Win 12 Recycled EcoHangers

ecohanger-1.jpgOh, wire hangers, how I hate thee!

A much more earth-friendly alternative to wire hangers is the EcoHanger. It’s made from 100 percent recycled paper, and when its closet life is over it’s 100% recyclable too.

The EcoHanger was proven stronger than wire hangers in lab tests. If you’re tired of receiving wire hangers with your dry cleaning, suggest this greener alternative. It’s made in the US, unlike wire hangers that are often made by poorly paid workers in other countries. Also, recycled paper is a renewable resource, and these hangers create more demand for recycled paper.

ecohanger-2.jpgYou can try out a 12-pack of the We Love Our Planet series for free if you’re a contest winner. Chances are pretty good since EcoHangers has agreed to give away four 12-packs.

That means four of you who comment on this post will be shipped a very awesome junk creation — 12 recycled clothes hangers! I’ve also linked to Bloggy Giveaway this week, so go there to see what else is going on in the blog contest world.

It’s really easy to enter this cool contest:

ecohanger-3.jpg•Leave a comment on this post telling me why you hate wire hangers. Here’s why I hate them: If you drop one on the floor, it really hurts to step on it later. I’ve gotten several painful foot scratches in the past that way. That’s why I haven’t had wire hangers in years.

•Enter before midnight CST on Saturday, April 26. Four winners will be randomly selected. Each winner will receive a 12-pack of EcoHangers. Winners will be announced on April 27.

ecohanger-4.jpg•Please note that this contest is open only to residents of the continental US.

Good luck, and don’t forget to tell me in comments why you hate wire hangers.

Images via EcoHanger.

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    • Erin

      I think it is the Mommy Dearest movie that forever scared my mind. I’ve never ever used a wire hanger in my adult life, I even take plastic hangers to the dry cleaners! These would be a great way to be more green!

    • Cindi

      Hi, I have not used wire hangers for several years. I use plastic ones. Wire ones can be dangerous, they leave hanger marks on clothes and they can even leave rust stains! Please enter me in your drawing for these wonderful hangers. Thanks,Cindi

    • Danielle

      I hate wire hangers because t have pocked holes in many sweaters with them.


    • Lesha

      I hate that they leave rust stains. I found out this the hard way. Needless to say, I pitched all of my wire hangers long time ago. :)

    • kate5405

      Yes, Joan Crawford scarred me for life too–”no more wire hangers”. My hubby still uses wire ones but knows better than to use them on my clothes. Wire hangers leave marks in your clothes. The only things they were ever good for was opening a car door when you locked your keys inside.

    • Smellyann

      I hate them because they are weak and they bend and get misshapen! These sound really cool, thank you!

    • Michelle

      I hat wire hangers because you can’t use them to hold anything that is heavier. They always bend out of shape. I must say that I love the designs of the hangers above.

    • Hilary

      As a college student, it’s REALLY hard to be eco-friendly and still be able to afford to eat. I brought all of my parents’ dry cleaning hangers to college, and they, um…well lets just say i tried to destroy them before they destroyed me clothes. The few things that I *have* to hang up are all misshapen.

      And yeah, thats why I am never using them in my house when I get married and have kids :-)

    • Stacy

      The wire hangers always seem to ruin my sweaters.

    • Christina

      I hate wire hangers because they get tangled together so easily.

    • Joanna

      The worst thing about wire hangers is that if you put more than one together anywhere but hanging in the closet they become an eternally entwined mess!

      (Enter me, please!)

    • Amy

      Oh I hate them because they don’t hang evenly, they fall off, they don’t hold clothes well,………

    • Ginny

      I hate how they get bent up & they don’t seem to hold heavy sweatshirts well.

    • Qtpies7~

      I don’t hate wire hangers, but they are not as good for hanging sweaters. (how would you get your car door unlocked without them? Or hold up your muffler until you can get it fixed? LOL)

      We mostly use plastic hangers, but they break so easily, I’d love to try these.

    • Mom to 2 Boys

      Would love to win these! Thanks!

    • Jenny B (aka Mother Hen)

      There are lots of reasons I hate wire hangers. They get tangled too easily, they get bent out of shape too easily, they get stuck in stuff, they leave creases on my clothes, they rust, or the paint flakes, they’re flimsy. I hate ‘em! I hope I win the cool ones you’re giving away!

    • Alana

      I don’t like the fact they are so wasteful and you can’t find anyone who wants to take them off your hands.

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    • Karmyn R

      I hate wirehangers for two reasons – they tangle too easily AND they leave marks on the shoulders of my clothes.

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    • Richelle F

      I hate how they get all tangled up!

    • Jamie

      I hate them because they leave little hanger marks on the shoulders of my shirts.

    • monica

      I hate wire hangers because they are a jumbled mess in the closet!

    • Emily

      I hate hangers because they hook into each other and when you’re trying to pull out your garment it gets caught and tangled and it’s such a pain!


    • Betsy

      I really hate wire hangers too. They get tangled in each other so easily and leave those annoying bumps on the shoulders of our clothes!

      Thanks for the fun giveaway!

    • jennifer bowen

      oh i could realy use some thanks

    • Deneen

      We have become a “green family” over the past several years.

      I don’t like wire hangers because they leave those little “nipples” on the arms of my tops.

      I also send the hangers back to the dry cleaners to “recycle” them (my husband HAS to wear suit and tie on the daily basis and apparently my ironing isn’t up to snuff)

    • Marcia

      I hate wire hangers because they get tangled together and you shake them in anger one usually comes up and smacks you in the forehead. Ughh.

    • c

      wire hangers have stretched out too many of my sweaters! never again….

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    • obxmom

      I hate wire hangers because growing up my mother always threw them away and told me how ugly and terrible they were. :) I guess I was just taught to hate them.

    • Suzie

      I hate them because you can’t put anything thicker than a light shirt on them or they bend up or get warped.

    • Chris A. (Chreamps)

      Wire hangers are too flimsy and your clothes don’t keep their shape on them and a lot of the time they fall off!

    • Elaine

      I just hate the way they leave marks on the sleeves of my knit shirts – yuck! Thanks for the chance!

    • CanCan

      I can only think of mommy dearest as well! I would love to win these though!

    • Valerie

      wire hangers-don’t hold heavy clothes too well

    • carol

      I’m always poking holes in something with the wire hangers or myself. I would love these. Thank you.

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    • Breeni Books

      Wire hangers bend and lose their shape too easily. While that’s great when you need to make a lock-picking device, it’s pretty annoying when you’re trying to do laundry.

      Great giveaway!
      breenibooks at gmail dot com

    • Krista

      Hmmm, these would be fun to try. Unfortunately I can’t jump on the hatin’ bandwagon because I actually like my wire hangers. I hang dry a lot of stuff and the wire hold up better than anything else. Paper wouldn’t work so well wet, would it?
      Plus, they take up less space in my closet than the thick plastic ones… and you know space in closets is a premium!

    • Suzanne Bastien

      I HATE them because they always get tangled up together, and then it sounds like you have chimes fighting muskrats in the closet as you are trying to untangle them, and get a silk shirt to stay on them.. HA!

    • Kristine Vicker

      I don’t like them because they bend out of shape so easily, and they leave those goofy poofs in your shirt!

    • No Debt Plan

      I hate wire hangers because of their usual poor construction. They also end up giving my clothes those little bumps on the shoulder.

      Having eco-friendly hangers is genius. I’d love to own some!

    • Christi

      These hangers sound great! We get so many wire hangers from the dry cleaners that I use them when necessary, but still don’t like it!

    • Toby

      I hate them because my boys look at them as weapons. How is it that boys can make anything look like a gun?
      Plus, they crowd up the closet!

    • she

      wire hangers are slick and EVERYTHING slides off of them! Argh! i’d love to win a pack from you!

      please enter my giveaway:
      it’s lonely

    • http://underconstruction Maggi Bass-Jackson

      I hate wire hangers because they can’t be trusted. In the dead of night the jumpers in the group make their way out of the closet and position themselves on the floor so when the unsuspecting human arises and tries to walk across the floor…the trap is sprung. You step in one. Now hopping, you step into another, soon you’re on the floor completely their captive and swearing you won’t use them to try to open the locked car door next time. Turns out they hate being all twistyed and then having to listen to a barrage of swear words because someone locked their keys in the car. Anyway, this is just one of many reasons why I have learned to distrust wire hangers.

    • Nikowa

      I hate wire hangers because they get easily bent out of shape and they get tangled real easy!

    • Melissa

      I hate wire hangers because they get bent. Sometimes they bend just from the weight of the clothing, and our clothes end up on the closet floor.

    • Cindy

      I hate wire hangers because they always seem to be bending out of shape and won’t hold my clothes. Great giveaway!

    • Miss Heidi

      I don’t like wire hangers because they never seem strong enough to hold my clothes. They bend way too easily. Thanks.

    • Scarlett

      I hate wire hangers because they just bend and drop coats to the floor.

    • Sarah A.

      I hate wire hangers because they always seem to get tangled up in each other.

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    • Patti

      I can’t tell you how many shirt my wire hangers have ruined. I’d love to get away from them…

    • Sandy

      Wire hangers put bumps in my clothes.

    • The Chatty Housewife

      Thank you for much for the giveaway. I would love to win this! nw_wife(at)hotmail(dot)com

    • Lucy

      I hate how wire hangers get all tangled up and bent out of shape

    • Tammy

      I hate wire hangers because I always scratch the top of my hand on the edge of the hook.

    • Rachel

      Great giveaway!!

      I hate wire hangers because they don’t hold bulky items without bending. And soft silky stuff slides right off of them.

      Please stop by and visit our contest if you have time.

      Thanks and have a great day!

    • LeAnn

      I hate wire hangers because they seem to multiply! I recycle them at the dry cleaner, but as soon as I take some in, five new ones appear! ARGH!

    • Kim

      Wire hangers can be a pain to me when I reach in hubbies side of the closet to get just one they all jump out at me.

      Have fun with your giveaway this week. Don’t forget to come and enter my giveaway too!

    • C Duran

      I hate wire hangers because they always get in a tangled mess!

    • Melissa V

      they damage my clothing by ruining their shape, leaving holes and rust marks. i desperately need to replace mine w/ good hangers, please!

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    • Shay

      I really hate wire hangers they get all bent up and if you air dry your shirts they end up wopsided.

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    • Alaina

      I don’t like the way wire hangers get tangled. These would be great as we are definitely heading toward greener living.

    • Sharisse Bowen

      These seem like a neat idea, please enter me to win!

      I don’t like wire hangers at all! I often dry my clothes by hanging them up on a line, some of my clothes require me to hang them on hangers first – and then put on a line. If I use wire hangers they pull on the clothes, stretching them out and the clothes dry funky looking.

    • Frances

      I don’t like the lines that wire hangers leave across the shoulders of shirts. I like the pretty pictures on these hangers!

    • Mary_Freebies

      I hate wire hangers because they are simply ugly. I like wood hangers better.

    • Tiffany

      My reason for disliking them is definitely stepping on them. I’m so clumsy and hangers on the floor do not help! I tend to step on one part and stick my foot in the open part and trip myself.

      That and the get all bend out of shape.

    • Emily N.

      I use wire hangers sometimes but only for certain things. I don’t really like them because they leave marks on the shoulders of my shirts.

    • Jennifer

      I hate wire hangers because my tank tops and hoodies always fall off of them! And, if you hang something slightly damp on them, it leaves rust marks.

    • RecycleCindy

      I’ve love to win these eco hangers. Wire hangers are not very good at all. I recently covered some with recycled plastic bag yarn. It worked well to prevent the clothing article not to slide off after it was covered. Also no rust worries either once they are covered.

    • Lisa

      I hate wire hangers because they always get tangled up in the closet, and they leave funky marks on the shoulders of my sweaters and knit tops.

    • Meredith A.

      I hate wire hangers because they always bend out of shape! They also leave those weird marks on the shoulders of everything!

    • Melissa

      I hate them because they warp when I try to hang pants in them. twodarlingdaughtersATgmailDOTcom

    • Beth

      I hate wire hangers because they stretch out the shoulders of shirts and leave “dents”. They also bend if you hang something heavy on them. They aren’t pretty either!

    • katie

      I hate wire hangers because they get tangled up with one another and they leave marks in your clothing!

    • atomicgirl

      Wire hangers are not for me. I haven’t used one since I was in grade school I think because I really hate it when the plastic peels off and the metal part leaves rust stains on my uniforms! Who would want to go to school with rust stains in his/her white uniform? And yeah. Did I already mention that I had gotten quite a number of scratches back when I had been using wire hangers? That is also one part I really hate.

    • ambre

      thanks for such a great giveaway!

    • Karen

      I don’t like wire hangers either. The only ones I like are the ones my Mother crocheted around to hide the wire. She taped 2 together and crocheted them. Wire hangers are good for a weiner roast when they are opened out. My email is

    • Teri Meairs

      Every week we have a discussion, and try to come up with a new ‘Green’ alternative to our life. Our list is growing. This week, I would like to add these hangers! Who can see a wire hanger, and not think of Joan Crawford? Thank you.

    • Rita A.

      The get tangled too easy when taking to laundromat.

    • Elliott

      I hate wire hangers, Joan Crawford-style. They are aesthetically unpleasing and they totally wrinkle clothes.

    • Karen (Pediascribe)

      Cool hangers!
      I hate wire hangers for several reasons.
      First, they leave pointy ridges on the shoulders of my clothes.
      And then they always seem to get bent out of shape and then the clothes fall off of them. Maybe I just have cheap wire hangers!
      Thanks for the contest!

    • Diana

      I don’t like wire hangers because sometimes they stretch out clothes in unflattering ways.

    • Melissa Er-Raqabi

      wire hangers make the clothes misshapen

    • katklaw777

      I hate wire hangers because they can’t be trusted in a dark closet. You know what they are doing in there! They multiply!!! I got rid of most of my wire hangers because they are lousy for hanging up heavy clothes, but I must have left a breeding pair cause there tons in my closet again! Am trying to be greener and would love to try these. ty

    • Tiffany

      I hate wire hangers because they can rust, and then leave rust marks on your clothes!

    • Terra Heck

      I hate wire hangers because they bend out of shape and clothes never hang right on them.

    • Theresa Wagner

      They leave stretch marks in the shoulders of shirts and they are always tangled up with each other.

    • Stephanie

      hmm, i hate how sometimes rust/grease comes off on the clothes…

    • Dawn Bates

      I hate wire hangers because they are always getting tangled up with each other. I just want to scream!

      Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Anita

      The only thing wire hangers are good for is being made into campfire roasters! Otherwise, they’re terrible even as hangers- they leave marks in the shoulders!
      Thanks for the great giveaway!

    • Sarah Fischer

      Wire hangers get tangled really easy. I think I saw these eco hangers on the Today show yesterday!!


    • reeva

      Great giveaway! I hope i’m the lucky winner :)

      i hate wire hangers because they totally snag and ruin your clothes — they are the worst!

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    • Janette

      I don’t like because if you grab them wrong they scratch/cut you

    • Jessica

      i hate wire hangers because joan crawford tells me to. no, i hate them because of an episode of er where a kid got one stuck in his lip. ew.

    • Caryn B

      I don’t like them because they aren’t very durable. They bend and don’t hold the clothes up very well.

    • Theresa N

      On occasion for one reason or another I’ve had problems with rusting.

    • Elizabeth-The Whole Family

      I hate wire hangers…and these plastic recycled ones are the bomb! Enter me please.

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    • Robin Stevens

      I do not like wire hangers for hanging clothes. They make deep long wrinkles in skirts and dresses (because of the way they hang) and mess up the shoulders. Hangers are easily bent out of shape and they also get tangled up with each other. They are very good for other things such as fishing things out of drains (and toilet?); for getting into your car when you’ve locked the keys in it (but not always); to make a makeshift tailpipe bracket thingy(?) and other car stuff; you can also make lovely door wreaths by shaping them round and tying many bits of plastic, string or some other materials (this can be tedious and time consuming but the result can be rather stunning)(?). Like I said, wire hangers are good for many things-just not hanging clothes with. Also-never hang a wet shirt or sweater on a wire hanger. It’s hard getting rust out of your clothes. I could go on but I’ll just leave it for now…………….

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