Bridal Shower Cake Ideas

Summertime is wedding time. I thought I’d try to find some interesting bridal shower cakes to share with you. One of the big things to think about when you’re planning a bridal shower is the theme or feel of the wedding.

If the wedding is going to be casual, or a destination wedding, go for a casual wedding shower atmosphere. If the wedding is going to be more formal, you may want to make the shower a formal affair.

Here are a couple wedding shower cake ideas I found.

For a warm tropical destination wedding, go with sand, water, flowers, flip flops, or palm trees.

destination wedding bridal shower cake idea

Image via flickr

You can make the standard wedding shower umbrella cake, by baking a rectangle cake and rounding the edges.


Image via mandott at flickr

Make a bridal shower cake that looks like the bride to be.

imgcake DSC01139

Doll cake Image (c) Linette

A cake with spring or summer flowers in the wedding colors will always be a hit.


Floral cake (c) Linette

Looking for more ideas?

Top cupcakes with candied flowers for a simple elegant look.

Wilton’s website has several ideas for bridal shower cakes and cupcakes. They have photos with complete instructions for making the cakes.

Here’s a few more bridal shower cake ideas from A Bridal Shower.

Have fun!

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    • Minnie

      That flip flop cake is so cute! I love the idea.

    • Andrea

      I love the umbrella. What did you use for the handle?

    • Gianna

      I love the beach cake I might use it for my daughter’s birthday. Its excatly what she wants!