St. Patrick’s Day Blog Carnival


Instead of the usual Babylune Friday Links, I’m doing a St. Patrick’s Day Blog Carnival. If you didn’t realize by my St. Patrick’s Day & Your Baby post earlier this week, I’m a big fan of the holiday. I have been doing the leprechaun boxes with my kids since they were born and will continue with little traditions like this until my kids have kids. (in 35 years)

Stop in and look around at All Holiday Cafe, learn all about the things you didn’t know about the day as well as how to trap a Leprechaun. For more St. Patrick’s Day articles by Sandy can be found at her All About St. Patrick’s Day post.

Marry Emma Allen shares her Quilting With a St. Patrick’s Day Influence.

Over at Mother Earth Garden, Linette will walk you through caring for Shamrocks.

She Knows Parties really knows how to have a St. Patrick’s Day party, she has 10 Recipes Featuring Guinness, which is the beer of choice for the holiday. But she also has St. Patrick’s Day games and even music to dance to. The best part is she has the BEST corned beef and cabbage recipe and what is the holiday without that.

Tree Hugging Family wants to make your St. Patrick’s Day a Green one.

Looking for a recipe or two to cook up for St. Patrick’s Day? Skip on over to Career and Kids and take a peek at the St.Patty’s Day Potluck recipes. Guess I shouldn’t have wrote this before eating, my poor tummy.

Last year, Karen over at Thrifty Mommy gave us 10 Sites for St. Patrick’s Day with ideas.

Printables4Kids has a lot of new St. Patrick’s Day activities for your kids to do.

Come join Char, (from Weary Parent) for her St. Patrick’s Day Party at Casual Keystrokes. But don’t forget to comment below and let me know what you are doing for St. Patrick’s Day right here. For us, we will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, with the carnival in town and a parade it should be a lot of fun. Today is Little A’s 1st Birthday so it’ll be a weekend of partying for us.

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