Need a Confidence Boost? Buy New Underwear

woman girl underwear pantiesI’m so not kidding about this. New panties = Improved self-confidence

I’ve been having, shall we say, body issues lately. You already know about my dysfunctional relationship with food, so I won’t rehash the details. Suffice it to say that I have a hard time dealing with how my body looks sometimes. I’m sure it drives my husband crazy (what can I say, he thinks I’m hot — totally a good thing), but he is amazing and supportive and an incredibly kind person.

A few weeks ago, he called me while I was running errands at the mall and ordered me to go to Victoria’s Secret and buy new underwear. I protested. Usually I get the oh-so-practical six-pack of cotton, all-one-color, totally boring panties from Costco, which, let’s be real here, are like one step above granny panties. Maybe half a step. They’re close to being like the least sexy underwear ever, so you can totally understand why he wanted me to get new ones.

But it wasn’t about him. See, the guy just knows me. We’re being real here, so I’ll be totally honest with you: I always feel too fat to buy stuff at Victoria’s Secret. Usually hubby will just go pick stuff up for me as a surprise now and then because he knows I’ll like it and he’s an awesome shopper when it comes to getting me sweet gifts. But this time, I had an order not to come home without new underwear, and I was commanded to spend at least $50. When panties are 5 for $25, that’s a lot of new underwear!

So when I went into the store on a mission, it was a lot easier to pick stuff out. It ended up being fun, in fact, and especially so when the salesgirl took all of the mediums out of my hands and replaced them with smalls and informed me that no WAY was I a medium. I came home with 8 new pairs of panties, and then hubby made me throw out all of my non-adorable knickers before I could put the new ones away.

Now, every time I open my underwear drawer, I feel like I’m a superstar because I get to pick from this array of totally cute panties in bright colors and fun patterns and all different cuts and it is awesome. I like to look at myself in the mirror while I’m getting dressed now, and I can’t even remember the last time that happened.

Starting with a foundation of trendy, flattering underwear makes it easy to put together whole outfits that make me feel good, and then I go through the day feeling like a hottie. Like I said: If you need a confidence boost, try buying new underwear. I swear it works!

Do you have a skivvies story? Leave a comment!

(image: Newscom — and just so we’re clear, that is NOT me)

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    • Sandie Law

      I love knowing that I’m wearing super fun, bright, and/or sexy underwear underneath my rather conservative corporate attire. It makes me feel like a teenager who pulled one over on her parents.

    • Trisha

      I like having nice underwear too! Most of mine are not in good condition right now – I need to buy some soon. But I’m picky and they can be awfully expensive!

    • Tara

      I totally get this! When my husband and I divorced 10 years ago, I went out and bought new satin bras and panties from VS. It helped me feel so good about my body and myself (sex was sort of a problem in the marriage). It became a tradition for me to buy new panties after every break-up since then. It always helps me feel confident to know that underneath my business clothes, I’m a good-looking woman!

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