• Fri, May 2 2008
  • Don Hill

    I have had a grapefruit Cutter for many years, more than 10, But a section of it just broke. I wondered if the product was still being produced. The is no name on the cutter, only the patent number so I thought I would Goggle it and see if there was any information.
    It really is a slick device and I want to replace it.

  • Cyndi

    I found a new updated link and added it above in the post, Don!

  • http://www.cooking-gadgets.com/grapefruit-cutter/ Cindy

    i bought one of these and it mushes the grapefruit. we used 6 grapefruit trying to use it, thinking maybe we’d done it wrong. it is being returned.

  • Cyndi

    Thanks for your input on it, Cindy. I guess not everyone is equally pleased.