Save Your Wine: Win a Vacu Vin

Vacu Vin giveawayIf you find yourself pouring wine down the drain because it went bad before you drank it, have I got the thing for you. It’s called Vacu Vin, and it sucks air out of the wine bottle, prolonging its life a little longer. This box contains the pump with two stoppers, which are reusable.

I use mine all the time and have an extra one that’s never been opened.

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I decided, once I read about this wonderful idea called The Bloggy Giveaway, that I would give this one away instead of letting it collect dust.  All you have to do is leave a wine-related comment on this post, and I will choose a random winner this Friday, April 25.

Though I love international readers, due to shipping costs, I can only send this to readers in the U.S.

Head over to that link at Don’t Try This at Home to see all the other great contests! Lots of fun things to win. I’ve got my eye on some gift cards….

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    • Melissa

      I would love to try this out, it looks like it would come in handy!

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    • Keara

      I am a wino and could definatly use this!

    • Suzanne Lewis

      I love White Zinfandel, but I can’t ever finish the whole bottle in one sitting without help. This contraption would be awesome! Whoever thought of it is a genious. Count me in, and thanks for doing this!

    • http://N/A Cindy

      Wow what a great gadget!! Never heard of it before !! Gotta love that wine !!! Thanks much for the chance to win !!!

    • M.A.

      OOO! Well I am about to celebrate my 21st bday with much wine flowing! That is pretty much the reason I am excited for my birthday, to be able to keep wine stocked in my apt. and go to a winery this summer! I’d love this prize :)

    • Barb

      I would love this.
      thank you for the giveaway- great item.

    • Lisa- Domestic Accident

      Very cool giveaway. Not that I ever throw away wine, but….

    • john witherspoon

      cool contest Farley.
      This is not an entry though – I already have a vacuvin. :)

      Hmmm, what can I give away??

    • Oenophilus

      Farley, I can’t believe you actually don’t finish all your bottles!!!

    • stacy

      What a neat tool to have!

    • http:/ Jaci Burton

      We try to drink a glass of red wine daily around here…good for the heart. But sometimes we don’t get around to it and the bottle goes bad. This would be great to help save the wine!

    • Crystal

      SO TRUE!! We love to drink wine and always end up wasting so much!! I would love to win this and try it out!! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

    • Sandra

      I don’t drink wine but my husband does. Thankfully he never finishes a bottle in one sitting by himself…and as a result it will occasionally be wasted! This would solve this problem. Very cool.


    • jen

      I’m definitely guilty of letting more than one bottle of wine go bad because I couldn’t finish it off fast enough! This seems like such a cool giveaway!

    • Merry

      What a great idea! While I like a glass of wine with a nice dinner, I’m reluctant to buy a bottle when I know some of it will go to waste. Please enter me!

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    • Gina

      I’m drinking a glass of wine RIGHT now. I’d love to have this, I hate trying to get the cork back in and then the wine goes to waste.
      (if this submitted twice it was becuase I put the wrong email in)

    • Betsy

      Ooohh, I love this! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • doug

      hmm.. you have trouble finishing a bottle? i guess i could use a vacu vin for that second bottle that gets opened…..

    • Lesha

      I’d love to win this for my dad. :)

    • Michelle

      Now this is something I could make use of. I use wine often for cooking, but I am allergic to the alcohol if I just drink it straight. I would love to be able to keep my wine fresher for even a few days, in order to be able to use it up in a variety of dishes, since I can’t just drink what remains in the bottle.

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    • Mama Zen

      But then I would have no excuse to finish the bottle!

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    • Kari

      This sounds like a very neat product. Thanks for offering the giveaway. My favorite wine is Little Black Dress Pinot Grigio.

    • Shalee

      Have you tried Rex Goliath yet? It’s a smooth wine at an extremely good price ($7). I know! It sounds too cheap to be good but it is!

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    • Becca Mae

      My fav wine is a spanish grenache or rioja. This could come in handy. I drink wine almost every night.

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    • ambre

      what a neat tool!

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    • VinquireThea

      I LOVE my VacuVin! I don’t need another one, but I just wanted to give my kudos to the product. I actually have a small collection of stoppers, and have been known to use it to seal up liquor bottles so I can store them without fear of leakage.
      Also, since I often have 3-4 open bottles due to my tasting habits, the tool has been very successful in keeping things fresh.

    • Cindi

      What a super giveaway prize. My niece and her husband are very much into different wines for drinking and cooking. She even takes various classes about wine. Please enter me in your drawing. Thanks,Cindi

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    • Ali

      I never finish a bottle of wine, so this would be great to have!

    • Angie

      I would love this. Most of the time we end up drinking the whole bottle but I do throw out more that I would like to. Thanks for the great giveaway!

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    • ali

      this is great. why is my fav wine that was about $5 a bottle in italy….over $30 in the us. i should start importing it!

    • Liz

      What a great giveaway! Please count me in! Thanks!

    • Marly

      What a handy giveaway! We are all about the vino in this house. Thanks!

    • naomi

      wine is fine but liquor is quicker… sorry.

    • Trystn

      Ok, so that’s what that thing my sister was talking about must be. She’s the vino virtuoso in the family and I take all cues in this department from Amy.

    • Noreen

      my husband have been saving a bottle of wine for when we have people over since we can’t drink it all but with this we could drink the wine over a few days and the wine would still be good!

    • nottryingforaboy

      What a cool little gadget! Thanks!

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    • Smellyann

      What a great giveaway! We drink lots of wine. I’d love to win. Thanks and please enter mine, too!

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    • Leah

      I love cooking with wine, and it does go bad before I can use it all. This would be great!

    • Jennifer

      I don’t drink wine, but I love to cook with it. I could use this.


    • CanCan

      This would be great for my husband! He likes to wind down with a glass of merlot about 4 nights a week!

    • Amanda Moore

      Although I don’t like wine that much, my mom and grandmother love it. Some say I am very strange because I say that wine taste like beer. My grandmother is so funny when she drinks wine, all she has to do is have one sip and her cheeks immediatly turn red, kind of funny since she likes red wine because her cheeks match the wine.

    • Deb Ng

      I love it, Farley. My husband and I enjoy wines but don’t always drink a full bottle each time we open one.

      I searched but didn’t see anything, have you ever written a piece on the shelf life of an open & corked bottle of wine?

    • Patti

      My husband and I make our own wine. It is a lot of work, but a lot of fun. We have yet to figure out exactly what kind of grapes we have, but I know they make great wine!

    • Lisa O

      I always mean to buy one of these for wine since we never finish in one sitting…

    • Someone Being Me

      I need this. My favorite recipes is the Shrimp Feta Cheese pasta on and it calls for a little bit of white wine. I get so tired of throwing out the rest when I make this.

    • Dawn

      This would be great for our house because my husband isn’t that big of a wine drinker now I won’t have to worry if he’s around to help me with the bottle ;)

    • Juanita Lanaux

      I actually have this gadget. (Ok, I am a gadget junkie) I love it! It really works to keep wine fresh. My fridge is small, and I have to lay my bottles down. The stopper keeps the wine from dripping.

    • Elizabeth

      Love this idea for a giveaway! I love to use wine in cooking, but we don’t drink it much. So finding a way to keep a bottle fresh longer would be great.

      Thanks for the chance to participate!

    • Crystal L

      I’d love to win one of these for my dad.

    • Annabelle

      I could use this! I’m the only one in my house that drinks wine, but I don’t usually buy it because it goes bad before I have a chance to finish it!

    • Jen

      We had these at a joint I used to work at. They work great, and I’ve always wanted one of my own. Although, I must say wine rarely gets wasted at our house :)

    • Alaina

      We have trouble getting through a bottle of wine so this would be great! We have some great local wines around here. I’m a pinot grigio and chardonnay fan.

    • dh

      I’m going to have to drink a lot of wine at home – my daughter’s going to college and we can’t afford to go out anymore.

    • Anita

      This looks so neat! Thanks for the great giveaway!

    • Ebie

      wow this looks cool. i think it would a gift for my dad, as i bet it also is a good way to keep wine at the right temp, which is a big deal for him

    • Rachel Smith

      GREAT giveaway!

      I LOVE love love this gadget, I had one or something very similar years ago and it is long lost. I need a new one! I am enjoying a lovely glass of Gewurztraminer from Chateau St. Michelle in Washington tonight. YUM!

      Hey, if you have a chance, please stop by and visit my contest page too!

      my email is:
      racoo.smith at gmail dot com

      Thanks and have a lovely day!

    • michelle

      I am new to the whole wine thing! I just did a big wine tasting weekend a couple of weeks back and bought quite a few bottles! This little gadget looks like it might be handy!

    • Jennifer

      This would be a great gift for my dh … I’m in!

    • Rhonda Sanson

      That sounds really neat. I never finish a bottle of wine before it goes bad, so this sounds like it would help.

    • bre

      what a cool product, i hate wasting wine!

    • Michelle

      I’ve been wanting on of these. How perfect!

    • Jennifer B.

      Sounds like just what the doctor ordered at our house.


    • Jeannie

      Please Enter “ME”! =)

      My wine related comment is about 2 of my favorite places to buy wine!

      This place is very close to home…about 45 minutes away!

      I also really like this place but it’s about 4 hours from where I live! I can buy it at a local store though!!!

      If you like wine! Check them out!
      I can’t leave just yet! I just thought of another place I really like! I’ve been a few times! I can’t wait till this years harvest! I’m going to do the grape stomp…after you do this you make a t-shirt with the grape juice from your feet!!! FUN FUN! Here is the link:

      These are alllllllllllllllllllllllllll Texas Wines! =)

      Sorry for such a L-O-N-G comment!!!!

    • katklaw777

      I usually freeze leftover wine in ice cube trays, then remove to a freezer baggie for use in chili and other recipes. but ahhhhh to be able to drink it so much better! love gadgets!

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    • Cricket

      My new favorite wine is called Cat’s Phee on a Gooseberry Bush! It sounds stupid and gross but it is actually a very flavorful fruity wine and you should all give it a try. :c)

    • EG

      Fun! Here’s my wine-related comment: I really want to get a box of wine for my refrigerator, mostly because it’s funny. But frankly I’d rather get my calories from a nightly cookie and save the wine for special occasions.

    • fedora

      I’m not much of a wine drinker, but my parents do enjoy a glass most evenings–this would be a terrific way for them to not have to finish a bottle every time ;)

      f dot chen at comcast dot net

    • Mari Ickes

      I drink red wine every night. I tell myself it is for the health benefits, but really, I just love wine.

    • Eleanor

      We drink lots of wine made right here in California, this would be great!

    • Beth

      What a neat gadget! I’m so tired of buying wine in those four packs of little bottles! Not much of a selection there! I’d love to try something different, knowing it wouldn’t go to waste if we didn’t drink the whole bottle right away!

    • Tonsofsons

      Since it takes us a month to drink a bottle of wine, this would be perfect for us.

      Thanks for the chance to win!

    • PamManers

      Well, I will tell you that my brother who lives alone and loves to open a bottle of wine, but only drinks one glass at most would totally benefit from this. I thought hmm.. I’ll get him some 1/2 bottles of wine, this way he won’t waste so much. BUT! he had the hardest time getting the synthetic cork back in the bottle, you think it’s hard getting in the 750 ml, well, he chiseled away at it for 5 mins. before it would fit back in. I truly think he needs a vacu-vin. :)

      Cheers, P

    • KELLY N.

      I was thinking on giving this to my mother in law if I won but she would have no use for it because her wine never stays long enough in the bottle to go bad. :)

      Thank you for the great giveaway!


    • Natasha

      Since my husband doesn’t drink wine I rarely finish a whole bottle without having to pour some out. This would go to great use in my house. Save the grapes! :)

    • Dawn Bates

      Well, I don’t often have leftover wine, but when I do I need a way to keep it fresh.

      Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Bailey’s Leaf

      A friend loves wine! I would love to give this to her!

      Thank you!

    • Tamara (AK)

      I’ve used “flat” wine for seasoning when cooking ;-) …although I’d prefer to have this handy little gadget! Thanks for offering it!

    • chanelireli

      We belong to the wine of the month club and this would totally get good use at our house.

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    • Striving\Tessa

      This would be very useful, now I won’t have to drink the whole bottle. Just kidding. I really like dessert wines. Thanks for the chanc.e

    • Miss Heidi

      I have a mini-bar set up in my home. Needless to say we’re huge wine fans. This would come in handy. Thanks.

    • Chrysa

      Looks great! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Kinslee

      My husband just bought me a bottle of my favorite local White Merlot. This would be so handy to have. I have friends who love theirs.
      Thanks for the Great Give away.

    • Lisa

      I’d love this – I never can finish a bottle of wine in one sitting! And if anyone knows where I can find Penfolds Rawson’s Retreat Semillon Chardonnay in the Dallas area, please contact me – I’m having a hard time finding it, and it’s one of my favorite white wines.

    • Natalie

      …it always feels good to WiNe a bit


      Merlot Momma

    • Alison

      I’m enjoying a nice glass of Cabernet Franc from Fox Run Vineyards here in New York State. I’d love to be able to preserve it with that doohickey!