Homemade Caramel Frappuccino Recipe


It is getting hot here. Once in awhile it is nice to drink something cold and yummy…

I think this caramel frappuccino is better than the original. Let me know what you think. :)

The caramel is homemade.  Watch the heavy cream as I have noticed it is harder and harder to find real cream rather than cream with skim milk and lots of additives. Always read labels, even on organics!

Caramel Frappuccino Recipe
2 c. ice
1 c very strong coffee or espresso, chilled

2/3 c. organic half and half

¼ c. caramel topping (recipe below)

1-4 tbs sugar

Whipped cream

Blend all ingredients except whipped cream until smooth. Top with dollop of whipped cream and a swirl of the caramel syrup.

Caramel Syrup

8 ounces unsalted butter
8 ounces brown sugar
1 cup organic heavy cream (make sure it does not contain skim milk and additives, organic or NOT!)
1 tbs vanilla OR 1/2 c kahlua or irish cream

  1. Melt butter. Do not let it brown.
  2. Mix in brown sugar,and butter. Stir until smooth and sugar loses its graininess.
  3. Continue to cook stirring until mixture bubbles. Cook about 30 more seconds but do not allow to scorch!
  4. Remove from heat.
  5. Slowly add cream and vanilla or liqueur.Stir.

Store covered in fridge. Makes an awesome gift.

Makes about a pint.


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    • http://lattesandlife.blogspot.com/ Tiffany

      Ooh! Thanks for this! I’m not much of a Frappuccino girl, but I do love the Caramel Macchiatos at SBux. It’s the only reason I still go there, as opposed to other…better..coffee houses. I’m going to make this caramel syrup and see if I can recreate the drink at home. How long will it last in the fridge?

    • http://coffeeteabooksandme.blogspot.com/ Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks&Me

      Sigh… I miss Starbucks so much. It was one of the first things that had to go when my budget was cut.

      I’m sending a link for this to my daughter who loves all things caramel. :)

    • Marye

      I don;t know Tiffany..we always eat it ..completely…up..in…a couple of ..uh …hours.
      Brenda-Marc and I have been blessed with gift cards the past few years for various occasions..and ..God took pity on us and put a barista in ours that charges us only half price…IF he charges us. :)

    • http://thriftymommy.com Thrifty Karen

      Yummmmmm! Can you come to my house and make this for me? lol

      My friends manages a coffee/sandwich shop. I think she adds a touch of vanilla to her drinks.

      To be honest, I’m not a big fan of starbucks. I think their regular coffee is bitter. Their espresso drinks are good though. There are other coffee shops that I enjoy much more.

    • Marye

      I feel the same, Karen. I dislike their coffee..however the provay and quiet that it offers is heaven!

    • http://thriftymommy.com Thrifty Karen

      Sounds like you and I have similar taste in coffee. Sunday at church I took one sip of the coffee and dumped it out. I could tell they had switched to Maxwell House. Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!!!

    • http://www.juliefletcher.blogspot.com Julie F.


    • Marye


    • http://noblepig.com/ Noble Pig

      Oh my…I need this. Badly. Thanks for sharing!

    • Ginger

      The only problem I see with having this recipe is that once I make it my kids will be making it nonstop until the ingredients run out! LOL

    • Marye

      Cathy- I am not sure you can IV it..it is too thick..:) Tipping the jar up over your mouth and gulping works well for me.

      Ginger- that is the truth.

    • http://www.spoiledmom-mommyconfessions.blogspot.com Chrissy@SpoiledMom


      You know I love my frappachinos!!

      I am going to try this for the caramel, though. I love caramel.

      Have you ever tried making caramel out of evaporated milk? I haven’t tried yours yet, but that is heaven.

      My nana made a caramel pie like that…that was it, and the crust, too. LOL oooh and when she added bananas….trust me
      and peanut butter, and, ………



    • http://www.spoiledmom-mommyconfessions.blogspot.com Chrissy@SpoiledMom

      Ummm..had a blonde moment a while ago…. I went into the kitchen to see if we had any heavy cream and I had to come back and check my last comment. I meant to say condensed milk in my nana’s caramel pie…not evaporated….THAT would have taken a loooong time to caramelize……LOL


    • Jo

      I haven’t ever been much of a coffee drinker, simply because It usually makes me twitchy, even after one small sip. I have been CRAVING coffee lately, and I noticed I don’t get jittery or weird anymore. I think it has to do with eating better (I always ate healthy, but I added in more raw greens). So anyway, This sounds really good. If I had quality coffee I would be drinking it straight, but I don’t, so I want to “frapp” it. This couldn’t be a more perfect way.

      I get so excited I pound out a comment and end up misspelling, and making little sense.

    • Jo

      Oh yes, I’ve been meaning to say this: I like how your blog covers both coffee and tea. I noticed alot of other blogs are prejudice to one or the other. So again, that adds on to the fact that you have a wonderful personality and are easily readable. There are a hundred things I think of to tell you when I bring up either Kettle and Cup, or Baking Delights, but I already comment so much, and make a mess of my words in the process(Plus forgetful which is why there is a p.s. right now). Just know that I am intensely grateful. :)

    • Marye

      Chrissy- I have heard of doing that but never have. It sounds awesome though.
      Jo- You make sense. LOL! and thank you again. I like coffee and tea, and I have just enough of a split personality to pull them both off. Glad you enjoy it.

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    • http://www.muddydogcoffee.com Muddy Dog

      Hi Marye. Thanks for the great recipe. I’ve note ever tried making my own caramel – but I will now.

      You may want to mention to your readers that a passable espresso can be made inexpensively at home using a stovetop espresso maker. Bialetti and Bodum are the most popular brands, we stock a little Bialetti at our place and are adding Bodums for Christmas. For under $50, and in some cases under $25, you can have good espresso at home. Make sure you buy fresh beans!! If you can’t get an espresso blend, lean towards big, flat coffees like Brazil and Sumatra.

      Keep up the nice work.


    • Marye

      Thanks! I think you DID just let them know..LOL!

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    • O.o

      what is ‘organic half and half’?

    • Marye

      organic half and half is organic ..half cream and half milk..I think they call it light cream in Europe?

    • O.o

      oh, i see~~ thank you!! i didn’t know that half and half is light cream

    • Marye

      you are welcome!

    • Jackie in Michigan

      Anyone have any idea how many calories this would be? How many is the half and half?

    • Marye

      Jackie, it has alot. If you are counting calories you probably don’t want to go here. :) I think half and half has 20 calories per tablespoon and there are 12 tablespoons in 2/3 cup. 20x 12= 240

    • smitty

      :( I’ve been using a recipe for iced mocha’s i found on a card at a bad nobody coffee place in Missouri for like 3 years now, truly awesome and simple. but i love Starbucks black coffee, i like all black coffee, but starbucks black coffee is like candy with a strong aroma and deep flavor, i cant see how anyone would think it was bitter… but then again i used to drink instant coffee, that stuff ‘sbad but its powerful.

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    • James

      I have been trying for about a week to make the caramel frappuccino at home, and this is the best recipe so far, great job!!!