Youth Room Dividers for Shared Bedrooms

So, in my shared sibling room post I promised to bring some cool organizing gear to the table. We’re going to start with room dividers. And tomorrow the extra storage gear.

Now, room dividers don’t work in every space. You obviously need a space that’s large enough to occupy a room divider. Also you need to have your furniture set up in a way that can accommodate the divider. That said, if you can manage a room diver can really work wonders to split spaces, provide privacy, and some even contain extra storage perks.

Here are some basic room divider tips:

  • The younger the kids the sturdier you need. Frail dividers and kids just don’t mesh. You may need to do some handy work and attach a divider to a wall.
  • For older kids try for thick layered dividers or dark colors. These block some light from nighttime reading or homework, plus offer even more privacy. Or at least the illusion of it.
  • Don’t try to use items not meant for room division as room dividers. No one needs a bookshelf falling on them in the night. Actually if you live in an earthquake prone area it’s really wise to attach any stand alone item like a room divider to the ceiling with chain hooks. (I used to live in Cali).

Some ideas for little siblings: Note that as your kids grow, these dividers will need to be changed out for older kids more developed decor tastes, but in the meantime these are really cute.

Tri-Panel Room Dividers in white board and chalkboard styles. Short, no large topple over risk, and way fun.

children's room divider

children's room divider

Playhouse Prop: This is less privacy based and more sectional in nature. You can have your children’s beds on one side and their play area on the other. A great fun way to divide up space in a larger shared room. The pictures below show front and back views. As you can see their is some nice built in storage on the back side. Plus, you could add more.

children's room divider

children's room divider

Quiet Dividers Sound Absorbing Space Divider: I love these. These flexible dividers come in short and tall, block sound, and have easy magnetic attaching. Basically you buy them as panels. Best of all when used in a curved design, no extra support is needed – they’ll stand fine. They come in a variety of colors as well. The pistures below show them in a playroom – classroom setting, but they’d be great in a bedroom.

children's room divider ag8500bl.jpg

Ideas for older kids:

Arc Top Photo Screen Room Divider: Earlier on, this works well for art projects and later it’s perfect for teens and all their friend photos. It comes in black, a cherry red, and honey as well as natural shown below.

room divider

This Case Study 420 Storage Unit is my favorite. Mod, but not too mod, and all that storage is awesome. Plus it has a nice older kid feel to it – not a baby divider at all. You have to call to learn more, but what it looks like to me, is that it can be customized with shelving on either or both sides. This would make it work two sided for both siblings.

room divider

Ideas for all ages:

Nomad from MIO is something I’ve been obsessing over for a while and it would make a stunning room divider. It’s a green option, made from recycled, double-wall cardboard, and is utterly cool. Here’s MIO’s description:

“Nomad is a modular architectural system that can be assembled into free-standing, sculptural screens, temporary partitions, rooms or even displays without hardware, tools or damage to existing structures. Available in nine colors, Nomad can be arranged into open or closed configurations; creating private environments or light and airy dividers. The Nomad system can be configured to create entry-ways and corners, easily adjusting to any indoor space.”

Color Options include: Olive Green, Grass Green, Forest Green, White, Slate Grey, Dark Grey, Ochre, Orange and Red.

Take a look. It starts out like this…

children's room divider

And goes to this…

children's room divider

Last up are the very good looking screens from dVider. These are customizable white room dividers. There are a multitude of easy to mount, removable vinyl decals to choose from. Really your design options are endless. Following are some custom designs from their gallery, but note, you choose the decal so your divider can match any decor. If you’re really feeling nice, your kids might enjoy a few decals each, to swap out once in a while.

children's room divider

children's room divider

children's room divider

Visit dVider to learn more.

Ok, that covers room division. Next up some nice storage options for kiddos that share a room.

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    • Manders

      This series is great as I am just getting ready to move. We do have the option to have our boys have their own room or share. If they share there will be a play room with almost all toys. The bedroom would only have a few choice special toys.

      The downfall is the age. My oldest if 9 and my yougest is 2. Bunk beds are what they have now, but my oldest really doesn’t have privacy because my yougest can climb up top (no ladder even). My oldest needs a place to call his own, but seems ok with the shared room.

      The toy room would be VERY small, where as the bedroom would be bigger, but not by much.

      Any ideas as to how I can give privacy in a shared room at that age or should I just give them their own rooms.

      They do share a room now, and even sleep in the same bed, even though they have their own beds.

    • Jennifer

      Well, you say your oldest seems ok. Did you ask him?

      My brother or sister and I were always sneaking into each other’s beds – just because we did get along, in spite of normal sibling fighting, and it’s fun to camp out with your siblings. However, I still wanted my own room during the day. When I was 15 we moved to a house with 3 big bedrooms and one very tiny room. I took the tiny room over having to share and didn’t mind a bit.

      You could put them together, and if your oldest starts asking then split them. I think 9 and 2 are kind of odd ages to share, but you have to do what works in your specific family.

    • Manders

      I did ask him, as he finally has an option. Where we have lived all his life he was either in my husbands and my bedroom (no choice) or just before his brother was born in his room, knowing his brothe would be in there with him.

      I know the ages are odd. That’s why I think I should make them have their own rooms. I think the idea of a toy room is what is makeing him want to share.

      We are talking about things they want in their room. Oldest is giving the most imput, but I know a few things the youngest likes. Yesterday it was suggested that we do half the room in Elmo and the other half in Starwars.

    • Jennifer

      Well, you sound open for anything – which IMO is the best parent trait ever. So it looks like it’ll work out. Elmo starwars huh, that’s funny.

    • Manders

      I think I’ll do space theme, without painting the walls the dark color. We’ll do stars and planets on the wall. I can (try) make wall stickers so they can make their own planets as well (Naboo, Alderon, and Tatooine). Oldest loves Star Wars, but loved Buzz Lightyear and Treasure Planet before, seems space is a common thread. Younegst love Buzz Lightyear, stars, moons, and almost anything big brother loves.

      The room is small. Just about only big enough for the two twin beds. I’m curious about how to add a divider for privacy when there isn’t much room. I could hang something on a track, to draw back at night and puch closed during the day… But I can see that being torn down.

      Something will come up, maybe.


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    • Dan

      I really like the last one
      do you know where I can buy the plant divider and pole ( ?)
      the website only has the information of sticker company
      would you please let me know
      A single Dad

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