The Case of Hannah Poling

Hannah Poling is the name of the 9-year-old autistic child whose “pre-existing mitochondrial disorder…. was ‘aggravated’ by her shots,” as was conceded last week by the government in the Court of Federal Claims. Today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution profiles her and her parents, neurologist Jon Poling and Terry Poling, a lawyer and nurse, note that the court decision “will help pay for the numerous therapists and other medical experts their autistic child needs — now and for the rest of her life.” More about Hannah’s story:

The Georgia girl’s case – and its implications in the vaccine-autism debate – raise more questions than it answers, experts say.

Some medical experts say it’s difficult to fully assess the case because the federal vaccine-court documents are sealed from public view.

“It raised a lot of questions for us,” said Dr. David Tayloe Jr., president-elect of the American Academy of Pediatrics [AAP]. The national medical group’s leadership has been seeking more information about Hannah’s vaccine-court case since last week when a sealed vaccine-court document detailing the government’s settlement was posted on the Internet by an autism book author, then circulated widely among autism groups.

(This would be the court case records that David Kirby wrote about in the Huffington Post last week.)

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution notes that the AAP has been “trying to get access to official documents in the case so medical experts can delve into the science, assess whether there are implications for other children and answer questions from doctors and families” and continues:

“Our responsibility is to make sure the public is given good information and make sure the hype doesn’t distract from public health,” Tayloe said. “I still would not think that we’re going to have evidence showing a role of vaccines actually causing autism.”

According to the leaked document posted online, the government’s Division of Vaccine Injury Compensation concluded that five shots Hannah received in July 2000, when she was 19 months old, “significantly aggravated an underlying mitochondrial disorder” and resulted in a brain disorder “with features of autism spectrum disorder.”

Sallie Bernard, executive director of the national autism advocacy group SafeMinds, called the case “unprecedented” in that a link between vaccines and autism is being made public. Federal health officials “have insisted there is no link at all between vaccines and vaccine components and autism. And apparently that is not true,” she said.

Hannah is said to have started showing signs of autism at “3 months” after receiving her vaccines, though the Atlanta Journal-Constitution states that symptoms of autism appear in Hannah when she was 19 months old.

Hannah requires one-on-one care at all times, said her mother, Terry Poling, a nurse and lawyer. The Polings described how Hannah was a normal, verbal toddler until she received several vaccines during a well-baby visit. Within 48 hours of the shots, she developed a high fever and inconsolable crying and refused to walk. She stopped sleeping through the night. At 3 months of age, she began showing signs of autism, including spinning and staring at lights and fans. For a while, she lost her ability to speak.

When Hannah was 6 months old, as the family came to grips with the likelihood that she was autistic, they turned to leading experts in neurology. “I had to know. My daughter didn’t just suddenly develop autism for no reason,” Terry Poling said.

Hannah’s father co-authored an article about her case, which was published in the Journal of Child Neurology in 2006.

Hannah, who has two older brothers, continues to have mild to moderate symptoms of autism. The family says early and ongoing intensive therapy has been critical for her.

“The biggest question right now for the public is: How unique is Hannah’s case?” said Jon Poling. Poling said he suspects there are other children like Hannah.

Cliff Shoemaker, the Polings’ attorney, said the family has filed a petition with the vaccine court to unseal all of Hannah’s records and allow both the family and the government to fully discuss the case.

Despite this, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Justice, which reprersents [sic] the government in court cases, would not grant interviews or explain to the AJC why it isn’t releasing the records. HHS officials, who administer the vaccine compensation fund, also declined to be interviewed, citing the court’s confidentiality requirements.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution emphasizes that:

The language in the document does not establish a clear-cut vaccine-autism link. But it does say the government concluded that vaccines aggravated a rare underlying metabolic condition that resulted in a brain disorder “with features of autism spectrum disorder.”

It seems that there are more than a few issues here: (1) Did vaccines injure Hannah Poling; (2) did vaccines cause her to become autistic; (3) how “rare” is Hannah’s “underlying metabolic condition”?

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    • qchan63

      I think the reporter must have botched the references to the ages at which various events happened. (Exactly how does a 3-month-old baby “spin”?)

    • Ms. Clark

      This is really badly written:
      “At 3 months of age, she began showing signs of autism, including spinning and staring at lights and fans. For a while, she lost her ability to speak.

      When Hannah was 6 months old, as the family came to grips with the likelihood that she was autistic, …”

      But my question is, how much did their conversion to DAN!-ism in the months following Hannah’s apparent regression contaminate their memories of what she was like before and after the vaccines. Somewhere in the year after the set of vaccines in question, daddy began to consider becoming a DAN! doctor himself and both parents had attended DAN! conventions and they started exposing the girl to the typical quack and/or controversial treatments of that time, knowing full well, apparently that she had a mitochondrial disorder caused by a “point mutation” on a gene controlling mitochondrial function.

      Then there are conflicting accounts about the timing and cause of Hannah’s diarrhea. I wonder if they tried to reconstruct a more serious sounding vaccine-implicating scenario after having contacted Shoemaker and after having been in touch with other DAN! parents for a few months. Considering that daddy was thinking about being a DAN! doctor they might have been considered celebs at DAN! conferences, etc way back in 2001.

      Hannah might be as autistic as any other child, and maybe vaccines changed her by causing a fever, but her mother admits that it’s possible the same thing would have happened to Hannah without any vaccine, with exposure to virus.

      And one has to wonder if mom is talking about taking the money to pay for quack DAN! therapies. If so that would be sad.

    • Justthisguy

      What mitochondrial disorder, exactly, does she have? And is there someplace on the Web or elsewhere I can look that up?

      Seems like it would be pretty rare.

    • S.L.

      Justhisguy: Please go to for information on mito, it is RARE. Hannah was diagnosed following biopsies and spinal tap, she has Type I & III (dx: oxidative phosphorylation disease, with DNA marker).

      Notice how this article makes almost zero mention of mito?? Irresponsible reporting. Again, I fear how many autistic children will be submitted to these tests, all for naught. She & her family will be on Larry King Live tonight.

    • S.L.

      FYI…the writer (or someone) has apparently edited the article. The 3 months & 6 months issues have been corrected. That really confused the heck out of me this morning! Still not the best written article…

    • Leila

      I know my son never reacted to vaccines, so I can’t relate to the Polling’s story. However I know one very credible person whose daughter regressed after a fever post-MMR. So I do believe that there are some cases, probably a minority, were the FEVER causes a reaction in the brain that triggers the disorder. But even if you don’t vaccinate, there will be other events (wild virus or bacterial infections) that may cause the exact same reaction in a child who is genetically prone to develop ASD.

      So I’m not opposed to people looking into the vaccine causation. I just think it’s ridiculous that so many people believe it’s THE main or only cause of autism, and that it applies to their offspring even when there were obvious signs of autism prior to vaccinations or autism traits in the family.

    • Estee

      I will be making a public comment tonight on this on Global National News.

    • Kassiane

      ….WTF? Congratulations, you proved fevers and mito don’t mix, which they knew since I was a child?


      Someone needs hit with the clue-bat.

    • Isabella

      Very poorly written article (with mix-ups of age of diagnosis, etc.) notwithstanding, I am finding that in response to this, people seem a bit too quick to judge Hannah’s parents, and are somewhat close-minded when it comes to vaccines being linked to ASD. First off, a mother knows her child more than anyone else. I doubt that Terry’s memory was “contaminated,” as suggested above. I am certain that Hannah was indeed a “normal” child until the said vaccination incident. I am certain that her parents would have seen if there was any sign of early autism. Second, there is certainly something to this case, and it is alarming.

      However, what I don’t understand is that if thimerosal has been used as a preservative in vaccines from the 1930s, and supposedly since 2000 there are thimerosal-free vaccines available, why is autism an epidemic today? It would also be interesting to see studies on the link between thimerosal-free vaccinations and autism vs. thimerosal-containing vaccinations and autism. I’d also like to know more about this mitochondrial disorder. How common is this? How can they test for it?

      There are many more questions than answers. I hope this is all figured out and squared away soon because I know my 7-month old son is perfectly normal. I would hate to be one of these parents a year from now — with a lawyer and a pending lawsuit.

    • grenouille

      This whole case becomes more and more upsetting to me. I guess my initial take was that the parents were somehow pawns of a lawyer or that their victory was being trumpeted by the DAN! crowd without their consent.

      Now I think this whole thing is a carefully orchestrated scenario and it’s sickening. I simply cannot believe that the neurologist father does not know that his daughter’s issues are vastly different from those of the other litigants.

      I think he agreed with some DAN! lawyer to file a case he knew was slightly fraudulent but probably winnable. How awful to use your child’s sickness (falsely, I might add) to advance your pet theory.

    • codeman38

      I have a copy of today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution sitting right here, and I can vouch that the way the article was presented in the actual newspaper is even more worrisome.

      All that is above the fold is a picture of Hannah and the headline: “First Autism-Vaccine Link: HOW HANNAH MADE HISTORY.” I think this headline is even more deceptive than what’s posted on the web site– partly because the article claims the case doesn’t necessarily establish a vaccine-autism link!

      And only the first two paragraphs of the article are printed in full on page A1. The third cuts off before the first sentence is even through, at “The language in the document does not establish a”; to find out what it doesn’t establish, one must turn to page A14. And even those two paragraphs and a half-sentence are ‘below the fold’.

      Someone reading just the front page without turning to page A14 for the continuation is going to get a distorted idea of the details of the case; someone reading just the headline, which is all that can be seen in a newspaper box, will get an even more distorted impression.

      Needless to say, this bothers me for a number of reasons…

    • Alicia Green

      I have not vaccinated my 8 month old son because with years of research I am extremely concerned about whether the benefits outweigh the risks. I feel like there is not enough studies done on the outcome these immunizations hold and I don’t want my baby to be subjected to something I don’t feel is going to benefit him more than hurt him.

    • Kathy

      Donna Williams has written a very good piece about this controversy, Kristina
      Check it out at

    • Kathy

      Sorry, wrong link guys.
      Should be

    • Regan

      Isabella said,
      I’d also like to know more about this mitochondrial disorder. How common is this? How can they test for it?

    • Regan

      The deal that concerns me is that some of this seems to be spinning into–the vaccinations caused the mitochondrial disorder ala AZT. Sounds improbable, but I have already received 2 emails to that effect. I guess we shall find out in the near future whether my concern has legs.

      If I was parent whose child had mitochondrial disorder and susceptible to pathogen triggers, I might be wondering about the possibility of these stories steering people steering away from vaccinations, thus increasing the odds of encountering a wild-type disease.

      Eleanor is “officially” diagnosed as late-onset/regressive autism. While a corner of my mind does wonder about the mitochondrial disorder, practically I know it’s highly unlikely since she has none of the associated physical symptoms and has no regressions after illness.

    • Emily

      Mitochondrial disorders are quite rare. In general, the regions of mitochondrial DNA that have jobs to do cannot change much at all because the slightest change in the protein product results in malfunctions severe enough to trigger cell death and thus the nonexistence of the organism. Mitochondria have to be pretty much unchanged for life to continue.

      There are a few mitochondrial disorders that make it through and that vary in severity depending on how many affected mitochondria the zygote ends up with from the mother. At any rate, this particular alleged interaction should have less influence on our understanding of the etiologies of autism than those studies finding genes that have gone awry in <1 of people with autism. I don’t see how it would be very useful in a broader sense given the rarity of mito disorders.

      Yes, the father undoubtedly knows that this is not a broadly applicable scenario. And the poster above who pointed out that high fever was probably the trigger is likely correct, given the metabolic requirements and involvement of mitochondria in these situations, especially as it seems that oxidative phosphorylation was involved. We’re talking about inflammation processes here, which would happen with actual infection or vaccine.

    • Regan

      United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation Statement on Vaccines, Autism and Mitochondrial Disease

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      @Regan—-I’ll quote the statement, which does not mention autism.

      “There are no scientific studies documenting that childhood vaccinations cause or worsen mitochondrial diseases, but there is very little scientific research in this area. Mitochondrial diseases are as prevalent as childhood leukemia, however the National Institutes of Health devotes only $11 million a year to research into mitochondrial disorders
      and only about one-third of that is earmarked for primary mitochondrial disease research. Many scientists believe unmasking the causes of
      mitochondrial disease may lead to possiblecures for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and cancer.”


      thanks as always for sharing your knowledge—-I think you comment needs to be repeated.


      really interesting what Williams has to say about her own immune system and disease flare-ups—-

    • Kristina Chew, PhD
    • Allison Jones

      I’ve been studying why my son was paralyzed for three days by his first shot, when he was four years old (in 1984) when he got his first DPT for school (had he been six weeks, it would have been his heart too, that’s SIDS). Actually, it doesn’t matter if they take out Thimerosal, every vial of any vaccine have the germ particles suspended in Aluminum and Mercury anyway. The whole thing is heavy metals, that’s why they don’t’ need another preservative! That’s why the doctors don’t shake the vials before they give it, they don’t need to. It’s already suspended, otherwise the material is too small to administer. (nor check weight to dose, nor allergic reactions, the genetic factor)!
      It gets worse though. After various things can damage developing dendrites (arms of the brain cell that listen to other cells talking), These are like multiple branches, while the singular Axon is the talker to one other cell. Only the Higher Brain cells recover, but the Old Brain at the top of the brain stem does not. So after the fire from the poisons go through and burn and destroy cells throughout the entire brain (if one survives, must Autistics are sensitive to Pertussis, because many of those sensitive to either Diptheria of Tetanus died, or were so severely injured, they’re not vaccinated again. Meanwhile, luckily there recovery in the higher brain, in can grow new cells. Unfortunately, the old brain that harbors all Instinctual Behavior, and Regulates all the Chemistry of the Body, it is foundation place (by being the germ of the seed), there is no replacing those. That’s why instinctual behaviors have to be taught to their conscious, cognitive minds. (Instinctual behaviors, like, self-preservation, empathy, sympathy, communication, etc). Autistics were born perfect, their budding brain cells, which have not finished growing Myelin Sheath until 24 months (Myelin is the protective insulation that takes 2 years to grow around the nerves). That’s why I say, there’s no hurry, don’t vaccinate until the child is at least 2 years, or in my experience, over 4 years of age!
      Also, the MMR causes Regressive Autism. The living Measles virus targets the nerves, hides, while the immune system destroys it, simultaneously destroying the Myelin Sheath insulation along with the virus. There’s lots of measles virus in those vials, way more than natural infection. And though the higher brain can survive the destruction and come back, the old brain cannot. That’s the cause of “Regressive Autism.” While the DPT takes down whoever is sensitive to any of those intense toxins. There should be an allergy test for who is sensitive to any of the nasty things in those vaccine recipes!
      I know what causes Autism, Allergies, SIDS, and though more pieces needed, I can see the whole picture. We are injecting into human babies (born gestationally premature because of the big head), the most toxic substances known to man (Diptheria is inevery bacterial vaccine, so whatever germ they want to be noticed will be noticed), the very germs we wish to avoid them exposure! Japan used to wait 2 years to vaccinate, waiting for Myelin to finish it’s job, but there were still problems, so now it’s voluntary; and with current sanitation, they don’t suffer from disease while producing brilliant progeny, while America produces 50% of the world’s neurologically damaged children. Humble kids from India come over to America, learn English immediately and move on to the highest education!
      I finally have a little booklet out, called “Tracking Vaccinations – The Autism Trail”, by Allison Jones, at

    • Allison Jones

      I need to fix a typo from my previous comment… America has 90% of the world’s neurologically damaged population… from vaccinating sooner than anyone else, and shooting them with more, like, enough Diptheira to last 200 years by the time they’re still just toddlers!
      We’re preening from the population, those whom are genetically sensitive to various toxins, and unlucky with the living Measles virus being injected, and more!

    • Dave Gormley

      There is a bit of mis-information here regarding Mito diseases.

      We have a son with a mitochondrial disease. Mito experts believe that Mito diseases may be the root cause for many misdiagnosed disease symptoms including loss of motor control, muscle weakness and pain, gastro-intestinal disorders and swallowing difficulties, poor growth, cardiac disease, liver disease, diabetes, respiratory complications, seizures, visual/hearing problems, lactic acidosis, developmental delays and susceptibility to infection. Additionally, they believer there to be strong evidence to support mitochondrial links to diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer and Autism spectrum disorders.

      Mito diseases are rare? Not true! When our son was diagnosed with his Mito disease, we were told there were about 40 Mito diseases and about 1 in 4000 had a Mito disease. We just were at a Mito awareness event Saturday, and I heard there are over 130 Mito diseases and the rate may be 1 in 1000 or lower. I expect that both those trends will continue. Currently the NIH grants money to many research areas including for this year $535M to study tobacco, $533M to study smoking and health, $287M to study STDs, $140M to study the health related to American Indians and Alaska Natives, and $5.65B to study cancer–all worthy subjects of research. This year the NIH earmarked about $5M to study mitochondrial disease. Directing significant research dollars to study Mito disease will benefit many other areas of research as Mito diseases affect the cells ability to generate the energy we need to live and sustain life and growth.

      There are tests that can be done to check for Mito diseases. However they are very expensive and are often either inconclusive or will not show a positive until later in the individuals life, so it is possible to get a false negative. I also think that there is a slippery slope here regarding “the vaccine triggered an underlying condition” in that where does that precedent ultimately end. As with many things…the keys are education, awareness and dollars. I feel terrible for this family, but I am not sure I get the liability in this situation.

    • Stacie

      The AJC has an alternate version of the article posted on the website that has the time line straightened out. She got the vaccines and then it says “within 3 months” and “after six months” of having the vaccine rather than at three months and at six months of age. They must have realized the mistake and done some editing after putting out the original….

    • Emily

      I think that I should clarify that there are some disorders that people think are mitochondrially based, like gettin’ old, for example, that are (obviously) quite common. But for diseases that manifest in childhood that trace to ox-phos pathways, those must be relatively rare because of their enormous effects. It should not escape anyone’s notice that one of the most active areas of oxidative phosphorylation would be the brain, where glucose is used apace. There is a close association between these types of mito disorders and myopathy AND encephalopathy. Ahem.

    • codeman38

      @Kristina Chew: Any idea why my comment earlier, regarding how this article was even more misleadingly presented in the AJC, might have gotten auto-moderated by the blog software? And should I try reposting it? It’s still in the moderation queue, but not showing up publicly.

    • Emily

      I just read this: “The fact that his wife also has the disorder yet displays no signs of autism suggests that his daughter’s symptoms are not genetically caused, he said.”

      That’s just nonsense. And here’s why:
      “The inheritance of these diseases does not follow the rules of Mendelian genetics. Instead, there are large random shifts at the mtDNA mutation level between mother and offspring. This study explains how these large random shifts occur within the first three weeks of embryo formation, through the combined use of computational modeling and a mouse model system.”

      “A woman’s eggs are formed at a very early stage in her development. As a precursor cell divides into a number of eggs, so the mitochondria from that cell are distributed randomly throughout these eggs. Hence different eggs can contain very different amounts of mutant mtDNA, which determine the amount of mutant genetic material that is passed on to the next generation.”

      This doctor knows…or should know…that there will be enormous variation in the manifestation of a mitochondrially based phenotype among mothers and offspring and among siblings born to the same mother. It depends on how much the offspring gets of the “bad” mitochondria the mother is toting in her cells. Get a bunch, you’re going to be sicker. Get a few, you may not show any symptoms at all.

      Only if this were a mitochondrially based disorder inherited via nuclear DNA would there be an expectation that the mother and daughter would have similar phenotypes. Given that there is obviously an assumption that the child inherited this from the mother, they obviously consider this to be a disorder based in mt-DNA, NOT in nuclear DNA, or they’d be talking about *either* parent.

      Something seems odd to me about all of this, about what these folks are saying in the interviews, etc.

      I also note that some researchers–not surprisingly–have found a bit of a link between OXPHOS problems and autism. Hmmmm.

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      @codeman38, Your comment has now appeared—-apologies for the delay. I am linking to it in another post.

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    • Jorma J. Takala

      Vaccines are NOT the cause of Autism.

      Read my myspace page to find out the truth about the cause of Autismm ADD, ADHD, Bipolar, Depression, Aspergers Syndrome.

      The cause of the autism is NOT the vaccines, it’s the toxic artificial dyes used in them.

      My myspace page tells about an 18 month old girl named Ashleigh, who was seeing NIH doctors for a reoccuring fever and a rash that simply would not go away.

      The doctors at NIH caused this little girl to develop a nystagmus (eye twitching) and myoclonus (twitching of the limbs) by giving her an injection of a contrast that was used for her MRI, or CT scan.

      The contrast cause her to have severe neurological problems and the information on my myspace page helped!

      After following my recommendations the little girls fever and rash were gone!


      The proof is there.

    • Regan

      There’s been a lot of things said with a lot of certitude today, and I surely don’t want to contribute to that, so this is purely information for those who might want to read further.
      I took a gander over some of the research literature to see what is out there in relation to autism and mitochondrial disorder, not to be confused with mitochondrial dysfunction, just to get more background on this. The Poling case is big because of the current publicity wave about the settlement, but scanning some of these papers, it seems that it would be an error to assume that such cases present identically as the Poling,et al. paper and the below might provide additional reference. I don’t claim that this is all that might be out there.

      SAGE happens to have some of the articles
      J Child Neurol/Journal of Child Neurology for
      Free Trial (Neurology and Neuroscience) until April 30

      • Fillano JJ, Goldenthal MJ, Rhodes CH, Marin-Garcia J. Mitochondrial dysfunction in patients with hypotonia, epilepsy, autism, and developmental delay: HEADD syndrome. J Child
      Neurol. 2002;17:435-439.
      • Graf WD, Marin-Garcia J, Gao HG, et al. Autism associated with the mitochondrial DNA G8363A transfer RNA (Lys) mutation. J Child Neurol. 2000;15:357-361.
      • Lerman-Sagie T, Leshinsky-Silver E, Watemberg N, Lev D. Should autistic children be evaluated for mitochondrial disorders? J Child Neurol. 2004;19:379-381.
      • Martin-Garcia J, Ananthakrishnan R, Goldenthal MJ, et al. Skeletal muscle mitochondrial defects in nonspecific neurologic disorders. Pediatr Neurol. 1999;21:538-542.
      • Olivera G, Diogo L, Grazina M, et al. Mitochondrial dysfunction in autism spectrum disorders: a population-based study.
      Dev Med Child Neurol. 2005;47:185-189.
      • Poling JS, Frye RE, Shoffner J, Zimmerman AW. Developmental regression and mitochondrial dysfunction in a child with autism.
      J Child Neurol. 2006;21:170-172.
      (The case study on Hannah Poling)
      • Pons R, Andreu AL, Checcarelli N, et al. Mitochondrial DNA abnormalities and autistic spectrum disorders. J Pediatr. 2004; 144:81-85.
      • Tsao, C-Y, Mendell, J.R. (2007). Autistic disorder in 2 children with mitochondrial disorders. J Child Neurol. 2007; 22:1121-1123

      Interesting because of discussion of potential contaminants, confounds and diagnostic confusions in determination of mitochondrial disorders and interpretations of biochemical tests. It also critiques some prior research and presentations as to whether mitochondrial disorder would be the only explanation for the data.

      Lerman-Sagie, T., Leshinsky-Silver, E., Watemberg, N., Lev, D., Should autistic children be evaluated for mitochondrial disorders?. Child Neurol 2004;19:379-381.
      Autism is etiologically heterogeneous; medical conditions are implicated in only a minority of cases, whereas metabolic disorders are even less common. Recently, there have been articles describing the association of autism with mitochondrial abnormalities. We critically review the current literature and conclude that mitochondrial disorders are probably a rare and insignificant cause of pure autism; however, evidence is accumulating that both autosomal recessive and maternally inherited mitochondrial disorders can present with autistic features. Most patients will present with multisystem abnormalities associated with autistic behavior. Finding biochemical or structural mitochondrial abnormalities in an autistic child does not necessarily imply a primary mitochondrial disorder but can also be secondary to technical inaccuracies or another genetic disorder. Clinicians should be careful in diagnosing a mitochondrial disorder in an autistic child because
      it has important implications for accurate genetic counseling, prognosis, and therapy.

    • Jorma J. Takala

      The Autism is NOT caused by the Vaccines.

      Read wwwDOTmyspaeDOTcomFORWARDSLASHlordnlady

      For the real truth behind the cause of Autism.
      I’ve been working on this for over two years since I discovered I have Aspergers Syndrome and a sever bipolar/manic disorder which I ultimately ended simply by changing my diet.

      Read my page for the undisputed truth about the REAL cause of Autism!

    • Jorma J. Takala

      I dare anyone to prove me wrong.

      I know this is a set up cause I am not wrong.

    • Kristina Chew, PhD


      More than helpful list—–wonder if many parents will (or are already) seeking to have their children tested for mito?

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    • Regan

      Kristina said,
      “wonder if many parents will (or are already) seeking to have their children tested for mito?”

      Darn that I can’t recall the exact article, but I did see the quote that a trial lawyer plans to tell his caseload of 1200 to do so.

    • A concerned Mom

      I find it incredibly difficult to understand how folks easily discount vaccinations as a possible link to ASD symptoms — when I was a child, there were supposedly only 1 in 10,000 children diagnosed with an autism-related disorder. Now we’re getting hit with 1 in 150? Unless some bizarre new genetic abnormality suddenly popped up, this is likely to be environmentally linked. What other possible causes has anyone heard of — other than the “it-just-kind-of-happens-sometimes-around-18 months-without-any-real-reason” excuse?

    • Bink

      Dear A Concerned Mom,

      I am a mother of an autistic child. Please realize that no one is “easily discounting” a link between vaccines and ASD symptoms. Please also take the time to step back and educate yourself about the statistics and facts. I hope you are a real person and not just yet another fake internet persona trumped up by some DAN chiropractor looking for business. If you are real, please, just educate yourself. The facts speak for themselves.

    • Emily

      There’s nothing “easy” about the millions and millions of research dollars that have been poured into investigating a putative link between autism and vaccines, monies spent around the world on these studies. No one has identified a link, much less a mechanism.

      Autism in our family did not happen at “around 18 months”; our children were born the way they are. Scout’s honor. I’ve got witnesses.

      As for the 1 in 150 value, you can’t say that this oft-quoted prevalence is something new just because we only recently figured it out. There was an enormous and diverse microbial world surrounding us all for millennia, but we had no idea they were there until a few centuries ago. Does that mean that suddenly, in the 15th century, there was a “microbe epidemic”? No.

      Stanley Prusiner identified prions in the 1990s. Does that mean that there was suddenly a prion epidemic or that there hadn’t been prions before? No.

      Autism existed well before it got a name in the 1940s, and long before there were vaccinations. Look at the literature. It’s highly likely that people weren’t counting right or extrapolating appropriately or applying the same criteria between studies or using the same diagnostic criteria used today. I’m not making that up. Anyone who’s matriculated at Google U can find this out for themselves.

      And just because parents don’t recognize autism is there until a child gets a specific vaccine doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.

      In other words, the timing of recognition /= timing of onset OR timing of genesis.

      No one has “easily discounted” anything here. Some of us are simply more inclined to use our powers of reason to sift data and draw conclusions, rather than relying on an emotional construct to explain everything or falling for people with agendas who exploit our emotional susceptibility. The Web can be a dangerous place for people who don’t ensure that the information they’re relying on isn’t promulgated by people who failed to check their agendas at the door.

      I prefer to focus future millions of dollars and energy expenditure on avenues of research that actually hold some promise. The vaccine/mercury horse started off mortally wounded, and died a long time ago. Yet people keep beating on the thing.

    • AdvocateMom

      I think it is important to note that nobody is disputing the fact that SOME children indeed are born autistic. I think what many of us are stunned by is how many children are developing normally and then develop autistic like qualities, lose language, skills, interpersonal communication, that were present at some point. These are the children I think about and research all the time.

      I think this case did not go forward because the government felt it was too risky – there is too much at stake if they on the record admit that some children might be genetically predisposed to being harmed by vaccines. in this instance it was a mitochondrial condition – there are bound to be many others.

      Think of this scenario – more and more moms are having babies in their late 30s and 40s. It is undisputed that the risk of genetic defects in babies drastically go up with maternal age. Some of these genetic problems can be identified, many more cannot – the science is just not there yet. Thus, you have babies with genetic conditions that might make them susceptible to harm from things like toxins – which are everywhere now – air, food, water. These sorts of things can “trigger” neurodevelopmental problems in children, we know that already. Factor in an unprecedented number of vaccines when babies immune systems are not yet mature. If one follows the schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics – one will be giving their child 35 immunizations by the time they are 18 months old (keep in mind a DTaP is three vaccines combined – the latest MMRV -measles mumps, rubella, varicalla is four). This is not including flu shots. And by the way – nine vaccines at a time is about the norm for some of the visits. At a four year old visit (and coincidentally the second age at which regression in development is common) children are supposed to receive vaccines for polio, diptheria, tetnus, pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, and chicken pox! That is a heavy load.

      If a child is has an underlying genetic condition, that often will not be identified, how can anyone unequivically say that the vaccines don’t cause this harm? It has not been studied. While individual vaccine cause and effects have been studied, I have seen NO STUDIES about the cumulative effect of 35 vaccines over an 18 month period and possible impacts on the neuro system, immune system and gut. And keep in mind, many children with autsim also have leaky gut syndrome and immune system weaknesses. Coincidence? I don’t know – but I think it is arrogant to discount the possibility that for a sensitive population of children, the current vaccine schedule might be overly aggressive and harmful.

      I am not anti vaccine. I am very very anti the current vaccine schedule. 35 vaccines by 18 months is just crazy. Hepatitis B for all newborns? Why??? Convenience? I am guessing that’s the real issue – easier for parents, doctors, and insurance companies. Oh, and cheaper too – insurance companies don’t want to pay for extra visits to the doctors (and they don’t if you are going just to get a vaccine).

      So, in a nutshell – more of our kids are born to mothers of advanced maternal age, some of those kids might have genetic abnormalities that will not or cannot be detected. They are bombarded by toxins and vaccines during their infancy – autism, ADHD, asthma, speech delays, sensory integration disorders – all reaching unprecedented levels. I think its worth studying and looking into.

      There is no easy answer.

      I am not the parent of an autistic child, but I am the mother of a special needs child who was developing normally and then lost language and other skills. She is doing great now at almost four years old and intensive therapies and some nutritional supplements have been key to her progress (we have not seen a DAN dr, but I also don’t discount some of the DAN treatments including some of the nutritional interventions- they work miracles for some children). Do I think vaccines caused her condition? Was it a virus she had at 15 months old? The medication given to treat her illness? One just cannot know -but I have great hope that if we look more carefully into the vaccination issue, the medical community will ultimately figure out a safer vaccination schedule that insurance companies will support. Our children are our future – and right now there are not nearly the resources needed to care for all of these neurologically damaged children in 10 or 20 years when they are adults. We are in crisis mode. Its time to stop the arrogance, and naysaying, and get brilliant minds working on figuring out what the hell is going on with our children.

      We are out of time

    • Emily

      “Mito diseases are rare? Not true! When our son was diagnosed with his Mito disease, we were told there were about 40 Mito diseases and about 1 in 4000 had a Mito disease. We just were at a Mito awareness event Saturday, and I heard there are over 130 Mito diseases and the rate may be 1 in 1000 or lower. I expect that both those trends will continue. ”

      Oh my God! It must be an epidemic! Something in the environment is causing this dramatic increase! I blame vaccines.

      One in four thousand is 0.025%. That’s pretty rare, even though I was referring specifically to OXPHOS disorders. You mess with the OXPHOS pathway, and you’ve got trouble. And actually, since aging is considered a “mitochondrial disease,” I’d say that the frequency is really 100%. At some point, you have to ask when it’s a “disorder” and when it’s just “normal.”

      There are so many “mito” diseases because just about every little change in a coding region translates into disorder when you’re talking about these highly conserved eukaryotic pathways. These “SNPs,” each of them a single point mutation among thousands and thousands of nucleotides, might end in mitochondrial disorder. I’m surprised there aren’t more than 130 alleged.

      By the way, it’s not unusual for scientists to believe that their focus of research is the most important and broadest reaching, if only someone would recognize that. If they produce the data and make their arguments appropriately, they’ll get their funding.

    • Thankful

      Advocate Mom
      You have made more sense than any other comment I’ve read- Thank you. Being reasonable is the only way we are going to help our children.

    • Allison Jones

      Every library has a PDR, “Physicians Desk Reference,” and annual massive book that has all the manufacturer of drugs, their recipes, notes, and warnings about them (Vaccines are not vitamins, they’re drugs). There are no dyes in vaccines, but they have mixed together a batch of scary stuff, between toxic bacteria, being made of heavy metals, and with the Regressive Autism of the living Measles Virus. Notice, when they took out Thimerosal, they didn’t replace it with anything? They don’t need to, cuz the whole thing is heavy metals to suspend the particles of germ (designer diseases/vaccines). Look at the recipes, they absorb or “Adsorb” Mercury and Aluminum to whichever germ they’re using. You can tell by the darkness around the eyes of Autistic Children, that they’ve been poisoned by Mercury. People with filliings of that stuff, can only tolerate it because they were older when they began to be poisoned by it. (anyone with metal fillings, are chewing on Mercury and swallowing micro doses). Babies are different because they have not finished developing yet. Add to that, the dilemna of who’s sensitive to which toxic bacterial vaccine, and then, whose unlucky enough to win the battle against the living Measles army, but lose out with Old Brain recovery. In all these cases, developing dendrites die in the brain, from various effects from those things. The Higher Brain can recover and grow new (and better with all the attention), but the Old Brain cannot, the place of all Instinctual Behavior, that’s why they all have to be taught instinctual behavior to their cognitive, conscious mind. That’s why they are conscious of what’s going on.

    • Kristina Chew, PhD


      regarding being “reasonable”: The response by the public has been anything but “reasonable.” Few people are really taking the time to carefully read what the court case says and what the child’s diagnosis was; there should be more noting that “autistic-like symptoms” are referring to, not a full-out diagnosis of what some call “full blown” and “classic” autism. Another word that is getting overlooked is the word “rare” as in “rare mitochondrial disorder.” The numerous that the case says “vaccines cause autism” are seriously misrepresenting that actual court decision.

      When I used to teach first-year college students composition and reading skills, I continually emphasized was close and careful reading. I don’t think that most of the public is showing such skills right now.

    • Allison Jones

      There was no Autism in Japan until America brought over it’s vaccines after World War II. And they figured it out immediately (the DPT) and why, and banned vaccinating children for two years (waiting for Myelin nerve insulation to finish growing), and brain cells to finish making connections), and now only have only a Voluntary Program! China had no Autism until America brought over it’s vaccines in 1999, now they have millions! America had no Autism until they started using the DPT in the 1940′s. (dubbing them “Autistic Children,” because there were never adults before, meanwhile the numbers soar parrallel to increasing vaccine doses and potency, why the Pediarix brand has four times as much Pertussis Toxin as Adacel, and has ten times that of old DPT). Only the rich could afford the first DPT in the beginning, so the disorder was blamed on the upper class moms for having too many servants (Refrigerator Mother syndrome)! They didn’t realize that their Old Brains had been seared by the toxins in the Pertussis and Diptheria and Tetanus, and this area cannot grow new brain cells, like the higher brain can. The Old Brain harbors human Instincts, like Self-Preservation, Empathy, Sympathy, Communication, Sensations etc). Plus it regulates all body chemistry, explaining the digestion problems. Read about it. The Pituitary is there, at the base of the brain! The Genetic Factor comes in play with Toxins from any deadly creature (and all bacterial vaccines, just not the viral ones). It’s like, whether a child is allergic to bee stings or not, and with the DPT (DTaP) – those that die of SIDS were the most sensitive to those particular toxins (and that’s the Genetic Factor), those that are killed from it, survive as Autistics. (Pertussis is milder and causes most of Spectrum Disorders, that’s why the increase of Pertussis toxin in the new DTaP, has made an increase in Autism as a whole!) Those that survive the first gauntlet of shots and reach the MMR stage, need the Luck Factor (!) to survive that battle intact! The immune system ends up destroying Dendrites/Brain Cells while eating the Measles virus that always hides in the Myelin, by nature, it targets the nerves! The Dendrites die after their Myelin gets eaten by the Immune System to get at the Measles. Myelin Insulation is only One-Cell deep, a singular cell has wrapped itself around the nerve numerous times, to make an insulation for electrical flow). They’re called Schwann Cells, and they form a row, just like beads, along the length of every nerve in the body, and start wrapping for 24 months. So, the living Measles hides in this singular cell, which is all the nerve has, and it will be lost in the battle, because the immune system will win, and digest everything.

    • Emily

      The above is utterly nonsensical. It hardly makes any sense and is essentially a tissue of misinformation from beginning to end. Good Lord. Is *this* what the anti-vaccination people are relying on?

    • Cliff

      Advocate Mom,

      I’m going to take a little time to discuss some of the points you brought up. None of it is personal, but you at least have been far more direct and clear than most, so it makes it easier to get to the rationality. As always, nothing personal.

      First of all, there is this assumption that the government has these wide, overarching powers to basically control academic studies in regards to vaccines. I don’t think that this is true, or even currently makes sense. When it is going through so many channels (you’d have to indict almost every branch of government, not to mention several universities), it’s not as if all of those people a. are that well coordinated b. have the same motive to control the media information. It’s not like twelve people would have to come clean, we’re talking a large number of people here.

      Ok, so let’s move onto the genetic argument. In this case, it could be true. It’s a blind argument (there’s no strong technical support here), and it relies largely on fear of unknown substances.

      But that’s the catch. I could reconstruct this argument to say that refined sugar causes autism. It’s not that difficult, really. We’re feeding out children all kinds of thing processed in ways they’ve not been used to. Some genetic factor might make it so that children have an adverse reaction to refined sugar. Could be older mothers. I don’t have any scientific evidence for that, but since there isn’t any in the argument, I don’t need to.

      In other words, it’s almost a completely self-contained argument (only thing that it relies on is the introduction of a foreign substance). It essentially is a clump of conditionals that could, by changing subject and object, be created to say any number of things. Teddy bears could create autism. Or evil, if you did a little backtracking (if I was to make the claim “But that’s not really evil. That’s just being angry or something” about any evil that didn’t fit in with my time schematics, I could make evil to be recent as per the invention of the teddy bear. Laugh if you want, but it has some parallels to the subject matter at hand).

      Now, there is one nugget in there which I think at least has some value; children with autism do have a tendency for certain stomach-related illnesses. Thing is, they may not be related in causation that way. I could easily make the argument that being autistic is related to certain personal stressors that then lead to the stomach problems. People get stress ulcers, no? So, while noteworthy, this isn’t convincing evidence, either.

      You know, any strength the argument has is actually independent of vaccines. You might as well simply make the claim that mothers are bearing children at an older age, and thus have genetic influences which cause certain conditions. It’s a slightly less blind argument, because you now only have to assert one less premise, and that the condition exists isn’t being heavily discounted (though you still have to prove that those conditions caused all of the others, and causation is hard to prove).

      So I’m simply not convinced. There isn’t the evidence, and right now I’m not dealing with arguments that have the strength to convince me of a plausible causation outside of an argument which could say the outlandish.


    • Cliff

      Allison, I’m reading many assertions that really are hard to swallow as they stand. There’s no evidence to suggest that the U.S brought over autism to another country, and you’ve blatantly begged the question so many times it becomes hard to address the writing itself.

      And, again, it’s hard to say that children can’t deal with what is a really, really little amount of substance. Even if you did, potential “harm” is not autism, so you have to back up and make that argument, too.


    • c.b.

      It’s very disturbing that the father is a neurologist and the mother is a lawyer and nurse and they decided to “finish off” their daughter by administering 5 vaccines on the same day, then sue the government.

    • Chuck

      First of all, there is this assumption that the government has these wide, overarching powers to basically control academic studies in regards to vaccines.
      You may want to go here to verify the assumption

    • sketical

      I am more willing to believe that it is vaccines causing autism than a simple change in dietary regimen.

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      @Advocate Mom,

      I’ve long thought that it would be interesting to consider the numerous reports about a child who was developing “normally” and then “regresses” into autism. In the first case in vaccine court last June, it was found that Michelle Cedillo, whom the case centered around, had shown signs of autism prior to her receiving the vaccines that “caused,” as it was claimed, her autism. Videotapes of Cedillo revealed that she showed a lack of joint attention, for instance: A child just not being able to speak (and, in Poling’s case, “refusing to walk”) are not necessarily signs of autism.

      Also, in any discussion of the increase in the prevalence rate of autism, much more attention needs to be focused on how the diagnostic criteria for autism have changed and evolved since Kanner’s first paper in 1943. There are many more autistic adults out there than is often acknowledged, in part because they may not have any diagnosis. Best wishes—

    • skeptical

      excuse me, that’s skeptical not sketical.

    • Martha Carr

      I am the parent of a 10 year old girl who was born happy and healthy. She developed normally, meeting all milestones on time. Then 53 days after her 3rd Dpta vaccine I was rushing her to ER with seizures. Her diagnosis was Accute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM). Rare with only listed causes as vaccines, rare viral infections and no known cause. At 8 months she bounced back pretty quick. She had to relearn to roll over, sit up, crawl and the other normal things they are doing at 8 months. When I confronted her neurologist and ask if her vaccine could have caused this, his comment was “There is no way the vaccine caused this and the chances of this ever happening to her again are 1 in a million”. Her 4th Dpta was due the following November, but because of a cold she did not receive it until December 3rd. 32 days later I was again rushing her to the ER with seizures. It took her 2 weeks to respond to the steroids. We brought her home unable to roll over, she just layed there. It took some 2-3 months to regain all of her abilities. Her speech was severely affected. Now at 10 years old she is just now learning to read some, her speech has come a long way, but she still struggles some. She has very bad rages and has to be medicated to go to sleep at night. This consumed our lives but we are so grateful she is doing as well as she is. With medication the rages are fewer and milder. I filed a Vaccine Compensation claim also and after 3years the courts conceded her case also. Our daughter receives weekly OT, Speech, and tutoring. It will be a lifelong condition and she will always need help in certain areas. As a mother, I know we need vaccines, but I think it is the governments responsibilty to see that they are safe. Vaccines are big business and for that reason, pharmaceutical companies get away with testing these as little as possible. The government spends $0 dollars in vaccine research. Vaccines are no different from penicillin, some people can take it just fine, but it has the ability to kill some. Do you know where the money in the Vaccine Fund comes from? Well, for every time a child is vaccinated, a portion of the cost of the vaccine is directed to this fund which is controlled by the government. There is billions in it. So if you think you have a child that has been injured by a vaccine, file a claime. It has to be filed within 3 years of the injury.

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      Latest from the Philadelphia Inquirer notes that the Polings are “exploring” two theories about what happened to Hannah:

      One is that she was born with the mitochondria disorder and the vaccines caused a stress to her body that worsened it. The other is that the vaccine ingredient thimerosal caused the mitochondrial dysfunction, Jon Poling said.

    • Cliff


      That, while problematic at some level, isn’t the wide, arching control needed to suppress all of the studies and to assumes that situation applies to all (let’s assume for now that the vague overlying message has control of the money and the research. In this case, an independent third party, such as Autism Speaks, would fill that void quickly to fund such a project, if asked. Not only that, but it’d be the best way, given that saying so would receive more attention and given more for being the wanted exception).


    • Regan

      Emily gave a great explanation, but I think this (old) NYTimes article of 1990 adds a little more user-friendly explanation of the distinctions of the genes within the mitochondria vs. the cell nucleus, and differences of distribution and phenotype.

    • Mary Anne

      All I know is what my mother told me and retold me yesterday when she saw the Hannah story on the news Thursday.
      I was born in Jan. 1955 and was adopted. At age 6 months I was given my DPT vaccination and this set off a chain of events.
      My mom’s diary shows that she observed that within less than a day of the vaccination that I started crying a high pitch unearthly cry/scream. Also, I didn’t urinate for 3 days and my body gave off a strange odor of ‘old socks’. I ran a fever and did not want to eat or drink.
      Our family doctor came over and told my mom that he had never seen such a reaction as mine and that he planned to write a paper about it (we don’t know if he ever did or not).
      I have mild neurological deficits, a high IQ but do not know how to socialize and am a solitary person who has ‘odd’ abilities of memorization but not always understanding the meaning of what I can memorize. I though have great spatial relationship abilities but no clue about how to relate to others. Do I have Asperger’s ? WHo knows.
      All I know is that I feel that the vaccination did something negative to me. Oh, I’m possibly part Native American and trial studies rarely include Natives in them !!!

    • Club 166


      It’s obvious to me that autism was first introduced with the invention of baby food (Gerber started in 1928, took off in 1930′s), and was aggravated by the rise of CD players (or was it cell phones) in the 1980′s.

      So there. You’re wrong.


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    • Jorma J. Takala

      The colors, or preservatives used in the vaccines are what caused the initial problems, but the continued used, or consumption of petroleum based coal tar, or wood based coal tar dyes, flavors and preservatives are what keeps Hannah in her autistic state.

      Jon and Terri need to check out and use the feingold program to eliminate all the toxic artificials from Hanna’s diet.

      Go see the Feingold “Scientific Studies” section and take a gander at all the problems that the Feingold program addresses.

      The thing that Feingold doesn’t know is that not only do they have the information on what helps all those problems, they actually uncovered the causes of those problems.

      Coal tar dyes, invented in the 1830s by William Perkin.

      In 1906 the FDA started to regulate the 80 some textile dyes and approved only 7, in 1976 Red dye #2 was banned because it caused cancer in Laboratory Test Animals.

      ALL the artificial food dyes in use today are made from the same substance (coal tar) and the same way as Red Dye #2, what makes the dyes in use today any different than Red #2?


      In 2001 a Dr Tsuda concluded that Red dye #40 causes DNA damage to Lab Animals.
      Ref: NIH PubMed Database PMID: 11294979 <—see for your self!

      Americans have been suffering this DNA damage for over 100 years and as a result children like Hannah have a predisposition for problems with regard to consuming foods containing ANY of the Toxic Artificials.

      The Vaccines put her over the top and the colors, flavors and preservatives keep here there.

      The Feingold program has proven that it works.

      I myself am proof that it really works

      July 2006 I effectively put a stop to and ended 43 years worth of Migraine headaches, Add, ADHD, Severe Depression and behavioral problems, including but not limited to…. bipolar/manic and I also believe Aspergers Syndrome.

      How many of you people who read this consume, or use everyday regular Margarine?

      The artificial flavor used in ALL margarines give me the worst migraine heacaches and cause me to be very depressed and I even have tremors in my legs, some of you might know that as restless leg syndrome, How many of you have that?

      You can stop it without taking any medications.

      Any problems that you have with your children can be helped with Feingolds help, or simply some education in avoiding toxic artificials.

      Part of Feingolds program addresses the fact that some fruits and veggies such as Grapes, Tomatoes, Apples, Cherries and some others contain narutally occuring aspirin in them.

      This can cause Ataxia and many other serious problems contributing to the same things that many of you have witnessed in your own children.

      I don’t claim to know it all, nor do I have any answers for what’s going on but I do know that it worked for me and my family (children, mother, siblings)

      And I can honestly say that you will not be losing anything other than the poison that you eat everyday.

      Petroleum based coal tar…. How can the FDA say that it’s ok for us to eat?

      Coal tar… A known group one carcinogen, in the same catagory as Tobacco, asbestos, benzene and about 100 other Toxic chemicals.

      M&Ms, Skittles, Kool Aid, Jello, Doritos, Gatorade and a huge list of products contain those colors and flavors.

      When you, or your children consume these products, you are not only damaging your DNA but the DNA of your children and your childrens children!

      If a child eats a bag of skittles, a bowl of jello and a “Grab” bag of Doritos, it’s the same as allowing them to smoke a pack, or two, or three of Cigarettes a day, matter of fact….. Just how much of this stuff equals a pack or two a day smoker for the level of toxins consumed by you or your child???

      This next part might just piss you off really badly!


      “This concept forms the scientific basis of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ’1995 Threshold of Regulation’ for indirect food additives. ”

      The term “de minimis” means “a little bit can’t hurt.”
      ILSI, a food industry group that used to be called the Nutrition Foundation, is composed of companies that make food additives, pesticides, snack foods, etc.

      PMID: 12052639
      PMID: 10717364
      PMID: 15829616

      A little bit can’t hurt you?
      The FDA buys into this?
      Do you buy this?
      I certainly do NOT!

      Are you aware about artificial sweetners such as Splenda, which was made by accident?

      Yeah, A couple chemists were trying to make a pesticide and accidently made a sweetner and that’s supposed to be OK for you and I to eat?

      How much more of this are WE THE PEOPLE going to take?


      I used to love pepperoni, take a look at BHA and BHT, the preservatives used in MOST pepperoni on the market.

      This lipophilic (fat-soluble) phenol is primarily used as an antioxidant food additive (E number E321) as well as in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, jet fuels, rubber, petroleum products, and embalming fluid.


      The National Institutes of Health considers BHA reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen.

      I pray that some of you take this seriously and do NOT let your children eat this poison anymore!

      Thank you for reading!

      Jorma J. Takala

    • Gabe’s Mom

      My son is going to be 4 next month. He was diagnosed with fairly high-functioning Autism at the age of 2. I’m a young mom and not sure whether my son was born with a genetic form of autism or if it was caused by an environmental factor (shots, dyes, etc.) but all that I know is I would do absolutely ANYTHING I possibly could to help my son. IF you’re on this website and you are not familiar with autism or don’t understand it first-hand, don’t be so judgmental of those who know and deal with it daily(the parents). If you don’t know or love someone who has it, you will NEVER, NEVER fully understand it whether you are a doctor, scientist, mailman, or whatever. Put yourself in my shoes, as a parent, and think about how important it would be to you to help your child no matter how far-fetched or crazy the answer was…… you would want to believe it so that maybe they would discover a cure and your innocent child could live a “normal life”. This is where the DAN! doctors debate comes in….maybe there ARE some who aren’t out to help, and maybe there are some really wonderful, knowledgable ones too…’s all a risk when it comes to Autism, because NO ONE KNOWS THE ANSWERS! Why bash people on here?
      I’m not saying that I believe one way or the other about Hannah’s case and the vaccine issues, but I do know that my son and any children I have from now on will ONLY get ONE shot every 6 months to a year as I deem neccesary to assure that he/she can handle what is being injected in to them.
      I do think there should be some sort of a discrimination against the age/size/weights of children. Not all children are in the same height and weight growth patterns for everything else in life, so why not make immunizations less generalized to fit each INDIVIDUAL person???

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      @Gabe’s Mom,

      Thank you for writing here and I hope Gabe is doing well; is he in school, if I may ask? My son is 10 years and 10 months old. We did some biomedical treatments up until about the time that he was 5 and then decided that it would be best to focus on his education. And certainly that (education) needs to be individualized to each child’s needs—-Very best wishes.

    • Gabe’s Mom

      @ Kristina Chew,

      Thank you for your quick response! Yes, he is in our local school system special education (pre-k) classes. I am up in the air when it comes to the bio-meds stuff right now. We have done a bit of researching on it but are not sure if it’s worth the money to try. He does a lot of therapies and PECS right now. How is your son progressing? I often wonder how Gabe will act when he gets older. We are very hopeful he will have speech soon, as he only says a few repetative things here and there.
      I could not agree with you more about individualizing educational needs…that is such a huge help for children with autism and really the only proven thing to work thus far! Best wishes for you and your family as well!

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      @Gabe’s Mom,

      Charlie has been doing really well. He did not have a lot of skills (no speech) when he started therapy and education at the age of just over 2. He did PECS and sign language and those helped his speech—he was diagnosed as being “classically” autistic, even severe. OT and looking at his sensory responses has meant more and more as he’s gotten older, and—though it is very hard—he does like to be in social settings with other kids. He just does not know what to do and needs help there especially.

      Charlie had a lot of trouble—-it could be called a regression—when he was 7-9 (though those were also the years when he had some of his greatest triumphs—learning to bike and swim in the ocean). That involved some contentious times with our former school district and us ultimately moving. He’s definitely different, so to speak from other kids, and has lots of challenges—he is in a special ed classroom and will need services for all of his education—but he understands so much more.

      Charlie really didn’t start to talk until he was 4-5. The sign language helped and we also did Verbal Behavior therapy. His speech is still minimal—1-3 word sentences—but he knows how to communicate a lot more than words can say, that’s for sure!

      Hope things continue to progress for Gabe. Thank you so much for writing about him—-

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    • Gabe’s Mom

      @ Kristina–

      That is wonderful that your son continues to do so well and it really gives me more hope that my son might progress to that level. IT’s nice to hear that I’m not the only one going through this and that there is hope that he could start to have words sometime soon! Thank you for sharing your experiences and information with me. It is SO greatly appreciated! God bless you and your family!

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    • Deb K

      THanks to the parents who took time to share some DPT storys. This is the one I think put my daughter over the edge.Some people just cant believe it!

    • Justthisguy

      Well, I was born in 1951, and got the DPT shot, and the Smallpox scratch, but nothing else, I think. I got my Measles immunity the old-fashioned way, by getting sick with the Measles. Same with mumps and chicken pox. I reckon I get to look forward to shingles, if I live long enough.

      Still and all, if my DPT shot is responsible for my borderline autism, I don’t mind, because, as I’ve written elsewhere, my autistic qualities are my best ones.

      I don’t think the DPT shot had anything to do with my mental characteristics, of course.

      Now, the scarlet fever..

    • Justthisguy

      P.s. I’m much more worried about undead monkey viruses in the Poliomyelitis vaccines I had. I hope I don’t have to get my immune system suppressed for a transplant, or something.

      (Dang, I hope I quit smoking soon enough!)

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    • Denise

      I don’t believe it is vaccines at all. I went through 9 years of pure hell with my son. He alternated between slight symptoms of autism, ADD and just outright emotional disturbances.

      To make a long story really, really short. It was just the food. Or to be more precise, the chemicals in the food. Especially food dyes.

      We went totally organic 1.5 years ago and he has not had a single violent episode since. He has not been booted from school even once. I have not received even one phone call of misbehavior.

      I do think there was some kind of permanent damage done though. He struggles in school and gets frustrated easily, especially with writing and math.

      But I wonder if its just typical, normal child stuff now or maybe it’s because he missed so much of early coping skills and social skills building due to his violence and spaciness.

      All I know is that within one-two weeks of removing chemicals from my son’s food, he was a new child.

      I used to fear for his life. I used to fear he would end up hurting someone and living in prison. Now I just worry about him pulling up his grades.

    • S.L.

      Hi Denise,

      That is wonderful news for your child. I have come to a point where I strongly feel there are children out there misdiagnosed with ADHD or even autism. They have allergies or other health issues, but the bothersome “symptoms” are similar to features found in ADHD etc. Often, behavioral issues may be the only sign of something going on. I think it’s important to make that distinction: there are children who suffer from allergies, which causes behavioral problems and then there are children with autism.

      When Jenny McCarthy claimed her child began speaking and making so much progress within 2 weeks of dietary changes, I thought one of two things was going on:
      1. she was lying or puffing up the truth, for the sake of selling her beliefs in the DAN protocol etc.
      2. her child was nothing like my child, and he didn’t have autism OR at least not the same autism my child has

      I’m not sure which is the case for Jenny, perhaps only time will tell. I don’t think you are lying, and I’m sure the changes you have seen in your son are real. I’m glad that dietary changes and identifying triggers (aka allergens) have made such tremendous change in your child. My sister has a sensitivity to milk. She was the perfect pupil in the morning, after lunch, however, she couldn’t sit still, was loud, etc. Her teacher had no idea what was going on. He and my mother spoke, and my mom realized she too saw my sister’s hyperactivity increase after milk. The solution: no more milk, and my sister was fine.

      For my child, this is not the case. I actually have very solid proof of this. I breastfed until she was 4 months of age; I had to discontinue nursing as she had MSPI (milk soy protein intolerance). She was on Neocate until age 2, and then Neocate Jr. To this day, she still receives a form of Neocate when she is not eating or she is sick. We began solids around 7 months of age, it was organic cereals, and only a small serving each day (she has oral motor dysfunction). Then, very slowly we added some fruits and veggies–all organic and always very cautious about allergies. At 15 months of age, she had surgery for reflux and a feeding tube placed. At that point, she’d never consumed anything other than Neocate, water, limited amounts of organic cereal, fruits, veggies. She was found to be developmentally delayed at 6 months of age. Though her diet very limited and free of dyes, essentially GFCF, her developmental delays, sensory issues, apraxia, etc. continued and/or became more pronounced over time. Following surgery, she was unable to consume anything orally for over 4 weeks, so only Neocate & water was in her system. Again, even with this, we saw zero improvement. Slowly, she has added some foods to her diet. She still has a lot of oral motor problems, sensory issues, and feeding difficulties. She is very OCD about her foods, and the sensory aspect is very difficult when it comes to textures, smells, etc. At this point, we are happy she consumes anything, and it’s not possible for us to even attempt a GFCF diet with her. Honestly, with our experience, I have no reason to try it.

      So, for us and for my daughter, I feel her autism is genetic, that she was so in my womb. I don’t think a diet would ever have such drastic ‘results.’ I do see, though, how if we hadn’t identified her milk intolerance, how this would contribute to more health & behavioral issues. I think there are plenty of families who go out and spend money on testing, special diets, etc. all for the hope of “curing” their child. It is my hope that doctors will look into allergies or other issues affecting a child’s behavior before diagnosing them with ADHD or PDD. Hopefully this will help make a distinction between those who truly are autistic and those who “recover” via diet (not autistic, but allergy sufferers).

      Perhaps then, focus will be put on programs for teen and adult autistics, and society will begin accepting autistic individuals (and not questioning why parents like me are not trying every diet in the book, every supplement, etc. to “cure” my child). Thanks for sharing your personal experience and I hope things continue to go so well for your son.

      Best of luck.

    • Deb K

      Food sensitivitys are real.My daughter had candidia in her esoughagus for many years.I did eventually get to the bottom of this with a great gastro doc. She had many problems. Once nystatin was given she became so much better.She still has food sensitivitys but no more vomiting. She is in the spectrum of Autism.Many of these children are all toxic and this is why some really heal up well and do much better after changing diet. Very negitive and not to open minded as of late on this web site. I hope everyone realizes how toxic our enviroment is!Add too many antibiotics around imunization time and this is a deadly combo!

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      Children with healthy diets do better in school, study suggests—–something of a no-brainer, perhaps?

    • S.L.

      Hi DebK,
      I’m not sure if your comments were directed toward me, but I’ll assume so. You’ll notice, I make the statement that allergies (and sensitivities) DO exist, and can mimic ADHD, autism, etc. My concern is children being wrongly diagnosed as such, when allergies are the real issue.

      There will also be children (like my own) who indeed have allergies or sensitivities along with ADHD, autism, etc. These children MAY see some benefit from avoiding their triggers, but this child would still be identified as having autism or ADHD, even on a special diet.

      The child who is “severely” autistic one day, begins GCFC, nystatin, etc. and within days or even weeks, suddenly appears to not have autism (or is suddenly verbal, has perfect eye-contact, etc.), I’m sorry, but that is not the case for people who have the same autism as my daughter. Again, perhaps some slight improvements would be noticed, mainly in behavior, if a child was no longer being exposed to an allergen. But, as many can attest to, these types of treatments don’t “recover” someone with classic autism. I really feel perhaps these kids have some other form of autism OR they were misdiagnosed. Perhaps they have allergies, plus ADHD or a learning disability or something–but most likely not autism.

      I don’t think many autistics are toxic, as you claim. I think many physicians have seen their wallets get fatter by claiming this, and offering “treatments.” Parents of children who have autism (again, the autism my daughter has) will look to cases of kids who were “recovered” by DAN treatments, and feel sure their child will also be helped. Very often, they won’t be OR their child makes the same steady improvements they’d have made without the expensive treatments. The DAN docs continue to get richer, focus is not placed on the services my daughter & the thousands like her who won’t “recover” with diets or supplements, and where does that leave her when she is an adult?

      I think some of us at times do feel very negative, as we hear the same argument time and time again, and see Kirby’s (and the like) words being worshipped and reverberated. Perhaps we are not always open-minded, simply because half of what we hear from those who oppose our views is utter quackery, the rest doesn’t pertain to us, is a blur of 1/2 truths, and/or is so full of vile that we have no choice but to look the other way. And all the while, our children, our autistic children continue to grow older, continue to need supports, and we as parents age. We wonder and worry what will be there for our children after they turn 21? Some of us know 100% our children will need a lot of supports, others (like myself) are simply unsure what our child will need–but we all want to know that something will be there for them. Right now, adult programs are few and far between, vocational programs are hard to come by, and the whole idea of “transition” in the majority of school districts is a joke. I’m glad that it seems you won’t have to worry about adult services for your child, that is great. But for the rest of us, who actually lose sleep at night over that, the fear is real and we have passion to no end for changing society and making the world a more welcoming place for our children (who in the blink of an eye will be adults).

    • S.L.

      Great study–wow, I’m glad they spent money on that one! They should have just asked my mom who never let us leave the house without a healthy breakfast!! :)

    • Denise

      Please see my website, for more information. I am not a doctor. I cannot even claim that EVERY child will be cured by removing chemicals from their foods. Some children have REAL diseases, but many do not. Yet they are being given narcotics, mind altering drugs to treat a malnutrition problem! Then these kids either kill themselves or go into schools and kill other kids while on these drugs.

      My son was diagnosed with all sorts of horrible mental diseases but yet, he has none. They wanted to give him electric shock therapy!!!!!….for what turned out to be an allergy to chemicals.

      He is practically perfect now.

      All I am saying is don’t believe the first thing you are told by doctors. Before giving your child drugs, perhaps suggest to your doctor that you’d like to try correcting problems by natural means, through food and supplements. If after two weeks you don’t see an improvement, what have you lost? A little bit of more expensive food.

      But what if it works? What have you gained? Your child. Your life. Like I did.

      I would also like to point out that my 14 yr old daughter has been DXd with asthma since she was about 2 yrs old. This past 1.5 years, since going organic, she has not had even ONE asthma attack.

      What else might we CURE through clean food, food that God had given us and we ruined?

    • Denise

      just out of curiosity, has anyone ever read the list of ingredients on some of the big brand name baby formulas?

      chemicals that i cant even pronounce. they are poisoning them straight from the cradle.

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      Charlie never had any formula—-I nursed him for 13 months. thanks for the website link!

    • Sarah

      All of this is rubbish. If vaccines caused Autism wouldn’t every single one of us have it? Vaccines can cause side-effects such as fevers get a clue parents! I always gave my son a dose of Motrin 1 hour prior to getting vaccines and guess what he doesn’t have Autism nor does anyone I know! Stop blaming it on something and accept the truth that it was not caused by the vaccines nor the nurse that gave them to your child. Vaccines are required by law! Grow up!!!!

    • Deb K

      Some people should read more about the enviroment and genetic factors.They wouldn’t be so angry! How many people have cancer in your family? Attention problems? (Clean up the enviroment )We all may have to go for cancer treatments soon. Who will take care of our kids?My daughter had a reaction two times to DPT vaccines SHE is Autistic! I have proof from the doctor. This was before accusations where flying around.2001 to be exact.I grew up from this mess OH I grew up!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something needs to be done.We should not fight we need to start thinking about the future of our kids.This will not go away soon.To S.L I hear you.Maybe some of the energy can become positive.Could all of us contact our congressmen and put on the pressure for Adult Autistic planning?Lets all get focussed on this more.It would be a great thing to do.You made me think!Well as soon as I changed my daugters diet 2 years ago she got toilet trained at 6 years old.It had to be part of the picture. Ps,I breast fed my daughter a long time and then found out about the toxic river I lived near and was in.Hmm makes me think this didnt help. GFCF Girl Tori is doing much better.

    • DL

      This writer has her facts wrong. I just read the article where she took her facts from and she has the ages of the symptoms all askew and blurs the reality of the situation. See the original article, and the real facts. THEN, we see the reality of the situation, when this little girl developed symptoms, etc.

    • Kristina Chew, PhD


      Glad you pointed that out—–the facts in this case have since been used in interesting ways.

    • Deb K

      If it was me. I was just complaining back to Sara and this rubbish she was spewing.How can she even think she can comment on this? She does not even know an Autistic? If you read (I was talking just about Tori.)Imunizations alone do not cause Autism its one of the many triggers from the enviroment

    • Regan

      “just out of curiosity, has anyone ever read the list of ingredients on some of the big brand name baby formulas?”
      :-). Yes.
      (I was brought up in a family where my mom badgered us to read the ingredients on the hot dog packages and then quiz us on chemistry).

      Verbatim the packages sound like a chemical factory, but the translation to language that we are used to is somewhat more benign.
      Nonfat milk, milk sugar, safflower oil, soy oil, coconut oil, whey concentrate,
      potassium, calcium, vitamin C, magnesium, sodium, iron, choline, taurine (added as prudence for infants who may lack enzymes to convert cystathionine to cysteine and would develop taurine deficiency), inositol, vitamin E, zinc, niacin, carnitine, vitamin B-2, vitamin A, copper, vitamin B-1, vitamin B-6, Beta-carotene, folic acid, manganese, Vitamin K, biotin, selenium, vitamin D-3, vitamin B-12, nucleotides as growth factors.

      Interestingly enough, my first daughter who does not have autism was both breast and formula-fed (I was working and was not always able to get home or to freeze enough milk to get her through the day.)

      The daughter with autism was exclusively breast fed.

    • Deb K

      WOW, that is so interesting.Did you ever go on Toxic Breastmilk site by Florence Williams( NY times mag 2005) Google should bring this up. Eye opener for me.

    • Allison Jones

      Diet is the whole key to recovery because they have to grow new brain cells (all were damaged to varying degrees by what’s in vaccines, like toxins causing necrosis to budding dendrites). Brain Cells readily grow back in the Higher Brain (with protein, non-toxic diet), but NOT in the Old Brain, which is the seat of all Behavioral Instincts and Chemical Regulation for the entire body, including the Gastro-Intestional Tract, releasing the chemicals for digestion. Thus, these kids problems are compounded by difficulty digesting (and absorbing nutrients). High protein diets will give the building blocks in the form of Amino Acids to make new brain cells. The peculiarity of Autism is from Developmental Damage in the Old Brain (base of the brain, at the top of the spine), depending on the severity of damage, recovery in this area does not occur (it’s the foundation, the seed), but recovery cannot be ruled out, anything is possible with the recuperative powers of the human mind. But therein lies the deepest dilemna, the one to avoid by educating ourselves about what’s really in the vaccines, and what happens when they are given to babies and small children. Higher brain recovery can become so great, that these genuises can percieve what they lack, using their conscious minds, they can teach themselves how to behave properly, since instinctual behaviors are lost, their higher brain can become conscious of what is missing and teach natural behaviors to themselves cognitively. I give talks with drawings on chalkboards for visual understanding, have a booklet about how vaccines cause autism,, Tracking Vaccinations.

    • Beth

      People are more aware now than ever before about eating healthy before, during and after pregnancy, about not drinking alcohol or smoking (or taking OTC medications, for that matter) while pregnant or nursing, and about exposing ourselves and our children to toxic substances. Yet, the rate of diagnosis continues to climb. In addition, autism rates continue to rise despite the removal of thimerasol from vaccines.
      If diet is the key to recovery, I will need to see before and after videos of the legions of “recovered” children to believe it. People talk about how they have “cured” their kids with this diet or that treatment but where is the proof?

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      “She did everything right.” That’s what the mother of a friend—her son is autistic—-said to me, many years ago.

    • Regan

      Deb K–Thanks, I’m sure that will be interesting reading.
      FWIW–I was looking at clinical trials. gov and a couple of GF/CF double blind studies will be finishing up this year–one in April and the other in October. I’ll be interested to see what their data says.

    • Allison Jones

      Thimerasol wasn’t causing Autism, and didn’t need to be replaced – because the entire vial is made up of heavy metals anyways, Aluminum and Mercury (see recipes in the PDR). Though, this garbage is disgusting and dangerous and no doubt damaging. Mainly, it’s the increase in the ‘P’ in the ‘DTaP.’ In the early 1990′s they changed the recipe, and quadrupled the amount of Pertussis Toxins in the DTaP shot. Pediarix has 4 times the amount of Pertussis Toxins as Adacel… the Question then becomes, which did your baby get? See, to make the new shot, they rinsed out the DPT to make the DTaP, like de-caffeinating coffee… which made it NOT work as a vaccine anymore. So, then, they ADDED BACK IN double or quadruple the amount as the original Whole-Cell DPT bacterial vaccine (depending on the brand). A baby’s sensitivities depends on its genes, that’s the genetic factor. And those whom were sensitive to Tetanus or Diptheria, would not survive such a conjection. These two are some of the most powerful toxins and paralyzing/searing/necrosis-causing toxins known to man. So, for the brain damaged children of Autism, their only hope is to grow new brain cells. Today, diet and healthy supplemental intake is the way to do that. Maybe a miracle will come, perhaps when a fuller understanding of the chemical imbalances that occur when the Old Brain is damaged (this area regulates major body chemistry). And though the Higher Brain can readily grow new cells, the Old Brain cannot. This area at the base is the foundation of everything; physical, mental, and emotional. The root of all Instinctual Behavior, which is why it’s always lacking, and must be taught by conscious decision with their cognitive minds (Higher Brains). Hope can never be lost, for recovery is possible, in varying degrees – depending on the severity of damage, of course. Brain cells in the Old Brain, either, lose some branches, or the Axon, and die altogether. Since the Higher Brain can grow new cells, perhaps the Old Brain can do so too, one day, but from what we know now… no, it can’t grow replacement cells. That’s the harsh reality of Autism, something that could be prevented if we weren’t in such a hurry to vaccinate them with everything possible while they’re still developing their brains! And, in massive amounts… in the natural world, germs enter only a few at a time. In vaccines, germs enter in such massive amounts, they’re more than shots directly to their brain, they’re like bombs, and Autism is the result of Scrapnel on the brain, so to speak. (Regressive Autism is caused not by toxins, but living Measles Virus, it’s MS on the brain, again, the Higher Brain recovers, but the Old Brain doesn’t).

    • Denise


      Would you like my address to come meet my son? I could probably even schedule a conference with his school officials so you can hear from them how my son changed from a violent and threatening child about to be expelled, to a calm, funny, lovable child after we removed chemicals (dyes, preservatives, etc) from his food.

    • Deb K

      Great info thanks everyone. (You never fail until you stop trying to help these kids.) Its so hard to stay on this diet but we do it.She will not seep at night otherwise.My daughters non verbal comunication is wonderful now.The school definitely noticed as soon as two weeks after her diet change.Used the mouse on computer after a month or so.Potty trained within a month.Then was able to ride a tricycle shortly after that.I also would put anyone in touch with the school. The doctor was able to biopsy her stomach after they found yeast (she is lactose intolerant and has egg white allergy.)This makes the diet even harder!Yes she is much better but a long way to go.Working on food trials now. Have faith!

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    • Darrell Fynaardt. D.C.

      To angry Sarah, (March 24)
      You are quite misinformed on the subject of vaccination. I suggest you learn more about a topic before spouting angry words and further half truths. It is not a law that any person must be vaccinated. No school may exclude a child from attending provided they have filed the correct exemption that is supposed to be made available to everyone, yet most people do not even know this exemption exists. Why do the schools and many lawmakers continue to hide this information from the public? Why doesn’t everyone have autism you ask? Look at the number of vaccines that are “required” today compared to 10 or 20 years ago. It has almost doubled. How do you explain the rate of autism going from 1 in 150,000 to now 1 in 150? The latest unbiased research implicates many factors, vaccines being at the top of the list. This is one where we will be saying, “I told you so” as time and research continue.

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    • Deb K

      Amen! Darrell in DC

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    • dr. Ed

      simply said…

      the immune system of a non-vaccinated child operates at a level analagous to a pentium 5 high speed processor. vaccinate your child, and he has to forever deal with compromised immunity analagous to an abacus.

      it’s interesting that the raleigh durham area of north carolina has the highest incidence of non-vaccinated children. duke, unc and nc state are all 15 miles apart. this area has the most ph.d.’s per capita compared to any other area in the country. 30% of ph.d.’s do not vaccinate, and is expected to rise to 50-60% in 6 to 8 years.

      but… the parents of autistic children in this area find it difficult to locate quality care for their loved ones.

      also… it makes me wonder why the raleigh durham area has a 30% less incidence of autism-like disorders…

      you have the right to step out of the box that the u.s. pharmaceutical drug cartels have placed you in. it’s not rocket science…

    • J. D. Younce, Ph. D.

      Every individual on this planet chooses to accept and embrace one of two paradigms of thought. it’s one.. or the other… no in between stuff. Analogous to the socioeconomic disappearance of the American middle class, enter the decision of wellness vs. medicine. Enter the acceptance of society splitting further away from each other. If you’re getting up in the morning to run a few miles and you work in a hospital, get rid of one or the other because they don’t mix. Your life is a contradiction to itself, and science. And enter the understanding that the wellness industry will not back down to Big-Pharma’s grip on our given right for us to have the decision to be free and healthy.

      because of the newly founded information age of easily attainable facts via technological communications, we now have an ethical base to build a possible beginning to the finality of chemical induced medical hell. all individuals subconsciuously decide to be either a wellness based individual, or a medical based individual. i am a wellness based health care practitioner, and have seen 10′s of thousands of patients before i reached the age of 30. (i’ll be 31 next month) i have seen, through the many patients that i have helped, regardless of scientific research or so called proof, that individuals that lead a lifestyle of wellness, live in a body that functions as it was intended, experience almost no physical or mental illness, and constantly wonder how a barbaric allopathic mentality can still exist…

      How does 10 or 20 extra years of quality life sound?? i’ve seen many victims of politically driven pharmaceutical invoked iatrogenistic atrocities. And we’ll continue to be prisoners of medicine, regardless. the easiest way to help the patient with the grocery list of doctor prescribed drugs is very easy… and I’ve done it hundreds of times… slowly reduce the amount of toxic chemicals they swallow. it will, in time, allow their body to repair and regain balance and health. i have several friends who are medical doctors, some are close friends that i grew up with… Believe me, most do not sleep well at night, and most are not happy with their chosen path. despite popular belief, we actually all have the same visions and understandings of reality. When the oil light on our dashboard illuminates, the wellness minded individual assesses the possibility of looking at a oil problem. The medical minded individual, when his oil light appears on his dashboard, covers it up with a piece of black electrical tape. (Do 12 years of college and see if you have a bit of the entitlement mentality, it’s almost impossible not to)

      no one on this planet can name one drug that cures anything. But many of those do exist. But if it cures something that means that you wouldn’t have to buy more. That scenario is not profitable, and those drugs sit and wait for a reason to get dispersed into society. That is what is called a shelf drug. It will sit there until a disease is created, and marketed to match the drug, get “FDA” approval, and profit pours in. Almost all new drugs have really been around for many years. The pharma puppets try to create new disorders to match the drugs that are sitting and waiting. Actually, most new drugs are only slight variations of older drugs that have been stereotyped as dangerous. Change the name, add an electron, and spend billions marketing it. Ritalin was invented 30 years before ADHD was insanely marketed as a new childhood disorder. Force thousands of methamphetamines on a small child, and watch how medicine creates another lifelong return customer. Give a child thousands of meth pills… Ritalin is no different than cocaine by the way… Hmmm…

      Sadly, most medical internists, GP’s, othopedists… work 60-70 hours/week to gross $100,000. netting $70,000. Quite a change huh?? Remember when medical doctors prescribed drugs to people and NO ONE QUESTIONED WHY??? why do i say this?? i do this to remind society that times are changing and people are getting smarter. more people are understanding the cause and effect relationships regarding disease and health. More people are choosing the wellness lifestyle over the invasiveness of medicine, and that’s why medical doctors are getting themselves into trouble… MEDICAL COSTS ARE SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL, INCREASING 20-30% YEARLY, TO COVER THE LOSS CREATED BY THE WELLNESS REVOLUTION. Could it be possible that 20-30% of society are turning to the wellness paradigm? Could it be possible that the pouring of toxic drugs over the american society is done for a reason? more invasive treatment to cover lost revenue puts society at risk. (Go to an orthepedic surgeon with a grade 1 sprain/strain… See if he tries to plan the scenerio leading to the possibility of surgery.) i visited a chiropractor when i was 15 years old due to a football injury. i can’t recall what he did, or how he did it, but i’m glad i got injured in that game. because of that injury, i chose wellness to be my everyday purpose, to help change this painful drug infested disaster of medicine. If my mother would have taken me to the hospital that day, I would have gotten a prescription for some narcotic. Day by day, i help speed this revolution, patient by patient, and damn to all who promote symptom masking toxins because “it’s what we’re told to do…”. “I do it because I put the time in, I invested a lot here…”

      in the 70′s and 80′s we experienced the change from the industrial age to the information age when computers were introduced to businesses and households. Remember? It was a major change for the majority of us, and many are still very reluctant to accept this revolutionary change. Accept it, or be left behind. The world is constantly changing. Accepting wellness over pharmaceuticals is the only possible choice that involves any sane ethical reasoning. Thousands of imitrex for headaches over a period of years is a direct and easy way to kill someone. And for what?? Please reevaluate what you’re doing to innocent people. PLEASE!!! After exam #15… “Hmmm it appears that… after several years and 100′s of pills… my analysis warrants… ahhh… we should probably have you eat some more imitrex.” Meanwhile, frustrated Sally, who for many years, has been eating hundreds of symptom masking drugs, decides to try correcting the problem, rather than covering it chemically. (Sally’s life then actually becomes a life.) Sally say’s goodbuy to disease care, introduces herself to true healthcare, and the healing process begins. Sally wonders… “Maybe Dr. Imetrix isn’t interested in the well being of his patients, and, perhaps the many years of medical college brainwashing rewired his existence into somehow becoming a world class salesmen… A puppet of Big-Pharma. Sally, and 1000′s of others are turning to wellness and spreading the pro-life paradigm DAILY.


      I remind the allopathic practitioner… Does Imetrex correct upper cervical joint dysfunction? Simply stated… Wrong Medical diagnosis + wrong medical treatment = You still in pain, and possible future chemical train wreck. I correct their upper cervical joint dysfunction in 3-6 visits. Sometimes 1, sometimes 9… my malpractice premium is just over $600/year. The average allopath spends over $100,000/year. Whatever… (Remember, least invasive treatments first… Then more invasive last…) And that’s why wellness is prospering and you bastards are broke… throw the drugs and knives away, and turn to wellness. we are experiencing and living through the wellness revolution. people are sick and tired of being fed drugs by ethically challenged and morally stained allopaths, and fortunately most are learning to accept that we all had to regretfully coexist with 100 years of a dying and disgraceful period of humankind. the art of masking symptoms with chemicals is thankfully at the exit door of reality, and prevention, exercise, and wellness are coming full force. I am grateful to be a part of this revolution. Message to any allopath… Don’t view this reminder message as an insult to you as a person, I actually do respect all healthcare practitioners. It’s just that we’re right, and you are wrong. And yet you continue to give the arthritic patient the celebrex, the small child years of prescribed ritalin which increases their chances of methamphetamine dependency by 1400%, “the alcoholic, a fifth of bourbon.” It’s impossible for even the most moral and wellness based individuals to believe that all allopaths are trying to kill everyone. You guys are in a political trap that is unescapable. And the BIG Pharma owns you!!! Imagine an individual traveling in the wrong direction to get somewhere, speeding down the highway in the wrong direction… Multiply that times 10 years of political based medical school, and what do you get?? This individual now has a high performance porsche speeding vigorously in the same wrong direction, with tunnel vision and $200,000 in student loans. The medical minded individual does his taxes on an abacus. The average everyday wellness practitioner takes that abacus and converts it into a pentium 4 microprocessor and humbly hands it back grinning. We all know that no one still uses an abacus, right? Thankfully now even lower level socioeconomic individuals have access to wellness, most of which have thrown away their abacus… Wellness is growing, and growing fast. I just can’t wait to see prevention being introduced into the minds of society. Just imagine if medical practioners would recommend exercise instead of drugs and surgery. Imagine medical practioners recommending nutritional supplements!!! IF ALL MEDICAL BASED HEALTH CARE PRACTITIONERS PREACHED WELLNESS AND PREVENTION, THEY WOULD BE OUT OF BUSINESS!!! Just try to escape and free yourselves from the entitlement mentality, and the world will benefit. And believe me… you will thank yourself in the end. Just remember… It’s impossible to be right when the reason for action is wrong

    • S.L.

      @ “dr. Ed”:

      Can you cite where you are getting these statistics from:

      *The vaccine rate Raleigh-Durham?

      *The autism rate for that area?

      *Most phd’s per capita rate?

      *Please cite & explain how the rate of “30% of ph.d.’s do not vaccinate” and how the conclusion of this “expected to rise to 50-60% in 6 to 8 years.”

      Thank you.

    • Mary

      Common Sense
      Mother’s Intuition
      Damage via Chemicals
      Lack of Breastfeeding
      Lack of Time
      Too Much Too Soon

      It’s all clear, yet scientists (man-made Gods with intolerable egos) say it isn’t so, so you and millions of others will just believe it because they say it and continue to vaccinate. It’s totally insane and we will be viewed by future generations as totally and utterly dense and without brains for violating our children’s bodies to make scientists and pharma companies billions upon billions of dollars.

      Wake up. Smell the damage. Stop looking for someone else to give you triple-blind-four-time-studies-doneinsupersecretsquirrelcaves to give you your answers to your own child’s health.

    • Mary

      To Sarah,

      They expect people like you to guilt people like me into vaccinating. Won’t happen and no, it isn’t required by law. That is the sad part.

      It never has been and many, many, many parents (like you, if you have kids) don’t know that and they continue to be bullied into doing something against their common sense.

      If anyone should grow up, it should be our medical community that continues to perpetuate this gross abuse via our children, literally culling them from society.

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    • Leah Lynette Parker

      I am a 38y/o R.N. I have known about the vaccinations for the last 6 1/2 years. My daughter has a.d.d. as a result from vaccinations. I chose not to vaccinate my son as a result of her diagnosis. I AM NO LONGER PACTICING MEDICINE. I am an excercise instructor! It’s time for a CHANGE!!!! Wake up!! Medical profession!!!

    • Allison Jones

      I just started a Vaccine Consultant business (Allison Jones, Seattle), after publishing ‘Tracking Vaccinations – the Autism Trail’ (go to web-site). The goal is to, “Understand Vaccines: how they are made, how they work, and how these Designer Diseases cause Autism!” I’ve been studying the subject since 1984, when my son was temporarily paralyzed by the DPT.

    • Mary

      Allison, please post website, it did not come through?

    • Allison Jones (tracking vaccinations)

    • Mary

      Thank you. I haven’t had a chance to read it all yet, but I want to thank you for taking the time and effort to put so much info on the web for questioning parents. The kind that know how to follow their own hearts and brains. Mary

    • Allison Jones

      It MUST be done, being that it’s as obvious as the links between washing hands and germs, which took Dr Oliver Holmes 60 years to convince the medical establishment! It’s been the same length of time, over 60 years, since those first children were turned Autistic by the first DPT. I’ve become the Joan of Arc for vaccine education – consultant, lecturer, and publisher of 40 page booklet “Tracking Vaccinations – the Autism Trail.”

    • Jorma J. Takala

      Again I say…

      It’s NOT the Vaccines and nobody comments on what I say?
      Read my myspace page and see what I am talking about.
      It’s the root cause of Autism and my aspergers syndrome and the entire country “IS” affected the same way as I am/was.

      Over 100 years of DNA damage backs up my theory, you suffer that same DNA damage on a daily basis and YOU DON’T KNOW IT!

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      Yes, it’s not vaccines——

    • Emily

      Wow. Did someone just compare herself to Joan of Arc before immediately hawking her “wares”? Some things never change.

    • Jorma J. Takala

      The main cause of autism is margarine, compounded by the lesser affects of all the artificial food additives that mask the problems caused by margarine by the lesser side effects.

      We are all having an allergic reaction and nobody see’s what’s going on.
      All the autism, aspergers, bipolar/manic, all the psychological problems, all the cancer, add, adhd, tourettes and more.
      Because we consume petroleum.
      Might as well drink a quart of 10w40 motor oil, it’s pretty much the same thing!

    • Emily

      Oh. My. God. Now I really think I have seen everything.

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      Somehow I suspect that there’s still more—–

    • Emily

      Maybe. But nothing is going to top the “margarine hypothesis.” Whoo.

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      High fructose corn syrup.

    • David N. Andrews M. Ed. (Distinction)

      “But nothing is going to top the ‘margarine hypothesis.’”

      Except… the Dorito hypothesis!

      Jorma… sun väite ei oo mitään, paitsi että se on täysin hevonpaskaa!

    • HCN

      From the tracking vaccines…

      Is diphtheria the disease a deadly toxin or is it the DTP (which is no longer given)? Which is worse, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis or the vaccine?

      And then there is this quote from that badly designed site (I clicked on the “What causes autism” link several times and it did nothing): “Most vaccines use heavy metals, some use mostly Aluminum, and occasionally, “… On what planet is aluminum a heavy metal!!!!

      Then there is this quote ” 1) In Japan it’s VOLUNTARY.
      (and they don’t have epidemics, and their kids are famous for being brilliant,”
      … ummm…. didn’t they have to close schools in Japan to reduce the effect of a measles epidemic? See: … “In 2007, measles outbreak occurred mainly among teen/twenties in Japan, and many high-school, universities and colleges were closed to reduce spread of measles.”

    • HCN

      Mary said: “Allison, please post website, it did not come through?”

      If you put put your mouse pointer on her name you would have been able to link to her very silly website.

      I put a website in the “Website” space, it should show up if you place your mouse pointer over my very poisonous set of initials.

    • Mary


      defining: “Just like titanium, aluminum is also a nonferrous metal.” — how does that ingredient make our vaccines any better? Why would we want this METAL in our bodies?

      As to the measles outbreak — Japan actually utilized their brains and used quarantine, whereas we just keep on living our lives and shoot people up with more and more vaccines and call it a day. I’d rather keep my children out of school for a while than vaccinate. To each their own.

      The site may not be perfect, but you can tell she’s put a lot of time and effort into it.

      And while I do not agree with the margarine idea, it’s important to know that our food makes all the difference in our lives and our health.

      You can pick apart anything, after all, I don’t see you managing a site with any info on it, but at least she is putting herself out there in the hopes that she’ll be able to keep some children from a life of autism.

      Yes, I know Emily or was it Kacianne, Autism is not death……….we got it.

    • Mary

      Ahhh, HCN, I see you do keep a website. Good luck with that, looks very negative and liberal like!

    • Mary

      define aluminum again: “The most common metallic element in the earth’s crust. It is present in water and food. It does not appear to have any role in animal and human biology; it is just there. However, it can have toxic effects particularly on the brain and kidneys when present in very high doses in the blood”

    • Allison Jones

      Diphtheria and Tetanus are the second and third most powerful bacterial toxins known to man, and the amounts of Diphtheria have increased dramatically. These toxins are measured into vaccines by ‘Lethal Factor’! Hello? These ingredients are being ignored, and people are focusing on margarine, corn syrup? Or, they say, just keep a fan running? Parents have to keep their babies alive and stimulated until the toxins (poisons) wear off. As for Aluminum, look up Synergistic Toxicity from Aluminum and Mercury,to find out what it does to the body. Has anyone else read the PDR (physicians desk reference), which lists manufacturers’ notes on how they made the vaccines?
      Everything from history to unvaccinated populations to ingredients makes the causes of Autism obviously within vaccines, which affect people depending on their genes, and their tolerance of toxins, and more. See vaccine ingredients and manufacturing at:
      I’m just trying to help. My son was paralyzed by the DPT (today, called the DTaP, or for short, the DTP), and now, I know why. And it wasn’t the margarine.

    • Deb K

      WOW, DTaP did it for my 9 yr old girl! Doctors documented it about 7 months & 18 months after her shots.No one wants to listen! Thanks for sharing. This did help us. Deb K

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      Not questioning anyone’s wish to help; self-examination of one’s beliefs is always necessary.

    • Denise

      Please see my website, for more information. I am not a doctor. I cannot even claim that EVERY child will be cured by removing chemicals from their foods. Some children have REAL diseases, but many do not. Yet they are being given narcotics, mind altering drugs to treat a malnutrition problem! Then these kids either kill themselves or go into schools and kill other kids while on these drugs.

      My son was diagnosed with all sorts of horrible mental diseases but yet, he has none. They wanted to give him electric shock therapy!!!!!….for what turned out to be an allergy to chemicals.

      He is practically perfect now.

      All I am saying is don’t believe the first thing you are told by doctors. Before giving your child drugs, perhaps suggest to your doctor that you’d like to try correcting problems by natural means, through food and supplements. If after two weeks you don’t see an improvement, what have you lost? A little bit of more expensive food.

      But what if it works? What have you gained? Your child. Your life. Like I did.

      I would also like to point out that my 14 yr old daughter has been DXd with asthma since she was about 2 yrs old. This past 1.5 years, since going organic, she has not had even ONE asthma attack.

      What else might we CURE through clean food, food that God had given us and we ruined?

    • HCN

      Mary said “HCN, I see you do keep a website.”

      I do? That is news to me. Can you tell me what my website is?

    • HCN

      Mary, I put in a website that I like, not one I write as an example.

      Also, about metals in your body: iron, phosphorous, sodium and calcium are also metals. I hope you do not try to remove them from your body.

    • Mary

      Ahhhhh, my bad.

    • Mary

      So HCN are you saying that we can introduce as much aluminum into our bodies that we can and be fine?

    • Storkdok

      “The main cause of autism is margarine”. “I’ve become the Joan of Arc for vaccine education”.

      That is going down in my book as a classic!

      I’m rolling on floor!

    • HCN


      Just that you should not freak out at the word “metal.”

      (By the way, most aluminum containers have a small layer of oxidized aluminum as a coating. In larger quantities it can be called corundum. If it is contaminated with certain minerals it can be called either “ruby” or “sapphire”.)

      Be advised that the MMR, a vaccine that has been demonized for the past ten years even though it has been safely used since 1971, has never contained thimerosal nor aluminum salts.

      Allison Jones, yes the toxins from diphtheria and tetanus are very bad. That is why it is better to vaccinate against them! It is obvious we want to prevent those diseases, especially on what happened when the vaccine program broke down in several former Soviet satellite countries. Thousands of children died:

      Already a dozen American babies die from pertussis each year. So it is very important to prevent those diseases.

    • Emily

      Calcium is a metal. Selenium is a metal.

      Um…if one removes all “chemicals” from one’s food, one will have no food to eat.

      FWIW, which ain’t much…my children don’t eat food coloring, preservatives, processed foods in general, and certainly didn’t for their first several years of existence. My autistic son had nothing but organic food for years. Of course, we couldn’t get rid of the chemicals in those foods or the metals…given that that’s what they’re made of.

      People tend to outgrow asthma. Not everyone, but it is a tendency.

      Some folks on here should go read the Baron-Cohen thread. Looks like the sperm lost out bigtime to the overemotional mommy genes in some cases.

    • Denise


      Many pardons that I forgot the word “synthetic” when referring to the chemicals in food. Synthetic food dyes are made from petroleum. People were not made to consume petroleum.

      My daughter has not “outgrown” her asthma. Everytime she eats or drinks anything with yellow dye in it, she has an asthma attack. Unfortunately since she is a teenager, I cannot control everything she consumes every minute of every day.

      So far I have not seen you contribute anything to the conversation except criticism and negative vibes.

      I guess you just have bad genes in general, mommy or not.

    • Cliff

      I’d like to contribute cookies to this thread. No, not as a causation theory; we have enough of those already. Just… cookies. Since we apparently shouldn’t be granting critical commentary…


    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      I don’t think it’s accurate to speak of “bad genes.”

      I had severe asthma as a child and outgrew it; running cross country helped a great deal.

    • Justthisguy

      Wow, Professora, this has gotten right silly, huh?

      Could you declare this topic closed (it’s your blog) so that we could discuss other things?

    • Emily

      I guess you must be right, Denise. Sigh. Bad genes. I’ll be up all night worrying about it.

      Criticism and “negative vibes.” Sorry. I know what criticism is, and yep…when I see someone rant stridently about something stupid, I’ll dole that out in tubs, but “negative vibes”? What are those, and do you know of way to channel them more efficiently? They don’t seem to be working.

      Here’s more criticism: Denise, you don’t know what you’re talking about. That’s really all there is to it. You just bumble out a bunch of terms that sound scary to you without knowing much at all about what they mean.

      Your daughter’s response to yellow dye sounds like an allergic rxn, not asthma. Fairly common with specific yellow dye.

      Oh, there I go again, being all negative. I just can’t think of a positive way to tell people that they don’t know what they’re talking about. Hmmm…can someone out there with “good genes” help me out? Wait, I know.

      “You’d know what you were talking about if you read accurate information and learned something from it.”

      Not a single negative in that entire sentence. Phew.

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      Following on Cliff’s suggestions about the cookie, if you don’t mind me going completely OT—–I have been very dismayed to learn that Cookie Monster now eats vegetables. (Am of course thinking of all the times Charlie and I entertained each other singing “C is for Cookie AND for Charlie.”) Come to think of it, not only am I going OT here, I am getting the idea for another post………..

    • Denise


      You don’t know anything about my children or what they have gone through or what we have gone through or the $8,000 we have spent trying to help our son. Why are you even in this forum? Just to make people more miserable than they already are? To make fun of them while they are down? You are a mean, spiteful person and got everything you deserve in life.

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      Emily is a long-time commenter with more than many reasons to be writing in here.

      I was able to grow out of asthma and am very active now, in ways quite unimaginable while a child.

      Very best to you and yours!

    • Denise

      No, my son and I went thru 9 years of hell. He was violent and I feared for his life, both as a child and an adult. The schools wanted him gone, his relatives couldnt handle him and while they tried to love him, well it just didn’t happen properly.

      I was scared of my own child. I do not exaggerate when I say he was much like the child in The Omen in some of his acts and the way he looked at you.

      He was labeled emotionally disturbed, ADD, ADHD and on and on. I didn’t believe because THERE WERE MOMENTS when he was completely normal. Days of normalacy. It didn’t make sense.

      But doctors didnt want to bother with finding out WHY. They just wanted to drug him. I spent a year researching on the internet and tried many things. I would not drug my son.

      While some suggestions and theories seemed inplausible to me, I never once made fun of them or the people who believed them. I just simply kept searching.

      I finally found the answer. And I was willing to TRY it. Within two weeks or removing artificial, synthetic chemicals from our diets, he became a different person. A normal person. We added supplements into his diet also and these helped with his “spacing out”. He was malnurished from a chemical laden diet!

      I am not the only mother who knows of this cure, there are thousands of us and the number is growing everyday. Havent you noticed the “natural” and “organic” foods that are slowly taking over the grocery stores?

      In Australia, based on SCIENTIFIC STUDIES, they have removed all food dyes from the schools foods and they have written of the dramatic positive differences in the childrens behavior and general being.

      America is slow though because they care more about money than anything. They won’t pay more for healthy food. They are brainwashed believing their own government would not allow them to be hurt. They are brainwashed by doctors getting kickbacks from the drug companies to drug the people of the US instead of trying to cure them with natural means!

      Because of MY LOVE FOR ALL CHILDREN, I spend my time and my limited resources to try and spread the word. To get people to stop poisoning their children.

      AND WHAT DO I GET FOR MY EFFORTS. CRITICISM, VERBAL ATTACKS. This is why America will ALWAYS be BEHIND other countries….because Americans dont care!

      They are lazy and willing to believe anything the goverment says. But even if I have to face 500 Emilys with her close minded superior attitudes, if I still save one child, even one (which I have) I will have done 10,000 times more than the Emilys of the world.

    • Denise

      But you have proven one thing to me. How I am totally wasting my time and money on close-minded people. I have cancelled my website of two years. Now mothers searching for cures will be missing out on the information needed to cure their children like I cured mine. Two years and counting without a single violent episode, two years without any autistic behaviors.

      But I guess you’ll say next that children also outgrow being “emotionally disturbed” and having ADD/ADHD.

      Since Emily says I know nothing and am mouthing nonsense.

      And when the people I have helped ask what happened to the site, I will refer them to this group of people. Maybe they will turn the table and come laugh at all of you for your ignorance and self importance.

      There you go Emily, you probably just destroyed a lot of children’s lives all because the thing that cured my child didn’t cure yours. My heart aches at your selfishness.

    • Chris H.

      I have exercise asthma. Does that count?

      It was not present when I was a child. It only occurred when I became an adult and tried to dance at the disco, do aerobics and other gym related things.

      I work on preventing family history of strokes by walking and swimming in the slow lane (I have high cholesterol, regular exercise keeps my HDL high). It takes me over an hour to swim 2000 yards. I am slow but consistent!

      Does this mean I have some fatal defect?

    • Cliff

      “Following on Cliff’s suggestions about the cookie, if you don’t mind me going completely OT—–I have been very dismayed to learn that Cookie Monster now eats vegetables. (Am of course thinking of all the times Charlie and I entertained each other singing ‘C is for Cookie AND for Charlie.’) Come to think of it, not only am I going OT here, I am getting the idea for another post………..”

      Oh, no *way*. He eats vegetables? That’s awful! Defamation of a character!


    • Emily

      Denise…and I mean this in all honesty…it’s pretty easy to see where your son got it.

    • Mary

      Emily – and I mean this in all honesty – you are a bi*ch. And I mean like a real one, not a made up one that just is happy to hurt relatives feelings, but someone who can truly reach out and hurt others with no regard to their state of mind. I guess that makes me one too, since I could care less how you take this.

      Denise – you need thicker skin and you need to not let the idiots like Emily and Kassianne get to you. THey are negative little bumps of life in your way of showing others how to help their kids. If you are ready to give up your site over this then you need some more motiviation or something.

      I wouldn’t cross a street to put either of them out if they were on fire, let alone cancel a site I’d had for two years!

      I’d love to hear more about how they got the dyes removed from the schools! And I go out of my way for organic foods and milk that isn’t full of hormones or stored in plastic. It’s hard over here, money does trump all, but slowly we are fighting for our health freedoms and rights. GMOs are trying to take over, we’ll see. I’m sure Emily sees nothing wrong with them either, after all, humans are super beings who aren’t affected by chemicals and toxins………..

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      @Mary, please note that I don’t think that’s a necessary way to address someone in a forum, online or otherwise.

      It also seems that Cookie Monster has had to change his ways due to the general concern for nutrition and healthy eating—these being hardly a bad thing in themselves but things get interesting when carried to extremes.

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    • Kat

      ??? “When Hannah was 6 (?? typo surely) months old, as the family came to grips with the likelihood that she was autistic, they turned to leading experts in neurology. “I had to know. My daughter didn’t just suddenly develop autism for no reason,” Terry Poling said.”

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