• Mon, Jun 16 2008

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Lately my family has been sinking into the trap of convenience food. We’ve been busy. Between end-of-year school stuff, soccer games, deadlines, and other various responsibilities, we keep finding that we’re hungry but it’s too late to start cooking, or we have to rush out of the house so quickly that we just want to eat and run. Thus we end up spending way too much money buying meals in boxes, frozen dinners, and perhaps most pathetically, those little refrigerated meals that just need to be heated which are touted as “just like homemade”. Which of course, it is not.

It costs too much to keep eating like this, because of course cost is the trade for the convenience of pre-packaged and often pre-cooked food.

Worse though, is the list of ingredients. Half the time I can’t even pronounce what’s in those boxes. While there really are some good pre-cooked meals (I’m not confident enough to try cooking Indian food, something I’ve recently discovered I love but am not yet overly familiar with and our grocery store makes a great pre-made Butter Chicken with straight-up ingredients and no weird stuff), most of them are not.

I really need and want to get back to cooking better foods for my family. We don’t eat crap all the time, I do make some very tasty and healthy meals. Also it’s only a supper thing, they’re still getting healthy breakfasts, lunches, and snacks. Still, we’ve gone the convenience route a few too many times in the past month or so.

Enter Ordering Disorder. Chris is a mom to seven kids so if anyone is busy it’s her, but she really hates the pre-packaged convenience meals and so she manages to make delicious meals with real food in them without taking up the entire day to stand in her kitchen. (She also writes one of my favorite blogs.)

Some of the meals on my list to try ASAP include the Pasta with Tomato Vodka Sauce, the Black Bean & Beef Burritos, and the Quiche.

How is your family eating lately? Any recipes for quick and easy but healthy meals that kids will actually eat? I am determined to get out of this bad habit!

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