Ice Cream = Fertile Myrtle? Maybe So.

Ice Cream as a fertility booster? Bring it on!

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1 in 8 couples has trouble conceiving. This, I did not know, but given how many folks I’ve met who are having a hard time getting pregnant, sadly, I’m not surprised.

But, the fix could be just the thing that summertime is all about…Ice Cream!!!!

I’m not making this up, I swear! The good folks at Harvard University have found that along with the usual suspects of increasing fruit and veggie intake, limiting red meats, adding healthy fats by way of nuts and fish, and other assorted healthful advice, full fat dairy products may also boost fertility. And when I hear full fat, I think Ben & Jerry’s, baby!

The thing here is that it must be full fat dairy, not low fat or skim. Evidently, “skinny” dairy products lack the hormones which hitch a ride on fat molecules – the ones that may aid in ovulation. Huh. Now there’s a reason to belly up to the dairy bar if I ever heard one.

While more research needs to be done, this finding looks promising. And, in my opinion, any reason to eat more ice cream sounds promising to me.

Of course, while this is fun and exciting news, dealing with infertility can be such an emotional and trying process. For fabulous advice, insight and tips, be sure to visit Gabrielle at Fertility Notes, another great b5media Health & Wellness Channel blog.

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    • gabrielle

      Hi Liberty! Thanks for the link! The ice cream correlation is one that I think we ALL enjoy. I would make a plug to aim for ice cream that’s as organic as it can be (ideally from grass-fed, non growth hormone injected cows) to help ensure you’re getting max benefits, minimum yucky stuff.

    • Liberty

      Hey, Gab! You’re so welcome. And see, given the tips you just gave here, you are clearly the right person to send anyone looking for info on infertility to. Thanks for sharing your expertise! =)

    • Debs

      Yup, the original study I think you’re referring to is here

      And actually, it seems that low-fat dairy not only lacks the hormones, fats and other beneficial goodies in high fat dairy, but low-fat dairy may actually be detrimental to your fertility. Specifically, you’ll be less likely to be fertile if you consume low-fat dairy than if you consume no dairy at all! In fact, the negative effect of low-fat dairy in the study was even stronger than the positive effect of high fat dairy. This is a big deal; it’s yet another sign that industrially processed, unnatural foods like low-fat dairy are not so good for us.

      Give me the high-fat, vitamin-rich, raw milk of grass-fed cows (or goats or sheep) any day. And I’m not even trying to conceive.

      Food Is Love

    • Lolita Flowers

      Whilst writing my debut book, High Heels and Ice Cream ISBN 978-0-9555212-0-1…..I just knew that there had to be a connection!