Maxtor OneTouch portable hard drive giveaway

The first item up for the Bloggy Giveaway at Inside Fatherhood is a Maxtor OneTouch portable hard drive. The OneTouch is a slick little device perfect for traveling with your files or backing up those irreplaceable digital photos.

What it’s used for:

* Full-featured, portable backup and storage solution for complete recovery of your PC hard drive’s contents in case of a system crash or virus

* Easily moving data between home and office and automatically syncing all your files with multiple computers and having different sync paths to keep the files organized according to system

* Perfect for: Mobile warriors, students and creative professionals who take their work with them

The OneTouch ranges from $119 for the 120 GB model to $179 for the 250 GB model, but you can win it here!

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To enter:

•Leave a comment on this post stating why you think you should win.
•Enter only once per post by midnight EST on Saturday, April 26.
•Contest is open to US residents only.

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    • Christy M.

      I have over 15,000 digital photos on my hard drive!!! That should be reason enough ;)

    • Betsy

      Hi! Great giveaway. I would love to have this but I certainly won’t say I am more deserving than anyone else. If I am lucky enough, I would enjoy it! Thanks for the chance.

    • chilihead

      I would absolutely love to win this because I have so many pictures on my machine. I would feel so much better knowing I had them backed up somewhere. You’d think after two computer crashes, I’d have one of these already, but I don’t because I’m lazy that way. ;)

    • Kimberly

      I don’t think I “should” win, but I sure would love to!!! I work with graphics a lot and I need a bigger hard drive. I also work on two different computers so that I have the extra space and something like this would be very helpful. I also take A LOT of digital pictures and I’m always burning things on to CD”s to free up space on my computer. This looks PERFECT for what I need. Thank you for the most generous offer.

    • Cathy

      My husband has been whining that he can’t buy me a new camera because I don’t have enough space for more pictures on my PC. If I had a new hard drive, he would HAVE to buy that new camera. Soon. Like before my son graduates high school in a few eeks.

    • Julie

      This would be great as we are running out of hard drive space on our laptop (because of so many pictures of our daughter : ) ). Actually we have discussed getting an external hard drive, but haven’t done it yet. So, it would be the perfect Father’s Day gift for my techie husband.
      3cookieday at gmail dot com

    • dh

      My daughter graduates in a few weeks too, and my husband has a camera, but we need more storage. More storage. If I won, I’d have more storage.

    • Chantel

      Well, I would like to win simply because I have been looking for a HD for a while, as mine is just about full from the many pictures I take as I travel, and since I often work on the road, I need to have all my files right with me.

      alaskawildrose AT

    • Karmyn R

      Oh, I totally need this! I take way too many pictures – and in turn, those pictures take WAY too much memory on my hard drive. I actually bought a little Seagate extra drive – but it is already filling up fast.

    • ali

      because we take TOO many pictures. :) (or not enough)

    • Deb – Mom of 3 Girls

      I take a lot of photos. And running out of space to store them all is always a worry – this would help a great deal! :)

    • Marilu Mann

      I write. I write a lot. :) Ok, so I am an author and would love to have all my WIPs (works in progress) portable so that my writing partner and I could access them easily!

    • Shane

      I would dedicate this hard drive entirely to pictures! That would just be too cool. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

    • Laura

      My dh could really use this to move things back and forth from office to home.

    • Lydia

      I’d like to win because I’m a photographer who doesn’t have enough room for all her pictures on her computer when she travels!

    • Gina

      I think I should win this, because I’d save it for a surprise for my hubby, I know he’s been wanting a Maxtor HD for a while now, we just haven’t had the extra $$ to get one…. Great giveaway! Thanks!

    • Melynda

      We need this. My husband and I have noticed that as we are getting older our memories are starting to fade. This is why we have to turn to artificial memory to supplement the loss of our brain power – and why we would be very happy to win this hardrive!

      Thanks for such a cool giveaway!

    • Heather (A Mama’s Blog)

      We need a portable hard drive to back up all our pictures (over 4,000) of them, of our precious boys. Thanks for the contest!

    • maiden53

      I think I should win this because I have 2 boys, 9 & 12, who are growing like weeds and I take lots of pics of them doing sports, activities at school and family outings. I would hate to lose the ones I have on my PC and would love to have a place to safely store them. Thank you for offering such a GREAT giveaway!

    • Beth

      I shoud win cause my computer keeps crashing and I’m sick of paying a company to recover my pictures-AHHH!

    • Allison

      Why should I win? Because a few months ago my computer crashed and I lost everything. I’m a freelance writer, so everything is…a lot. I’ve been saving my pennies to purchase a portable hard drive, but winning one instead would mean that I can use those pennies to pay down my credit card debt instead!

    • Mary Ellen

      Oh, I so need this hard drive! Yes, for my irreplaceable photos!
      Enter me, please!

    • Phil

      Wow, great contest. I’d like to win because I have over 10,000 photos that need to be backed up!

    • Awesome Mom

      Awesome prize!!! I have a billion pictures that I need to back up along with a lot of videos of my kids.

    • Lesha

      I definitely need this after my computer crashed in September and I lost everything even my son’s pictures that are gone forever and files pertaining to work. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

    • Brooke Allen

      Well, I’ve learned the importance of backing up photos recently. Our family room caught on fire a week and a half ago, while dh was home and me and the kids were gone. When we came back, the first thought of mine, after I discovered that dh was safe, was “what about the pictures?!?” Dh did save my computer (at the sacrifice of his own), so the pictures were safe, but what if the computer had burned?

    • Michelle

      I would love to win this for my husband as his Father’s Day gift. I never know what to get him and I know this is a gift he will appreciate, since he is on the road a fair bit, as well as working from both home and office.

    • Nise’

      This would be great as I do alot of work from home and I could carry this back and forth instead of emailing myself over and over again! But I would also love it for, work is a better idea.

    • Linette

      OK, I have to enter here because I really need one of these. I love taking photos, and I’m running out of space on my laptop to store them…of course I could always get another laptop:)

    • Amy S.

      I reallly could use this for my digital photos and my ebooks.

    • Carol

      This is just too cool. Please enter me! Thanks!!

    • kristen

      No reason why I should win over anyone else, but I sure would love to have this. My DH is quite the techie and he would be quite thrilled to have this!

    • Julie J Donahue

      I need to win because my hubby has ripped every movie and CD in his vast collection, and I keep running out of space.

    • Lucy

      My harddrive is always full of pictures and videos. We are always in need of more backup storage! Thanks.

    • Nicol

      Not too long ago our computer crashed and I lost all of those percious digital pictures of my dd. I don’t want that to happen again. This would be perfect!

    • Claire

      I think our family needs to win this because we’re compulsive picture-takers and never have enough room on our computer to download them all! And the in-laws are always asking for more pics of their grandkids.

    • Stephanie

      Oh this would be absolutely perfect for when I am working on the laptop for work, and come home to use my computer. Please enter me in this great giveaway. Thank you

    • Ms. Polka Spot

      I’d love to have this because I’ve lost so many pictures because my I’ve had two computers crash in the past year. I would be so greatful, because I will be sending in my computer for an overhaul in the next few weeks and would love to have a “real” backup of my stuff!

    • Carrie

      I can’t afford a new computer or external hardrive, and my computer is far too full of music and photographs to run properly :( This would be an amazing thing to win!


    • sherrieb

      i need this for my pictures – oh what a blessing this would be – thanks so much!

    • Sweetpeas

      I’ve lost data because of my hard drive crashing in the past, but have never come up with a good (read, easy enough I can do it myself instead of dh having to do it for me) way to do consistent backups, this would be GREAT!

    • Emily N.

      I really need this to help organize our entire family’s digital photo collection.

    • Jenna

      Every time my mother and I talk about digital photos she shakes her head at me and says “You need to back those up.” This would be great for that, and possibly for my husband’s future files for his budding home business!

    • Nadine

      I’d love to win this to save all my Paint Shop Pro stuff on and free up our computer!

    • Andy

      This is just cool. I am a digital packrat. I could back up everything on my pc… twice! and still have room for more stuff.

    • sara l.

      Since my laptop crashed and I almost lost all of my pictures I have been researching one of these…This one looks great! Thanks for such a generous giveaway!

    • Ali

      I have thousands of pictures saved on my hard drive. That and I am always having to take my work home or on trips.

    • Jess

      This is a smartly-devised contest! If there is anything makes me unique -
      I wanted to ruffle it out at the
      end of our Clean Tech Forum seminar hosted
      by a 6000-member non-profit professional organization. If you are interested in similar Clean Tech involvement, please feel free to drop me a line.

    • Krissi

      Why should I win? Because my media, photo, data and system back-up drives are all nearly FULL and my one remaining external HD only holds 40 GB :(

      i.e. I NEED SOME SPACE!

    • Liz

      My computer is getting older and I’m scared that I’ll lose the valuable documents and pictures on it (trips to Russia, Ukraine, etc.) but the money I would like to put towards a hard drive keeps getting used up in car repairs. Isn’t that always the way?

    • seven

      I should win because I don’t actually have my own computer. I live at home, luckily, so I use my dad’s laptop and my brother’s laptop, but that means that I can’t store a bunch of stuff on there, because I feel like I’m hogging their memory. It would be really cool to have an portable hard drive so that I could store all my stuff on there, and then be able to transfer it easily someday (when I marry a rich man… probably not going to happen though!) when I have my own computer.
      Also, I’m really cool.

    • giabella designs

      I would love to win because I have way too many photos, songs and downloads on my pc. I would never say that I deserve to win more than anyone else but I will say that I appreciate the chance!

      Thanks again!

    • Mari Ickes

      My husband’s hard drive just went out on his computer!! He can’t use it, and it is driving us both crazy! We are waiting for our stimulus money to replace it, but this would be sooooo much better!!

      Thank you!

    • brandy w

      i should win because i have tons of pics that are taking up way to much space. plus my hubby is in college and keeps putting all this crap for school on our computer and it’s so full. we have high speed internet and it’s slower than dial up

    • Kim

      Why should I win? Because I’m smart, I’m funny, and gosh-darnit, people like me. Sorry, I was channeling Stuart Smalley there for a minute.

      We have about a billion digital photos and medical records that we need to protect. Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Tammy

      Like many of the above posts, we need something around here to store all our pictures on. thanks for the chance.

    • Josie

      I think I should win because I have a husband who has loads of pictures on his computer but lately it’s been acting up and he doesn’t want to risk losing all our pictures. Paying off our student loans doesn’t leave a lot of extra money in the budget.

    • Sharla

      This looks awesome! The only reason I deserve to win is because I never win anything! Maybe this bloggy carnival will be my ticket out of bad luck.

    • Emily

      I seem to have this nack at crashing computers so this would be heaven sent.

    • Shilo Beedy

      I’m the photo lady of the family and have a ton of pictures! I’m always afraid that I will loose those pictures.

    • Hazel

      I should win because as an engineering student there is gigabytes of information I have to take with me to design meetings, meetings with professors, and to the computer labs to show people/work on. This would help me alot. Currently I have a 1 gig flash drive which means alot of my stuff is stored on gmail, which doesn’t always work out because there isn’t internet connections everywhere I need to be. >_>

    • The Happy Housewife

      Please, please let me win, I have over 7000 pictures on my computer that are killing my hard drive. My husband’s 40th birthday is this summer and I would love to get this for him, so he isn’t frustrated my picture hogging self on the computer.
      It could save our marriage! Please!!!

    • anne s.

      b/c we move every summer and this will guarantee that all of the files from our home computer could be transferred to the laptop.
      thanks for the greatest giveaway!
      annjsav at gmail dot com

    • artsweet

      I’d like to win because I was going to buy a dvd burner to back up all my photos and music but I didn’t have enough room on my HD to install it!

    • Ryan Thewes

      I had my first child this past summer. Her name is Kylie and she is the star of the family. Both grandparents bought big SLR digital cameras that take pictures that are close to 5MB. My computer is filling up fast! Help!

    • Melissa Waters

      I could really use this for my nursing home residents, they could save all their work from the community computer onto this and not have to worry about someone else snooping or deleting.

    • Christy

      I should win because I’m fabulous. =} Ok, but seriously… I’ve got pictures of my kids, important records and other fun things on my laptop and I could use a good backup plan.

    • Julie S

      We are students and really need one of these, but can’t afford one. We would LOVE this!

    • Cindi

      Hi, I know why I would like to win. My husband and two teenage sons are into computers and everything about them. I know they do not have won of these “Maxtor One Touch” portable hard drives. Please enter me in your drawing.

    • Daniel Sweet

      A couple of years ago, I got my wife a nice digital camera for all of the many, many pictures she takes. Now I need a way of backing them up so we don’t lose the hundreds and hundreds of memories. (Did I mention hundreds?)


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    • Marcia

      I believe I should win because within the last year, my PC has crashed 4 times. I do have a small flash drive that I back up my photos on, but I have lost several folders of photos from this happening. They’re just gone forever. Completely irreplaceable.

    • Karin

      I REALLY need this. We have been taking digital pictures since 1999 PLUS I do a LOT of editing of my photos using Photoshop. Meaning I actually need two copies of all my photos (the original and the one I messed with.) needless to say, the space required for all these photos is killing me. Thanks for such a wonderful give-a-way!!!

    • Lona

      This would make backing up files on home and school computers much easier!

      Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

    • katklaw777

      I would like to have this because our 9 year old computer really does need a back up plan. It is on its last leg and doesn’t see much help in sight. HELP!!!

    • Jennifer

      I should win because my husband’s digital photos of our adorable toddler are filling up our hard drive. There’s not enough room for my digital photos of our adorable toddler. It’s time for me to have my own space.

    • Audra Marie

      I have thousands of digital pictures plus several thousand words worth or poetry, novels and articles I’ve writtenw ith no way to back them up. I feel like I’m playing Russian Roulette.

      Thanks for a great giveaway!

    • gS49

      I should win…
      well, I need it as much as anyone.
      As a writer, I dread losing months of work.

    • Drea

      I would love to win and give this to my husband. We just had our second child and he has been helping out so much around the house. I would love to use this as a big THANK YOU for him!

      Great Giveaway! Thanks!

    • Annabelle

      Oh, I NEED this! I have thousands of photos on my computer right now and if my computer ever crashes…Oh, I don’t even want to think about that. All those precious pictures of my boys in the NICU and growing up!! UGH!!! Pick me!!!

    • Christina

      I should win this because our hard drive is destined to fail soon. My husband is the only one in his family who hasn’t had a hd fail, so he says it is bound to happen to him sooner or later. With this we wouldn’t have to worry about losing our stuff!

    • Kyra

      I should win this because our computer can’t hold many more photos and I have a 2 year old! THose are good reasons! :)

    • Rhonda

      My mp3s and podcasts are eating the hard drive on my laptop! I could use the extra space.

    • Patti

      Right now I’m using my Ipod to back up photos. (I’m a photographer) but I have to give-up music space for that…I’d need to get something dedicated for just photos!

    • Debbie

      I’ve never backed up anything. That may make me to dumb to win, but hopefully not!

    • Jennifer (mon of 4)

      What a great giveaway! I have tons of pictures and Pagemaker files that I would love to backup! This would bring piece of mind for sure!

      Thanks for the great giveaway!!

    • Heather

      I should win because I am becoming more of a mobile worker. I really need technology that will help keep me in touch at all times and I need to safeguard my data…especially all the stuff on my iPod lol. Thanks for the contest!

    • Pamk

      I need to win this cause my kiddos are always putting something on my computers and eventually even with a virus software i’m going to get dinged.

    • amy

      I would love to have somewhere OFF the computer to back things up – just a safety net. And with baby on the way, it would be nice to know our pictures are backed up :)

    • Noreen

      I have over 2 thousand picture of my girls and need someplace to keep them

    • Tricia McCammack

      There’s definitely no reason that I should win over anyone else, but I would love to keep pictures on this.

    • Tara

      I think I need to win those so that when my computer crashes next, I could breath easy because everything would already have been backed up with the one touch button!

    • Robin (PENSIEVE)

      A portable hard drive, what, are you crazy?
      I’m swooning the room’s getting hazy!
      If I won this, I’d shout–
      Pictures saved! There’s no doubt–
      Better than a date with Scorsese!

    • Nancy

      A temporary place to save permanent stuff. Or a permanent place to save temporary stuff. All that versatility in one little box. And a portable one, at that. Portable, portable, portable….that’s why I need it.

    • Worlds Greatest Mommy

      Our last computer died. It was a very tragic and unexpected loss. It did not leave behind a trace, and despite our promises to back up files weekly on cd, we backed up nothing. We lost so much. Now I keep telling my husband that we need a secondary hard drive, but he won’t listen. He likes to live dangerously. He walks on the wild side. He rarely uses the computer because he has his own from work. Save us.

    • Alison

      I NEED to win this! My computer’s hard drive is totally full, and I have to keep archiving photos onto CD to make room. My desk is swimming in CDs, and pretty soon I won’t be able to find my computer!

    • Meg

      Because we have a ton of lectures and sermons on our computer that we would like to put on a harddrive! :)
      Thanks for a great giveaway!

    • John E.

      Wow, could I ever use this baby! I have digital pics coming out the kazoo!

    • nottryingforaboy

      I should win because i recently did experience a hard drive crash :( and didn’t have a backup.

    • Richelle F

      I would love to win! I would hate to lose all my digital photos!

    • jen

      my hard drive is starting to make LOTS of noise. LOTS and LOTS. I’d like to win so my husband doesn’t buy me the unromantic gift of a new hard drive for my birthday! : )

    • Elaine

      I think I should win because I might not win the other one and we really need this hard drive! My husband is going from work to school to home and at all place doing work and school work and home work! He would be so happy with me if I won this!

    • Paula

      Oh man – I need this so bad. I have taken so many pics of my son (he now asks if I am going to “flickr them” after each time) that my hard drive is so close to being maxed out that I get a message saying my hard drive is almost full everytime I start up. Would love to win this – thanks for the great giveaway.

    • Ebie

      i’m a digiscrapper – ’nuff said

    • Kirk T

      Great idea for a giveaway. I think I should win because my wife has taken over our computer with digital scrapbooking and pictures of our babies. Before long, she’ll need the extra room, and I would love for her to feel comfortable knowing some of her work is actually backed up.

    • Tiffany Rosson

      I need a back up because my little laptop is about give out.
      Thank you for hosting this giveaway.
      Tiffany Rosson
      tiffanyannrosson AT yahoo DOT com

    • Peggie

      This is so great for backing up your computer. I just lost my computer… well not the computer, but the hard drive and it hurts to start all over. Someone will be lucky!

      peggie dot loden at gmail dot com

    • AF

      I think I should win because my husband would think I’m a super star!

    • Suzie

      My fiance has been wanting one of these for a while but it’s not in our budget since we had our son 2 months ago. We’ve got a ton of photos on our computer that I really want to get backed up. We have them on CDs, but that took a long time to burn them all.

    • LeeAnn

      My hubby has been wanting one of these for several months now…we know we are risking a lot by not having things backed up and this would make a big difference. Thanks!

    • Krista

      Like so many others I have tons of pictures on my hard drive. I’m slowly getting them uploaded to Shutterfly as well as burned to CD, but it would be nice to not have to worry about my computer dying (again) and losing them all!

    • Adria Sha

      If I win this I can *finally* get all of our photos uploaded and organized. And then I won’t have to feel so guilty snapping a hundred photos at every family gathering! ;)

    • Alyson

      Like many others here, I have about 1,798,012 pictures on my hard drive. I was also a graphic designer in my previous life (ie. before kids) and still do a lot of “volunteer” work (ie. designing stuff for free for my friends and family) that hogs up my hard drive. Thanks for entering me! tonaly at

    • Rachel

      GREAT giveaway!

      I think I should win because i really want to give this to my husband for his birthday. AND I am nice to my mailman all the time. :)

      Hey, if you have a chance, please stop by and visit my contest page too!

      my email is:
      racoo.smith at gmail dot com

      Thanks and have a lovely day!

    • The Chatty Housewife

      I should win because I would LOVE to have one of these! It would make my life so much easier. I would have a back up plan for when my memory card fills up and I am not near my computer to burn it onto disk! Thank you for the giveaway, it’s great! I would love to win. nw_wife(at)hotmail(dot)com

    • Karen

      This would be so perfect for storing the pictures that are still on the hard drive of my old computer so that I can free up space on it for the kids to use.

    • chantelle Sabino

      how awesome! thank you! please enter me.

      I should win because I have lost all of my information from my pc so many times i cant even remember! I need somewhere to backup my stuff too :)

    • Ginny

      I should win because recently all of my pictures just disappeared. I lost all my pictures & all my videos. I need a way to back up my precious memories!

    • ktjrdn

      My husband desperately wants to burn our cds so he can listen to them at work without dragging cds with him. He’d love this

    • Richard

      After working for Seagate for over 21 years, and watching my children grow up in the beautiful mountains around Scotts Valley, I have come to know how reliable and valuable a hard drive is. I have too many digital photos to just keep in my home computer. I need this drive for backing them up. And now that my daughter is having a baby, I want to share her baby pictures with her family too. And what better way than to show up for dinner, and bring a slide show!

    • Dawn Bates

      I’m not sure I “should” win, but I want to win because my digital photos are my life. I would be incredible lost without the more than 1000 currently stored on only one hard drive. Stupid, I know, especially considering I have been in the I/T industry for 20 years.

      Thanks for the giveaway!
      dburdenbates (at) gmail (dot) com

    • Qtpies7~

      I’d love to win something for my husband to make up for the ignoring my family for a week because I am entering 900 giveaways. But my husband is quite likely to lose his job soon, so getting his stuff off his work computer would be great!
      Or backing up my computer that is starting to run hot… that wouldn’t hurt……..

    • Katie

      I would love to win this so I can put all my pictures on it so I don’t lose them and hopefully get my computer running a little faster.

    • Dan Smith

      This would be great as we are running out of hard drive space on our laptop because of all of the pictures

    • Susan

      More storage would be great as I have so many pictures.

    • moss

      I should win because my husband does not have a backup for his hard drive and I will give this to him

    • mom to p

      My hard drive is choking already. I need this!

    • grace

      This will be a perfect father’s day gift. I don’t live in the US but can provide an address IF I win. Is that ok?

    • Elena

      I think I should win because I’ve got a lot of photos and music that needs to be backed up! :) Thanks for the contest!

    • Dawn

      I need this for a few reasons. First, because I have tons, I mean hundreds of photos of my kids on my computer that I would hate to lose. Plus, I have a home business and have most of that backed up, but not all. We live in the country and are prone to lightening damage …… See I told you I need this!

    • Andrea

      I’d love to have my pictures and important documents backed up in something like this that I could grab in case of a fire! That might sound silly, but my worst fear is losing all of my memories when my computer melts down!

    • kelli

      Because the 2-year-old has recently discovered my computer — and it’s only a matter of time before he discovers the right combination of keystrokes to kill the computer!

    • Jenny

      After 10 years working at Seagate and having giveaways of products I’m not technically savy enough to use. (not that I ever won)… this is the perfect item to win. Much needed, Easy to use, dependable, and promtes company products. Plus, it’s my birthday tomorrow!

    • Nikki

      Please enter me . OH the school files I could save!!!!

      homeschooling mom of 6

    • Kim

      I have more photos than I can count not to mention music that I need to store some place else. Not to mention that my hubby’s computer is almost full and I really need to give him some free space.

      What a wonderful giveaway you are doing here.

      Have fun with your giveaway. Don’t forget to head on over to my blog and enter mine!

    • Marsha

      Awesome giveaway and thanks for participating. Now I sure hope I win.

    • Michelle M

      I should win because I really need to back up my computer’s hard drive!

    • Chrysa

      I would love to win this because I have tons of photos stored that I need to back up someplace. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • HungWei

      I need it! i need it!

    • Phyllis @ Aimless Conversation

      this would be a great place to store all the photos that are eating up the hard drive on my computer!!!

    • Heather

      Why I should win? Well, I would like to win because I would give it to my husband as a father’s day gift. We are on a very tight budget and I am do not know if I will have money for a gift. It would be a nice treat for him as he has sacrificed many things to be sure the rest of us get presents for special occasions. Thank you.

    • Naomi

      My HD crashed and burned, so I’m flying backupless…

    • April

      Why should I win? Well, honestly I don’t know how to answer that. There are a million other people more deserving than I am but I still wanted to enter your giveaway because my father would love this hard drive since he needs one so badly. That plus his birthday is coming up very soon. Just putting in my two cents and I thank you for entering me. Good luck to everyone.

    • Jessica

      i would love to win so i could back up all of my papers and music!

    • Shama-Lama Mama

      I would love it because my hubby has been patient with me entering these contests all week and he deserves a litte prize!

    • kellys

      The DH would be the perfect recipient for htis as he works with computers and always needs extra storage.

    • greg

      Running an internet business requires the need for lots of externa storage for backups. I would love to win this one!

    • Collin – TBT

      I would love to win, I could really use this to help me with storage as my comp is very old.

    • reeva

      Great giveaway! I hope i’m the lucky winner! :) I think I should win because i’m cute! :)

    • Maria P.

      Thank you for this VERY generous giveaway! I would just love to win this for my husband. He has hundreds of cd’s on his computer and lately the hard drive has been acting up – won’t boot up sometimes. Would love to give this to him so he can back-up all his hard work! Thank you.

    • Maricar

      photos, videos, blog posts, music! I’ve got lots of files to back up, so to win this would be great!

    • Tamara (AK)

      Like most everyone else…my precious photos!!! Thanks!

    • Veggiemomof2

      So I can put all 300 cds on it & get rid of all those cluttered cases.

    • Mary_Freebies

      I need this! I NEED this! I NEED THIS!
      Loads of data to back up.. Databases, photos, paper docs, arrgghh!

    • fedora

      This would fabulous to win–we have a gazillion photos and would appreciate some “insurance,” as it were :)

      Thanks for the contest!

    • janethesane

      I think I should win because I will probably be the last entrant! And because I need somewhere to store pics of my 9 month old.

    • Hugh Dixon


      I am a student currently taking my GCSE’S and cant afford something like this.

      I have many files such as coursework, movies, music, operating system image files, games and much more on my small dell laptop. (all taking up a tonnes of space – resulting in slow performance)

      Recieving this Hard Drive would make my life alot easier and much more organised. Thankyou for you time.

    • Nathan C.

      I am a student at UAT in arizona. I am majoring in Digital Animation and minoring in Graphic Design. This would come in extremely handy due to the fact that I do not currently have an external HD to back up my data. I have hundreds of Models and Animations that i have for both my portfolio and short films. With this I would be able to back up everything I have done and not need to worry about the risk of losing everything.

    • Patrick Yee

      Id love to win this hard drive.

      My hard drives crashed before and I lost all my data. Hopefully I can finally get to backup my data once and for all.


    • Graham Blackall

      I desperately need to win this hard drive for two reasons.

      1) I had over 30,000 photos on my computer and then all of a sudden, it crashed, and I lost EVERYTHING. I was devastated, and I can’t let it happen again.

      2) I’m a broke high school student, who doesn’t have a job! I need this badly for schoolwork, too.