Call for entries: Life Images


Life Images is a photography publication by Stampington & Company. The next deadline is June 15, 2008.  There are some specific challenges for this issue, including infrared photography and the theme play.  The quote for play is an oldie but goodie: “We do not stop playing because we grow old.  We grow old because we stop playing.” ~ Anonymous

Life Images will feature the very best of your most artistic, emotionally moving, or expressive photos along with a few of your words. These photos should be of people, places and things important in your life, whether for a fleeting moment or a lifetime. We are interested in your journal entry that would accompany these photos – whether it be a heartfelt short story, expressive comment, or emotional poem. All original or copies of photographs submitted must be clearly identified with the artist’s name, address, email and phone number on each photo. We also require information on the camera make & model, film or digital, altered or unaltered. If altered, please indicate software and techniques used or materials and technique used for manual alteration (i.e. bleaching, etc.) We also ask that your journal entry be attached. If you prefer, you may send the images, copy and photo information electronically to the managing editor Staci Dumoski at

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    • Amanda

      I submitted a photo before the March deadline (and still waiting to hear back on it). I want to submit for the June deadline as well – any suggestions on the best way to present the image to the editors? I appreciate any tips you can share! Thank you!

    • Cyndi

      I haven’t heard about that one yet either, Amanda. It does take awhile after the deadline. No guarantees just because someone’s been in one or two that they’ll be accepted to the next :-)

      What I do is to simply send low res versions of my images embedded in my email along with the journal entry. I try to make them big enough to see well, but not so big as to slow down the transmission. I note in my letter that they are low res and that I’ll send a high res if they’re accepted.

      Don’t know how much of a tip that is, but Staci has not asked me to handle it differently, so I suppose it’s ok! Best wishes on getting your images accepted!! :-)

    • Amanda

      I appreciate your advice. I’m sure acceptance is based more on what moves the editor more than anything. My biggest issue is that I love to take pictures, but I’m not always sure how to write the journal entry – what should it include, how long should it be, that kind of thing. Any suggestions?

      Again, I do appreciate your tips. I will select a couple more images and submit them. After all, I can’t get accepted if I don’t submit! LOL

    • Cyndi

      As for the journaling part, I usually chose quotes because I’m not a very poetic writer. When the Guatemalan picture was chosen, I was asked to *rewrite* the journal entry because it wasn’t interesting enough ;-)

      I’m probably about the worst person for writing journals. I’m way too matter-of-fact!

    • Amanda

      I can completely understand – journaling has never been my thing either. I love writing fiction, but my photography is because I see a visual that is interesting or moving. I don’t usually mix the two because if I was to start writing for a picture, I could easily end up with a 10-page story! You know, the whole “A picture is worth 1,0000 words” theory! lol

      Thank you so much for the quotes idea, that will take a lot of the stress out of the submission process!