• Sun, Apr 13 2008

Sunday Morning Thrifty Links

Good morning, thrifty friends. What a week it’s been! This fence project is keeping us busy – well keeping my husband busy. I’m keeping my son busy so my husband can get more done. I’ll get you a video update on that during the week. Meanwhile…

Here’s what I’m reading this weekend:

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  • http://heraccessories.com Chloe

    Thanks for the mention Deborah :-)

  • http://thriftymommy.com Thrifty Karen

    Wow, that’s quite a list! Thanks for the link love.

  • http://www.sharonhr.blogspot.com Frugal Duchess

    Great List!
    Thanks for the mention.
    Best Wishes,

  • http://motherearthsgarden.com Linette

    Thanks for mentioning Mother Earth’s Garden, I’m off to check out some of the other links on your list.

  • http://www.groovyvegetarian.com Missy Diaz

    I could totally use that hard drive, off to check out Network Blogging Tips.


  • Stephanie Chance

    I’m really busy at work today, catching up from being out for a few days. But I can’t wait until I get caught up and I can check out your other blogs.

  • http://www.mizfitOnline.com MizFit

    e run friday freebies up at the MizFit too (and we sell nothing—-so it’s winwinGETFITwin :))


  • http://www.mizfitOnline.com MizFit

    (yes that was supposed to be WE not e)

  • Marne

    Ohhh thanks for listing the website with lip balm recipes. FUN!

  • Jenni

    I have never used a reader, I get stuff in my email, so I don’t know how to sign up for one? The List Maven, to sign up, it asks for which reader, Google or what? How do I sign up for one? I like both.