Giveaway 2: My Recycled Bags

I love the Bloggy Giveaways.  It gives me a chance to meet new people and it also introduces new readers to Thrifty Mommy.  Some folks don’t know we’re around here trying to save money and this helps get the word out.  Welcome everyone!  We’re glad you’re here!  :)

Cindy’s recycled bag

The second giveaway comes from Cindy of My Recycled Bags.  Cindy has given her time to create a unique bag just for Thrifty Mommy.  This bag is made from recycled plastic bags.  How cool is that?

My Recycled Bags is a blog dedicated to recycling and crafting.  Cindy crochets and sews using a variety of recycled materials. Her creations include the use of plastic grocery bags, bread bags, Vcr video tape, cassette tape, denim, bed sheets, rags, and other materials. She offers patterns for totes, purses, handbags, water bottle holders, bibs, wheelchair totes, clothes pin bag, rugs, dishcloths, potholders, coasters, doll clothes, and other re-purposed items. All patterns are free for personal use and posted at her blog. Cindy loves to share and inspire others in the art of green crafting. So take a moment and stop by Cindy’s blog to learn more about the wonderful world of green, recycled crafts.

To enter this contest, all you need to do is leave a comment at this post between now and Friday, April 25th.  The winner will be contacted via email, so please be sure you leave a valid email address.  Please leave your email address in the box under your name instead of in the comment section.  Due to shipping costs, this giveaway is open to US and Canadian addresses only.

Please check out my other giveaways at A Healthy Balance and Little Fun; Little Learning.

Good luck!

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    • Smellyann

      Very cool prize, I’d love to win this. Thank you!

    • Cindi

      What a lovely purse. I wish I were talented. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks,Cindi

    • franticallysimple

      Awesome bag! What is it made from?

    • geri

      Great Giveaway!!! Thanks!

    • NicoleZD

      Very unique!

      fiordpiner [at] yahoo [dot] com

    • Lesha

      This is so cute!

    • Bonnie

      I love those bags. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • bunny

      Nice :) Thank you for the chance.

    • Daphne McClenning

      WOO HOO! I love those!! Thank you for doing this!

    • Summer

      I’m a bag/purse addict so this great. Count me in!

    • Hollie

      What a cool bag! Perfect for Earth day! Thanks for a great giveaway.

    • MomOnTheGo

      I’ve seen crocheted bags from plastic ones but haven’t heard of the VCR or cassette tape. Thanks for the link.

    • Angela

      How cute is that!?!

      I am running a bloggy party right now too with tons of prizes! Come check us out!

    • Tracee

      This is really great – please count me in!

    • Tracee Sioux

      That is awesome I wonder how much she’d charge to do one out of an O Magazine?

    • Lindley

      You can never have too many bags and FREE goes with everything!

    • Carey

      What a great giveaway. I love recycled things. Count me in too please.

    • tami lewis

      i would love to win this for my dd. :)

    • Joanna

      What a clever idea! Enter me, please!

    • Suzie

      This is so awesome! I’m going to try to make one later.

    • Laura

      It looks so different. I love it!

    • Ginny

      That is just the cutest thing, I have to learn to do that!

    • bekah

      That is such a cute bag! I’d love to be entered!

    • Tanya

      Fantastic bag.

    • mzzterry

      cool. enter me. thanks.

    • Jenna

      What a great idea! Please enter me!

    • Sharon

      How cute!

    • Bebemiqui

      Great giveaway! Count me in. bebemiqui82(at)yahoo(dot)com

    • Mom to 2 Boys

      I’d love to check this bag out!

    • Nicole J.

      I have thought about knitting with plastic bags, but never get around to tear them all up. Cute bag! Maybe now I’ll be inspired. It would be good to have one to work from.

      Talk about reusable bag.

    • Alana

      Love this concept – I have visited Cindy’s site before and am amazed at her talent.

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    • monica

      I love bags and totes and such!

    • Kara Portilla

      So cool!
      Oh boy!!! I would love to win! Pick me, pick me, pick me…

      You can reach me at


      Check out my GIVEAWAY at

    • Hannah

      Very cute! I’m thinking about trying that!

    • Nina

      This bag is one of the neatest recyclables I’ve seen!

    • jennifer bowen

      now thats one of a kind i just know if i won this all my friends will want one too thanks

    • Casey

      What a great idea! I love it.

    • Kristi McDaniel

      So very neat. I’m just beginning to learn to knit and crochet.


    • Crystal Lail

      This is really pretty and a great conversation starter~!


      luv it!! My mom was crafty like this too! Miss her.

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    • Laura

      Looks pretty good. Thanks for this giveaway.

    • Mindy Said

      Thank you for the chance to win. This is an awesome bag!

      mindysaid (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Shilo Beedy

      Very beautiful and to think it was made from plastic bags. What a great way to recycle.

    • Theresa Shafer

      lol, this is great. I have been looking for such a bag and for directions. Thank you.

    • Tami

      Love it. Just started “going green” and would love to have this.

    • Samantha Dillingham

      That is really cool!
      zoetrope2000 at gmail dot com

    • Marly

      Awesome giveaway – that purse is so cool! Thank you!

    • Tara R

      I would love to win this! Please enter me.

    • Keryn

      Wow. That is so cute and amazing. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win!

    • amber

      too cute ^_^

    • Valerie

      Wow-so unique.

    • CanCan

      This is cool. I’d like to have one of my own, even though I have zero crochet skills.

    • Bobbie

      very unique! And clever. thanks for doing this.

    • The Happy Housewife

      How have I not heard about her site. I need to check it out asap! Great bag! I’d love to win and make a few of my own too!

    • windyridge

      Cindy’s recycled bags are great. I’ve been checking them out for awhile now and she is very talented and at the same time promoting a very cool green product. I’d love to win one!

    • Sandy

      How creative!!! Thanks for the great giveaway!

    • Kathy

      Very cute! Great prize!

    • Sandra

      Great bag! Count me in.

    • laura

      oh so fantastic!

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    • Janice J

      How very unique and talented, thanks for the giveaway!

    • EcoJason

      I really enjoy Cindy’s blog and want to thank both of you for this cool contest.

    • Sarah

      what a neat thing! I just love it, I really enjoy the creative crafts.

    • Mary_Freebies

      Wow! That would me my first recycle bag ever.

    • Stephanie

      Love Cindy’s stuff. Count me in!

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    • http://AMothersApron Tracylea

      How neat, I have never seen anything like this. Right up my alley. Thank you.

    • Natasha

      Cute purse! What an awesome way to fashinably “go green!”

    • Mokimedic

      A great way to recycle. I love it.

    • Kati

      I love these bags. I saw them before and wanted to make them myself, but I am not able to!! Thanks!

    • she

      i’m loving it!! please enter me.

      please enter my giveaway:

    • Tamara (AK)

      How neat! Thanks for offering it!

    • Miss Heidi

      Such a cool giveaway, this looks cool and it’s recycled. Thanks.

    • Emily Roper

      this is wonderful! i love it!

    • Liz

      lizwine AT gmail DOT COM

      What a pretty bag!

    • darci

      Very cool!

    • Carol Van Rooy

      Love it!!!

    • Jeniffer

      this is such a crafty idea…I’m on my way to visit her website for more good ideas!!

    • Telima

      It’s so cute! My email address is in my Blogger profile, just in case I win!

    • Jenn

      I can’t believe that purse is made out of bags! Wow.

    • Carma

      OMG!! A recycled bag purse! I LOVE purses! This has got to be one of the coolest prizes I have seen all day. Thank you for entering it into the giveaway. Whoever wins it is very lucky indeed.

    • Ami

      Awesome idea. Very appropriate for Earth Day!

    • Patti

      What fun!! Thanks!

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    • Knittinchick

      Recycled purse… how cool. Green but fashionable!

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    • Bailey’s Leaf

      Looks like a great bag! Would love to carry one! Thank you!

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    • Jennifer Bogart

      Very neat bag, thanks!

    • audra

      What a unique idea! Its a good thing there are such creative people out there!

    • Patricia

      Would love to receive this bag. I appreciate the talent.

    • Jinxy

      What a neat purse!

    • Emily N.

      Cute bag!

    • DustyVinci

      I am so in love with this bag! SO CUTE!! Count me in!!

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    • Renee

      What a great looking purse. I am going to her blog now to see what her patterns are. I love to crochet, and to recycle- what a great pair!


    • Peggi Coolidge

      What an interesting concept! It takes creative people like her to see the possibilities in everyday items.

    • Leslie- La Mama Naturale’

      OMG- I love the bags that Cindy makes!!! So creative, who would have thought! I would love to win this adordable hip purse!! Way cute. thx.

    • Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity

      I’d love to be entered! And make sure you stop by my place… I’ve got a giveaway a day!

    • Julie

      Love this purse! Even though I live abroad, I have a US mailing address.

    • Felicia Johnson

      What a cute purse! My girls would love to learn this craft. Thanks for sharing about her blog. We will definately have to check that out.

    • Dani’

      neat idea

    • Nikki

      I am so excited about this idea. Please enter me.

      Homeschooling mom of 6

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    • Michele

      Thanks for your giveaway!

    • Melissa

      Very unique bag! I’d love to win.

    • Johannah B

      Wow, that’s amazing out of recycled bags!

    • taylor k.

      oh my, this is absolutly precious!

      i have recently started to ‘go green’ my self. I have learned to make home made all natural soaps for dishes and laundry already…. bath soap is harder to create though.

      i would love this!


    • Paula Hafner

      I added My Recycled Bags to my bookmarks. I love recyling and upcycling things. My latest obsession is making purses out of old t-shirts.

    • Gourmet Mom

      I have no idea how that fanastic purse was made from grocery bags. AWESOME!!! What a great site, it’s great to see people going green!

    • Teri Meairs

      Bless your heart Cindy! So glad everything turned out okay for you! I know how scary it can be. I myself am going through chemo now, and it is certainly a journey. I have so many people in my support team, I am so blessed. Godspeed, love! Your Messenger Bag is amazing! Sheer genious! Thank you for shareing!

    • Sweetanlo

      Very cool! Please enter me!

    • Melissa Waters

      What a neat idea.
      Definitely great Mother’s Day gift for my nursing home residents.
      M. Waters

    • Anita

      That bag is so neat! Thanks for the great giveaway!

    • Terra Heck

      What a neat purse!

    • Swallowing A Moose

      Really Neat! I’m totally into that purse!

    • katklaw777

      Please reduce, reuse and recycle!!! This looks really groovy. Peace Out!

    • bre

      cute bag. i love it’s uniqueness. if that’s a word! lol

      bigmamou80 (at) netscape (dot) net

    • Jeanette Jackson

      Great prize. Please enter me

    • Peculiar

      Okay, way thoughtful, way cute!! I want to go to the site to show the patterns for stuff like this. I’d love to win this little number. I’ve got a lot of stuff around my house I can afford to recycle. It’ll help clean up the house too:)

    • Robbin

      Instead of taking a bag, take this cart shopping.

    • Elizabeth

      neat idea!! Thanks!

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    • Sarah Fischer

      Soo cute!! Wow it’s so inspiring to see what people can make out stuff others would throw away


    • reeva

      Great giveaway! I hope i’m the lucky winner :)

    • Victoria Kondovski

      Great idea!!

    • Charity

      I love these bags. I have been thinking about trying one of her patterns from her blog. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Debbie

      Lovely bag – would be great for spring… please enter me :)

    • EMama

      nned a bag, love the green.

    • Natalie

      I <3 hAnDmAdE!

    • pam

      cute idea

    • Anastazia

      AWESOME bag, my daughter would LOVE this!
      What a great idea! Off to save the link to this site to check it out more!

    • Caryn Bailey

      Not only is this bag unique and cute…it’s green!
      : )

    • Nissa

      I hope I’m not too late??! I have heard about these recycled handbags & I’d love to win one!!

    • Elizabeth-The Whole Family

      I’ve always wanted one of these! Enter me please.

    • allena

      how fun! i love contests though i doubt i’ll win… sigh. it would be cool though!