Sculpting recycled wood into a tatting shuttle-2


In my previous posting, I showed how I got started making the Lady Hoare tatting shuttle.

I took the bits of recycled wood back out to the workshop, and cut the 2 shuttles out on the bandsaw:


Then finished up the openings with a smaller saw:


Next, time to make some sawdust:


You can see how it’s looking more ‘shuttle -y’:


Time to switch to files:


OH RATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I snapped one prong off! THIS is why I always cut out TWO!

(I didn’t waste the broken one- see what I did with it)

So, start all over and be a WHOLE lot more careful!


HURRAH! I actually finished it without breaking it!

Finishing touch time:


I burned a little interlacing heart on it.

Voila! my new tatting shuttle from an old desk drawer!


They are a monster load of work to make, so I wouldn’t be making them for sale.

Besides, people can order beautiful Lady Hoare tatting shuttles from Lacis in Oakland, CA.

(no profit in saying so, but I dearly love their shop and the people who created and run it)

I LOVE making my own tools, and especially love it when I am reclaiming the stuff I am using in making the new treasure !

Image Source: Noreen Crone-Findlay

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    • Tammy

      Hi Noreen –

      With the broken one, perhaps you could break the other end and then have a weaving shuttle? A little small, but it might be prefect for inkle looming or some of the other smaller projects you do.

    • Barbara

      Noreen, is there anything you can’t do? LOL You certainly have been blessed with many talents. Everything you do is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


    • tattingchic

      That is a pretty interesting process. It’s amazing how much wood has to get sanded and filed off.

    • Noreen

      Hi Tammy
      At first I was so ticked off at breaking it that I tossed it into the sawdust bucket for burning.

      But, your note got me thinking….

      I like straight edges up the sides of my inkle shuttles, so I didn’t see it as an inkle shuttle.

      BUT…. I had noticed that the shuttles looked like dancers – so, I zipped out to the workshop, drilled a teeny hole in it….
      and, well.. I am just about to post a blog entry about what I have done with it!

      Thanks so much for the suggestion! You inspired me!
      I absolutely hate wasting stuff, so I’m thrilled with the recycled recycled reclaimed tatting shuttle! LOL!

    • Noreen

      Hi Barbara
      Thank you and LOL!
      If I started listing all the things that I CAN’T do, it would take all day! *G*

      Thank you again :o)

    • Noreen

      Hi TattingChic
      Yes, sometimes, the tatting shuttle hides deep inside the wood.

      It can take a long time to reveal it! :o)
      But… oh, it is so worth it!

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    • Tammy

      H iNoreen -

      Your comment about shuttles hiding in the wood reminded me, and I know you experience this too, that most of the time projects decide for themselves what they want to be and not what we intend!