• Mon, Apr 7 2008

G&H’s exclusive NAVIGENICS interview with Medical Director Dr Michael Nierenberg

Navigenics approached Genetics and Health for an interview. With so much written about similar genomics companies such as 23andme, Knome, deCODE genetics, I was intrigued to learn more about this company.  In particular, Navigenics appears to be the only company within this industry genre who provides a comprehensive wellness model – a healthcare model that Opaldia, the genetic screening and health surveillance company I founded, endorsed whole-heartedly. 

I interviewed Navigenics’ Medical Director Dr Michael A Nierenberg MD, clinical professor of medicine, emeritus at Stanford Universityto find out what makes Navigenics stand out amongst its competition.  He was most candid in his responses and the company has been open and transparent in responding to my follow-up queries, for which I am most grateful. 

The following series of articles, to be posted over the coming week, take an in-depth look into Navigenics’ genomic services including how the company has positioned its services in relation to its ‘competition’ but importantly how Navigenics answers some of the ethical issues surrounding the whole field of genomic testing. The articles are as follows:

1. My genes, my health, my life – who are Navigenics?

2. A stroll through your genomic park – about the test

3. SNP testing – can it be used for disease risk assessment?

4. Low penetrance v high pentrance genes

5. Corporate or pragmatic genomics

6. Privacy, insurance, GINA and ethics

7. The barriers to success!


Elaine Warburton   www.geneticsandhealth.com

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