Five cool sites that teach teens about nutrition

Ah, teenagers… They are something else. They’re at the age of being conscious about their weight and appearance. And it’s a totally big deal. They also will listen more to their peers more than their wiser parents. But truth be told they always value and take their parents’ advice to heart (they just won’t admit to that). And their health and nutrition is no exception.

So, if you’ve got teens and you want to teach some about nutrition and healthy eating, I found several cool and informative websites that they can check out for themselves.

  • ThinkQuest: Nutrition On the Web - Learn about world nutrition, exercise, and common health myths. Use the diet planner or take a food quiz.
  • Powerful Bones. Powerful Girls – Fun games, quizzes, ideas, and tips on what foods have calcium and what activities are good for bones and the body.
  • Wellness 101 – Educational program focusing on nutrition, fitness, and overweight prevention for young women ages 12 to 20. Includes exercises to stretch and tone, quizzes, nutrition guides, and FAQs.
  • Foodskool  – Visit a virtual West Cork village and learn about food. Includes the food pyramid and food labels, facts from around the world, movies about how foods are made, and games and puzzles
  • Food Students – Offers information about food production, nutrition, and biotechnology. Includes puzzles, quizzes, trivia, and encyclopedia of terms.


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    • NutritionalSupplements

      Hi Grace,

      Great list and cool sites. I have learned many useful informations from your blog. Thanks for sharing this info and hope to get few more links from you. :)

    • Samuel S Alarcon

      Thanks for sharing the health sites for teaching teenagers about nutrition so they can adopt a healthier eating lifestyle.