The Best of the Best: Top 50 Adoption Blogs

From domestic to international adoptions, from first moms to adoptees, from same sex parents to transracial families…the best of the best adoption blogs out there on the internet.


Anti-Racist Parent

A Birth Project

Adoptive Parents


Production, not reproduction

Plain Jane Mom Letters to a Birthmother

Gotcha Baby

Baggage and Bug

Fostering Pride

Overwhelmed with Joy

This Woman’s Work

The Other Mother

Mayhem and Magic

Peter’s Cross Station


My Two Boys

Salsa in China

Jesus was Not a Republican

Two Different Loves

It Only Takes One Step

Pundit Mom

A New Flower Blooms

Artificially Sweetened

Alison and Jim’s Adoption Journey

Come Undone

Now What?

Just Enjoy Him

Third Mom

American Family

Hearts Wide Open

Uterine Wars

Fling Poo

First Parents

Not Mother

Writing My Wrongs

Magic Pointe Shoes

Wet Feet

Reunion Writings

Chronicles of Munchkinland

I should really be working



Harlow’s Monkey

Ethnically Incorrect Daughter

3 Generations of Adoption

Adoption and its Triad

Land of the Nos-So-Calm

Ungrateful Little Bastard

Heart, Mind, and Seoul

Bastard in a Handbasket

Adopt This

Twinkle Little Star


A Little Pregnant

So Close

Stirrup Queens

And I Wasted All that Birth Control

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    • Carissa

      Wow thank you so very much Marcie! I love your blogs as well!

    • Marcie

      I love keeping up to date with Vietnam (and Korea). :)

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    • Heather.PNR

      Wow! Thank you!!!

      Some of my long-time favorites are on this list in every category. I’ll be sure to check out the unfamiliar ones.

    • PunditMom

      Thanks so much for including me!

    • Erika Jurney, Plain Jane Mom

      Well thank you very much :)

    • Michelle

      Thanks, Marcie! Things may be about to get very interesting in our little corner of the open adoption world…DRAMA is the only word to describe it, and I’m figuring out how to blog about it!

    • pickel

      OHHHH, Michelle, I can’t wait to find out! Keep us posted over here!

    • Robin Reagler

      Thanks for including The Other Mother in this list of exceptional blogs. I am honored, humbled.

    • Thanksgivingmom

      Well holy moly! I am darned near speechless! Which I’m sure you’ll know from reading my blog is a rarity!

      You made my night! Thanks so much!

      *And thanks for compling this list too! I love finding new blogs to read, although like Heather said, many of these are already Must Reads for me!*

    • Marcie

      Now see, that is exactly why you’re in the top 50…you crack me up (and leave me sputtering half the time)!

    • Marcie

      Umm, Jack Tripper?

    • Thanksgivingmom


    • Margie

      Thanks very much, I appreciate it!

    • paragraphein

      This makes me smile. Thank you so much. And I am so excited to check out all the other blogs!

    • Marcie

      I’m so glad so many of you have visited and have checked out the other sites.

      I really think that ALL of you do fantastic work.

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    • Blondie

      Wow! Thank you!

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    • Marcie

      Blondie…you do a lot!

    • mama2roo

      Thanks so much! You put me in far better company than I feel I deserve! (great list!)

    • KimKim

      Thank you for having me on this list, it’s a great honour.

    • Theresa

      Hey! Thank you!

    • Overwhelmed With Joy!

      What an honor to make this list. Thank you so much!

    • erinberry


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    • Poor_Statue

      Thank you!

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    • Robin Reagler

      The Other Mother is planning a blog carnival to celebrate Freedom to Marry week. You are so invited.

    • PunditMom

      Thanks for the shout out. I don’t write about it as much as politics at my place, but it is a topic near and dear to me heart.

    • http://none Gary Morgenstein

      Hi all,
      As an adoptive parent, I’m trying to get out the word about my newest novel “Jesse’s Girl,” available on Written from the perspective of a Dad, my book is about a widowed New York father’s desperate search for his missing adopted teenage son, who has run away from a Montana wilderness substance abuse program to find his biological sister in Kentucky. I don’t understand blogs and have no idea how to create one. I’m just an adoptive parent who wrote a story he wants to share with like-minded parents. Thanks for any help-guidance.
      Gary Morgenstein,

    • paul(mytwodaddies

      I just started my column on Dad-Blogs. It is centered around adoption. I will be conducting interviews with birth moms, children, adoptive parents to get many perspectives.

      This is my first article and speaks about our personal adoption journey

    • Megan

      Here’s a new one you should definitely check out: Adventures in Adoption at

    • kyungmee

      Hi. I recently started my own Blog called Korean American Adoptee Home Is Within. It is a collection of short pieces, poems, photos, and use of media to write about my personal experiences and journey as a korean american adoptee. I hope you can come follow me there and share your comments and experiences! The address is

    • Mary Greene

      Please consider posting a link to my adoption blog, which is a book in progress about the Russian adoption of our two children, one of which we later learned suffers from FAS, autism, bipolar disorder, seizure disorder, mitochondrial disease and attachment issues. Its the story of how love can blossom even in the most hostile terrains. The site is


    • katherine schantz

      “Along came Mary”
      a blog for and about adopted children at any age

      Sunday, February 21, 2010
      My adoption story….part 1

      “ Along Came Mary “

      Before October of 2009, I had never really considered my real beginning. I have always loved to tell my sweet adoption story…..
      the one my Mother told me….

      Once upon a time during the 2nd World War my Mother’s 2 sisters & 3 brothers were all getting married and having children. My mother and dad got married in July of 1945 in my grandmother living room. Ma’s house ( as all her grandchildren affectionately called her ) was a beautiful craftsmen style home with a tudor interior. The focal point of Ma’s living room was a big stone fireplace that went up 10 feet. Wow what a pretty place to get married!!!! Mother and Dad started their new life together in their 1st little house in Wilmington, N.C. Dad was in business and mother was a nurse….life was happy….but as I said before, all the brothers and sisters on both sides of the family were having lots of babies. My parents were trying to conceive a child without any success. Prayer was also a big part of their preparing for a child and I think my Mother was disappointed with God when her prayers were not immediately answered. Mother’s conversation with God went something like this…..” Lord I know I will be a good mother….please help me understand why you are not allowing me to have a child.”
      The next several years passed with still no baby!!!!! So my parents decided that they should try to adopt a child. They contacted the Children’s Home Society in Greensboro, N.Y. about starting the adoption process. When I say “ Process “ I really mean a long, grueling process that they both went thru together. Writing letters, having interview after interview, waiting and waiting and waiting, also having Children’s Home social workers arrive unannounced at their home. All of this to insure that Bob & Bitsy would be perfect parents to this new baby that the Children’s Home Society would be placing in their home.
      On July 10th 1950 I was born but spent the next month at the Big White Cottage ( as it was called way back then )at The Children’s Home. Adoptions took at least a month in 1950 to finalize because the birth mother was given that length of time to change her mind about the adoption. The day finally came for me to go home. This is where the “ Sweet Story “ starts. When Mother and Dad arrived to pick me up at the White Cottage, I was lying so sweet and precious in the traditional white bassinet that each child meeting their new parents greets them in. Mother said…..when she saw me in that bassinet she knew why God had never let her get pregnant because He had a special child for her and that special child was “ME”. Motherhood began for my Mother that day….God’s plan was not just good it was the best!!!!!
      Well, that is the beginning of my adoption story. I can’t wait to share the rest with you on my next blog…..there is so much more I have to tell you…..don’t forget….”Along Came Mary”.
      If you have your own adoption story you would like to share with me as I share mine with you that would be so great….because that is what this Blog is about….Adoption Stories mine and yours
      Love to all
      Mary Katherine

    • gr8flchk

      Thanks for this list! This will keep me busy for days!

      seoulwithlove. blogspot. com

    • Carol Lozier, LCSW

      Great list! I would love to add my blog, “In My Child’s World: Strategies for Foster and Adoptive Parents to Reach Their Child.” My web address is: Thanks!

    • Tasha Via

      My family JUST started our adoption journey to get our little girl from Uganda. I’ve looked all over for other families going through the Uganda program. I’d LOVE to hear from you!

      Our blogs are:

    • Laura Carbonell

      Very informative list but I would like to add a site which has helped me tremendously. Mainly because you can find all the information there without having to visit many different ones. It’s a very confusing and difficult process and it helps to simplify.

    • Sarah and Justin

      It is great to see so many blogs on the adoption process. There are so many resources for people who want to have a family in this way, and I think it is wonderful. We have just started our journey to adopt a second child, and would recommend adoption to anyone. Our blog can be found on our website here:

      Wish us luck! And good luck to all the prospective adoptive parents out there!

    • genesis1968

      Looking for a website that I can post information that I have in trying to find a brother that was adopted out in 1964. Hoping that he is looking too and would see my post and see that it may be him. Any ideas about where a website or blog like that is?

    • Cara

      Boundless Joy Arising.

      We brought our daughter Yelena home from Baby House #2 in Perm Russia in May 2000. She is now 12 and in the 5th grade in Waltham, MA.

    • Craig

      Does anyone know anything about Adoption Services? We are considering them but would like some references. Thanks

    • Zamir

      My wife and I just started our blog about adoption, from a different perspective. We are both designers and artists, so we will be blogging not only about our adoption process but also about design and art that is somehow related to adoption. We will feature our own journey to adopt, our journey to find designer baby products, and artists or designers working to support or promote adoption. Additionally with adoption funding being so hard to come by these days, we will also feature products from our own design for sell as fundraising. Please join us on our journey at

    • Pix

      Wonderful list! I’d like to invite readers to our blog, following bringing our son home from South Korea. Lots of reference materials and links for other families of international adoption there too! All the best–

    • Elliott Blackwell

      My family has just begun the international adoption process and I love to read other adoption blogs. I have started one on the adventure we have begun. It is