Freebie Friday – New Online Ovulation Calendar from MedHelp

These days, all my vital dates are online: My work schedule, my personal schedule, upcoming haircuts, visits from parents. You name it and I have a chart, calendar or list on my little laptop tracking progress or reminding me of things that I need to do.

If I did indeed ovulate (which I don’t), I would add this cool tool to my repertoire: MedHelp’s new online ovulation calendar.

You need to join MedHelp to create and access your calendar, but “join” means creating a user name and a password. That’s it. No typing in your address, phone numbers and name of your future first born like so many other sites force you to do. I love that. Once you’re in, the calendar has a quick tutorial, just pointing out the options on the toolbar that you will probably most frequently use.  And then it’s all yours. Find today’s date and start entering your basal temperature and all the other goodness about the texture and position of your cervix. There are also columns to chart symptoms (bloating, PMS, headache, etc.), events, and treatments. You can add journal entries as well. You can share your ovulation with the world, just your friends, or keep it to yourself.

But I didn’t want to keep this new resource to myself. So there you have it.

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