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I was talking with my friend who recently went back to work after staying home with her kids.

She was frustrated by the fact that it was hard to keep the house up to her previous standards because there’s no time during the week, and, she wants to be able to spend time with her family on the weekends.

Being the supportive friend I am, I replied, “Yeah. And?”

I’m thinking, “You’ll get used to it” wasn’t the advice she was seeking.

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    • http://www.fixinsupper.com lcreekmo

      Hahahahahahaha I’m laughing so loud. As I sit here on the sofa, watching basketball. Two unfinished craft projects [mine] to my left. Two ginormous piles of laundry to my right.

      I’m having one of those hey-I-deserve-a-break-too nights. I’ve had several this week. I’ll fix it all Saturday, just like every other working mom. Oh except we’re busy then.


    • http://www.gymisntworking.com Loth

      This is where having always had completely crappy standards helps. My house doesn’t look that much worse now than it did before I had children!

    • http://www.blondemomblog.com Jamie

      My house looks fairly decent today but ONLY because I was home all day yesterday with a sick kid. I’m home with her again today so by my standards this house may be SPARKLING by tomorrow only to get trashed again next week. ;)

    • carolyn

      What really gets me is when i spend precious weekend time to get the house clean, and then the darn thing doesn’t STAY that way. What is up with that? It makes me not want to clean at all, if it’ going to get all dirty again.

    • http://livelaughlove95.com Malia

      I should have no problem once I re-enter the workforce as my housekeeping standards are less than, well, “sparkling” even as a stay-at-home parent.

    • http://www.parentopia.net/blog Devra

      My “standard” is no antibiotics are growing in the fridge,feet aren’t sticking to the floor. Oh and nothing is stinky. That’s really about it. I figure I can have higher standards once the kids leave for college.

    • http://modernmami.theparentblog.com Modern Mami

      I struggle with this every day – guess I need lower standards. ;)

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    • http://annabananasmommy.blogspot.com/ iMom

      Yep, still dealing with that! I relate it to an all-you-can-eat type deal. I have these big eyes…I start a million projects (laundry, cleaning, ebay, crafts, organizing, scrapbooking to name JUST a few) and get maybe half of each done (if I am lucky). I think my eyes are bigger than my brain at times! I sometimes look back thinking wow…I used to get things done 100% instead of 25% (50% of the time)!

    • Manie

      I used to work in the office but now not anymore. i’m working at home as a freelance.Previous time, I thought working at home would be so happy for me;don’t have to waste time in rush hour in the morning and evening , don’t hurry to dress,etc. But when I have to stay at home (alone) and full of houseworks ..urrrr . .I accept that I can’t manage my time as a freelance .Besides lot of housework which seems to be never ending and I have to face a lonely feeling stay alone at home !!!!. Some time so confuse thinking back to work in the office again but I have to go forward. I have to deal my day by following a strict schedule and having more discipline .