A New Poll and a Contest!


If you look to the left you will see the tagline for Baking Delights. It says, Baking, you cant beat it!

Which may be true, but it is starting to bore me. Lacks charisma, luster, and ooo-lala, you know?

So here is the deal. I need a new tag line. And you want to win a contest. Come on, you know you do.

Look at t his cookbook. How cool is it? Dorie Greenspan bakes her way though the Parisian Pastry Shops. Imagine touring Paris with Dorie at your side. :)

See, I told you you wanted this.

So, here’s what you do.
1. Blog about this contest with a link back to Baking Delights.
2. Leave me a comment with a link to the blog post.

That gets you entered for the cookbook.
3. Come up with a tag line for Baking Delights. Something catchy, and very, very Marye. For the tagline you will get another entry in the contest.

I will choose the five taglines I like best.
On March 14th I will put up a new poll with the five best taglines. The poll will run through the 25th. On the 25th I will draw the name of the winner of the cookbook and….
The person who gets the most votes will win a $10 gift certificate to Amazon.
How cool is that?

Pretty stinkin’ cool of you ask me!

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    • http://erikai-eats.blogspot.com/ erikai


      How about

      “Audaciously appealing alchemy.”

      Or “More fun than a flour tub of bakers”

    • Ginger

      How about: Heat up the kitchen with Marye.

      …or is that going too far?

      …. oh my! the double entendres are out tonight!

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    • http://www.cookiedoc.blogspot.com Claire

      Baking Delights: Delights Make, Delights to Munch

    • Deb

      Baking Delights: Where the art of baking is a showplace for(or of) love.

      I thought these definitions showed showplace was a good choice of words.

      1. an estate, mansion, or the like, usually open to the public, renowned for its beauty, excellent design and workmanship.
      2. any house, building, office, etc., that is beautifully furnished and is considered of flawless taste.

      I don’t have a blog..:( I just read yours


    • Marye

      Thank you Claire!
      Deb- you, of all people, NEED a blog.

    • http://diabetes.battlingforhealth.com/2008/02/diabetes-cookbook-giveaway/ Julie F


      Decadent and delightful, not just Marye, but baking, too.

      That was just for fun, I’ll post something real later.

    • Marye

      Oh Man, Drive bys….
      and I thought this was a GOOD neighborhood.

    • Lisa

      On the same vein of Heat of the Kitchen with Marye….
      Hot Mama Cookin’ :-)

      Ok. Seriously.
      Queen of Hearts Baking Delights.

    • http://diabetes.battlingforhealth.com/2008/02/diabetes-cookbook-giveaway/ Julie F

      Oh no, this has so turned wrong, wrong, wrong.

      Baking Up Hot Delights

      That is my serious entry. I’ll go blog about it in a bit!

    • http://www.helpmyhurt.com Marijke

      Hi there – how about something like:

      Get a rise out of your baking.

      I’ll do a post on how baking fun foods can help take your mind off pain for helpmyhurt.com and I’ll mention your contest at the same time.

      Good luck!

    • Jane aka Artstuff2

      Hi Marye,
      I am a fellow Daring Baker and I am VERY new to all of this.
      Sorry I have no blog it to post to but would love that book. How do you gals do it? I have been thinking about but just not sure I have the time.
      I used to own a catering business, Appetizers and Desserts, but I started out just desserts and it’s name was Devilishly Delicious Desserts, then I dropped the Desserts when I added other foods.
      I think it Baking Delights, Devilishly Delicious would be great!
      Let me know what you think!

    • http://www.cookiedoc.blogspot.com Claire

      That should be delights TO make, not delights make! Sorry. About to do a blurb about this now.

    • Marye

      LOL! What is the deal? The porn sites keep linking to me and now you guys have me made out to be ….umm…wait…I think you have me pegged….

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    • Jane aka Artstuff2

      A sexy, snappy name is a good link to food because it arouses the senses and bring so much pleasure to everyone. Food and sex have long been acquainted, and even the very conservative agree, food most of the times brings ( I would say arouse, but that might “ruffle” some, laughing) a lot of pleasure. So Marye, go for it ! Let your inner fun, sexy food enthusiastic chef shine!

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    • http://www.treehuggingfamily.com Jennifer

      Hmmm, how about:

      Cooking…good. With a little cavewoman.

      Just kidding, I hate taglines too – just letting you know that I added you to the contest post

    • Marye

      Thanks Jennifer.

    • http://diabetes.battlingforhealth.com/2008/02/diabetes-cookbook-giveaway/ Julie F
    • Marye

      You are so funny, Julie!

    • Marye

      I love these taglines…you guys, keep them coming!

    • http://www.treehuggingfamily.com Jennifer

      Ok, I have an official entry. It just came to me… I can’t figure out if you’re giving away a book or a gift certificate though – I don’t want either. SO if I win, I get to pick who had the second best slogan and who gets the bootie prize. Ok. Also, I’m not sure, do we have to have BD in the tag? I’ll do one with and one not…

      Baking Delights, taking over the world, one muffin at a time.

      Marye, taking over the world, one muffin at a time.


    • http://www.treehuggingfamily.com Jennifer

      PS I will post a link later :)

    • Marye

      LOL! I love those…you are so funny.

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    • http://erikai-eats.blogspot.com/ erikai

      You’re just channeling your inner tart *grin*

      These are really great…

    • Marye

      BAking Delights…Channeling Your Inner Tart..I like it.

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    • erikai

      Glad you liked it!

    • http://home-gourmets.blogspot.com/ Suzana

      Oh Marye, I’m afraid I’m no good for taglines. But I’ll see if I can blog about it. :)

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    • http://whoscookingtonight.blogspot.com ioyces


      What a cute contest!!! :D

    • http://diabetes.battlingforhealth.com/2008/02/diabetes-cookbook-giveaway/ Julie F

      Now I am torn between Jennifers’ and erikais’. They’re both really good! Which way to vote?

    • http://www.treehuggingfamily.com Jennifer

      Well, Julie, “You can’t go wrong voting for Jennifer” that’s another tagline I like :)

    • http://erikai-eats.blogspot.com/ erikai

      Naughty Nibbles by Tintillating Tarts!

      Nah really… We have to keep this a *tiny* bit PG… It is kinda syndicated, ya?

      But it’s fun to come up the ideas anyhoo :)

      I kinda like the Devilishly Delicious one. As far as Jennifer’s idea, you could go on a Pinky and the Brain expansion and be

      “Taking over the oven, one muffin at a time.”

      This is really fun.

      Thanks Marye!

    • http://home-gourmets.blogspot.com/ Suzana
    • http://diabetes.battlingforhealth.com/2008/02/diabetes-cookbook-giveaway/ Julie F

      Oh wait, how about:

      Munching with Marye.

      or a variation on erikais’…

      Tasty Tidbits With Tantalizing Tarts (no entry just goofing with that one)

    • Marye

      Suzana- thank you!
      ioyces-thanks that was awesome!
      Erikai- I am SO not politically correct…fire away!
      Jennifer..I think Vote for jennifer would be a weird tagline on a baking blog…
      Julie..you are hysterical…
      Keep them coming guys.

    • Michele

      Don’t have a blog. Don’t even know what a blog is, but have an idea for a title.
      How about “Delightful, Delicious, Delicacies”
      short, simple, to the point.

    • Marye

      Hi Michele! Good to see you. :)

    • http://www.leftoverqueen.com JennDZ_The LeftoverQueen

      You already have some really good ones – but you need something with a bit of heat – like your beloved chipotles…how about:

      Baking Delights: A lot of Sweet with a Pinch of Spice!

    • http://morethanburnttoast.blogspot.com Bellini Valli

      Hey Marye, my thought is:
      Bakers Rise to the Occasion :D

    • Marye

      Jenn..that is awesome too!
      Vallie- you too.
      Wow.. ;)

    • http://www.craveperfection.blogspot.com Mehgan

      Alrighty, marye you asked for it! Here’s the link to my post about the contest: http://craveperfection.blogspot.com/2008/03/randomness-and-contest.html

      Thanks for doing this, this is awesome!!

    • http://www.tangerineskitchen.blogspot.com rachel

      A delightful place for baking delights!

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    • http://www.treehuggingfamily.com Peggy

      I blogged about the contest at http://www.chocmoon.wordpress.com

      That’s my other green blog, Light Green Stairs.

    • http://www.treehuggingfamily.com Peggy

      Hmm, new tag. Here you go:

      It’s much better from your oven.

      I think this helps reinforce making your stuff at home versus buying all the things with packaging at the store.

    • Marye

      Mehgan, Rachel,and Peggy, thanks!
      Peggy..I am gonna check out your blog..thanks for leaving the addy to it! I love green blogs.

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    • http://bakersbakery.wordpress.com Carrie

      I’m in! I gave it a lot of thought and I hope you love it! :-)

    • http://bakersbakery.wordpress.com Carrie

      “Basking in the Kitchen of Baking Delights”

    • Marye

      Great! Thanks Carrie!

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