Camp Weary Parent Field Trip Friday

Take a hikeIt is Friday and time to get out of the house! Here are some ideas for nature related field trips that you and the kids will enjoy:

Take a nature hike - whether you go to a state park or your backyard, pack up a picnic, put on the hiking shoes, take the camera and get outside and explore. Here is a fun word scramble printable to get you and the kids in the mood!

Visit the botanical gardens – the flowers are beautiful this time of year!

Go to the farmer’s market and pick up some of the freshest fruits and veggies you will ever find – and support a family run business in the process.

Have a cookout, make smores and catch fireflies when it gets dark. Here is a cool coloring page full of fireflies – your younger kids will love it.

What if it is a rainy day today? As long as there is no lightning have the kids put on their swimsuits and go play in the rain! Or, head to your local library and pick up some good books on nature (OneBookTwoBook has some good suggestions, too).

Have a great weekend and join us next week for Beach Week!   Don’t miss any of the fun – visit the Camp Weary Parent page for a complete listing of all the activities to date.

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    • Eliza

      I think we’ll be doing a camp out tonight, smores just sounds so good.

    • Mary Emma Allen

      Great ideas, Char. I’ll point my One Book Two Book readers over here.

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