Talk to Me About Quilting and Enter a Drawing! 

“Mary, will you talk to us about quilting?”

What quilter doesn’t love to hear about quilts and share his/her knowledge, too?  When I’m ask to speak to groups, whether adults or children, I feel a thrill that someone wants to hear what I have to say about my quiltmaking adventures and heritage.

It’s the same with writing this blog.  I share with you, in a conversational way, my joy in this art…whether it’s about history, other quilters, or something my daughter and I are working on.

How about you?  Will you share with me? 

Leave a comment about your quilting experiences by April 24  (deadline), and I’ll put it in a random drawing for a copy of my book, The Magic of Patchwork.

(Unfortunately, this contest is open only for bloggers in the US and Canada.)

(c)2008 Mary Emma Allen

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    • Eigenwys

      To bad the contest is only open for bloggers in the US and Canada but I want to leave a comment anyhow. I just started patchwork; haven’t got to the part of quilting yet but I just love it. I’m obsessed by it. Patchwork is a passion with an endlessness of possibilities. Possibilities in styles, techniques, colors, patterns, … I’ve had many creative hobbies but I must say this is the most creative one. I can only hope many young girls (such as myself) want to start with it, so that it doesn’t die. Blogging is one off the best ways to generate interest. So, I would say to all of you: start quilting and blogging!

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    • Sequana

      I’ve just received a set of Pentel Fabric Fun crayons, and I intend to spend the day embellishing some small quilt tops with them. It’s the first I’ve worked with these, and it’s always exciting to try a new technique in quilting.

    • Tammy

      It seems like I’ve been quilting forever. I remember beginning my passion for quilting during the Bicentennial, at the ripe old age of 17. It’s hard to describe the feelings I get when I look at something I’ve made, something tangible. I love all the different, creative ways people express themselves through fabric and thread. I truly believe that every quilt carries a piece of the maker with it. I’m humbled and honored to share this art form with others, for artists we truly are.

    • katklaw777

      My Grandmother taught me how to cross-stitch a quilt top. After that was finished i remember my Mom and Grandma getting out this giant wooden frame to finish the quilt. i was very young but remember fondly my grandmother working very hard for weeks to finish the quilt. it still is a beautiful work of art!

    • Jeanne A

      Quilting is my passion. Today I hope I hooked two others into quilting. We’re starting a class and I’m going to teach!!!! We’re beginning with a simple sampler.

      I hope that teaching myself to quilt and doing it for 20 year gives me the proper credentials to teach others.

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    • kristen

      I have no experience in quilting, but want to learn so badly. Guess I better come to terms with my sewing machine (which hates me BTW) before I tackle quilting.

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    • JenniferB

      I have taken a couple of quilt block classes and have put together a number of blocks — I’m a bit scared to actually quilt them. I would love to win your book and gain some real instruction/ideas/help!

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    • Deborah

      I’m working on a quilt for my nephew…trains. And, a heirloom quilt from my wedding. Instead of having guests sign a guest book, I had them sign quilt squares. I’ve been married one year, and I am still working on this quilt!


      Hey, don’t forget my giveaways!

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    • Susan Cahill

      I have been quilting for about 20 years and it is a hobby that is more of an obsession. Quilting is my stress release, my way to give the gift of myself to my family and friends and the way I can contribute to charity through Project Linus. If I won the lottery I would quit my job and just quilt. In the mean time I sneak it in when I can.

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    • Tracylea

      Quilting is a wonderful way for me to connect with my mother and grandmothers. Today we have so little in common. I really enjoy this hobby we all share. Thank you.

    • Leisha

      I have been quilting since my grandmother passed away. I got the love of quilting from her. She made a quilt for each grandchild’s HS graduation. She had 56 grandkids. I love building the quilt top but I hate finishing it. I have 6 tops right now that need to be quilted.

    • Lori – Queen of Dirty Laundry

      I’m in the same boat with Kristen above; I haven’t tackled quilting yet, but I want to!

      My aunt makes beautiful quilts, and she’s inspired me to try.

      Thanks for a giveaway that might help a newbie take the leap!

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    • amyb

      i don’t know how to quilt. my great grandma taught me how to crochet. she gave me her quilt rack and several different quilt blocks she patched together, and i was going to learn how to quilt and sew from her. unfortunately she died before she could teach me. i want to learn from our local quilters, but with 5 kids i just haven’t found the time yet. i would love to carry on her legacy…she had no daughters, and my mom and aunts aren’t interested in learning.

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    • Nicol

      I must say that I have no experience with quiliting. Except I remember my mom having a quilt that her grandmother made her. I remember how it made me feel warm and safe. I remember her books about quilts and how I would look through and think about them. I love quilts and would love to learn how to make them!

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    • Mandi

      At about 18 my dear sweet aunt taught me how to quilt and also basketweaving! What a precious gift of time and skills she passed on to me. She also gifted me with a beautiful quilt she had made for a graduation gift – I cherish this gift! I am just beginning to pass these skills on to my daughter now. What a great way to spend time together.

      Thanks for the giveaway! Sign me up! ( :

      In Christ,

    • Richelle F

      I am a beginner quilter. I would love the book for some inspiration!

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    • Kim

      I’m so glad to find you through the bloggy giveaway carnival — always looking for other quilting bloggers. I have been quilting about 25 years, but more seriously the last 10. Most of what I’ve done in the last 6 years has been art/wall quilts. I’ve done several portrait quilts, interpreted a cubist painting into a wall quilt, and am playing with various applique techniques right now. But just today my best quilting buddies “kidnapped” me and we went to a large quilt shop in Lansing MI where I bought the fabric to make a traditional twin size quilt. I have six on-going projects of various kinds (never know what you’ll feel like working on, you know!) and my hubby recently asked if I actually plan on finishing any of them :-)

    • Karen

      I love reading experiences of quilters who have enjoyed quilting either their whole lives, or just beginning. It is such a wonderful way to bring people together. My most memorable time quilting was when I went with a few of my friends, we rented a lovely condo in the woods, and just stayed for three days and laughed,ate, and of course quilted. It took us forever it seemed like to clean up all of the little stray strings, material and empy M&M bags. It was so worth it. We have never laughed so hard in our lives. Everyone should try it.

    • Hannah

      I learned to quilt about five years ago. This – – is my latest project. Do you hand or machine quilt? I was taught to hand quilt. Please enter me in for your book! Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Noreen

      when I was younger I remember picking out fabric with my mom for a small and simple quilted strawerry shortcake vest. I still have it and my daughter’s wear it now

    • tammie

      I am just starting to play around with patchwork. It’s always been a goal to make a quilt, but lately I’ve been reading everything I can find about it!

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    • Carol

      I am just learning CQ and I love it. I am currently making a oriental motif quilt for my daughter

    • Jean Murray

      I have only been quilting a few years, but I am absolutely HOOKED! I work to get money to buy fabric, books, and tools. I hope to retire soon so I can quilt full-time. I dream about quilts. Talk about obsession!

    • Rachel

      I LOVE quilting – the only piece that I dislike about it, is the binding! I always want to do it on my sewing machine, but my mom ALWAYS tells me that it looks bad that way. So usually I make her do the hand-stitching :)
      What I love about quilting is that while it can be a significant amount of work, if you use a machine (which I do), the reward comes quickly. I get a lot of pleasure from seeing the different stages of a quilt come together. Once just the top layer is done, its amazing to look at it and think back to what that fabric used to look like – and how far it has come!
      anyway, I would love to win a copy of your book, because I am always interested in learning and trying new quilting techniques.

    • Heather

      I have only been quilting a couple years — starting out with “cheater” quilts up to now working on my first pinwheel (that I alrelady messed up l- but it will “qluit out”) I love making blankets that my family will love – my kids and nieces and nephews are most of my recipiants and they LOVE my blankies. Hubby ust bought me a new Singer for my birthday and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

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    • http://tabitha.synthetikorg Tabitha

      I don’t have much experience quilting. So far I have not used a pattern for anything I have done, but I have made 2 doll sized quilts. One is just a 9×6 square patch and the other was a small pinwheel quilt. I am not into being very precise when I cut my pieces, which is why I haven’t gone any further, but I do enjoy making the quilts! I have an applique pattern for a beautiful farm wall hanging that I bought at the quilt show one year, but I am scared to start it right now! Hopefully soon:)

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    • Anu

      I want to start learning. This would be a great start!!

    • Worlds Greatest Mommy

      The first time I made a quilt, I took some yellow patterened fat quarters and turned it into a doll quilt for my daughter’s third birthday. My husband and I were in school at the time, and it was all we had to give to her, although she got some amazing presents from family and friends. When she opened it, I didn’t expect any excitement, but she cuddled it and hugged it and wouldn’t put it down. She’s eight now and still won’t sleep without it.

    • Rebecca

      I’ve done a twin size quilt, a wall hanging (all with bright fat quarters – I love it), and several baby quilts. I’m working on another twin size quilt and hope to start on a king size quilt for our bed after that. I’ve really enjoyed putting different fabrics together and finding patterns that fit my taste.

    • Tara R

      Actually I am not a quilter, but my dear mother in law is an incredible quilter! She makes us the most beautiful things!

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    • Sarah A.

      I have a little quilting experience. I hand pieced my first quilt and have completed three others. It’s something I enjoy, but don’t make time for very often.

    • The Happy Housewife

      I would love to win this book. I am not a quilter yet, I know how to sew but haven’t started quilting. I have a good friend that quilts and we were just talking on Saturday about her helping me make my first quilt. I am really excited!

    • Peggie

      I have two started quilts I hope to finish sometime… soon I hope!

      peggie dot loden at gmail dot com

    • robin

      i never learned to guilt sorry no idea how but im willing to learn

    • http://Yahoo colleen reid

      I have been sewing but not quilting for years. I am now having problems with an eye disease that causes low vision. I started patchwork because I can see bright colors and I am excited all over again. the only quilts I have made are tied and outline quilt. thanks, colleen

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    • Kathryn

      I currently do not quilt but I want too!!! Thanks.

    • Ruth

      when I think of quilting, I always go back to those long summer afternoon days (and fall, and winter) at my Grandmother’s beautiful maountain home as she patched quilts for Lutheran World Relief. She so patiently cut and pieced, and put them all together and managed to teach me about life at the same time. I’ve grown now and the quilts in my life may be fancier and the techniques more refined – but her love carries me.

    • chanelireli

      I’ve only made 3 quitls (started 2 more though). I love how exact it can be or mindlessly fun.

    • Julie J Donahue

      The only quilt I’ve made was in high school. I made a bow tie quilt for my (then boyfriend now) husband. Later I figured out an easier way to do it and made a couple of pillows.

    • S Irene Long

      I have 7 kids. About 20 years ago I made sunbonnet doll quilts for my daughters and daughters-in-law. Each quilt had 30 embroidered and appliqued blocks. About 10 years ago I started on quilts for the grandkids. I have 15. Each quilt has a mix of pieced blocks (like the grandmother’s fan), embroidered blocks, appliqued blocks. I still have 2 to finish.

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    • Chrysa

      I have two aunts who have offered to teach me quilting. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • kelli

      I’ve only made one quilt, but now I’ve caught the bug! I’m dreaming of making quilts for all of my children — if only they would let me get to my machine!

    • Anastazia

      I think I’m a bit obsessed with quilting…been drawn to it, fumbling around doing it for about 13 years, but still have soooooo much to learn! My daughter (age 12) has been bitten by the bug, too, & would LOVE this book! (After I read it first, of course! Then we’d share it! Lol!)

    • Michelle B

      My great grandmothers were quilted and I so want to do this. I have so many ideas. But have yet to do a quilt yet.