Autism on the Soaps

You’ve probably heard by now that autism will be part of the storyline of NBC’s Days of Our Lives, starting with the June 24th episode. Seems that All My Children has already mentioned autism. From TV Guide:

It’s official: Leven Rambin, who for the past few years has starred on All My Children as both Lily, who has autism, and her wild-child sister, Ava (there’s always a look-alike, isn’t there?), is joining Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles as a series regular.

Funny but in the past autistic children and wild/feral children were thought to be one and the same.

Guess it’s time for a little soap opera therapy.

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    • Bonnie Sayers

      General Hospital Night Shift Season Two is said to have a child with autism. This is an original series on soapnet and it will be Antonio Sabato, Jr as the father. The season starts in July and will be on Tuesday nights at 11 pm

    • Angela

      I thought AMC did a pretty good job with the character of Lily… Way back when she was first brought on she was institutionalized with her Autism. Her character brought a new wave of awareness over the last decade with a regular role in society. Some things were very stereotypical, but it was good overall. She is exiting with a storyline of ‘going to MIT’.

    • Angela

      Bonnie… I could just stare at that man *without* storyline…LOL.

    • Kristina Chew, PhD

      Going to MIT? Interesting twist….

    • daysfans

      I think it’s so great that Days is taking part in such an important cause. I commend them all for doing so!