Tree Man Update: New Hands, New Life.

Here’s an update for anyone who has been wondering what has happened to the Tree Man?

If you remember, Dede Koswara – the man more commonly known as the Tree Man – was suffering from bark-like growths on his hands and feet that started appearing on his skin after cutting his leg at the age of 15. When the international media started reporting his story, Dede was in his thirties and these growths had taken over his life.

The media reports led to an American dermatologist Anthony Gaspari examining Dede and diagnosing his condition as a result of  having HPV (human papilloma virus) and a weak immune system that allowed the warts to grow.

Now, the media is reporting on the ongoing success of his treatment and how it is transforming his life.

Dede has had a number of operations, with surgeons removing almost 4 lbs of warts.

Hands that once could hold very little are now grasping cups, cutlery, pens, cellphones, and even textmessaging.

There is still a long way to go, but Dede is starting to see the possibility of a new life. Speaking from an Indonesian Hospital, Dede told the Daily Telegraph that first he wants to “…get better and find a job. But then, one day, who know’s? I might meet a girl and get married.”

Check out this news reports to find out more and see pictures of the ‘new’ Dede.

‘Tree man’ regains use of hands: New pictures (The Telegraph)

More Than Four Pounds of Warts Removed From Man With Bark-Like Growths (Fox News)


Tree Man Update (Reuters)

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    • kingkuruk

      yo that mad nasty… and grimmy that his wife left him to… but i would have left to though.

    • jgirl

      It might be gross kingkurucj but it is also VERy sad. I bet you wouldnt like it if someone said that you were gross. Its a disease, like cancer you idiot.

    • terri

      looks like dede is doing well.

    • Roxy Coller

      Yet we all think we have our own struggle living with rising economy, health care and the cost of fuel in our daily lives, Dede is truly an inspiration, as most of us would not be able to handle what this man has endured for the past twenty years…

    • bob downe

      always had wood i spose. not sure why his wife left him

    • dtnyc

      i watched this tlc documentary and was inspired by this man’s strength, positivity and desire to lead a productive life. plenty of able-bodied ppl sit on their asses doing nothing all day, and after all that he’s been through dede still hopes to support himself and his family. this is a proud and heroic man.

    • http://v Tim

      i said to my wife after seeing this that i am mad that I complain about the little things that we complain about and to see a person go through this and have hope makes me feel like a stuck up ass that has seen the hardest off this world but in the big picture has seen NOTHING…

    • G. Huggins

      It would be nice if he new how many people are following his story and care about him. He is an amazing man.

    • mr snickers

      i think dede will have an amazing life after
      all of his surgurys.
      i was just watching it yesturday and i was amazed at how that could happen.

    • Ana Robles

      My cousin has a similar wart like disease. He was advised to eat alot of raisins. The warts disappeard!!

    • brandon

      I’m interested in what the genetic mutation to his immune system is that caused the original cut to manifest to hard tree-like appendages.
      I don’t understand how you can remain upbeat and positive about life after a such a freakish thing happens to you.
      I’m depressed and overcoming addiction and thought I was in a bad situation, now I see this is nothing compared to what Dede went/is going through.
      Keep your head high Dede you deserve it!

    • Vincent

      Kingkuruk you will rot in hell, that can be a curse upon yo generation. That man is an inspiration to man, we thot of giving up life on sm small things but Dede teaches us to be fighters. All the best Dede

    • Drizard

      It bothers me that his doctors at the hospital only planned on cutting off the warts and weren’t looking at the big picture (his weak immune system that lead to his condition). Just cutting off the warts isn’t enough. They will only grow back.

    • amy-arlington

      Drizard i totally agree with you. But then you other people are just some stuck up snobby a** people that have nothing better to do than sit around and judge people. grow the f*** up. leave the man alone let him have a chance at love if thats what he wants. you other people who are on his side thank you so very much.

    • twilight princess

      Drizard DOES seem absolutely right. What treatment are the doctors going to ensure that Dede’s immune system CONTINUES

    • twilight princess

      Drizard DOES seem absolutely right. What treatment are the doctors using to ensure that Dede’s immune system CONTINUES to fight off not only the effects of the virus (HPV in this case), but also other possible diseases?
      It’s already a rule of thumb that surgery itself requires a little extra antibiotics & vitamins for that small boost a patient needs in order to fight off the small infections (influenza, e. coli, staph) that could be lurking about in any/every state-of-the-art hospital anywhere.
      It would suck if the warts kept growing back and he got a cold or something!! I’m not trying to put a damper on the situation or insult the docs’ treatment plan, but I wonder if they were so desperate to remedy the immediate situation (“quick-fix”) that they didn’t really employ the long-term fixes (like the nutrients from the raisins mentioned by Ana Robles above).

      I would like to see Dede’s perseverance rewarded with a long-term, liberating treatment. Even if he has to take vitamins for the rest of his life, I remain hopeful that there is a strategy somewhere out there to bring back his mobility for good. In other words, it seem to me that Dede DESERVES the full recovery of his hands/feet.

    • hailey

      i cant believe that happened to him i feel so bad.

    • andyman

      pics or it dint happen.

    • S. Hall

      Why can’t we find out more re:Dede? Please let me know how he is doing today (07/2011). Is he well? does he continue his treatment? I pray for him constantly.

      Please send info.

      S. Hall

    • Dawn

      I wonder if he had a complete work up on his immune system. If so, I still say the best way to fight this is systemically as was suggested in the documentary.

    • hailey

      sorry i meant “right” not write