Contest – Crocheted Wire Butterfly Earrings

It’s been awhile since I had a contest on hankering for yarn!

Even though it’s suddenly winter again where I live, I figure that we ought to be celebrating BUTTERFLIES!

So, I have designed and crocheted copper wire

B U T T E R F L Y Earrings:


The contest to win the crocheted wire earrings (designed and made by Noreen Crone-Findlay):

is     OVER….

and the winner is:

check this link: WINNER 

 The winner MUST send me an email by noon Monday, April 28.

If the winner doesn’t get in touch with me, then I will make another draw, and the next winner will be announced, and will need to email me…..

Thank you all so much for entering my contest.

I will be having more contests soon, so please check back!

Thanks to  the Bloggy giveaways for hosting a wonderful carnival!

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    • Cindi

      What a delightful giveaway drawing prize. The butterfly earrings are gorgeous! Yes, it is spring here and they would look wonderful with any outfit. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks,Cindi

    • Noreen Hunter-Talbot

      Oh now this is too funny, designed by Noreen Crone-Findlay and I even hyphenate my surname. So I should just win them eh LOL They sure are pretty and I have always loved butterflies.

    • Patricia G

      The earrings are very lovely!!!!! Hope they go to me!!! Keep up the good work!!

    • Jacqui

      Hi Noreen Ive been wondering how you are. You are butterfly mad no one does butterflies like you do darl. The earrings are cute and no I don’t want to win them I just want to say gday!

    • Karen Mallory

      Lovely butterflies to remind us that spring is somewhere even if it is hidden for now! I thought that working with the wire made your hands sore. What a treasure to win something you made Noreen even if it hurts!
      hugs Karen

    • Lesha

      I love butterflies. :)

    • Charlotte

      The earings look great, and just the sort of thing I’d love to give to my Mum! I don’t crochet, but I’d love be able to do something like this! You really are an inspiration, Noreen, so thank you so much for sharing this with us, and I’m sure whoever wins these earings will love them to bits.

    • Jenny W. in MD

      I love handmade goodies!! Your butterflies are precious and I know a little girl that would love to wear them when her ears get a little bigger and her mom (me) hands them down to her. After this contest, will you be posting instructions?

      Thank you for your generosity and kind-heart.

    • Tammy W.

      I love the earrings. They are beautiful…I’ve not seen anything crocheted in wire before. I’ll make sure to check-back:).

    • Debbie W

      Lovely earrings! I’ve checked your links before and am very impressed. Keep up the great work.

    • homemom3

      Wow these are so pretty. Oh my daughter’s middle name is Noreen, not something you hear much. These are definitely something worth wearing and I don’t normally look at earrings unless someone gets me them for a gift.

    • Smellyann

      These are really beautiful, and I love copper. Thanks!

    • Lynn Manning

      What a great idea using wire! I am fascinated by people who can actually crochet using wire! You make it look easy (and I know it isn’t!).

    • Connie Fish

      Those butterfly earrings are so delicate looking. I’d be proud to have them.

    • Lavahalo

      Love those ear rings! Would love to win them!
      Thanks for sharing!
      Happy Hookin’

    • Patricia Steeves

      love the earrings would adore wearing them. thanks

    • Wendylf

      Beautiful butterflies!
      We’re seeing butterflies here in the southwest and loving them.
      Looking forward to trying to make some flutterbys myself.

    • Edie Leonard

      Beautiful! My DIL would kill for these. Hope I win, so I can give them to her.

    • Deneen

      They are awesome! If I don’t win, would you ever make them to sell or sell the pattern to them?

      You are so darn talented!

    • Angela

      Those are soo neat! Ive never heard of such a thing

      I am running a bloggy party right now too with tons of prizes! Come check us out!

    • Wendy

      They are so very beautiful. If I win, they will go to Mom as she adores butterflies.

    • Lavahalo

      Yea! Will you be selling the pattern? Like the other lady stated I would at least love to have the pattern!

    • Evie

      Very creative, Noreen, and really cute. I don’t wear earrings, but I bet my computer’s monitor would look stunning in butterflies!

    • Arlene in the Adirondacks

      Oh how I would love to win those beautiful fluttery butterfly earrings. Is there a pattern somewhere for them?

    • Pat(crochetsew)

      I am excited to think I might have a chance at these beautiful butterfly ear rings. I love your work . I wish I could be so creative but just have to admire people who can design.

    • Wilma

      Love them. Would love to have something that wonderful.

    • nova

      Your earings are beautifuk, any one of us would be lucky to wn them, I have treid crocheting with wire and I guess you have to have a nack for it , coz my things turn out looking yeky !! you have the nack.

    • Joanna

      How lovely! Enter me, please!

    • Sylvia

      Beautiful!!! Butterflies have long been a favorite so I think I would keep for myself.

    • Holly

      Butterfly earrings, they are just so cute. Would love to have them.

    • Qtpies7~

      Wow! Those are so unique!

    • Danielle

      I love butterflies :D

    • Noreen

      too funny another Noreen, maybe we should both win!

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    • Diane B.

      I was born on Mother’s Day, am a mother of 2 children(all grown) and a grandmother of 6. What a wonderful birthday present your beautiful butterfly earrings would be! Hope they flutter into my life!

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    • Margaret Denny

      Please enter me in the drawing; those earrings are lovely. Would you consider posting the pattern or technique, or have you already done so?

    • Bebemiqui

      Great giveaway! Count me in. bebemiqui82(at)yahoo(dot)com

    • trish beard

      these are really beautiful

    • Katie

      Very pretty. Never seen anything like it. Please enter me. katie_mmartin (at) yahoo [dot] com

    • Audra Marie

      Those are really pretty! :) Nice giveaway. :)

    • TheAngelForever

      Absolutely gorgeous earrings. One of these days I want to learn how to crochet. For now I am good with knitting once again.

      Thanks for the great giveaway!

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    • devon

      wow… i have never seen such a thing! love them!! would love to have the chance to win these!!

    • Lavahalo

      I agree with every one else, the earrings would be a great addition to my jewerly!

    • Lavahalo

      I love butterflies! What color are they/ They look pink? maybe orange??

    • Erin

      What a great giveaway! :)

    • Heather

      How pretty!

    • Lavahalo

      Lots of us wanting these! LOL
      Who will win?? I can not wait to see! :O)

    • Lavahalo

      These make me really want to try and make jewerly too!

    • Ali

      My mom would love these…and her birthday is soon!

    • Edie Leonard

      Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!!!

    • Lavahalo

      I agree! They are gorgeous! I am entering as much as possible! :-)

    • Kimberly

      These are so nice! My daughter is in love with them too. They are so unique!

    • Lavahalo

      They are very oringinal! I am entering again! heehee ;O)

    • Robin

      I’d love to have those earrings. If not the earrings, are you planning to sell the pattern?

    • Pat(crochetsew)

      I really want these ear rings. They are sooo

    • Pat(crochetsew)

      It is really nice that you are willing to share these with a lucky person.

    • Margaret Denny

      I’m putting my name in the hat again. :^D

    • jen

      I LOVE Butterflies

    • Tara R

      I would love to win this! Please enter me.

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    • Wanda

      LOL–I can see lots of people love butterflies. Those would go great with the copper butterfly pendant I have. They are gorgeous. Put my name in the hat along with the rest!

    • Wanda

      Those are just too cute. Add me again.

    • Edie Leonard

      I want them!!! They are absolutely beautiful. Awesome talent!!!

    • Bobbie

      those are beautiful , I love them, how cute!!

    • MaryLynn

      hi, another pretty project!
      thanks for having this contest!
      bye for now, maryLynn

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    • bunny

      Lovely earrings! Thank you for the chance to win :)

    • Jenny W. in MD

      Thank you for making these lovely earrings to give away. If I don’t win, can I order a pair in blue, green, and/or purple? :)

    • Lavahalo

      Too kind to give these to someone!

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    • Lavahalo

      Lots of people are wanting to win these! LOL

    • Lavahalo

      Keeping my name in the mix! ;O)

    • Lavahalo

      Can NOT wait til Friday! LOL

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    • Lavahalo

      Is it Friday yet?! LOL

    • Arlene in the Adirondacks

      Everytime I look at them I love them more.
      My late mother adored butterflies and thus so do I.
      Arlene in the Adirondacks

    • Cindy Adams

      I would love the butterfly earrings to fly to my house!

    • Arlene in the Adirondacks

      It’s Spring and time for butterflies to come to the Adirondacks. Please!!!!
      Arlene in the Adirondacks

    • Edie Leonard

      Beautiful! Much talent seen here.

    • Carmen N

      I’ve never seen earrings like these before… The toughest part about winning these would be deciding if I should keep them myself or give them to my mother! :)

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    • Pat(crochetsew)

      Just putting in my name. I want to be on list of I dream of the ear rings.

    • Pat(crochetsew)

      Is Friday here yet??

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    • Wanda

      I had to come back for another look and another entry! LOL

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    • Lavahalo

      Ready to see who wins. Just lovely!

    • Lavahalo

      Trying to win!!! win!! win!! LOL

    • Lavahalo

      Hope your days flutters by. :O)

    • Lavahalo

      Me again! LOL

    • Lavahalo

      Entering again! :O)

    • elizabeth wickland

      Cute earrings!

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    • she

      i’d love to win these, because becoming a butterfly is the theme of my website!!

      please enter my giveaway:
      it’s lonely

    • Wanda

      Here I am again!

    • Tamara (AK)

      Those are neat! Count me in! Thanks!

    • Nikowa

      These are so creative!

    • Carol Van Rooy

      Wow, what exquisite work.

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    • Miss Heidi

      Please enter me. I just love butterflies and think handmade jewelry is the best. Thanks.

    • Maru

      The earrings are gorgeos! I’ll check back for sure! I’m always checking in your blog. I love your dolls.

    • Telima

      These are so beautiful! You’re very talented!

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    • Carol J.

      The earrings are gorgeous, I would love to win and wear them. I have the perfect outfit to show them off with.

    • Knittinchick

      I love handmade jewellry… especially the springy earrings:-)

    • chanelireli

      Those are absolutely the cutest things ever!

    • Amanda Moore

      These earrings are so unique and beautiful. They look like they took a lot of time to make, job well done. Please include me in the drawing.

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    • Deanna

      I love your butterflies. I have started an attempt to work with wire. Your work is awesome. I will be checking back.

    • Rachel

      Must have butterflies! Great giveaway!!

      Please stop by and visit our contest if you have time.

      Thanks and have a great day!

    • Edie Leonard

      I really, really, really, REALLY would love to have these. Awesome talent. Beautiful.

    • Janelle

      so cute. butterflies was one of the themes in my wedding.

    • Robin

      I’m back, trying to win the earrings:)

    • C Duran

      Cute earrings! Very delicate!

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    • Erica G

      Very pretty! Count me in, please !

    • Michelle B

      THey are so beautiful please enter me in your contest

    • bunny

      Will these butterflies fly to me.. ? :P

    • Edie Leonard

      I also hope these butterflies fly to my house. LOL I have said it before, but it is worth mentioning over and over again… absolutely beautiful!

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    • Arlene in the Adirondacks

      Those earrings would really perk up my day!

    • Arlene in the Adirondacks

      Just the thing to start Spring in the Adirondacks!
      I surely hope I win.

    • Shari Bowen

      My daughter would love these! Thanks for a great prize!

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    • Judi

      Love the butterflies; I collect earrings and have many butterflies, but these are unique!

    • Karin

      Cute! Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Sue W

      WOW! These butterfly earrings are simply beautiful! Wish I had the patience and pain-free hands to work with this fine wire. Whoever receives them should really appreciate them!

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    • Pat(crochetsew)

      I am still hankering for these ear rings.

    • Anu

      Beautiful!! My daughter would love them.

    • Joy Hockinson

      Very cute earrings! Thank you for having this contest.

    • http://crochetpartnersyahoogroup Leona Burns

      I can’t believe you crocheted these in wire. How talented. And to think of using wire. OH my what else can I say other then I am amazed at your talent. Great job.

    • Dana R.

      Love the earrings and I would love to win them.

    • Sheri

      Lovely earrings! My daughter would love those! I unfortunately can’t work with wire. Very nicely done!

    • Crystal L

      These are adorable.

    • Wendy

      WOW your earrings are beautiful. I do not make jewelry. I don’t have enough self esteem to do so. It is all so little and delicate. Thank you for letting everyone admire your butterflies and giving us a chance to win them.

    • Sandyfroglegs

      Totally adorable!

    • http://none Priya

      Those butterflies are adorable. How do you crochet in wire? I can’t even do good with yarn :-)

    • Patricia

      They are lovely!

    • Mary Jane

      I love them, I love them , I want them. Gorgeous earrings and so delicate. You are a superb designer!!

      Mary Jane

    • Sue

      Beautiful!!!!!!Count me in!

    • Debbie in NC

      Adorable! Thanks for posting the link in Crochet Partners. I’ve looked at some of your stuff before. Good work.

    • http://none Wanda Grooms

      Woo Hoo!
      I love when you do this! LOL Your earrings are very delicate & beautiful! I would deffinately love to be of the lucky!
      You’ve done such a beautiful job witht the butterflies, you should try ytour hand at (my personal absolute favorite) Dragonflies!!!!

      Great Work!

    • Cat in Columbus, Ohio

      What a delightful way to celebrate Spring. The Butterfly earrings are wonderful. I saw a couple of butterflies flying in my backyard this morning. Thanks.

    • Edie Leonard

      I know my chance of winning these beautiful earrings are pretty much slim to none. Especially since I have never won anything in my life. But I keep hoping by keep posting comments.. :)

    • Milly

      Love , Love , Love the earrings.. they would look great flying around PA

    • Lavahalo

      Have a sick doggie and could not enter any more yesterday. I will keep trying thouhg. :O)

    • Lavahalo

      WOOHOO! Tomorrow is Friday!

    • Lavahalo

      Can NOT wait to see who wins!

    • Lavahalo

      I do not win thing’s either. Keeping fingers and toes crossed that I win!

    • Wanda

      I sure do need those to go with my copper butterfly pendant! *wink*

    • Mary Helgesen

      Your earrings are beautiful! Thank you for showing them and giving a pair away.

    • Lavahalo


    • Linda

      Butterflies are such an inspiration to me in life! Today my husband had a serious surgury on his shoulder, so your art truly was a blessing ! Thank you!

    • http://CP Butterfly momma

      These are SOOO cute. How appropriate…Butterflies for Butterfly momma. LOL

    • Lavahalo

      I bet the winner will have entered just once…LOL

    • Diane B.

      Fly little butterfly fly! Over here to me.

    • Sweetanlo

      Those are so pretty!

    • Carol J.

      Your butterfly earrings are gorgeous, I would love to win them.

    • Teri Meairs

      Just lovely. Whether paired with jeans or a sundress, a perfect ‘Welcome Spring’ gift. Sorry you’re having cold weather. I live at the beach in SC, and we’re having beautiful weather. Sorry, don’t mean to rub it in! Hopeing your days get warmer! Thanks for the visit!

    • Edie Leonard

      Here I go again, putting another entry in. I will be sooooo surprise and very happy if I win. These are just tooo pretty.

    • Tanya

      very unique and beautiful!

    • MaryLynn

      hi, very pretty!
      bye for now, marylynn

    • Swapna

      You want to fly.
      Come here in India.

    • bunny

      crossing my fingers! :)

    • Baikong

      i love butterflies! great!

    • Valerie

      These are totally beautiful. I love your work.


    • JoDell

      Please sign me up, as a preschool teacher who is starting a butterfly unit with her kids; these would be a great addition!

    • katklaw777

      Spring has Sprung!!! My daughter would love these delightful earrings!

    • Karen

      Butterflies are a symbol of freedom for me, as I have just moved out from a very bad marriage and am putting butterflies all around my house, a butterfly shower curtain, etc. Thanks for doing the contest!

    • Jane

      Good morning, Noreen! What beautiful, delicate, adorable butterflies!!! Perfect for the spring! My Daughter #1 is expecting my first grandbaby (and she lives 3 hours away), and daughter #2 is “throwing” her an outdoor shower at my house (she lives in Florida, we’re in Ohio). Daughter #2 decided on a cute bug theme, and butterflies are going to be flying all over! In the garden, on the fence, huge butterflies, all the way down to little butterflies on the tables. Your butterflies would be just perfect in the new mom-to-be’s ears! What a cherished reminder of her baby shower! Pick me, pick me!!!

    • Arlene in the Adirondacks

      Only one more day until the lucky person is chosen. Hope it is me. Keeping fingers crossed.

    • Edie Leonard

      Please, please, please, internet fairy, let my name be the one chosen. :)
      Beautiful and awesome.

    • Arlene in the Adirondacks

      I absolutely adore these earrings. Butterflies are special to me and these are so beautiful!

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    • Cathy

      I would love to be the winner of these beautiful earrings. Thank you so much for creating them and this contest so that I may have a chance.

    • Triplet Mom

      The earrings are soooo gorgeous!!! I have always liked butterflies, but they have a very special meaning to me since my aunt passed last year from cancer – she LOVED butterflies. Now every time I see a butterfly I think of her. :0)

    • heatherly

      fun earrings. in italy there are alot of crocheted earrings. you should google uncinetto and see them :-)

    • Christina

      Those are so cute!

    • Victoria V.

      Hi Noreen,
      Wow, I thought you had given up wirework, Glad to see you didn’t completely, those earrings are so delicate. I still have the pin you gave me at the last conference we shared.
      Blessings to you,
      Victoria V.

    • Diane B.

      Come fly with me……………….little butterflies.

    • Jane

      Oh! Wait! Come back little butterflies! Come back THIS way!

    • Cherie

      Please sign me up for the earring contest.

    • http://CP Butterfly momma

      These just get cuter every time I see them!

    • Andrea Lyn

      Oh they are just lovely! Pick me, pick me! :-)

    • Kenyetta

      Those are very nice! Coincidental, my youngest daughter’s nickname is Butterfly!

    • Pat(crochetsew)

      Thanks for the chance to win the cutest butterflies I have seen. It has been fun.

    • Robin

      I’m in your blog comments, trying to win the crochet butterfly earrings;)


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    • reeva

      Great giveaway! I hope i’m the lucky winner :)

    • Edie Leonard

      Today is the day! Oh please, please let me be the winner, and if not…A big congrats to who ever does winner.

    • Lavahalo

      Oh I thought the winner would be picked today! LOL
      Read pver the post and see you will pick tomorrow.

    • Lavahalo

      Another day to wait. :O( LOL

    • Lavahalo

      I am trying to be patient….lol

    • Lavahalo

      So many people want these earings!:O)

    • Lavahalo

      Good luck to everyone!

    • Victoria Kondovski

      Very nice. Please enter me

    • Arlene in the Adirondacks

      Holding my breath until tomorrow!

    • Arlene in the Adirondacks

      Gongrats to whoever wins these gorgeous earrings!

    • Wanda

      Oh yeah—today is the last day! Tomorrow we find out who gets to give those wonderful butterflies a home.

    • Jane

      Good luck to all, and I look forward to either buying a couple of pairs or the pattern! Great work, adorable earrings. Butterflies are loved by many! I also love the butterfly motif on your website and plan to make some for the baby shower! Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

    • Lavahalo

      Yes they are goreous!

    • tami lewis

      i think these are unique and beautiful. i’d love to win them!

    • LeeAnn

      These are so pretty and I LOVE butterflies!

    • Alicia

      Very unique!!! Lovely!!



    • Chantelle Sabino

      How cool! Thank you. Please enter me.

    • Caryn B


    • Edie Leonard

      Congrats to who ever wins these beauties. good luck all.

    • Lavahalo

      Can not wait to see who wins tomorrow!

    • Lavahalo

      I am throwing my hat in again.

    • Lavahalo

      Do we check back here? in this entry or wil there be a new post?

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    • Edie Leonard

      A big Congrats to the winner, Pat. I am jealous!!! :)

    • Pat(crochetsew)

      I am so happy that I am the winner, this has just made my day .I am blessed to receive such beautiful ear rings.

    • Noreen

      Congratulations, Pat!
      I hope you will wear them in good health!

    • Karen

      Remember the Elton John song, Butterflies are Free? I think it was a movie, too….

    • Noreen

      I don’t remember the song, but I vaguely remember that there was a movie….