Limited Edition Wildly Cherry M&M’s

wild cherry m&m’s

I found some Limited Edition Wildly Cherry M&M’s the other day! I’d heard about these and when I saw them on the shelf I snatched them up.


Each bag is 1.5 ounces and the candy itself is about the size of the peanut butter M&M’s (just smaller than the peanut, if that helps). There are only two colors – red and maroon, and I think the maroon is just plain chocolate because I don’t get as much of a cherry kick from those (it’s hard to tell when you’ve already had a cherry one first!).


You can kind of see a slightly lighter chocolate ring just under the shell. I’m not sure if this is where the flavoring is but if you bite one in half there’s an obvious visual difference between the two chocolates.

My first impression is that they taste like cherry cordials – the syrupy chocolate-covered bonbons that are everywhere around Christmas. It’s not overwhelming and is actually pretty tasty, but I can’t get over the hard crunch of the shell combined with the flavor – I’m used to it being paired up with just chocolate and cherry syrup!

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    • jack connell

      send us some and we will be back with a comment

    • Donna

      let’s go wild for wildly cherry M&M’s !!!!!

      Wild Thing

      P.S. I WANT CANDY !!!!!

    • Joseph Stowell

      Three cheers for M&M cherrys!

    • Jackie Youngblut

      I love m & m’s and these look especially yummy. I would love to try them. If I don’t win, I am going to buy some.

    • Geraldine Cordova

      Never had a wild cherry M&M before, try me!!!

    • Gina

      Being from Traverse City, MI; I love everything cherry. Please pick me. Thanks Gina

    • mona lisa hayden

      I found my cherry M&M
      I went back to get more of my cherry M&M
      There were no more cherry M&M’s
      Where can I find more of my cherry M&Ms?

    • mona lisa hayden

      Shake the m&M cherry tree!

    • MRob

      Did you know they have (maybe “had” by now), RASPBERRY M&Ms? I tried them and they are not too bad. I saw them at Sam’s Club.

    • http://google Angela McCann

      I purchased one bag and of the wild cherry mms, ate them and went back into the gas station and bought two more. This morning on the way to work I purchased 5 bags!!!!!!!!!

    • Jean Murray

      I am having a melt-down! Really! I got hooked on those wildly cherry m&m’s and now there are no more! Have you heard anything about whether they are continuing to make them? Or where I can buy them? Black market, anyone?

    • Heather

      Hi Jean! I can’t find them anymore either – I’m also looking for the mint crispy M&M’s and they’re nowhere to be found!

    • Jean Murray

      That is what I figured. I really don’t think it’s nice for Mars to put stuff out there and then take it back.

    • Heather

      I totally agree!

    • Millie

      I have them in my store in Bethlehem, PA People have come back for more when they buy one. I myself have not tried it but I hear they are delicious.

      Stop by the Candy Factory if you must have them!

    • Nancy Harvey

      I think M&M should make wild cherry and crisp mint a regular product, they are delicious.

    • Lana Arnett

      I purchased cherry m&m’s a while back and can not find them now. Need to know how I can purchase more. Thank you.

    • David

      I bought one bag at the M&M store in Times Square on the Sunday (Nov 2, 2008) of the NYC Marathon, brought them back to Vermont where I opened them and wished I’d bought a dozen bags. I called the store today and they said the Cherry M&M’s are no longer being produced! Is that true? Are there any anywhere? Thanks.

    • Bev Malnory

      Is there anywhere you can purchase these cherry m&m’s? I think they need to start making them again! thanks.

    • Donna

      Cherry m&m…please start making them again,,,or where can i find them?