• Tue, Jun 17 2008

Giveaway Time – Custom Coin Clutch from Bagettes

Bagettes personalized photo purses

UPDATED WITH A WINNER! Lucky #48, Marlene from Queen of the Click is the winner. This giveaway is now closed.

Our friends at Bagettes.com, who make the most amazing custom/personalized photo purses, are sponsoring a giveaway just for Weary Parent readers.

Bagettes uses a unique photo process that seals your favorite photos into its fabric without changing the fabric’s texture or the picture quality. Your personalized image won’t fade, rub, or peel off. It is the perfect gift for parents, grandparents, teachers, bridesmaids, and more.

bagettes - personalized photo gifts purses clutch coinThe key/coin clutch that Bagettes is giving away to a Weary Parent reader measures 5″x3 1/2″ and is perfect for carrying all of your survival essentials – cash, credit cards, lip gloss and breath mints. This tiny giant can even hold an iPod. In mine you will find: Business cards, credit cards, some cash, breath mints, bandaids and some hair ties. Its amazing what you can stash in there – and it is so cute!

Entering to win is EASY! Leave a comment on this post telling me 5 essentials you keep in your purse at any given time.  Leave your comment no later than midnight on Friday, July 4, 2008 and you are entered. If you want a bonus entry, post about the giveaway on your own site, too.

Can’t wait to get your own? Bagettes has even created a coupon code just for Weary Parent readers that is good for 10% off your order until Sept. 30th, 2008.  Just enter mc2d96w at checkout.

PS – they are perfect for fundraisers, too!


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  • http://occupationmommy.blogspot.com Amy R.

    These are so cute! Essentials I keep in my purse at any given time:
    1. Baggie of Cheerios
    2. Pacifier
    3. Small photo album (can you tell I have a 13 month old daughter?)
    4. Chapstick
    5. Mints

  • http://balanceindiet.com Karen

    I always keep my debit card, chapstick, sunglasses, pen, and a few dollars in my purse. A pack of gum or some breath mints come in handy too. :)

  • janie

    i always have my driver’s license, debit card, pen, checkbook, keys, and cell phone. there’s usually a few receipts floating around too.

  • http://www.inspirationbit.com inspirationbit

    that is a fun purse, my mom would really like it :)
    I’ve got lots of things in my purse, the bare necessities are: business cards, credit cards, mini photo-album with my daughter’s photos, pencil, mini notebook. Cell phone is essential too :)

  • http://www.onebooktwobook.com Mary Emma Allen

    Essentials in my purse. I use a fanny pack, but my hubby says I tuck more in it than some people do in a regular size purse.
    *Driver’s license
    *Cell phone
    *Schedule calendar (checkbook size)
    *Safety pins

  • Louise Brouillette

    What a cute purse!

  • Natalie Hartford

    Lovely great idea, great purse! I’d keep my lipstick and some cash for some outings.

  • Jennifer Russell

    Cell phone
    debit card
    drivers license
    How exciting lol

  • cathy miller

    I would love to win this, it looks perfect to hold all the misc. stuff, cards, notebook, pen, and money of course

  • http://www.thriftymommy.com kellys

    I have at any given time:
    * Debit Card (hopefully not in my back pocket)
    * Aveno chap stick
    * Cheerios
    * my quilting
    * baby wipes
    * Cell phone

  • http://jewelgirl-searchingforfamilybranches.blogspot.com Jewelgirl

    1) Drivers License
    2) Kleenex
    3) cell phone
    4) pain reliever
    5) band aids
    Looks like a wonderful wristlet!

  • Mary

    Sounds great! Thanks!

  • Cindi

    Hello, Five essentials in my purse are lipstick, hand wipes, keys, cellphone and a small amount of cash and change! Fantastic giveaway! Thanks,Cindi

  • Janet F

    Five essentials in my purse are
    1. brush
    2. small tube of hand cream
    3. wallet
    4. Tums
    5. Pen

  • Megan B.

    Oh my gosh this is fantastic, I would LOVE to win this! The five items I can’t leave home without are my keys, cell phone, chapstick/lip gloss, hand sanitizer, drivers license/credit cards. Thanks so much!

  • Carol G

    Drivers license
    Hand lotion
    Too bad that those are not all that is in there!

  • Marilyn Wons

    comb/pills/change/ID/credit card

  • Vicky Boackle

    hairbrush,powder,cell phone,credit card,tissue.

  • Sam

    lip balm, keys, cell phone, ipod, and wallet. Those are essentials.

  • Jennifer Richardson

    Anything that will fit. So cute.

  • Debi

    The 5 things always in my purse are:
    Cell Phone
    (but there is alot much stuff too – lol)

  • Maja

    1.credit card
    2. keys
    3. mirror
    4. lip gloss
    5. handkierchifs

  • Ana

    mints, cash, keys, lipstick, id

  • Angel

    I don’t have a pruse. I am a man. I hope to win this prize for my wife.

  • Autumn Howard

    1. Wallet
    2. Camera
    3. Cell Phone
    4. Book (for my son to read)
    5. 15 pacis =)

  • charline s

    change for pop or coffee
    lip gloss
    cell phone

  • Elena

    Driver’s license, debit card, lipstick, hand sanitizer, and a tissue. Gotta have it! :) Thanks for the contest!

  • http://neenmachine.com Neena (NeenMachine)

    My essentials:
    bluetooth headset
    hand sanitizer

  • Gina Stratos

    Drivers License * $20 * Debit Card * Lipstick * Compact
    gkstratos @yahoo.com

  • http://none Natalie

    5 esentials:
    wallet, eyedrops, keys, cellphone, lipgloss

  • Patty

    Thank you for having this contest. I really appreciate it. In my purse I always have lipstick, comb, mirror, cash and kleenix

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  • Angela J

    house keys, cell phone, credit card, some cash, driver’s license

  • Donna

    1. Driver’s licence
    2. bank card
    3. credit card
    4. some money, especially meter money
    5. kleenexes

  • Jennifer M

    Band Aids, keys, driver’s license, credit card, phone

  • katie v

    These are brilliant!

    My purse must-haves:

    1.) Tums (I’m pregnant, this is only a temporary must have LOL)
    2.) Lip Balm
    3.) Nail file
    4.) Compact powder/mirror thingie
    5.) Pictures of my son

  • Barbara Baker

    I keep an empty wallet, tissue, loose change, face (pressed) powder, lipstick and chapstick in my purse at all time. Nothing more, nothing less…

  • Heidi

    Q-tip, tissues, a bottle of water, hand sanitizer and a small coin purse

  • djp

    eager to try it

  • Judy G.

    I keep in my purse at any given time, credit card, bobby pins, debit card, lipstick, driver’s license

  • susan varney

    i don’t usually use a purse but i would use this one

  • Linda Lansford

    driver’s license, debit card, pen, lipstick, keys, and cell phone

  • Christine

    The five things always in my purse:

    1. ATM card
    2. Keys
    3. Comb
    4. Driver’s license
    5. Change

    These are beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win one!

  • Cheryl

    1. Tylenol
    2. Pen and paper
    3. bandaids
    4. comb
    5. extra car key

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  • edwina lango

    can always use another small purse

  • http://www.coroflot.com/majqa1966 Kathy Mullins

    cell phone
    driver’s license
    debit card

  • http://www.queenoftheclick.com Marlene

    Wow that is a nice wristlette.

    Five essentials in my purse all of the time are:

    ATM card

  • Nicole Jackson

    Oh how cool!

    My five are:
    1. chapstick
    2. fingernail clipper (I hate it when I have to wait till I get home to fix a nail)
    3. coupons
    4. pen
    5. wallet

  • Susan Turner

    1. Change
    2. Drivers license
    3. Pain relievers
    4. Sanitary napkins
    5. cell phone

  • Joni

    1. Cell Phone
    2. Wallet
    3. Sunglasses
    4. Chapstick
    5. Hair Brush

  • http://www.ecofriendlydriver.com Hil

    I don’t have a purse, “purse”-say, but a very small pocketbook without room for much. Needless to say the sides are bursting.

    Five essentials:

    1. Driver’s Licence
    2. Insurance Card
    3. Credit Card
    4. Quarters (You can never have too many quarters)
    5. Bandaids (see explanation above)

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  • http://motheroftwoyesposahermosa.blogspot.com/ Michele P.

    Here are mine:
    1. Driver License
    2. ATM/Debit Card
    3. Kleenex
    4. my migraine meds
    5. bandaids

  • http://www.jlostalker.com Cherie

    I always have these five items in my purse:

    1) Bonne Bell lipgloss (yes, even tho I’m not 11)
    2) Hand Sanitizer
    3) Q-tips (don’t ask)
    4) Dental floss
    5) And a Driver’s License

  • http://sillymommy2sillygirls.blogspot.com/ Noreen

    wallet, 3 lollipops, babywipes, chapstick and three ponytail holders

  • Terra Heck

    I’d love to have one of these with a photo of my children.
    1.) coupons 2.) bag of quarters 3.) bottle of Tylenol 4.) ballpoint pen 5.) feminine pads

  • galena penrod


  • Jean Fischer

    wallet, pens, paper, lipstick, keys

  • Susan C

    I always have a credit card, lipstick, a hairbrush, a pen and something to read in case I am stuck waiting somewhere.

  • http://chaosadventures.blogspot.com/ Kat

    My 5 essentials
    1. Burts Bees Lip Balm
    2. Hand Sanitizer
    3. Baby Wipes
    4. JJ Cole Diaper Pod
    5. Camara

    You notice that cell phone and wallet did not make the top 5 because many times I have been known to leave them behind!

  • Johannah B

    My essentials — lipstick, tweezer, drivers license, credit card, pen.

  • Debbie Dorsett

    These are cute! My favorite essentials are lip balm, keys, credit card, tylenol, and cash.

  • Terri D

    1. drivers license
    2. money
    3. keys
    4. lip gloss
    5. glasses

  • Michelle G

    Let’s see – 5 things that are always in my purse:

    1. Cell phone
    2. Wallet crammed with recipts
    3. Pacifier for my daughter
    4. Lipstick that I never have a chance to use (or remember to use!)
    5. Camera

  • http://www.AnitasArts.com Anita

    I love these wallets! The 5 things that I always have are:

    1. Drivers License
    2. Tissues
    3. A credit card
    4. Pen
    5. Pill container with ibuprofen

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  • Kathie Sullivan

    Drivers Licence,Keys,Nitro,Change,Emergency Contact Card

  • Elizabeth Mays

    Lip balm, sugar-free gum, driver’s license, cell phone, checkbook.

    Really cute coin clutch. Every time I would look at it I’d smile.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • http://buffyfan30.livejournal.com Kelly

    Money/credit cards/debit cards
    Drivers License

  • Diane

    My essentials:
    1. Spare $20 bill
    2. Drivers license
    3. Sunblock Chapstick
    4. Cell phone
    5. Key ring with house and car keys

  • Sharon Jones

    money/debit card

  • Dawn

    1. PDA with all my contacts, appointments, todos…my whole life!
    2. Tide spot remover pen
    3. Credit card sized magnifier to read the fine print with my maturing eyes
    4. Key ring with a flashing solar-powered “#1 Mom” – a surprise gift from my teen that made me all teary-eyed.
    5. Ipod loaded with sewing and crafting podcasts to inspire me.

  • Noelia Gutierrez

    I always carry this:
    1. Gum
    2. sanitary napkins
    3. camera
    4. phone
    5. debit card

  • http://thesullivansitcom.blogspot.com Traci

    1. cell phone
    2. Blistex
    3. debit & credit card
    4. can cooler (for water, soda & sometimes a beer)
    5. nail file

  • Kat Bryan

    The things I don’t leave home without are my keys, drivers license, cell phone, money, and an ink pen.

  • http://www.thesecherishedmoments.com Renee Alam

    Well,I always have kleenex for runny noses,my wallet with cash,my credit cards,pens to write down phone numbers & last would be coupons since I love to save money.

  • Rachel Fox

    I always keep my keys, wallet, phone, a pen and girly products (just in case) in my purse. Thanks!

  • Kim Ross

    I can’t survive without my kids toottie (pacifier), chapstick, keys, cell phone, and debit card.

  • Ellinor Burke

    I always have:
    1. Apple phone, it has all important info.
    2. Wallet, with all cards etc.
    3. check book
    4. lipstick
    5. keys

  • Anna

    chapstick, nail clippers, eye drops, mints, and cellphone

  • Kasey

    Drivers license, debit card, car keys, lip glass and a mirror.

  • ben

    drivers license, keys, cash, cell phone, pen

  • L. Green

    I won’t leave home without my keys, wallet, tissue, antibacterial lotion, and tissues.

  • Jessica McGhee

    Cell phone
    Check card
    hair scrunchie

  • Betty N

    kleenex, money, pen, key, nail file

  • Julie

    Credit card
    Lib Balm
    Driver’s License
    Cell phone

  • Sandy

    Perfect size bag and so cute! Essentials in my purse…license, money, keys, pen, cell

  • amanda h.

    This is so cute and it would make an awesome gift! I bookmarked the website. My purse has my checkbook/wallet, lipgloss, pen/post-it notes, cell, and photos.

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  • Audrey

    1. drivers license
    2. lipgloss/lipstick
    3. comb
    4. mirror
    5. keys

  • Artie B

    pen, money, keys, license, cellphone!

  • Marie Fink

    Cell Phone
    tic tacs

  • tangie c

    Oh, it’s hard to choose 5 since I drag so much stuff around with me.

    1. Debit card/credit cards/ID
    2. lipgloss
    3. a mirror
    4. a pen
    5. change for parking meters

  • judy brittle

    my purse is very tiny and i just carry
    debit card
    a couple dollars
    gift cards

  • hazel hunt

    1. cell phone
    2. Blistex
    3. debit & credit card
    4. can cooler (for water, soda & sometimes a beer)
    5. nail file

  • Sarah Z

    credit card, cash, chapstick, bandaids, and aspirin!!

  • Kelly

    1. Cell Phone
    2. Breath Mints
    3. Carmex
    4. pen/paper
    5. reading glasses

  • KimD

    1. Family Photos
    2. Carmex Lip Balm
    4.Packet of tissues
    5.Breath Mints

  • http://ramblingofalunchlady.blogspot.com Christina

    Five essentials in my purse
    1. Wallet
    2. Chap stick or lip gloss
    3. Sun Glasses
    4. Cell Phone
    5. quarters

  • Shelley

    1. Wallet
    2. check book
    3. pen
    4. change
    5. cell phone

  • Jessica

    Cell phone, lipgloss, mints, credit card, cash

  • Amy Parsons

    lipstick, debit card, drivers license, compact and keys

  • Lisa

    My five must haves for the purse are:

    1. drivers license
    2. credit card (preferably my husband’s ;)
    3. cell phone
    4. sun glasses
    5. lip balm

  • Kathy Conley

    chapstick, mints, cell phone, wallet, and powder

  • sandra kao

    wallet, keys, chapstick, cell phone, coupons

  • Tammy

    1. Library Card
    2. Hand Cream
    3. Hand Sanitizer
    4. Keys
    5. Money

  • http://scrappyd.blogspot.com/ Ginny

    1. license
    2. money
    3. allergy medicine
    4. tissues
    5. chap stick

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  • http://www.freewebs.com/shaythatcher Shay

    1. wallet
    2. keys
    3. cell phone
    4. gum
    5. pacifier

  • http://jezebelsk.blogspot.com Susan

    Top 5 Things in My Purse:

    1) Phone
    2) Book
    3) Gum
    4) Wallet
    5) Compact

  • Leigh Nichols

    My top 5 must haves:
    1. pen
    2. coupon clutch
    3. money
    4. family pictures
    5. tropical lifesavers

  • Molly Capel

    These are so damn cute! The 5 things I always have in my purse are chapstick, a pen, my phone, gum & my phonebook

  • Stephanie Wallace

    My Top 5 Must Haves:

    1. Lip Gloss
    2. Altoids
    3. Wallet/Family Photos
    4. ID Badge
    5. Cell Phone

  • Tanya B

    cell phone, wallet, keys (when I can find them), kleenex, chapstick, and many more…

  • kristen cook

    what don’t I keep?, uhm, lip gloss, cell phone, wallet, coupons, and first aid kit.

  • Rebecca Peters

    I keep my wallet, cell phone, lip gloss, diaper, and pen

  • Amber U

    5 things
    1) Cell Phone
    2) Keys
    3) Driver’s license
    4) chapstick
    5) My Lucky Lil’ Pink Elephant

  • Melissa D

    My 5 Essentials (Summertime Version!):
    * cell phone w/camera
    * sunscreen
    * bandaids
    * debit/credit card
    * lip gloss

  • Jodi Adams

    I just love this coin purse. My 5 essentials are
    *drivers license
    *Credit card
    *Dental Floss

  • Sharon Gibson

    I keep a chain purse with my money, drivers license and credit card. I also keep my foster children’s information stating they are in my care. Chewing gum is a necessity for the foster children and so is sugar free candy for trips to therapy, visits, etc. The other thing I have to have is my cell phone for calls about appointments and cancellations for them.

  • Emily

    These are very cool clutches. If I win I’ll be transferring my


  • http://www.myspace.com/djinnasyouwish Jennifer Lawson

    My Nintendo DS Lite & games
    My Ipod & headphones
    Drivers License
    Smokes (yeah, sorry)
    and of course my phone

  • Susan Ledet

    My 5 essential items: license, lipstick, ATM card, keys and my brush. I end up carrying much more but don’t leave home without these items. Thanks for the nice giveaway.

  • Tina

    keys, cash, chapstick, individual size handy wipes, cellphone

  • rebecca weinstein

    license, money, keys, chapstick, cell phone

  • Ruby

    compact, lipstick, breath mints, wallet, and hand sanitizer.

  • Vicki Wurgler

    lip gloss
    driver’s license

  • txfilly

    My five essentials are: lip gloss, driver’s license, debit card, pen and business cards

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  • http://valsviews.com valmg

    I would so love to win this and put a picture of my boys on it.
    I’d love to review it to. LOL.
    In my ourse at any given time is saline solution for my contacts, a contact lens case, a pair of glasses, a comb and lip gloss.

  • Steve Scott

    Chap stick, epi pen, cash, drivers license, credit cards

  • Amanda

    I always keep these 5 things:

    1) Lip balm (I never know when i’m going to meet my future boyfriend!)
    2) Baby Wipes (Chocolate can make the steering wheel sticky)
    3) Drivers license (that’s a given)
    4) Worry stone (it happens!!)
    5) Notebook & Pen set

  • brandy wilson

    I always have a pen, paper, ID, emergency information, and money.

  • Melissa Sywensky

    1. Cell Phone – Which I have trouble remembering to turn on??? :-)
    2. An emergency snack.
    3. Diaper
    4. Wipes
    5. Credit cards and Mac card.

  • http://www.fracturedtoy.blogspot.com/ mannequin

    My 5 essentials:

    these change purses are just so cool. I want one with my heartthrob *Steve Jobs* on it!

  • Kathy Scott

    cash, epi pen, chap stick, keys, credit cards

    Great prize. Thanks for the chance.

  • http://www.nanetteolson.com Nanette Olson

    I could really use a purse like this for carrying small change and chap sticks.

  • L McLendon

    My five essentials are bandaid, gem clip, rubberband, peppermint,hand santizer.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this handy prize.

  • Paula Harmon

    Hand sanitizer, money, driver’s license, little paks of handi-wipes, and hair bands (got girls with long hair!)

  • Julie

    Cell phone, hand creme, wallet, keys, pen

  • Tracy Ackroyd

    The 5 essentials in my purse are: lip gloss, Drivers License, Credit Card, Cell Phone and keys.

  • Karen P

    Money, drivers license, lip balm, binky for baby, hand sanitizer. Thanks.

  • Ed Nemmers

    Lip balm, mints, gum, pen and change

  • Samantha Pruitt

    1. chapstick fo’ shizz!
    2. sunglasses
    3. tic tacs
    4. wallet
    5. keys!

    those are sooo cute!

  • Diana Corlett

    Keys, mints, checkbook, change, and pen


  • Angela Palmer

    1. ipod
    2. tic tacs
    3. hair thingies
    4. wallet
    5. keys

  • http://thriftyjinxy.blogspot.com/ Chrysa

    phone, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, lip balm, a pen

  • Cathleen R

    breath mints
    dollar bill
    debit card

  • Sylvia Porter

    -hard candy
    -ipod nano

  • Joy Venters

    keys, cell phone, tissues, mints, pen

  • Denise

    1. Wallet
    2. Powder
    3. Lipstick
    4. Pen
    5. Notebook

  • Klm

    License, credit cards, keys, cell phone. That’s it. I’m good.

  • Veronica Garrett

    License, cell phone and credit card

  • Veronica Garrett

    Sorry I only listed three. Besides License, cell phone and credit card I carry hand santizer and a derrigner

  • sarah woods

    Five Essentials for Purse: Sunglasses; Contact lens wetting solution, drivers license, checkbook, one credit card; many thanks and best of luck to all who enter

  • Pamela Hansen

    bandaids, pen, debit card, money, and hard candy

  • Terre Neesham

    These are cute. My five purse essentials are:
    1. cash and coin.
    3. tinted lip balm
    4. eye liner
    5. ID
    I would love to be like Veronica Garrett, and also carry a derrigner but my purse is already heavy!

  • kathy pease

    gum,lipstick,keys,perfume,sun glasses :) and thats just the tip of the iceberg :o

  • Marie Noguerole

    1. Driver License/Medical Cards/Emergency Contact
    2. VISA Debit Card/$20 Cash
    3. Keys
    4. Lip Gloss
    5. Asthma Inhaler

  • http://www.cdrury.com Carol Drury

    cell phone
    atm card
    drivers license

  • Kathleen Lewis

    cell phone; chapstick; keys; wallet with id, cash and cards; travel bottle perfume.

  • Susanne Troop

    Wallet, keys, cell phone, lipstick and calendar.

  • erin

    Cinnamon Altoids- these give me an energy boost to keep me going
    Sugarless Gum- my daughter has cavity-prone teeth
    Antibacterial gel- because my kids are messy
    Lip Gloss- so I at least feel put together, even if I’m not

  • Carissa D.

    I always have my lip balm, cell phone, driver’s license, keys and debit/credit card.


  • kiyana

    cell phone, wallet, lip gloss, keys, pen

  • reeva

    carmex, candy, money, ipod and cellphone

  • Theresa Clift

    hand lotion

  • Suanne Giddings

    I always keep my driver’s license, debit card, money, keys and cell phone. Of course I also have my Kleenex and these six things should take care of any necessity or emergency I might encounter.

  • Heather

    1 diaper size 3
    1 diaper size 5
    baby wipes
    cell phone

  • Kristen Hendricks

    The five essential items I carry in my purse are my car keys, my driver’s license, tissues, pens, and money. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.