Baby stuck in Birth Canal for 13 1/2 hours

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. OUCH!  I think this is one of those fears every pregnant lady has, something going wrong during birth. Indeed this did too, Heather Grow went in to give birth and had no clue how this would change the life of her little daughter.

During delivery her baby actually got stuck in the birthing canal for 13 1/2 hours. The doctors knew ahead of time that she had a narrow pelvis, which should’ve told doctors then that they might have to consider a c-section. But instead they didn’t. The baby grew to be 9 lbs, there was no way for the little girl to fit.

Her attorney, Bierne had this to say:

“The child got stuck. It was clear that she was pushed through an (opening) she couldn’t fit. And this went on for hours and hours.  It was like trying to fit a watermelon through (an opening) the size of an apple.”

Her other attorney, Mueller stated:

“She was having contractions every one to two minutes for hours. It violates every medical textbook. It puts the baby and mom (in) danger.  The doctor had a responsibility to ensure she had a safe delivery.”

As for the damages done because this doctor, Lisa Yang, didn’t do things the right way, she caused little Cassie Grow, who’s now 11-years-old, into a spastic quadriplegic. She got brain damage when the doctor continued to give a drug to get the uterus to contract. Only problem, the baby’s head was already in the canal, which meant every time it contracted it squished little Cassie’s brain.

The courts did side in Heather’s case and awarded her with $22.6Million yesterday, Monday 19, 2008. While this will never pay all the damage done, I’m sure this will help the family a little.

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    • Katie-Anne

      This could so easily have happened to my sister but it wouldn’t have been the medical staff to blame, but rather the culture in which we live. Almost every pregnancy magazine, book or even online community you visit when pregnant is all about natural childbirth and how this is the best for your baby. Well perhaps it is if your baby is of normal size and everything else is aligned to make it safe – but sometimes there are reasons for medical intervention and my nephew’s birth was one of these. Instead of agreeing to the c-section after a number of hours of labor and the medical staff trying suction him out (twice) and then have to put him back, and my sister refusing for hours to have a recommended c-section, eventually she’d lost so much blood that she had no choice other than to have it or she wouldn’t survive the birth. We asked her later why put herself through what turned out to be 36 hours of labor and she said “because babies are supposed to come out naturally”.

      As it is my nephew required skull reshaping and as for anything else, well it’s hard to say what could be attributed to the birth and what his personality would have been if his birth had been “natural”.

    • Gayla McCord

      That’s some scary stuff. I’m glad I had a c-section and I’m glad I’m done having children :)

    • amy

      This article and all of those like it make me ill!! As a labor and delivery nurse who has personally worked with Dr Yang I am apalled. Dr Yang is an excellent doctor, and I would not say that about all the doctors I work with. In all my years with her I have never seen her do anything to harm a mom or baby.
      As far as all the articles saying the baby was stuck in the birth canal for 13 hours that is rediculous! Her induction of labor was 13 hours. Anyone who looks at the pictures of the baby right after birth(which are on the web) Can see that the babies head is perfectly round. If it had been stuck in the birth canal it would be cone shaped! And a 13 hour labor is perfectly normal for a 1st time mom!
      This woman was offered a csection and refused!!! It would be assult if Dr Yang had performed a csection with out consent.
      This woman is ruining the name of a wonderful doctor abd it makes me ill!!!!
      Heather Grow should be thankful that she has her daughter. If it weren’t for Dr Yang finally getting her to agree to a csection her baby probably would have been dead!

      Tha saddest part is that I have worked with this wonderful doctor with great insincts about her job and now she will be second guessing herself and wondering if another uneducated and money hungry patient is going to sue!

      • Sig42

        You are violating the patients rights (HIPPA) by divulging her medical information on the Internet. You better watch, you could get sued. I think your lack if sense is a good indicator of how poorly your office is run.

    • Marijke

      @ Amy – thank you for your point of view. Unfortunately, news stories are always slanted. Look at the recent sensational headlines about teens and complications giving blood. They’re fainting. That’s the complication.

      But to get back to the original topic – I do believe that the first commenter makes a good point about women feeling they have to have a natural birth.

      My oldest was well over 9 pounds and was a mid-forcep delivery. To this day, I believe we all would have been better off had he been a c-section and you can bet anything, I wouldn’t have refused!

      He’s fine, I’m fine,went on to have two more, but the idea of him being stuck freaked me out more than the idea of a section.

    • Eliza

      Amy- Thank you for your opinion and input (always glad to hear when someone knows more about a news subject). For myself I saw the news and posted about it. I don’t think the court would’ve decided to award her the money if they didn’t see a reason that she should be given it. I feel for the doctor as I’m sure it wasn’t something she meant to happen. But like all accidents someone needs to step forward.

      I know from experience things can go wrong, my first child I hemorraged(sp) because the baby was too big. Second pregnancy doctor left part of the placenta in me. I do know mistakes happen but had something actually happened to my child I believe I would’ve sued as well.

      There never is a win in a situation like this, but I do hope the doctor will be careful again, which I’m sure she will. But like Marijke said, I feel too many believe natural is the only way to go.

    • jess

      The very thing could have happened to me as well. All of my children have been over 9 lbs. My first at 9lbs 12oz. I am 4’10″ and weighed 90lbs when I became pregnant. Little did I know he would be so big. During labor I just did not progress and finally gave in to a csection (did not want that at all, and have always wondered what it would be like to deliver natural) but I’ve always wondered IF something had gone wrong could I live with that outcome. I don’t think so. My husband and I decided to try vbac with our 2nd, he turned out to be over 9lbs 2 weeks early and ended with a csection again. Last one we (reluctantly) decided to have it scheduled. I know how the “natural” community feels but when I look at my 3 children and think of the “potential” outcomes, my “need” to give birth naturally fades away. They have no idea how they came in to the world just that they have. My husband, and myself, would never have been able to forgive ourselves if I had insisted on doing something I don’t believe “my” body was meant to do. I thank God daily that He allowed me to be born in an era where delivery by safe surgery is available. One or both of us may not be here.

    • Jennifer

      I was in labor for 22 hours and went from a 5 to a 10 like lightning I pushed for 2 hours and we could see the baby’s head. when the doctor finally said c-section we thought good everthing will be fine but it was not I had 4 people in side me the baby was stuck and the cord was wrapped around her neck they pushed and pulled trying to get the back though the vagina I had to have my uterus cut straight down and when they finally got my baby out she had to have chest compression and cpr. she is only 5 days old so I do not know if any damage occured But I am praying for a miracle which I already have one every time I look at her.

    • Mindy

      What happened to you also happened to me, but it was 2 and a half hrs. My sons head was tilted and stuck in my pelvis. i was told that a c-section would be a last resort to save me, but that he wouldn’t survive the c-section because they really couldn’t detect much of a heartbeat at that point. The epidural would have stopped his heart completely, and to pull him up through the birth canal most likely would have broken his neck. Eventually his head changed position a little & they were able to use forceps to pull him out. He came out blue, limp, & lifeless. He wasn’t responding to the oxygen, but I was praying & suddenly he let out a small cry & regained his color. Everyone in the room let out a sigh. By then we had the room full of nurses & the doctor & midwife. He had no complications from the lack of oxygen. He is almost 12 yrs old now. I had also passed out during the labor & they revived me. They thought I was dead because I didn’t respond to the resuscitation at first, but when I woke up, the baby had finally moved a little to where they could use the forceps. I’ll be praying for your baby and it is a miracle she survived because it is so difficult when they have to pull the baby back up from the birth canal for the c-section.

    • donmarie

      Gald everything turned out alright in the end with the birth.