Free Pattern to Sew Your Own Crew Neck Over-the-Head Baby Bib

completed-over-the-head-bib-small.jpgAfter I posted instructions for how to sew your own baby bib with extra-long ties around the neck, a reader posted a comment asking for a pattern for a crew neck over-the-head baby bib. In the wonderful way of the internet and the breastfeeding community, reader Elizabeth jumped in with an offer to email her pattern out. After the seventh request for the pattern (eight if you count yesterday’s!), I asked Elizabeth if she would mind sharing the pattern directly on the blog, and she happily agreed! Thanks Elizabeth for sharing your instructions and photos for a free over-the-head bib pattern!

Super Easy Pullover Bib


~ 1 fingertip towel (regular-sized hand towel)
~ 10 5/8″ x 3″ ribbed knit fabric — I don’t necessarily use ribbing, but I look for a ribbed knit that has spandex in it so it will keep its shape.
(Ribbed knit should have the ribs top-to-bottom)



1. Fold the top of the fingertip towel 1/3 of the way down, and mark this line — this will be the center of your circle opening.

plate-as-bib-neck-pattern.jpg paper-neck-pattern-on-towel.jpg

2. Make a 5″ circle template and center it on the line marked in step 1. (I used a small plate to make my template.)


3. Stitch ends of ribbed knit to make a circle with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Fold in half so seam allowance is inside.


4. Mark top, bottom, left, and right points of circle. Divide ribbing into fourths and mark with pins.


5. Place raw edge of ribbing along the opening in the bib (right side), matching pins and markings and stretching as necessary.


6. Stitch a 1/4″ seam — I use my serger and simply serge. If you are not using a serger, I would recommend a stretch stitch of some sort.

7. You can fold the seam allowance to the underside and top stitch, but I would make sure you are using a stretch stitch or you will lose some of the stretch. I never do this step, I simply press the seam allowance away from the neck hole.

The finished product:


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    • Augies Granny

      Found this to be one of the easiest patterns to understand and make.

    • Maria Radford

      I’m a grandma and have been feeding my grand daughter using one of these bibs – it was her first taste of peas! She did well and so did the bib so I’m going to make some for grand baby #2 due in June. Thanks!

    • Angie

      I have been looking for a pattern to make this type of bib. I have been making her some bibs using a thick towel for the backing. But I have a question. I cant seem to find this neck material. (ribbed knit fabric) I went to Hobby Lobby a day or so ago and the lady said that was a specialty and they didnt carry it??? Hmmm okkkk….Our local walmart stopped selling fabric, so I dont know where to look now. How would I search it on the computer? Thanks so much in advance. I am a determined newbie. I have a baby girl now and I AM going to learn to make her things. My email is if anyone has ideas and suggestions. THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!!

      • Vivienne

        All the fabric stores like Fabricland and Joanne’s sell ribbing, you might have to buy yardage and cut it.

    • Grandma Carolyn

      Thank you bunches for this pattern. I measured my grandson’s head last month to determine the circle needed, and totally mislaid it. Wasn’t sure how large to cut the circle. God bless you all.

    • Ruma

      Oh my goodness!! Great tutorial. I made 3 of these bibs for my daughter as she likes to feed herself with her own spoon and was making quite a mess. Not anymore! These bibs cover her up beatifully and keep her cute clothes clean. My husband has actually asked me to make more, as these are his faves too!

      Note to Angie: You can get ribbed knit (or something quite similar) at Hobby Lobby or any fabric store. But instead of going to the knit section for the ribbed knit (expensive), pick up knit material that has that kind of ribbed look to it. And it’s usually half the price of the special ribbed material. You just need a bit of stretch in the neck so it goes over the child’s head. I just got knit material with the ribbed look and it worked perfectly. I refuse to pay so much for something that can be substituted easily. Hope this helps!

    • Mimi

      Thanks for posting this pattern. I needed a quick little gift last night, found this site, and whipped one up in about 15 minutes! I had not made one of these for several years and your instructions clearly brought me back up to speed!

      Pick up inexpensive seasonal fingertip towels for these @ Walmart or Target. Moms love them and we g’mas love making them!

    • Amanda

      Thank you so much for the pattern I have been looking for a pattern for ever. My 5 month old is teething like crazy so there is a lot of drool, the velcro bibs chap her neck. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you and God Bless.

    • Kandis

      Your illustrations/pictures are very easy to understand. Thank you

    • http://Pullover-Crew-Neck-Baby-Bib Naomi

      I love this pattern! It looks like a very smart and innovative idea-very practicle indeed! :) I look forward to giving this pattern a go! :)

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    • Donna Barrigar

      Thanks so much for the free pattern. I haven’t done it yet but I’m excited to try it. It was hard to find a easy pull-over bib in the store. It looks like it won’t be hard at all. Thanks again.

    • Judy

      Love the pattern made many of them and plan to make more. Excellent and easy to follow directions. Plan to give to my church for their annual Bizzare. Thanks

    • Pat

      where can you buy the neck ribbing?

    • SUE Whittenberg

      oh my so happy have 3 grandchildren under 2 and I made wash clothes for the 2 month old, works great and easy to put on him! Thanks so much for sharing!
      grandma sue

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    • http://Qwest Doris Carrubba

      Doris Carrubba–I found the ribbing at JoAnn’s, Etc. That is a some of everything here in Phx, Az. Mostly fabrics. JoAnn’s is nationwide, I think.