How can I tell I’m pregnant?

Some women can tell almost right away, others have symptoms that are so subtle that it can be a while before they notice. Even the most obvious sign, the lack of a menstrual period, can be a bit deceiving if A) a woman’s period is very irregular or B) if she spots and this may be mistaken for a period.

So, other than having a pregnancy test tell you, here are the usual symptoms of pregnancy:

  • Nausea or vomiting, morning sickness (may last all day)
  • Sore breasts or nipples
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Food cravings or aversions
  • Mood swings
  • Frequent urination



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    • Mary Jenkins

      i found out i was pregnant before my first missed period. i was having what felt like menstrual cramps but without menstruation. that led me to internet research, which explained that to be a pregnancy symptom. i never got morning sickness or sore breasts!

    • amanda

      i might be pregnant i dont know..i just had sex for my first time and it was during my period but the same day i changed my FHP and i was still bleeding. whats up with that. i thought if you got pregnant on your period that it would stop. can please anyone help?

    • Marijke

      Hi Amanda,

      I’m afraid I don’t know what an FHP is, but I can tell you’re quite worried.

      Although it is possible to get pregnant when you are having your period, it doesn’t happen often. The most fertile time for most women is about two weeks before their period.

      But, it is possible, so if you think you may be pregnant, you really should go to a clinic and be checked by a nurse or doctor to see if you are pregnant or not.

      I know you’re not looking for a lecture – so I’ll just say something really quickly. Although a pregnancy may be scary, a sexually transmitted disease or infection can be much worse. HIV is the worst. Please use a barrier method if you plan on having sex again.

      Good luck.

    • http://yahoo kimberly

      i have this every two week i feel like i am pregent i feel pain top on my stomach in moring it feel like some in it 3 week i forgot to take my birth pill

    • justine

      i haven’t had any morning sickness, but i have been feeling bloated,having random back pains. also i have been getting a lot of headaches and feeling some pain in my lower stomach kind of like cramps and i feel like im about to start my period but i haven’t yet. could i be pregnant??

    • natalie

      I dont know if i am pregnant. i have taken 2 home tests and they both came up negative. I have some symptoms like headaches, nausea (really bad every night around midnight till about 4 or 5am and off and on a little during the day), using the bathroom a lot, lower back cramps and very tired. my period is supposed to come next week…what do you think?

    • teresa

      im having sharp pains in my vagina and my lower left side started hurting could i be pregnant or is it something else??

    • Marijke Durning, RN

      Hi teresa,

      There isn’t any way anyone can tell you via the Internet if you’re pregnant or if you have something more serious. You need to visit a medical clinic to be examined. Only the doctors and nurses there will be able to tell you.

    • cassaundra

      I think i am pergant but im not really sure i have not had my period all month and my boobs been really sore and my back hurts and i wake up and go to bed with headaches and i been really tried and all i want to do is sleep and i been having cramps in my lower stomach i dont know i go to the doctors on monday but idk let me know what yall think

    • Sandra


      well me and my boyfriend had sex about 2 or 3 days before i got my period aug 23 or 24. i haven’t gotten my period since but i did take a home pregnancy test last week and it came out negative. some days my breast are sensitive but other days their not i do feel like trowing up sometimes and i noticed i can eat to much of the same food at a time because i’ll get sick and almost throw up. i really need some advice i have no one to talk to my parents would be upset im the only one of my brothers and sisters that is going to graduate from college and my boyfriends in jail. please what should i do?


    • Erin

      Stop wasting time and go to the Dr. We’re not going to be able to tell you girls anything!
      Take control of your lives and use protection. Your partners should be using protection as well.
      There’s no excuse for stupidity!

    • Diamonds

      I say just use protection but ya’ll need to go to the doctor for real instead of coming on the damn internet telling ya’ll life stories lol lol omg.

    • Sam

      Okay all you people out there telling girls to use protection..have u ever thought that maybe the condom didnt work or that the “pill” just failed??? so please stop those nasty comments plz

    • scarlet

      when me and my parner were trying for our son a trst came back negative it wasnt correct and two years and eight months later we have a very healthy nearly two year old so if u have taken a test and still got gotton your period please make a doctors appointment for it be good or bad news you really need to know. how ever ours was welcomed news and were now trying for our second child.

    • pam jasper

      i been sick for month and a half going on 3 months i got blue veins headaches bloating hubby can not touch my nips cramping bloating and i get my period i been late but i still get it i took 2 home test and came out neg went to doc for blood work and still came out neg i am hungry all the time. can someone help me please

      • pam jasper

        i also forgot i feel like throwing up if i eat i have to stop eating

    • Belinda

      I had my period but it was on and off and I wasnt even bleeding that much on my left side of my ovarie its very swollen

    • amy

      Hiya everyone,

      i had sex with my partner then about 1 week later i wasnt feeling to good, like i felt sick in the morning, had headaches like all day.. And now i dont feel sick any more, but my stomach feels bloated all the time now, like im putting weight on…
      is that a pregnacy sign…. i cnt do a test yet until about 2 weeks

    • stephanie killion

      I think that if you guys are gonna make derogatory comments dont comment at all.Even though people are askin for advice i do believe they are askin for helpful advice.They are not askin for a lecture or disrespectful comments.I will say that if you are worried then maybe you should make an appointment with your doctor or at the health department.Good Luck.

    • Julia

      haha and you are here reading them…how Funny…

    • meschaun

      Natalie…i have been going through the same exact thing only my period did come but it was way shorter and alot lighter….im having a test done at a free center and they say that sometimes the home tests are done too early, misread, or they didn’t pick up enough hormones..they have had several people in this situation and they got a clinic test that was positive, im really scared to i can only imagine how you feel too.