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Blogsurfing Saturday:Blog Surfing 101


This is how we keep 15 year olds out of trouble at our house.  :)  I told him to just call that “My Space”. Matt is a great kid.  He does most of the outside work since Marc has been sick, and rarely complains about it.  The most people have found to criticize him about is his hair.

It has been a weird week around here, busier than usual. It has been oddly cool for May in Texas, I think, and one afternoon I was tempted to get Matt to build a fire in the fireplace in the kitchen. Some of it might be me…I was reading on the symptoms of menopause, hoping to see some signs that it was close, and I read that some women have cold flashes rather than hot flashes. I think that is me! Chewing five pounds of ice a day doesn’t help.

We were at the VA last week, right, and a nurse is checking Marc’s vitals. I am leaning against the door frame chewing ice from my quart mason jar. She just looks at me and she is like:

“You know that is bad for your teeth”


“Are you anemic?”


“You should take iron”


“You know all this don’t you?”


Marc just laughed. I do know that ice chewing is a sign of anemia. And yes I should take iron. On the other hand, I do enjoy chewing it, it keeps me drinking water (close to a gallon a day or more) and I don’t tend to snack. Therefore, my five pound a day ice habit.

All right. I wanted to start off this morning with just a heartfelt thank you to everyone who reads my blog. I meant what I said yesterday, I truly feel blessed. You guys are cool.

O.k..grab your coffee and croissant…and let’s go.

First up…Dana McCauley’s Food Blog. Why? She lists five blogs that I have never before checked out. Seriously. I don’t know about you but I tend to move comfortably in my clique, you know? Daring Bakers, Leftover Queen’s Blogroll, bloggers that I have traded comments with since I started bloogging. Here’s a personal challenge. Check out five food blogs a week that you have never read. Blog about them. Sure, we are going to stick with the ones we like best, but by branching out I think we get challenged to try new things and think new ways.

Jenn, at Leftover Queen, has started a feature called Foodie Friday where she highlights several food blogs. I love her blog anyway because she has great ideas..Anyway..the F.F. thing is a great idea be cause she writes a bit about each blog that she is featuring that week. Mark that on your calendars for a weekly stop.

Did you know that there was a search engine specifically for food blogs? Food Blog Search is exactly that. I am so skyed! I put white chocolate silk tarts in and my post came up! Anyway…Searching for a particular recipe is a pain, and i would much rather get it off of oa foodie blog than from All Recipes or something where I could be unsure of the results..although, seriously, All Recipes is generally good stuff. Anyway, bookmark that so if you need a recipe for Pixie’s Chinese Vegetable Broth you can find it.

Sometimes I forget about Holler. She lives far away in Scotland but her recipes are always incredible. This week check out the Griddled Vegetable and Mozzarella Salad she’s got going on.

Have you ever used technorati or stumble or digg on a blog post? If you don’t, DO! You can get banned from any of these for adding your own posts but if you read a particularly good post submit it to one of the social networks. …or all of them. I guess it is sort of promoting the best on the internet, you know? Plus you introduce a ton of new traffic to the blogger that you add…Not sure if this makes sense or not. My personal favorite is stumbleupon You get a cool toolbar and when you click the link it will take you to random websites that it thinks you will like by what you stumble. So if you stumble food websites it will take you to those. Anyway, it is very cool. And any stumbling or digging you want to toss my way is certainly appreciated.

I wish to direct your attention to an article I wrote last week..I don;t usually do this but I feel that it is important that people understand about what they are eating. Genetically Modified Foods:From Test Tube to Table is an eye-opening look at how MUCH Gm food we are eating on a regular basis without our knowledge. Think about it. If you are not buying organic meat? The animal has been feed with genetically modified feed. It is places you never thought about.

Hershey’s came out with an organic chocolate! I was so happy. The bar was 2.99 for a large size, albeit thin bar. It was made in Germany. The taste was very good, although it maintains some of Hersheys classic waxiness.

Culinary Concoctions by Peabody is an awesome food blog. The images are always a treat, and the recipes are droolworthy, as Valli would say. Check out the butterscotch pudding...but be warned…you are going to want some after that and Jello will not cut it.

So..are you a reader that is inspired to start your own food blog? Maybe you are a blogger that wants to do better.  I know I am a sucker for any article that says”How to have a successful food blog” or some such. I have a lot of self help books, too. How to be a better wife, mom, Christian, friend, cousneling 101 you name it..anyway..Food Blogging Do’s and Don’ts is an great post about starting a food blog and what it takes to have a good one..lots of…ummm…food for thought!

Have a great weekend! Hey, leave a comment and tell me what you are baking!

Image:Marye Audet

Content:Marye Audet for Baking Delights 

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  • http://www.cococooks.blogspot.com courtney

    Thanks for the great tips . I never really understood Technorati, etc. Will check it out.!Happy Weekend.

  • Marye

    Thanks for stopping by courtney! Once you start..it is addictive.

  • http://a2eatwrite.blogspot.com jen of a2eatwrite

    I’m so excited to learn about the food blog search, because I really find the recipes of food bloggers to be so much better than most of the other stuff I pull up from the Food Network or allrecipes, etc.

  • Marye

    I Know! I think it is cool.

  • jo

    What I WAS baking, rather attempting to bake, was a batch of French Macaroons. This is second failure in a week, and trying to eat away the mistakes has given me a headaches and a queasy stomache. Last time, I think the recipe just wasn’t any good. This time? My hand mixer shorted out in the middle of stirring in a hot sugar syrup. The result was a very flat puddle of a “macaroon” once baked. According to the tasters it was good, just very light. I feel miserable. both from failing and from the sugar. LOL. I intended to do half a batch, but forgot halfway into it, and had to make a full one. So it was a big waste of nuts too. Oh my. I don’t want to bake ever again. Mind you, that’s what I said first batch 3 days ago. But seriously, I don’t want to waste any more nuts. At least for a long while from now. To make myself feel better, I will have a large pot of black tea later. Sigh.

    Also, I have been peeling and eating limes (yes, straight!) since your post on Kettle and Cup. I need to get that tea. And eating cold things, like ice, can also mean you need more magnesium. I need more of that,iron and zinc. Especially the Zinc. Everything I read lately points to zinc defiency. :/

  • Marye

    LOL Jo, I am so sorry! Poor thing. Enjoy your tea. I know..I need all those minerals but when I took them I stopped wanting hte ice and I missed the habit..very odd.
    I am an ice junkie.

  • jo

    I am too, except that I don’t like filling ice trays(mine to stack a certain way), so I stopped a while. But it’s worth it to fill them several times a day to get a cold crunch. I noticed I feel better when I have more cold. I *hate* heat, I’m a penguin. :)

    I have been craving tomatoes lately. BADLY, so I guess that is what dinner will be. I suppose it is because the tomatoes ought to be producing soon. It’s been strangely cold this year. It frosted a week ago. Anyway, what made me think of that was your son in the garden. It seems to me that you raised your children well. :) To blabber on some more and use bad punctuation & spelling from excitement..The people whom criticize his hair, Is it because it Is “long”ish? That always bothers me, the bible doesn’t say an exact length, and up until recently (twentieth century), men did wear their hair a little longer. Not that looks should ever matter anyway. :)

    Have you ever thought about(or do you), sell your tea blends on etsy,ebay or a website? That and premade mixes for tea-treats actually sell fairly well. I have considered doing chocolates and teas. But I like decent prices and would end up breaking dead even/making nothing.

  • Marye

    LOL! Thanks Jo..I have thought about it..maybe your comment is a nudge.

  • http://morethanburnttoast.blogspot.com Bellini Valli

    Great shout outs to all these wonderful bloggers Marye:D

  • Marye

    LOL! Thanks for stopping by, Valli.

  • http://vanielje.com/blog african vanielje

    As usual Marye you lead me down hitherto unknown paths. I tend to stick to what I know as well so it is always nice to get a recommendation from someone else. Getting a teenager to do any work around the house is amazing. Way to go Matt, and I love your hair. My nephew has the same gorgeous hair and I love it on him too.

  • http://vanielje.com/blog african vanielje

    P.S. Forgot to tell you I am about to bake some dried fruit, nut and oat lunch box bars for my daughter who is going away for a 3 day camp tomorrow. She’s so excited, her first one ever. I’m a bit nervous and weepy! Go figure…

  • http://bakersbakery.wordpress.com Carrie

    I had no idea chewing ice is bad for your teeth.
    Oh well…
    My brother had long hair at 15 too (actually I think both of them did). If that’s the worst of it then that’s fantastic! :)

  • Marye

    Inge- are you posting the recipe?
    Carrie- It does tend to signify anemia.

  • http://danamccauley.wordpress.com Dana McCauley

    Thanks for not only enjoying my post about blogs but also for taking the idea to the next level.

  • Marye

    LOL! Dana- I have been doing this for months! I just tend to stick with those I know. Cliquish. :)
    Thanks for stopping by.

  • http://www.leftoverqueen.com JennDZ_The Leftover Queen

    Thanks for talking about FFF, Marye! :) I hope your plug will bring more people! Amazing how much variety we have in the food blog world, huh? :)

    I never knew that chewing ice was a sign of anemia…wow. But it sure does help keep things cool! Oh and I love the “just call it My Space” comment, you are just too witty sometimes!

    Later, sweetie!

  • Marye

    LOL Jenn.
    It is a sign of anemia…but we don’t uise air conditioning because of the cost (over 500.00 a month in this behemoth structure) and I will say the 5-10 lbs of ice I eat per day keeps me comfortable at 107F. :)

  • http://www.leftoverqueen.com JennDZ_The LeftoverQueen

    I wouldn’t use it either at that price! Whoa!

  • Marye


  • http://vanielje.com/blog african vanielje

    Will do shortly Marye. Lucky I made a double batch as my man has tucked into the half left behind.

  • Marye