Build Your Own Kooky Cardboard Box Desk

I posted my office space a few days ago along with some other b5media blogger’s desks and work spaces. If you’re now maybe feeling like a change of office furniture could do you good, why not try the cardboard desk? This individual actually bought all the boxes, but I know you have a garage full of boxes just screaming – “Take my contents to the Goodwill and use me for something darn it!”

Or maybe not. Still, you have to admit, in a pinch, this is a great idea. Very green if you don’t buy new boxes. The downside – no pull-out drawers.



Learn to make your own!

[photo via Instructables]

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    • Sandy

      Very creative!

      However, I think one leap from my cat and the desk would be ready for the recycling bin. :-(

    • N. & J.

      Well that is certainly inventive. I prefer using an old dining room table since it has much more surface space then your average desk and it’s tall enough to store a set of plastic drawers underneath.

    • Jennifer

      @Sandy funny! I guess I’d be worried about spilling a drink on it (and I would).

      @N&J you could store plastic shelves under there. Also, I bet you could make it big, like your table. Maybe we should all just go to all cardboard furniture; beds, tables, a lazy boy ;)

      That might get old.

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    • Peggy

      Sandy, my cat would do the same. He loves boxes and doesn’t need to be MORE attracted to my desk.

      Still, what would you value this for insurance purposes?

    • Jennifer

      @Peggy now I really think you should build one. Just so I get to hear funny stories about the cat. The cat got stuck on shelf 4, the cat ate my desk, the cat leaped up and squashed through. I could use this sort of a good laugh on a daily basis.

    • Peggy

      Ok. The next time I move, I will build one. In college I built a whole Kleenex house at the end of the year. We were a weird room — the walls were covered in black trash bags. I have no idea why.

      Maybe that was the reason someone picked on us and taped shut our front door with duct tape.

    • John Smith

      I didn’t enjoy seeing all the priority mail boxes that you get from the post office for free and should only be used for shipping. This kind of waste raises all of our postage rates. If you had used already used boxes, it would have been a great idea.

    • Jennifer

      @John – that’s what I think too, which is why, in the post, I said, “Very green if you don’t buy new boxes.”

      Also, I didn’t build this. Someone else did. I’d have used recycled boxes.

    • kim

      They’ll even give you free tape to put it together with! LOL
      You could cut a few sides off the boxes for a couple shelves/cubbies. Love it! :)