue to love him even if these treatments do not help aide in his recovery. He is also well fed, clothed and taken care of! As for going to college, unfortunately that will not be an option for him if his parents do not do everything in their power now to help him recover. For anyone to suggest that his parents do not love him not only are you being idiotic but downright rude as well!
      Secondly, it doesn’t take a healthcare professional with over twenty years expereince such as myself to know that modern medicine is rapidly advancing everyday. What is now considered the norm for many treatment options was once considered taboo, unethical, quackery, and the people who chose to try them no doubt got the same kind of negative backlash that my sister and her husband are receiving now. But thankfully there are people like them who are willing to go the extra mile and do everything in their means regardless of the negativity they encounter at every turn. It is because of people like them that modern medicine is what it is today. Any time a new treatment method is suggested there will always be people (not unlike many of you) who will rear their ugly heads and lash out! But often times as has been proven so many times over in the past, the advances in medicine will prevail and the naysayers will slip quietly into the background. Or better yet they will take advantage of the advances made and use it to help themselves or someone they love.
      I can’t help but wonder if this weren’t about a “controversial” treatment would people be so harsh. If for example Matthew was lost and his parents were trying everything in their power to find him at what point would you tell them to stop? If it was your child would you not look under every rock, behind every tree, & building, contact everyone you knew and many you didn’t to help find your child? Or would you just sit back and say “it’s meant to be” (as so many of you have suggested). I seriously doubt it. And that is precisely what Matthew’s parents are doing, trying all they can to help him recover. That is their right as his loving, caring parents. Whether you agree or not is unimportant. All that matters is no matter what happens, no matter the outcome, they can be comforted in the fact that the know they tried and never gave up against all the odds and all the negativity!

    • Kristina Chew, PhD


      Thanks so much for commenting here. As you know, there are many treatments out there for autism, and many that promise “recovery.” Autism is a lifelong neurological condition, as you know, and my own focus tends to be on long-term concerns of educating my son and making sure that there are adequate, and indeed the best, services and supports for him and kids like Matthew and him. Best wishes——

    • Bridget

      Hello to all
      I have known Matthew’s mom for over a year now, She helps me run and Autism Support Group and having a son diagnosed with Autism at the age of two I must say I am proud of what she and her husband are doing for Matthew. How dare you all sit back and judge how another parent deal with finding a way for their son to be treated with Autism. I am sure you have tried methods that people have thought wouldnt work, but you went through with them why because you want better for your child. So dont knock these parents and if this procedure works I bet each and everyone of you would be trying to find contact information to see how you cant get done for your kids.

      The Autism community needs to pull together and stop tearing each other down, so instead of bashing let pull for Matthew and his parents

    • http://none Anna

      So, if they were allowing this treatment here in the US would you still say it was quackery?? I too have a son with autism and I am very lucky that he is high on the spectrum. But, I too would try anything to help my son become a productive person in the world. And the comment about collage, most of these kids will be lucky to get a paper saying that they completed grades K-12.
      I just pray that none of you have anything happen to your children, but then you would know that you would do anything to help them.

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      One hears every day about a new treatment and cure for autism, but one thing remains, which is education. Autistic kids needs to be taught in ways that best enable them to learn, and many will need supports throughout their lives. It’s wonderful that more students on the spectrum are going to college; they still (sometimes/often, not always) need supports. Reports of new treatments tend not always to emphasize the key role of education.

    • Chris M

      I often see people within the autism community attack other parents for their decisions on treatment or therapy. It is indeed not the smartest thing to throw stones while still living in the same autistic glass house.
      I believe these parents are indeed doing what they believe is right for their child and their situation.

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      Fortunately, I think we can all agree that getting the best education for autistic individuals throughout their lives is necessary.

    • Debbie

      I understand your concern about education, but let’s face it… here in the States, it’s not a sure thing that every child will receive that. Both my boys have autism, and neither has had a consistently good education. I have just had to go through more IEP meetings in order to fight for their rights for a free and appropriate education.

      BUT the story posted is not about education. It is about addressing autism as it is: a neurobiological disorder. It affects the brain, the gut, the immune system and in some like my younger son, muscles and connective tissue. Education only supplies behavior modification, but behavior is only one symptom of a very complicated disorder.

      What Matthew’s parents have done is give their son a fighting chance. These treatments don’t have the big research backing that drugs do, because pharmas don’t want to lose a cent of profit on drugs that only mask problems. Matthew is a healthier child than he was when he was first diagnosed. I know this because I have known his mom for a couple of years now, and have heard reports of his progress during that time that is extremely encouraging.

      It is unproductive to be so critical of these parents, us parents, that do everything we can to get our children back from this epidemic. To question the validity of a treatment is fair… it’s how we learn, but to tear down a family is totally uncalled for.

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      It’s definitely possible to work to get the best education possible for a child, and for an autistic child. Hopefully we can keep directing efforts in this direction, as education is a lifelong process for many autistic persons, my son included, and it would be well to devote as much energy to making it the best possible. Education is certainly much more than behavior modification!

      While it might feel that there’s an epidemic of autism, this is not necessarily the case.

      Thanks so much.

    • George N. Griffin

      As a father of a son with autism.I know what they are going through my son is almost 23 he did graduate high school but now he sits at home.

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      @Mr. Griffin,

      I have heard of the same happening for other families whose children turned 21. Other families here in NJ have talked about the shortage of housing (in group homes and such settings) for autistic adults. We have started to talk to NJ state officials but there’s a long way to go.

      Was there any transition plan for your son after he finished school?

    • George N. Griffin

      there was some plans but our state has cut all the funding for the programs Here in MI unless they are more sever than he is

    • Just Jean

      I just want to say that I know Matthew’s mom. She has proven to be a faithful and loving friend, just as she is a loving and very concerned mother to her beloved Matthew.

      If any of you care to know, Matthew’s mom will be so willing to discuss anything concerning Matthew with you, she will gracefully agree to disagree with you, if need be. She and I have reached that compromise on many issues concerning everything from autism therapies and education to what is the best cleaning solution to use around the house daily, or which came first the chicken or the egg.
      As the parent of a wonderful son, who has ASD (among many other things), the stem cell therapy is not my goal at this time. But I support Matthew’s mother, she has done her homework and she is willing to pay the price. I asked her to consider not going public, because I knew that there would be many unkind things said, but she and her husband insist that if they can help spread knowledge, they are willing to take the heat.
      Some comments seem to be fair, some seem to be primarily based on concern for Matthew and some seem to have a slight negative, almost combative thread. There is no black and white in the spectrum world…..IMHO (Of course)
      One thing that my childs ASD has taught me, there is no such thing as one size fits all. What works for you, may be a disaster for me. Those of us who love someone with ASD, should surely know that by now.
      I do agree that education should play a major role in any short and long term plan for intervention of ASD children. But we all must also know that the very same law that is allowing some children to receive 40 plus hours a week of one on one, extremly expensive highly specific care, can give some children, who are the same or even more in need, little more than lip service. WHO jousts for these underserved children? Why do the ASD support groups not join together and if need be, file class action law suits, so that every spectrum person receives equal rights, so that the poor children get the same care as the wealthy, so that they all have equal services under the laws in place to protect and serve them?
      One last comment, there are people in the public eye, who do my child no favors, when they declare they have recovered,( cured, healed, or whatever word you want to use), their child, be it by diet or a BRAND of therapy or by whatever the cure of the day happens to be. With that being said, you will not find Matthew’s mommy among them. What you will find is a very well read person, who will support you through thick and thin and who will do whatever she can to help her son….I simply do not see how anyone can find fault with that.

      Just Jean proud friend to Matthew and his Mom

    • Just Jean

      Dear Dr Chew,
      I have looked on your website several times for a place to email you or leave a general comment, I cant find one. It could be there is not one or it probably is that I have just not seen it. I have the neverending help of a wonderful little 6 year old boy Friday and while his help is much appreciated, sometimes it can really complicate things ;O).
      The reason I wanted to contact you was to thank you for allowing me and others the opportunity to make our voices heard. I appreciate that very much.
      While there can be much division among those who love someone(s) with autism, there is one uniting theme, we love and care about somone(s) who has autism. My path may not be the same as yours, yours may be VERY different than another loving and concerned parent of a spectrum child, but we all should be united in seeing our children are not forgotten.
      So, thank you for allowing us this forum to be able to share, even if we all have differing thoughts. I may not agree, but it is always my intent to be respectful and to honor each persons right to have their own opinion(s).
      Best Regards to you and your Charlie
      Just Jean & The Pooh

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      @Just Jean,

      “there is one uniting theme, we love and care about somone(s) who has autism”


      It’s the motivation for me and for all of us, don’t you think; it’s why sometimes we may find ourselves saying things rather strongly, or cynically, or asking too many questions.

      Just smoother the fleece blanket over my boy, giggling at the thought of school tomorrow, Monday. Very best wishes and a big high-10 to your little guy—–

    • Cece

      I am DISTURBED how folks will bash anything they don’t know about or understand ..I have personally witnessed the amazing results in my nephew, born “nearly a vegetable that wouldn’t live two years ” according to his medical experts” he is now14 and is near enough to normal that he enjoys a full life..He goes to school in regular classes no special ed. If you see him his only noticable handicap is a slight underdeveopment of the right side of his body.. If his intelligence is to be questioned, He is obviously very briight….What made all the difference? hyperbaric oxygen treatments..lots of them..Yes, they are expensive..but, it is quite possible to buy your own machine for less than a used automobile. To wait for the system to help particularly in extreme circumstances can mean the differance in life or death.. I applaud these parents who LOOK FOR ANSWERS..

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      And we’ve found true answers in seeing our children learn and grow.

    • Rob

      Is there any update on Matthew after the treatment?

    • Daniel
    • andreas

      Good morning, my name is Michailidis Andreas and I am from Greece.My son is autistic too and has the age and the same abilities like Matthew.I have read a lot about stemcell therapy and I made an application on the 17.03.08 to this clinic in Costa Rica and the respond to me via e-mail that they do not accept any more autistic children without explaining me the particular reason.They also said that since 09.03.08 the have stopped accepting children with autism at all.
      Because of the fact that you aware of all the situation there and what is going on and you know all the doctors and the staff there, is it possible to communicate with them and ask them about the reason that they have stopped accepting autistic children, because I take no answer from them at all?
      I thank you in advance and I would appreciate if you could write me back…
      I wish the best for Matthew and hope to hear news from you soon!

      With best regards
      Michailidis Andreas

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    • Daniel

      I am sorry Michailidis Andreas there is nothing I can do.

    • Daniel Faiella

      Wow I love it, she did a great job. It is just how we feel about Matthew. Victoria was so great to say yes, when I asked her to write a song for my son Matthew. Click on her myspace to listen to “Godspeed” also here is her official website

      Daniel Faiella

      Lyrics for “Godspeed”
      words-Victoria Faiella
      music-Barry Hartglass & Victoria Faiella

      Do you know how much you’re loved?
      More than all the Stars
      More than words can explain
      An eternity of telling you
      Would prove to be in vain

      I thought I understood Love
      Absolute and True
      Until fate brought me You

      If our last hope
      Hangs on a wire
      Do anything I can
      I’ll walk through the fire
      No mountains’ too high
      No valley too deep
      To save my precious child
      Wish me Godspeed

      Do you know how much you’re loved?
      More than life itself
      More than words can express
      An eternity of telling you
      Would be wasted breath

      Do you know that you’ll be loved
      Till the end of Time
      Love like this never dies

    • Monika

      As a mother of 10 y.o girl with mild autism I agree with Mathew’s parents , because I’m same !
      With my extensive researche I came for conclution that autism is a RNA deasise , originating from pertussin toxic exposure .In contact with this toxin human RNA producing mast cell to Vagus nerve (histamine mast cell ) to mucosal mast cells .To overcame acidity and
      futher damadge to whole nerval system ,I used Famotidine .
      Guess what ………………it only proves that stem cells are able to work .Same with homeopathic vaccine detox( PVS) , it works , belive me !!!!!
      Sorry to hear that Costa Rica is closed for autism .Any news about India???

      Best regards ,

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      @Daniel Faiella,
      thanks for the poem—hope Matthew continues to do well.

      Hope things are well with your daughter, too. Are you definitely contemplating trying stem cell therapy?

    • Monika

      Kristina !
      Travel for stem cell is to travel for hope .Even so we live in Poland .So what !We tried Australia , USA ,now ………….Mexico or India .I do not think to try Ukraine !(so close but is too scary!)
      My girl is on NuQuitin ( guess what , nicotine is stimulating vagus) .It works , she is great but I what LANGUAGE! She lost her speech around 2 .
      Today she is stragling .So far no great success .
      Stem cells is something that I always whanted to try , is so natural .I would bring another child to this world to save ma love Nicole from autism !
      Please tell me where to head .
      India or Mexico??
      India seems to be “older” place Dr.Shroff has lots success .I would be happy with LITTLE language !That is all!

    • Monika

      Andreas contact Dr.Geeta Shroff .
      There is a blog ( she is giving lots of info about stem cell .
      By the way , 20 years ago I lived in Athens (Greece) so say hello! to Pireus , Kiffisia ,or some other nice sides .

    • Daniel Faiella

      Matthew is doing great! That is not a poem, it is a song. We are going back to do another round of Adult Stem Cell in a week.

    • Monika

      Daniel , how many time are you planning to go back??
      I belive that this is second??

    • Monika

      Has someone removed my letters??

    • andreas

      hello monika
      greetings from greece

      i will not conntact her she uses embrionic stemm cells
      it is against my beliefs
      as a christian i do not accept this
      i wish the best for your child


    • Monika

      Andreas , I understand .
      Look , try to fing a good transplantologist doctor in Greece ( I have found one in Poland ) and try to convice him to use cord blood stem cells for your child.If everything goes well , we will have first autistic (my child) treated this way this year .At the moment we are trying getting grunds , and permitions from national transplantologist .At the moment I write , there is one child (in Poland) that is getting stem cells inplanted to her brain ( she is a victim of medical mispractice in Poland – during rutine operation she had bad anestesiologist ) .
      From this , we will move to CP and autism soon .
      Best regards ,

    • andreas

      hello monika
      greetings from greece

      a few questions
      1)what kind of stemm cells will this doctor use c34+ ,menchimiliar or other?
      matthew took only c34+ in costa rica
      2)how many will he give?
      i mean in millions
      3)will he give the stemm cells IV (intravenous)?
      4)you wrote that this stemm cells will be from umbilical cord i think from a donor
      will he match them before?
      can i have your phone number i will call you so we can speak in greek , i hope you don t forgot it
      my e mail is

      we wish the best for your child

    • Tina

      I have five children ages 10,9,7 and two 5 year olds who have autism. They were diagnosed at 17 months and it’s been an interesting experience for me and my older children. I’ve tried a lot of things to help improve my twins autism, but the most I’ve gotten is no where and when I say nowhere I mean no where. I don’t have any family, my ex-husband left no where to be found and my career as a teacher for special education has been put off permenantly. I thought alright there must be HELP out there for this, but the only help I have gotten is from SSI. There’s not many programs here in Tampa and medicare only covers so much. I have been blessed with my childrens teacher, even though they go to public school, since other schools specialized for autism are expensive. I haven’t been able to work because of Daycare for them, many places say they’ll try them for a while and see how it works, but they aren’t equiped to take the proper care these children need. If anyone out there know of any specialized programs in the Tampa area for autism please contact me at I’ll appreciate any information given. Oh, and the best treatment for autism after love is following your own instincts as parents and never give up. If I could fly to the moon for some treatment I would and if I could ripp off my brain and transplant it to my sons, I would and I don’t think anyone would have the right to criticize me. As a parent we all want our children to have the best life and let’s face it not many people have the chance to go to college autism or not. These days it only seems that priveledge have a chance and the not so priveledge have to struggle just to have a chance and get somewhere in life and become a good person in the world we’re living in where a gallon of milk costs $5.00.

    • Daniel Faiella

      That is why we move from Tampa/Clearwater 4 years ago, nothing there for our kids. I know of a place in St. Pete you can get free mHBOt, tell him I sent you;jsessionid=0F09E24855A71B08CC4FFF49CF69A55A?contentId=4143675&version=1&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=VSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1

    • Jason Mandelbaum

      This is an interesting blog … however … you must take some time to look into the academic qualifications of the people offering these so-called “stem cell” treatments. The group in Costa Rica is far from qualified, in fact, the President/CEO of the company (Neil Riordan) does NOT have the academic qualifications or experiences he claims. Mr. Riordan does NOT have a PhD as he claims. Up until recently, his website claimed that he completed a PhD at the Medical University of the Americas, however, the MUA NEVER offered a PhD and has NO record of Mr. Riordan ever attending. It would seem to me that if you are a fraud with your qualifications that there should be other questions at the top of my mind.

    • Daniel Faiella

      Interesting blog huh LOL I dont need your opinion or want it, people all around the world have gotten hope and help from my blog.

      I’ve done plenty of research, I think you need to go back and do some. If Dr. Riordan doesn’t have a PhD, then why doesn’t the American government investigate him? Because he runs MediStem ( ) which is located in Arizona, which is the parent company of the clinic in Costa Rica. But no you like to come on here and slander a good individual. Maybe they wouldn’t let you in to Costa Rica before they closed the program, so now you just want to be vindicative and spread lies. I have no tolerance for people like you.

    • Janet

      I am with the therapy 100%. I have researched it myself. Mathew good luck kido. I am right behind you. I hope all goes well. I will be going over there with my son to help him also. All this negative and false hope is coming from people who can talk what they don’t know. You have 3 kids and one on the way. Good for you hurray educate your children but while your doing that educate yourself not with books but with other families who have autistic children. You don’t have one right? You can’t imagine how hard it is to have a child cry for hours and have pain but not be able to tell you what hurts. Or spend 23 hours out of a day wide awake because 1 hour is enough sleep for them. You have no idea. I am with Mathew’s family all the way. I am doing the samething. I pray to god you have great results not only so both you and my son come out of that world but to shut this negative blog down. god Bless you and you will be in my prayers. For those who gave all negative vibes instead of talking about what you don’t know, go to another web page and comment on how your children are so smart and don’t have any problems. B/c that you do know about. Look if you don’t have an autistic child you just don’t know. Not autism any sickness. Any real mother like us will do anything not to see our children suffer.Believe it or not they are screaming inside they are scared,and as a mother I would take the pain for him if I could. This treatment is oviously doing something because every single one has had some kind of result. I will go anywhere anytime to just try and I am saying try and get him out of that world he’s in. I’m trying to go in a month or two. Mathew parents your in my prayers please keep us posted on how well mathew’s doing. Who knows maybe we’ll meet over there and armando and mathew will become friends. My son’s name is Armando he is 9 years old.God bless you guys and you guys just gave me that extra push.I will be praying.

    • Daniel Faiella

      Thank you, I hope Armando does great with the treatment. We are going back in Nov.

    • Tina

      Good luck to Mathew and his parents, I sure hope this works for you. I’m a desperate mom of five kids, two of which are autistic, and I need hope. I can’t afford anything of anything, heck I can’t even afford to reunite $6,000.00 I need to buy a forclosed home I want to leave my children something, but I can afford to pray and have hope for me, for my children and for every parent out there who have children with special needs from autism to cerebral palsy. I hope that any treatment out of the US that give us hope, can be provided here in the US, even though many of us parents wouldn’t have the opportunity to try it, but at least it would be here. I just don’t understand why here in the US they don’t approve most of these things and we have to seek out to other countries to for help. Where are the studies for autism in the US? So much money has gone to this cause, but I don’t see it. Anyways, best of luck to you and I am praying and I’ll always pray for anyone who is willing and able to find help or improve this condition.

    • Daniel Faiella

      Thank you Tina. I have tried to spark clinical trials here in the U.S. but noone wanted to listen, very sad. People like Autism Speaks will never bring you a cure or even talk about one, because they make to much money making you think they care. I am shock that I am the only one talking about Adult Stem cells from cord blood to treat Autism.

      • Shannon

        How much does one treatment cost? My son has mild autism, mainly in speech. I want to hear him speak more and clearer so bad. Please tell us how much the treatments are. I am planing on having another child, do you know if I could save the umbilical cord blood and use that for the treatment, would it cost less?

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    • Daniel Faiella

      We just got back from our third stem cell treatment for our son Matthew and you can watch my last Fox news interview and what Matthew Dr. had to say.

      Fox News Interview With Matthew’s Pediatrician
      Here is the Fox interview with our son’s pediatrician who only believes in FDA approved treatments, telling the reporter Matthew has made incredible progress and that kids with autism even with therapy do not make the gains she has seen in Matthew

      Steve Gehlbach does a great job reporting this story!!! The reporter at the end (Cale Ramaker) made a mistake and said they have been following us for 2 years but it has only been since Feb 2008.

    • Anne

      I have a daughter who is nine years old, non verbal, non potty trained and constantly frustrated, and increasingly violent toward herself and others because she is severely autistic. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in taking my daughter for stem cell therapy, if only i had the money to do so. Medicine is advancing faster then ever and if stem cell therapy was a load of rubbish, then why are there clinical trials being conducted now? It is the way to go forward, and any therapy is good where there are real children involved who live generally crappy lives. I hate the people that trash parents, who are only trying to do all that is possible to help their children, these parents have my full support because I would do exactly the same thing myself to help my daughter given the means! Try walking a mile in my shoes and theirs before you comment!

    • http://N/A Amir.mohamed

      It s very good to hear that there is a cure through the stem cells.But what is not clear that there is no % for the success for these trials for the $20,000.
      How many visits =nedded for a good results? How much is cost per visit?
      We just getting worry because there is a new intevention.Non of them give a reliable answer.Just a trials.

    • Joe

      I went to Costra Rica, $30,000 later, one month no change at all.

    • tamara

      who belives in that

    • Americord Registry

      I work for a cord blood bank and can give you the facts behind the over-promotion. See to find 5 Straight Facts About Cord Blood ViaCord / ViaCell and Cord Blood Registry Won’t Tell You

    • Jan

      Stem cell therapy is still experiemental/early stages.Looking at near cure rates of children with CP by Duke Uni is exciting and gives us all hope.

    • Daniel Faiella

      You did not spend $30k in Costa Rica for Autism with stem cells!!! Also one month no change, LOL! It is not a injection today and cure tomorrow!!! You might not see anything for 6 months!