• Tue, Apr 8 2008

Mural Up Your House

Honestly, why would you just paint your house beige or tan when you could do this instead…

mural house

house mural

The two above are from Arch Zine – and there are a ton of other nice murals located at this post. This next slick mural is from The Cool Hunter and I’ve love it since I first saw it (this is one of those that’s been sitting around in my bookmarks for months). I bet you can’t guess what business this building houses. Visit Cool Hunter to learn more.

building mural

And then there’s this… A mural that’s way too cool for school. A little poppy what with the pink – but I love the face with spiky hair.


Now if I were to paint my own building mural, I’d likely go for something like this:

bob marley

Actually, that’s a lie because I suck at drawing people who are real. Technically I’d have to get someone else to paint this. The mural above is not the best Bob likeness ever, but it has to be hard to do this on a building, and the artist did add a stellar quote.

I can’t remember exactly where this mural was. I took this photo somewhere near Height St. in San Francisco – about oh, eight years ago maybe. Maybe it’s long gone – I don’t remember seeing it on subsequent trips.

What would you paint on your house? 

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  • solowpoet

    Hey this is a terrific idea and being a hip hop fan (not rap) and embracing graffiti as an important part of that culture this idea automatically appeals to my artistic sense,but i guess you might have to have some really open minded Neighbors or you might have some resistance to your project

  • http://jenfreedom.blogspot.com/ Jennifer Chait

    Well, there have always been, and always will be neighbors and other people opposed to structural beauty in non-traditional forms – to new ideas. Still, a small collection of architects and artists just keep on pushing the envelope; it’s a good thing.

  • cangel

    What a great way to spruce up the neighborhood. This is “good” grafitti and it would give people who like to paint on buildings a chance to be creative and positive. I love individualism and these murals are a great sample.

  • kammerzell

    I think the artwork here is really awesome! However, if the world were painted up like this everywhere, then I think more people would have ADHD from the constant stimulation it would cause. I would be too distracted to live my daily life, stopping at every 5 steps like I was living in an art museum. I like the images though.

  • Kaitlyn

    Wow! These are awesome buildings – I don’t think I’d have the courage to do that to the outside of my home but on the inside I do a pretty good job. I have a cat swimming with the fishes bathroom and a “princess bedroom” for my princess and both get raves from everyone who visits.

  • jkmur827

    Very cool! The photos are stunning – I wish there were close ups of some of the more interesting details.

  • Maze00

    I think that this would be a great idea,it would give you a different outlook on life, as well, it would add character to your house,maybe even boost up the market value.