• Sat, May 10 2008

Saturday Blogsurfing


Lemon Doughnuts…Yummy!

And another week is gone! As I said on Kettle and Cup this morning, life has eben hectic and I haven’t visited as many blogs as I would like. By the way there are a ton of coupon codes for coffee over there today. :)

I have realized something.  You know there are millions of food blogs but really there are only maybe a thousand that are posted on regularly.  If you notice that you see the same names on the blogsurfing saturday it is because I have gotten frustrated hitting blog oafter blog where the last post is older than my youngest child.

Help me out. If you come across something that you think would work for saturdays..email me the webage. :)

O..k…well, I am not going to lead to you any ONE post of Marie’s this week..I have snuffled and boo-hoo’d my way through three posts and you willhave to find your own..BUT her blog gets ever better, a combination of her own fabulous recipes and images and her heart -touching, thought-provoking words. Go spend A Year at Oak Cottage…or an hour.

Kristin does Mini Berry Clafoutis Muffins…and they are so delicious looking! I have some raspberries and blackberries I had earmarked for a tart..but…I am not so sure. Check out Sweet Pea Patisserie

You can see entries for the Putting up Event everywhere lately! On Coco Cooks there is some yummy looking pickled watermelon rind. Now, let me just say that this stuff is summer in a jar…If you haven’t canned before take a deep breath and try it. It is very satisfying.

Becke, at Columbus Foodie is my source..Yeah..the one that got me hooked on Penzey spices. Her fault. They are going t have to build me a rehab center…I will be sitting in a padded room offering people my colelctible Vaseline Glass in exchange for cinnamon… Anyway..she has a great looking recipe for Pappardelle with Red Wine and Meat Ragu.

Stephanie is Dispensing Happiness on her blog with a book review on Grilled Pizzas & Piadianas. Oh, the images. Yum.

The Tuedays with Dorie crowd did Peanut Butter Tortes this week.  They all looked good but I like this from Maple Sugar.

You know, I realized I have never posted the link for one of my favorites, Eat Local Challenge. There are ways to do it, no matter where  you live. I have recently discovered a growers only farmer’s market not too far away and plan on a visit soon. We are growing green beans, tomatoes, onions, okra, cucumber, peppers, melon, zucchini, yellow squash, patty pan squash, beets, spinach, eggplant, two kinds of corn (red and white) ,chard…We have chickens which give eggs,a nd goats which give milk (and icecream, and cheese…).  I have a fifteen year old dedicated to the art of fishing.   Eating locally is a challenge if we try to eat the way we always have but not so much if we think it through.  End of soapbox…carry on…

Go ahead..play with your food.  Melonfish has an old post, but new to me, about fava beans. It is worth a peek.

Check out the chocolate mint bars that Em did on Repressed Pastry Chef. They look just like some Marc’s mom used to make..and I haven’t thought of them in years!

Wild Yeast has a most tempting fruit gallette.  You have to appreciate rustic food..O.k..I do.  I love the way that this gallette looks..you can almost smell the image.

O.k..I am off to do other things. I hope you have a blessed weekend! DOn’t forget about the What to Do with Leftover Eggs Roundup on the 21st. I have all ready gotten some fantastic entries for it!

Image (c) Marye Audet

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  • http://motherearthsgarden.com Linette

    The lemon doughnuts look yum! We eat local too, whenever possible. Especially in the summertime, there’s nothing more local than the garden in my back yard:) Sounds like you have quite the variety growing too!

    I’m off to check out the rest of your links.

  • http://www.cococooks.blogspot.com courtney

    Thanks for taking the time to compile this. It does get hard to keep up with everyone and there are so many, but really a few regulary active.I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. Mine were more spicy with a slight sweetness.Off to check on the others.

  • http://www.cococooks.blogspot.com courtney

    BTW, did you see I out your event up on the DB forum. I have a few left over eggs today.

  • http://TheRepressedPastryChef.blogspot.com Em

    {{squeeee}} I love lemon… and I love doughnuts… so how could I not make these lemon doughnuts!!!

    Have a great day :)

  • Marye

    Linette-I have alot of people to feed, and we are blessed with three growing seasons… :)
    Courtney I did! Thank you so much!
    Em- I hope you like them

  • http://bakersbakery.wordpress.com Carrie

    I’m with you on Maple Sugar. It’s one of my favorite blogs! :)

  • Marye