Bamboo Living Homes

Bamboo Living Homes is a company that builds and ships bamboo homes – like a container bamboo house. It’s an interesting concept, with some odd building codes mixed in – i.e. it could take you a while to get your permit to actually use one as a home. On the plus side bamboo is a nice sustainable material and strong.

What I found a little odd was that Bamboo Living Homes notes that many bamboo homes in Japan have been standing for 200 years plus; but the homes they ship are made of the same same species of untreated bamboo poles used in certain Vietnam bamboo structures that have lasted 50 years. (Why note the known longer lasting bamboo along side your not-as-long bamboo, I’ll never know). Still, the homes are pretty cool to look at.

This one, the Eco Home, is so darling – it looks like an ornate box.

bamboo home

I think the Thai Hale is pretty neat – a little tropical for my personal taste, but honestly, you can’t beat the flowing railing look.

bamboo home

They’ll do custom designs as well; this custom is covered in cement. It’s cute, like a little adobe bamboo home.

bamboo home

Bamboo Living Homes has numerous other designs to choose from – most of them beautiful, and not too bad price wise. I suggest checking out the Hip House and the Cottage style homes. They also do interiors, but all of the ones I saw  at their site were a little too tropical (I’m not a big tropical person) spent too much time happy on foggy very not-tropical west coast beaches.

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