Instructions for Turning 5 Successfully

kyrie birthday

  1. Wake up.
  2. Request the frosting bowl.
  3. Smile alot.
  4. Tell everyone you are 5.
  5. Visit the neighbors.  Come home with a dollar.
  6. Ask if you got a present.  Do this often.
  7. Ask for chocolate ice cream.
  8. Say ” I just LOVE this” several times.
  9. Tear the wrap off your present while exclaiming “I just love this!” before you have even seen it.
  10. When you see your present exclaim “It’s PERFECT!”
  11. Truly believe that the police sped down the road with sirens and lights because it’s your birthday and you are THAT important.
  12. Fall asleep on Daddy’s lap while rocking on the front porch.
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    • noble pig

      Oh that is so adorable! I love that picture!

    • Marye

      LOL! thanks Cathy. She is pretty darn cute.

    • jen of a2eatwrite

      Oh, wonderfully successful! Who could resist that charm? What a sweetie she is!

    • Carrie

      How cute!!!

    • courtney

      Of it sounds like she hd a great one.

    • Marye

      Jen- she is hard to reisist and she knows it..but she is confident not spoiled which is nice.
      Carrie- LOL thanks
      Courtney-oh she did..and I get to do it all over tomorrow with my 8 year old!

    • Monica

      Sounds like she and Liberty would get along swimmingly!! That or fight like cats ’cause they’re both ‘princesses’. LOL!!!! Happy Birthday Kyrie!!

    • Marye

      She had a great to get through Nicks